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The World Beyond Part 42 Proof of survival. Stagnation of earthbounds on the lower planes.

By:Richard Rowley
Date: Tue,02 Nov 2010
Submitter:Richard Rowley

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Finally we have proof of survival and life beyond death. More about the condition of earthbounds. Inertia and stagnation on the lower planes.

What proof do we need to provide to show the existence of a so-far undiscovered country? Ideally we would have to go there, explore, make maps, bring back specimens, artefacts and treasures, new plants, rocks and even the inhabitants we find there.

This is what psychical scientists, researchers and mediums have been doing, as far as is within their means and abilities, over the past 160 years, with regard to the spirit world, and accounts we are looking at here by mediums like Bertha Harris and Caroline Larsen add to our information on the subject. However, as that world beyond vibrates at a higher frequency than our own, we can't bring back actual souvenirs, but only our impressions and different kinds of evidence that there IS such a place. We can't transport actual spirit objects and people,only provide apports on THIS earth plane, although we can have visions of the inhabitants beyond, manufacture their likenesses with ectoplasm from our own bodies, or make them visible or audible on EVP or ITC, or in spirit photography. If we have psychic gifts, we can be aware of them, intuitively, and pass this information on to others.

For most of us, that is enough evidence to satisfy us that we now have proof of the existence of the World Beyond. Not so for a material scientist like Raymond Moody, who in a television news interview on October 31st 2010 for this year's celebration of Halloween, still insists that, in spite of his own life's work in researching the NDE, science has not quite made the breakthrough yet to prove that near-death experiences are real. They may just be hallucinations, the misfiring of brain-cells, as in an epileptic fit, as the brain starts to die. Since science deals with physical matter, which can be in physics, bio-chemistry, genetics, and other tangible areas of investigation, it is not really competent to pontificate authoritatively over dimensions over which it has no of control, and which it is unable to understand, and sometimes even to accept as real.

Scientists in their various disciplines observe and measure one little piece of the puzzle of reality, which may be a particle, a genome, a body system, a galaxy, or the whole universe. This is what Korzybsky define by the acronym WIGO - what is going on. In contrast, Philosophers, psychologists, phenomenonologists, metapsychiatrists and spiritualists look at phenomena, appearances or what seems to be, and compare all that with What Really IS, the love and intelligence behind everything, generally called by most of us God.

Modern science will not yet vouch for a spirit reality and the spirit world. People in various medical conditions, as some doctors and nurses say, do hallucinate, but this is not to deny that what these people see and experience is not actually contacting some aspect of the Spirit World, seeing that people with no medical condition at all, like many of our mediums, can contact that world beyond either when awake and conscious, or in trance, or even asleep, and be able to tell or remember what they see and hear, and provide us with all this evidence. Out-of-body experiences are quite common now, and they bring in the same or similar experiences as the NDE.

The point is that neither these people going out-of-body, nor medium, are near death or in the process of dying, every time they communicate with the spirit world, or have a vision, make a prediction or see details of a crime scene. Intuitions as a rule are not fired in the brain by abnormal medical conditions, though it is true that a fall and injury to the head may initiate psychic abilities, as when Peter Hurkos fell off a ladder. Such an injury can also block abilities, as when an aura reader lost her abilities when a crate fell on her head when she was walking through WalMart.

The spirit world is the place that mediums are in touch with daily, in their work, and they are not in spiritual emergency or hallucinating. They are in touch with natural events, and personalities existing in a reality operating on a higher frequency. However, sudden brain trauma, near the time of death, or at any other time, may bring on a spiritual emergency that can cause emotional problems or even lead to insanity. Those who have experienced the Kundalini energy without the proper training experience this. Gopi Krishna's autobiography provides an outstanding illustration of this.

But I think that we now have proof enough of a person's continued existence after death in the communications from spirits of the dead who tell their relatives that as they lay dying, or brain dead in a coma, they saw and heard what was happening around them. So they thank the relatives for what they did and said at their bedside. They relate events which they could not possibly have experienced in the brain-dead body, and afterwards at the funeral, and so on. A consciousness not connected to the dying or comatose body is observing all that is going on. This PROVES that life goes on, and is operating outside and beyond the physical human body.

We call each unit of this non-physical conscious personality a mind, soul or spirit. What part or function of this spirit body and consciousness, not belonging to the physical body and brain, yet connected to it while alive on earth, allows us to move out of the body, think telepathically, do remove viewing, to visit the spirit world, to communicate with the dead? We need to focus on studying the nature of the spirit body, now that we have proved that the eternal spirit exists, and that there IS a Spirit World. The spirit is safe and does not need a physical body to continue its existence? The accounts we have been reading describe this spirit body. It is a body of some kind of light and energy, many-coloured and able to communicate and travel in ways unknown as yet to us.

We are told that a silver cord connects the spirit body to the physical body, allowing and enabling these excursions from the physical realm. Once the cable is broken at death, how can we prove that this conscious mind of the soul and spirit ir really living on? That is the crux of the matter. I think that the instance mentioned above seals the case, and provides all the proof we need. The comatose body experiences what is happening around it, and after death, its spirit can return to communicate, and show that it knew what was going on in the hospital, at the funeral, and at home, recounting incidents which can be verified by the living relatives.

Let's look at our life - when we were born, our spirit consciousness had already allowed us to register multiple experiences inside our mother before the brain was fully formed. Perinatal studies demonstrate this. As our brain develops and we are educated into our society and culture, our personality forms, but along with it our spirit sours and flies above, although we may not acknowledge or be aware of it. But with all the religious, psychic and spiritual experiences over our lifetimes, which have been recorded together with the many demonstrations of paranormal events provided by mediums and healers, we can clearly see that a spiritual intelligence is playing a major part in our lives which is quite beyond the brain of any human or animal. This is an almost incomprehensible mystery, of which we can only obtain a mere glimpse.

So I think we can safely dismiss the quasi-scientific view that anything other-worldly is mere fantasy and hallucination. Reductionist science refuses to look at, or even acknowledge all the data, so they are not looking at the whole picture. Put it another way, they are not playing with a full deck !

So let us continue to look at these accounts to add to our own experience, and so be helped along the path towards our future destination in the World Beyond.

Caroline Larsen is still on the First Plane, looking into the conditions of spirits who are initially tied to the lower astral planes by their attachment to earthly values. She writes:-

While passing through the realm of the earth-bound I came upon scenes yet more pathetic and tragic, which I would gladly erase from my memory, were that possible. A woman spirit helper approached and silently motioned me to follow. I felt her authority, and followed her through densely populated parts alternating with empty spaces. As we passed along I studied her silently, for no word was spoken between us, she seeming engrossed in her own reflections. Her flowing dress was shining white, her head covering fell gracefully down her back. In form and face she was very beautiful, and a bright white aura enveloped her with radiance. But it was of her spiritual qualities that I was chiefly conscious. Purity, love and sympathy seemed to emanate from her as the perfume from a flower. Strength of intellect and high authority clothed her in dignity. My mind was divided between admiration for my guide and speculation as to where she was taking me. Presently our journey ended before the huge gates of an enclosure of prodigious size. Before the gates stood a tall, silent, and motionless figure evidently a guard. His expression was austere and passionless and added to the impression of desolation that pervaded the whole scene. Only the presence of my guide gave me courage to remain. On an order from him the two ponderous gates slowly swung back and as slowly closed behind us. What I beheld was strange, and no less depressing and horrible. The vast enclosure was a place of detention, a hospital, a house of correction for those spirits who arrived with minds clouded or shattered by the use of drugs or liquor, or by indulgence in their evil passions on earth. Here their minds, and often their astral bodies, remained crippled as on earth. On couches, on the floor, or huddled in corners lay or crouched these wrecks of humanity, blind of spirit and shrivelled of limb, often entirely unclothed, with stupour or dull hopelessness written in their eyes. The atmosphere of death, desolation, and despair filled my soul with anguish. My woman guide suddenly stopped.

Here before us on a bench lay a shape twisted and deformed. Its motionless silence seemed horrible; the face was terribly distorted; and the limbs a random heap. Yet I recognized with horror the face of one whose life once closely touched mine. I looked at the helper. Why had she shown me this man, the thought of whom brought up such painful memories? The helper's grave eyes met mine. "Can you not help him?" she said. "You once stood close to him on earth." For sympathy and love are necessary for even a spirit of highly developed nature to assist an earth-bound soul.

"Yes," I said. "I was once close to this spirit, but I am so no longer." Yet, not to neglect a possible chance to be of aid, I conquered my antipathy sufficiently to touch him three times upon the head, calling him by the old familiar name. It was of no avail. He remained sunk in his stupour, and the helper said sadly, "I fear you can do nothing." knowing well the reason for my failure. For on earth I had contracted intense dislike for this person, nor could I yet shake off this repugnance. Hence there was between us no point of contact, for sympathy and love is the first step to spiritual help.

The helper motioned mne to follow and again we slowly passed on towards the gates. Here my eyes caught sight of the figure of a young man, apparently of Latin race, reclining against the wall in a half-sitting posture. His features betrayed the terrible sufferings he had undergone and which he was still experiencing. His eyes roved from side to side with an expression of sneering, malicious resentment which did not veil the hopeless despair in their depths. He had undoubtedly been scrutinizing those who entered for a long time in the hope of some assistance. Now his supplicating gaze was turned on me. But my recent experience told me that I could offer him no aid. As I was passing out, I turned and again reviewed the harrowing scene, and exclaimed, sadly and perhaps with a note of protest in my tone, "But why are all these here? Who has brought them into this terrible place?'

"No one but themselves," said the helper gravely. "Their deeds have placed them there." I asked no more questions but followed the helper in silence.

I had now left behind not only the abode of highly developed spirits who wait only to be guided to higher planes; the thronging dwelling places of those earnestly striving for further spiritual growth; but also the depressing realms of earthbound souls. And now I came to the dwellings of a multitude of quite different type. Here dwelt those who are not bound by material things of earth, but who are yet of but rudimentary spiritual development. On earth these people were respectable, trustworthy, and even kind. Evil did not tempt them. They lived the pleasant life of the pleasant portion of the world. If they thought of their spiritual life at all, it was with approval, for were they not good citizens, good neighbours? But on the whole they gave little consideration to the things of the spirit. Most certainly they did not prefer the unseen things to the seen and known.

Their souls were fallow (uncultivated) fields season after season. They did not grow noxious weeds, but neither did they ripen the golden wheat of the soul. Hence, though now in a realm where infinite possibilities open ahead, their progress is slow. They live as on earth in pleasant houses with delightful fardens, surprisingly like their surroundings here, in touch with friends to whom they are courteous and neighbourly, dressing as they did on earth, and distinguished by the bright and cheerful colours of their aura, in strong contrast to the earth-bound souls. But they are content with their earth-made ambitions, and with the easy virtue of pleasant, unheroic life, unmindful of the spiritual struggle that marks everywhere the upward road. Sometimes because of mutual sympathy they live together in groups of three or four or more, but more often man is attracted to woman somwhat as on this earth, though there the bond is purely spiritual.

Here I found living an aunt and a cousin of my own. On earth this lady had long presided over the house of my cousin, a wealthy banker, who, like her, never married. Their long and harmonious life together had produced an easy relationship that made its continuance natural. So in the Spirit World I found them again living contentedly, and reproducing as far as might be, the details of their earthly life. Even the good-natured superiority of the aristocratic class that they represented was reproduced in their new life, its narrow human sympathies, its entire respectability, and its rectitude. No atmosphere could well be more hostile to change, and their developement had been slow though my aunt's was clearly somewhat more rapid than my cousin's.

He knew me, and evidently knew the conditions of my visit to the Spirit World, for drawing me close to him he said, "Caroline, you have done well." I asked, "Where is Aunt Herlig?" "She is out doing some work of mercy. She often goes for that purpose." he replied.

Evidently she had progressed far enough to set her feet on the right path.

Reviewed from "My Travels in the Spirit World" by Caroline Larsen. Vermont, 1927.
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