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The Parable of the Multi-Colored Cloak

By:Jesus/Jeshua channelled by Judith Coates
Date: Fri,08 Jul 2011

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Beloved one, when your news media brings you news of fresh disasters, which it loves to do, allow yourself to see the appearances, yes; do not deny appearances, but look a little further and ask, “How can I see this differently? What is beyond what seems to be apparent right away? How can this be for good?”

Now, that is quite a question that ones ask, and the answer is most revealing, because the answer will show you, and the brothers and sisters, as well, that there is much more to life than just the body. There is much more to life than just the tangible goods. There is, indeed, the energy of the loved ones that you can, if you want to, feel around you. You can speak with the loved one and know his presence with you. You can speak with the loved one and know that she is with you, that she is very happy, truly; on to a new adventure, but not leaving you out of that new adventure, because wherever there is a bond of love, that bond is never broken.

So when ones will release the body and move on, the bond of love is still there. That is where truly you live and move and have your being: in the energy of love. The body is great for running in the meadow, for riding the horse, for going to the top of the mountain and viewing the valley below. The body is great for relationships, but it is not all that life is about.

Life is for loving, and the more you allow yourself to get in touch with the love that truly you have for any of the loved ones, for the friends, that love grows to the place where when you decide that you will release the body, you are living in love, and it is no big deal to let go of the body, for truly you know that life is ongoing.

You know that the body is not the beginning and ending. It is to be used for awhile, to be enjoyed — to live in joy with the body — to be as active as you can be, but then to let it go when there is the feeling, the knowing at the soul level that there is more, more to the adventure of love and light and life itself.

Many of you may come to a place where you want to move on, you want to know, “What is around the next corner? What can I experience that is beyond this life experience? What more is there?” And so you say goodbye, adieu to your friends, your loved ones, and you stay with them; not with the body, but you stay with them in consciousness.

You watch what they do and you speak to them, “Please do not mourn. Do not get caught up in the sorrow, but remember all of the good adventures that we had together.”

Now, I know that separated ego then will run onto their stage very quickly and say, “You should feel guilty if you are thinking of the good times that you had with the loved one. You should be feeling, at least for a certain length of time, the loss of their acquaintance, of their being with you and talking with you.” Separated ego may say, “If you feel happy, you should feel guilty.”

The loved one who has moved on is living in a place of greater view, being able to see a larger picture, and they do not want you to be held in sorrow; not to spend one more minute grieving for them. Separated ego often will say, “If you really, really loved this person, you should spend at least six months, a year, six years, ten years mourning this one, perhaps even the rest of this lifetime.”

But the loved one does not want you to do that. The loved one is saying, “Hey, I’m still here; I’m still alive. Listen for me. I am still with you.” It is the same message that I send to you every day: “Lo, I am with you always”; always, and it is the same with the loved ones. They are with you forever and always; you have journeyed other lifetimes with them, as well.

So when you look at the world activities, and your news media brings you all of the seeming disasters, allow yourself to see that this is the activity of the world, yes, but there is more. Look for the more. Feel the more; in other words, ask of one who has released the body, “Where are you? Speak to me. Allow me to know your presence.”

Even if you are a skeptic and you think, “Well, it’s just an exercise, and okay, I’ll try it,” something miraculous will happen, something that will be totally surprising to you, and you will say, “That has to be my loved one. He/she is the one that I shared this idea with. It wouldn’t come from anyone else. It has to be from the loved one.” And so you make evidence for yourself that they are still with you.

Ones have asked the question about why there have been so many storms—the tornados, the great wind. Is the one known as the Ram, the great wind, is he causing all of this to happen? Why are there such floods and so much rain, a deluge of rain? Do we need to start building the ark? No. The reason that there are so many storms right now is because within the consciousness there is an attention put upon the storms and a feeling that the storms are heralding change.

Yes, they certainly do herald change, but there is a consciousness that brings energy to the storms. As you have more storms, there is more attention, which equals more energy, which equals more manifestation.

So I say unto you, get yourself busy and visualize peace. Visualize the calming of the storm. Put your energy into the calmness and the divine right order of what is called nature and the energy of nature. Bring your tremendous power, your divine power to manifest an easement of whatever seems to be the storm.

Yes, you do need the gentle rain. Yes, you do need some of the wind to freshen the air. You can decree the weather. Ones have proven this to themselves and to others, where the projected trajectory of a storm has been put out by your weather bureau, and ones have said, “No, it’s not going to be of that intensity; it is not going to follow that route.” They have visualized a calming of the storm and a redirection of the energy, and the storm has to obey.

You are the masters who create everything that you experience, whether the experience is right here, right in front of you, or whether you hear about it on your news media. As long as it comes to your consciousness, you are creating it, and if you are creating it, you can change it. That is how powerful you are.

Right now the news media is very happy to bring you the news of storms. The weather people are quite happy, because they are in the focus of the spotlight, and everyone is seeking out their predictions. And they are putting energy unconsciously into more of the drastic, because you love drama.

In its place put your own news. Allow yourself to calm the storm. When ones bring you the predictions, all they are, are possibilities. If you give them a little more energy, they are probabilities, but they are not manifestations until there is what you have termed the one-hundredth monkey syndrome, until there has been enough energy in the collective consciousness to make them manifest.

As you will put calming energy into it, you neutralize some of the other energy that is feeding the drama and it lessens that which might have been a little more drastic. You are powerful. You can calm any storm anywhere. When it comes to your consciousness, allow yourself to calm the storm, to take the deep breath and say, “No, this does not have to be. The energy that is in this storm can be lessened.” And you breathe your peace into the storm.

It will change the energy of the storm. It will lessen. You can even, as I have said, change the direction of the storm. This has happened even on a subconscious level for ones. It has happened recently to ones on a subconscious level, where they saw the tornado approaching them and then it went over top of them. It went around. It did not suck them into it, but it went another path.

So when you hear of storms, send your peace to it. Gentle the storm. We have spoken previously of how you can take your energy and gentle anything that is happening. In any relationship that seems to be traumatic, you can bring your energy of peace into it and gentle it. Let that be your touchstone, your codeword: gentle.

Allow the rain, because it is necessary. Allow the wind, because it is necessary. Allow the rivers to flow, because that is necessary, but be gentle in the manifestation. Try it. Already you are acknowledging that it is a possibility. Already you are acknowledging that maybe it can be a probability; it might happen.

Test it out. You are divinely powerful, and you are bringing forth these occurrences to test your power. You are not victims. You are bringing opportunities to yourself.

Take the deep breath and say, “Well, Jeshua says, etc.”, and try it out. You can affect anything that is going on in your life. Try it out. See with the storms; they are a good place to start. See how you can affect what is being predicted, because it is only being pre-dicted—pre = ahead of time; dicted = said—one is making this prophecy, but it does not mean that it is going to come true. So allow yourself to be at peace.

Now, would you like a story? Yes. We will have a story. It is written in your holy Scriptures that truly I spoke from time to time by using stories to put a point across. Stories are very good; they are fun to listen to and they make a point on many levels.

Once upon a time—now, all good stories start with “Once upon a time”—there was a baby boy born to a shepherd family, the shepherd and his wife, and they loved this baby boy. They very much wanted someone who would help them with the sheep, who would grow up to love the sheep, to tend the sheep, and to have the same love of life that they had.

So when the baby was born, there was great rejoicing, because the shepherd and his wife had wanted for some years to have a child and now they had manifested their deepest desire. So within their extended family—there were aunts and uncles, as well—there was great rejoicing and great love.

One of the aunts, knowing that truly this child was a gift, wanted to give to the parents a gift to commemorate this great occasion, so she stitched together what you would call a blanket, a baby blanket. Oftentimes in this lifetime when ones have been born, there has been the gifting of the special baby blanket. So she did this for the baby.

She made the special blanket for baby Michael from many different strips of material so that it was of many colors, and she made it extra big so that it could be folded over several times. Michael loved this blanket. As a baby he was wrapped in it to keep him warm.

As he grew, he always took the baby blanket with him. He would drag it along behind him everywhere he went, because it was his favorite possession. Now, he did not have a lot of possessions, and he did not need a lot of possessions, but this one blanket meant much to him, so wherever he would go, he would drag the blanket, either over his shoulder or along behind him in the dust. It was his beloved object of affection.

As he grew a little bit taller, he would use it as a cloak; he would put it around his shoulders when the wind would blow and the dust would blow. Sometimes he would put it across the face to keep the dust from coming into the mouth and the eyes. At nighttime he would wrap himself in the cloak to keep warm as he lay down with the sheep. Sometimes he would wrap a baby lamb in the cloak if the lamb was motherless or ailing. There was a lot of love in the blanket.

As he grew to be a man, he wore the blanket as a cloak around him. Always, whenever you saw Michael, he had the cloak with him. He was known as Michael of the multi-colored cloak, because he always wore it.

In time his mother and father said goodbye to him, passed on as you call it, and he became the head shepherd. He married and had children of his own, and he would wrap his children in the cloak of many colors, as well. And over time the cloak looked a bit worn; well-loved but well-worn. He would take it, give it a good shake, get the dust out of it, and wrap himself in it again.

Ones of his friends teased him as he was a teenager and even later on—a good-natured teasing because they saw that it did not make any difference to Michael what they said; he was still going to love it and use it. It did not matter to him what the appearances were.

The point of this story is a very simple one. You can look upon appearances and see one thing, but if you look a little deeper you can see more meaning. You can discern what is truly happening. Judge not by appearances. Allow yourself to remember Michael of the multi-colored cloak.

A thing of love never leaves you. That is true for loved ones. It is true for a cloak which perhaps you have had for a long time. Allow yourself to feel the energy.

Allow yourself to look upon the appearances of what is happening in the world and then to step back from the appearances; perhaps to symbolically give that view a bit of a shake to get the old thinking, the old dust out of it, and look at what is happening in the world anew.

Judge not by appearances. But if you must judge, judge by right-use-ness; in other words, by the love that is in it. Take that with you, and know that always you and I together—because there is no separation—are the cloak of love that walks the Earth at this time. We spread our cloak, our arms around others, no matter what the appearance may be—some are light-skinned, some are dark-skinned, some are red-skinned, some are yellow. Some have much hair on top. Others have a bit less hair on top. Some are tall, some are short, some are fat, some are thin.

Judge not by appearances, but judge by the love of the Christ. And together, as the cloak of love that we are, we will wrap our arms mentally, energetically around ones and say to them, “You are greatly loved.”

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith
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