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What is 'Oneness'?

By:Wendy Stokes
Date: Sun,17 Apr 2011
Submitter:Wendy Stokes

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Wars are being fought for ideological reasons – especially for religious beliefs, whether they be Christians, Hindus, Jews, Moslems or others who refer to their Gods by different names and all believe that their God is on their side.
By referring to a general ‘Godhead’ or ‘Supreme Intelligence’, we identify the Creator of the Universe without a name. In this way, we avoid rivalry, prejudice and generations of bitter quarrels.

‘Oneness’ avoids the ‘brand’ which identifies a person by their religion yet promotes ‘spirituality’ per se. ‘Oneness’ unites and equalises all people and yet recognises our responsibilities to make our world a better place for everyone through caring, justice, peace, truth and other necessary values.

As we progress, we understand more about our world which has been created with interdependency needs. In our present world of self-centredness, hierarchy and war, 'oneness' is a vision of a possible future to work towards where justice and peace can be achieved.

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Wendy Stokes said:

Yes, individuals must do this, either alone or collectively, eventually because there is no alternative to part of the world having gross wealth and causing huge pollution and the other, far larger part, starving and suffering.
To offer oneness to farm animals, we can avoid eating them, we can campaign for whales and other creatures that are mercilessly slaughtered, perhaps work towards rehoming abandoned domestic pets in shelters, fight for better health and conditions for pets in general. For those people suffering from poverty in countries without free education or health care, we can send money for their education and health.
We, in the rich UK have the 6th richest economy in the world (used to be No 4 until this recession), we live in a way that not even Kings in poor countries can experience. God has given us a brain to understand the needs of others, emotions to feel empathy and compassion - and a physical body to respond. Those who are physically and mentally suffering would say 'please don't just think about it or talk about it - but do it today! Prove to us you really believe that we are worthy of your oneness - we want parity & equality with those of the rich West!'
Thank you for your posts, Diana! I am only just learning about what Oneness means. It is such a new philosophy that many people have asked me what is it all about.
Wed,27 Apr 2011,00:22:06 GMT

Diana Meneses-Vincer said:

Hi Wendy, nice to hear back from you and apologies for not responding before, but I was enjoying the nice Easter break with my husband, family and friends.
Your questions bring many opportunities to continue practicing oneness and other qualities like understanding and moving on.
Below I give you the channelling I received from the Divine, Spiritual and Physical Help of humanity in response to your questions:
Beginning of channelling:
1. How do we deal with those who do not wish for unity?
Oneness begins in the individual, continues in groups and ends in totality.
When an individual accomplishes oneness a variety of openings occur that lead into gaining oneness with groups and this leads into gaining oneness with the totality. It is a process that takes time to accomplish.
Achieving oneness with those who do not wish for unity is a matter of time, patience and allowing the results of the work of those who do want oneness to inter-penetrate those who don’t, transforming their subtle structures to the point of opening them to want unity.
Wanting oneness is made possible by doing the work the Divine, Spiritual and Physical help guide us to do, to achieve oneness and maintain it.
2. How do we unite and share with those who have nothing but poverty?
Poverty is caused by separation from the High Self. Poverty is eliminated by achieving oneness with the High Self. For someone to achieve oneness with the High Self, that someone needs to want to achieve this. For someone to want to achieve this requires receiving the waves of the work that other do as mentioned in the first question above.
3. How do we incorporate those who wish to exploit and do harm?
The answer to this question is very much like the previous ones. They need to receive the waves of the work that others do in relation to oneness to inter-penetrate their subtle structures which eventually will take them to want oneness and therefore exploitation and harm will be dissolved. The Divine, Spiritual and Physical Help respond to your asking by sending dormant everything that is not ready to be dealt with and ensure guiding you on actions needed when readiness is reached. Exploitation and harm are 2 elements of discord that require sending dormant until the time is ready to sort them out. This time is expected to be in 2012 with the Big Opening everyone everywhere is going to encounter. Until then just ask the Divine, Spiritual and Physical Help of Humanity to action as needed to send exploitation and harm dormant every time they encounter it.
4. How do we deal with our needs and desires in a world without equality of income and resources?
Needs and desires are 2 words that begin, continue and end in achievements. Everyone on Earth has needs and desires. Needs relate to the basic elements of incarnation that make possible satisfying your wanting, wishes and desires; desires relate to the added value that is given by each one of you to those needs. Every person that comes to Earth has taken into consideration their needs before incarnating; most people however, have separated from them. Both needs and desires are a team that need to be activated and to do this you require expressing your desire to do so. You express your desire by affirming that you want your needs and desires to be activated as a team.
Humanity has created a world without equality of income and resources. This can be changed by each individual that wants to do so; one individual that changes this, benefits equality of income and resources in many ways. A way of changing this is doing the following:
1) Observe your beliefs
2) Observe the beliefs of others
3) Change your beliefs
Observing your beliefs can be done by writing everything that is opposite to equality of income and resources in you. Then, affirming that you want, accept and express equality of income and resources.
Observing the beliefs of others can be done by writing everything that is opposite to equality of income and resources in others. Then, affirming that you are person who is open to equality of income and resources for you and others. This affirmation generates waves of equality of income and resources that benefit all who receive them.
Changing your beliefs can be achieved by recognising everything in you that requires changing. A way to recognise this is by paying attention to everything that doesn’t make you feel good; once you recognise it…, you write it, then you analyze it, then you understand it, then you move on. Once you move on you are taken into a new space and time that enables you to change your beliefs and continue moving on into new beliefs that support equality of income and resources.
5. Do we offer oneness to equines, canines, felines, bovines and other creatures that share our world and are as ancient - or more ancient - than ourselves?
Of course. This is done by sending them thoughts of oneness. They are open to receive oneness. They are naturally receptive to oneness.
6. Is oneness truly a possibility or only a passing fad?
Oneness is truly a possibility and it is not a fad. Oneness is one of the qualities of incarnation that each one of you came to use whilst incarnated. Oneness is part of the learning of incarnation.
7. How can we make it real and make it work?
The answers to the above questions give tips on how to achieve oneness, maintain it and how to help others achieve oneness. In due course people who achieve oneness will begin to work together to help others achieve oneness. The first step is to achieve oneness as an individual; then to achieve oneness as groups and finally achieve oneness as ALL. The more people that achieve oneness and group to work together as one to help others achieve oneness, the more results you obtain to achieve oneness of ALL.
The groups needed to work as one to achieve moving on expressing oneness require at least 9 people that have achieved oneness working together. Continue working at individual levels and soon enough groups will begin to appear to bless humanity with oneness.
End of channelling
Continue letting me know your thoughts, the results of your practices, your questions and I will make sure I continue channelling the teachings we need to receive to move on with oneness.
Tue,26 Apr 2011,14:02:49 GMT

Wendy Stokes said:

Thank you for your response Diana, which is marvellous as my post wanted to invite further thoughts. How do we deal with those who do not wish for unity? How do we unite and share with those who have nothing but poverty? How do we incorporate those who wish to exploit and do harm? How do we deal with our needs and desires in a world without equality of income and resources? Do we offer oneness to equines, canines, felines, bovines and other creatures that share our world and are as ancient - or more ancient - than ourselves? Is oneness truly a possibility or only a passing fad? How can we make it real and make it work? I am interested in everyone's thoughts on this matter.
Thu,21 Apr 2011,20:52:23 GMT

Diana Meneses-Vincer said:

Hi Wendy,
Thank you for your reply.
The question "What is Oneness?" has got me and my Divine, Spiritual and Physical Help going!
This is great, because oneness is one of the key elements of incarnation that I have to use to accomplish my purpose in life; the others are stillness, sharing, caring, teaching, love and divinity.
My purpose in life is: To communicate with all forms of life, experience and expression to access all information, knowledge and wisdom needed, to learn the process of incarnation, and once I learn it, to pass it on to humanity.
I thank you for having placed your message in thespiritguides.co.uk because it is a great opportunity to practice oneness.
I am a channeller, a healer, a practitioner of Openings to Freedom, a messenger of the Divine, Spiritual and Physical Help, a therapist, a helper, a member of society, a member of humanity, an inhabitant of the planet Earth, I am someone that came to Earth to live, experience and express in oneness. Each one of these relationships is individual and it is also in a relationship with all the others. Each one needs to be in oneness with itself and with the others. Each one requires to be inter-related with the others in multiple combinations. Each one is unique but at the same time gives and receives a variety of elements that compliment one another. Oneness is an exchange that benefits the totality.
Throughout my journey of practicing oneness, many experiences have led me to understand its concept. I am now in the step of practicing this concept and your e-mail has triggered a great opportunity to do so.
I have received the following message, through channelling, in relation to 'What is oneness?'. The message is given by the Zenith Master called Rhimrhay Jhesh who is my Original Master; he is also part of the Divine Help and a Creator and Prime Mover. I would like to share this message with you and with all who may read it through this wonderful website. The message contains a practice to achieve oneness:
Beginning of channelled message:
"Humanity is one. Even though you have different bodies, you are all one. What one person does, affect the totality. What the totality does, affect the individual. Each one of you is responsible for everything you do. This responsibility refers to a process that contains the following elements:
1. Idea
2. Action
3. Reaction
Idea: everything begins in an idea, continues in a number of elements that are part of that idea and ends in an outcome.
Action: this involves all the steps required to bring your idea to fruition.
Reaction: these are the results of the idea and actioning.
Idea, action and reaction are a team that work in oneness, complimenting one another to achieve maximum beneficial results.
Idea, action and reaction generate chain reactions that generate results.
Idea, action and reaction have something in common, this something is: achieving something.
Idea, action and reaction contain responsibility.
Responsibility involves communication, patience, determination and perseverance to achieve maximum beneficial results. Responsibility is a quality, an action and a means to achieving something. Responsibility is a way of assuming something. Responsibility is representative of adulthood. Responsibility ensures outcomes that are beneficial. Responsibility brings out the best in you.
Giving a message is a responsibility. Giving a message generates results. A good way to ensure positive results is by doing the following practice:
Does the message you are giving makes you feel good? If it doesn't, it isn't a good message. Giving a good message requires taking totality into consideration. This practice ensures giving messages that involve the totality.
Giving a message is a great opportunity to help others learn something.
The Divine, Spiritual and Physical Help, give messages that involve the totality.
The Divine, Spiritual and Physical Help give a simple concept of oneness: Oneness is the capacity of actioning together for the benefit of all.
A tip for understanding oneness is: what I want for me, I want for all; what I want for all, I want for me. It is like the 3 musketeers: one for all and all for one.
Oneness makes you feel happy; oneness makes you feel joyful; oneness is the way to go.
Today is the day to live, experience and express in oneness.
End of channelled message.
This message aims to nurture our understanding of oneness. Nurturing aims to bring together elements that compliment one another; nurturing and oneness compliment one another perfectly.
It would be lovely to hear from you Wendy, and from all that read this message with your comments about What is Oneness?
Constructiveness, stillness and flow are the results that this message envisages.
Thu,21 Apr 2011,13:57:18 GMT

Wendy Stokes said:

Thank you Diana for your comment.
In order to know what something is, it helps to know its opposite, what it is not. Wars are caused by opposition. Belief in different Gods does not reflect unity but diversity of opinion and judgments and this can lead to polarisation, condemnation and disparity.
I'm not suggesting that 'oneness' is possible. I'm just reporting albiet very briefly on a new and popular modern philosophy.
Mon,18 Apr 2011,16:28:00 GMT

Diana Meneses-Vincer said:

Hi Wendy, I just read your message, BUT, you talk about war... what about the answer to the question What is oneness?
Mon,18 Apr 2011,16:09:45 GMT
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