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Is This Clicking Sound Spirit?

By:Delilah Rohman
Date: Wed,24 Feb 2010
Submitter:Delilah Rohman

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Has anyone else ever experienced a high pitched clicking sound near their ear? I have been hearing a series of clicks similar to a high pitched morse code for the last two years, this sound is heared outside my ear, (so i know it's not a physiological condition such as tinnitus), and it's always my left ear.It occurs several times throughout the day and nearly always as i am in bed at night and when i awake in the morning.The clicking only lasts for a few seconds at a time. It can happen randomly, if i am talking to someone, or i am driving, watching tv, relaxing or even while talking on the phone. Sometimes the clicking (as i call it,) will go away for a couple of weeks but then returns with a vengence. Once my daughter who was sitting next to me heared it. My feeling is that it is spirit or my spirit guide trying to communicate with me, however why is it in the form of a clicking sound.It is a phenomena i have never heared of before so if anyone else has experienced this or can shed any light on it, please let me know.
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dean said:

yes i have it too. its definatelly spirit and the sound is made when they appear in room or disappear out room as i can see spirits and other things.
Mon,08 Jul 2024,22:40:47 GMT

Jonathan said:

Yes I have heard them too in my left ear allmost every day since my spiritual awakening.I had to do a 2 year prison sentence to kick it in motion through a mistake that Ive now found out that had been planned in a pre-birth planning session before I came here (apparantly)So wether yours is to do with an awakening too, only you will have an idea!
Sun,21 Dec 2014,02:44:48 GMT

Joe B said:

Yes I have heard it many times...of course many other things along the way to...heard its spirits trying to get attention...
Sat,20 Oct 2012,03:41:12 GMT

Delilah Rohman said:

Hi Tony,
Thank you for your comment. I would not think you are crazy but do indeed value your advice. I feel very comfortable with the clicking near my left ear, I know that it is my guide or Angels communicating. I am sure that if my vibration could lift higher that I would be able to understand what is being said. However I am sure the meaning goes into my subconscious anyway. Many thanks to all who have communicated on this subject, it is comforting to know that many others are also experiencing similar sounds.
Fri,30 Mar 2012,09:07:32 GMT

Tony said:

I hear this popping and clicking sound all the time. The popping and clicking sound is not in my ear but it is in the room with me. My spirit guides talk too me just as I would hold a conversation with you. Yes in my case the audible clicking and popping is associated with the spirits around me. I hope this help. Be careful not all spirits are good spirits. I go to therapy so I am not crazy nor do I have a mental illness.
Thu,29 Mar 2012,20:24:50 GMT

Scott said:

Yes, hear this all the time. In my case its not a guide or animal spirit. These spirits refer to themselves as 'ancestors'. They are not discarnate people, they know what they are and can communicate pretty well. Try using a pendulum to ask them yes/no questions. You will be hearing clicks as that pendulum comes to life. Chances are you live on the land they guard, and they have simple favors to ask of you. Dont ignore it. Dont forget 99% of spiritualists are fake. Listen to your heart, not some new age feelgood balogne.
Tue,28 Feb 2012,14:27:25 GMT

Bella said:

This noise could come from the mind control gang. That you might have a chip inplanted without knowing. Search in internet for these things.
Sun,04 Sep 2011,06:30:24 GMT

helen wigmore said:

I have been experiencing something similar to yourself for alittle over three years. I have been psychic all my life and I thought this was my mothers way of letting me know that life carries on after death as she always said that if there was a way of coming back she would come back and prove it. As my mother died just five weeks before this started and my second husband died five weeks later I knew it could not be him. But my bubble burst when I was at work one night reading a magazine on a health page I saw someone else had wrote in about loud noises in their head which turns out to be a real medical condition. It's called exploding head syndrome. It can happen every night or early morning for weeks at a time or be intermittent and sometimes I dont have any bother for months and then suddenly it's back. It really startles me when it happens as the noise is so loud sometimes it;s not so loud. The only difference between other cases I have since looked up on the internet is the noises I hear are definitely in the room and not inside my head and yet my husband dosen't hear anythging. So it's not my mother after all and I haven't had any phenomena from her or my deceased husband since their passing so it's making me wonder if there is life after death, but then I have had so many psychic experiences and seen so many things over the years I've got to keep believing.
Sat,02 Apr 2011,17:32:12 GMT

EDITH said:

Thu,31 Mar 2011,15:46:31 GMT

Kristin Church said:

I have noticed a clicking sound in my left ear. This happens a few times a month. It always happens early in the morning and I am wide awake. After the clicking sound there is always a voice that fills the room. I am given given a a lot of spiritual information in a short time. Everytime I am trying to memorise all the information but I always drift into sleep after this experience. When I wake up there is always something that reminds me of the experience I had in the morning so I can remember it but I can never remember the information I was given. Sometimes after the clicking sound I hear a voice of someone I know like my mum or a friend and it's like I am inside their mind and I can hear all their thoughts. It's not like hearing someone talking normally because everything is superfast. I also ear a humming noise in my ear sometimes and it gets louder and more high pitch until I think my brain is going to explode and then a voice comes in. I am aware of everything in the room so I am awake but at the same time it feels like I am in a different dimension. My boyfriend who sleeps next to me can't hear anything.
Sat,30 Oct 2010,16:16:06 GMT

johneblums said:

Clicking, cryiny, crystal bell ringing, breezes, or even large bangs, heard by your inner ear is spiritual communication. Each sound is also a key-note that gives clues to the Source or Divine beings with whom these sounds are associated with. They can also be external, as being heard around one place or home. They can also be represented as Orbs of different colour or as the appearance of Spirits in the day or night or in one's dreams.
Tue,26 Oct 2010,13:54:05 GMT

Ashahna said:

I have also noticed a distinctive clinking sound in my left ear. I also hear high pitched frequencies, which sound like when a tv or computer screen is left on. Sometimes I get a popping sensation in my left ear aswell, as though my ear is unblocking or opening up so that I can listen more sensitively. I usually get it when I go for spiritual healing and when I meditate or when I'm trying to listen to or connect with angels and spirit guides. Once I aslo felt pressure on my left ear and in my throat aswell as the clicking. When I get this I often get tingling sensations in my fingers.

I'm not completely sure what it is, but I like to think that it is them trying to talk to me. For example, the other night I needed to make a decision about something, but I couldnt decide what to do, so I asked my angels and spirit guides to help me. I then sat still for a moment and just listened, waiting for an answer to come and then I heard the clicking. Soon after I was able to make a clear decision.

Perhaps the clicking is a sign that we are becoming more spiritually intune. Maybe as we become more psychically aware, the clicks will turn into a form of communication that we can understand more easily. Or perhaps it is just their way of letting us know that they are there. It'd be really interesting to find out more about it though.
Fri,22 Oct 2010,17:42:34 GMT

joan said:

hi i was amazed to find this about the clinking ,my mother said to me a few weeks ago she keeps hearing a clicking noise by her ear like someone clicking their fingers we are both spiritually minded but we did not think in this term as we have never heard this dont think these things are happening to others .i am truly amazed i find this really interresting can not wait to tell mother what i read here .
Sun,03 Oct 2010,22:47:09 GMT

Sarah said:

I had a very similar experience of somebody crawling on my bed just as I was drifting off to sleep. The person blew in my left ear 3 times, increasing the strength of the blow each time. I then had an out of body experience, combined with a nightmare of chaos with bedclothes almost smothering my sleeping babies. Felt almost poltergeist, as I was having the experience, something created havoc in my altered state. Bit scared tbh.
Mon,02 Aug 2010,00:44:31 GMT

sophie said:

Hi,I have experienced similar noises since I was a child and at 36 I still hear them.Sometimes its a clicking noise ,tapping noise or creaking.I used to be so scared as a child as it used to keep me awake.I have once touched the wall where it was and felt the vibrations from the noise.A few years ago now it was really loud in my eldest sons bedroom,I always said if it started disturbing my children I would do something about it ,so I did.My friends dad is a spiritulist and he came to our house.To cut a long story short it was a little girl from victorian times,my nan was a spiritual healer and thats where he said she came from.Funny thing is when its not with me my brother hears it.I have always wondered why its a clicking noise,sometimes its almost menicing and is right next to me in my pillow or the wall behind me.I cant believe someone else experiences this as well,I just cant understand why I have heard it for o long.
Tue,20 Jul 2010,09:40:53 GMT

donna said:

im very glad to hear that you understand whats happening to you i would also reckonmend a circle for you x i have been delveloping my gift for a few months now i have met 3 of my guides so far i wouldnt say to learn by yourself if you dont understand how to develop your gifts also circles help as you work with people who have the same thoughts as you and also helps with confidents xx
Tue,22 Jun 2010,23:35:05 GMT

Delilah Rohman said:

Hi Sam,
Yes i do believe it's spirit, it encourages me to know the same sort of thing happens to other people. Good luck with the developement .
Best wishes,
Delilah x
Mon,21 Jun 2010,21:35:52 GMT

Sam Kidd said:

Hi there,what you are saying about a clicking noise,that hit a a nerve with me,but i here a different sound,its more like a soft hum,then it gets louder and louder untill it hits its peak and somtimes there is a voice ,or many voice's at the end of this noise,it scared the hell out of me at first,but i have come to understand that it is spiritual,i would say that your noise would be to,it comes in many forms,i am going to a development circle as i know,spirit wants me to do this,hope that is some help,x
Mon,21 Jun 2010,11:34:41 GMT

Delilah Rohman said:

Thanks Donna, i do strongly feel it's my spirit guide, i only wish i could understand it.
Fri,18 Jun 2010,20:41:04 GMT

donna said:

the clicking maybe your spirt guide with you or a loved one xx
Fri,18 Jun 2010,16:39:59 GMT

Delilah Rohman said:

Hi Wayne,
many years ago i had a similar experience, I too couldn't move my body, however it felt as if my body was rising up, i tried to scream out but couldn't. I now believe it was my astral body rising slightly above my physical body which can happen when we are relaxed.
best wishes
Wed,12 May 2010,19:54:05 GMT

Wayne Ryan said:

I have had a similar experience. I have always kind of thought there was spirits, but after this night I now am a 100% believer.

I began hearing a high pitched sound, and I couldnt figure out what it was... so i just ignored. All of a sudden the room got really eerie. I then felt paralyzed. I could not move at all... i tried yelling, but nothin came out. I felt like there was somebody blowing in my ear. My whole body was freezing like ice. I have never felt a feeling like that before.

I have read things on sleep paralys, but it just dont explain what i went through.

Has anyone felt something like this?!
Tue,11 May 2010,17:23:40 GMT

Angela Dawson said:

i get a clicking sound, but it is inside my left ear. i think it is my spirit guide communicating with me. the clicking makes me aware of things i should pay attention to. sometimes this is a thought or idea i have or sometimes when i read or watch the t.v. blessings Angela <3
Fri,30 Apr 2010,20:05:41 GMT

Delilah Rohman said:

Thanks for your comment Diane, it was interesting that you also heared the sound in your left ear as it is always my left ear that i hear the clicking. However , thankfully it does'nt scare me and i don't feel that it's anything bad.
Tue,06 Apr 2010,20:25:54 GMT

Diane said:

I have experienced a screaching whistle sound in my left ear, and I could sense someone next to me blowing in my ear, This occured many years ago, I was alone in bed at the time and found it very frightening, I had the feeling that it was from a mischievious source and not angelic at all. However I was going through a bad time during this period and was feeling very low, I sought advice from a Clairvoyant who felt that in some unconscious way I was creating the sound myself. As I was scared witless though I have never understood this explanation, but I do feel that if we are low, depressed etc that we pick up a lower vibration and thankfully I have not had a repeat of the experience.
Mon,05 Apr 2010,17:50:35 GMT

Delilah Rohman said:

thanks Tania, I also have eliminated everything and there seems to be no other explanation other than spirit. I just feel confused as i don't know if it is spirit trying to communicate with me, or if i am accidentley overhearing spirit.I can get the clicking sound at any time night or day and it seems just to last for a few seconds at a time, like a series of morse code like clicks.
Fri,02 Apr 2010,20:34:27 GMT

Tania said:

I have also heard a clicking sound but it is similar to a lightswitch being switched on and I have eliminated everything I can think off and can only think it is a spirit. Sometimes it will happen 10 times a night and wakes me up and if I ignore it it seems to get closer!
Fri,02 Apr 2010,19:13:47 GMT

Delilah Rohman said:

Thankyou for your comments, very interesting and most helpfull. I had a strong feeling it was spirit connection but it's always reassuring to have second opinions.
Thu,25 Feb 2010,20:31:06 GMT

JohneBlums said:

The clicking sound is part of the sound of your soul/spirit aura and its spiritual comms functions . I can here my aura in the static state as a combination of high constant frequencies. When communication or 'signals' from the spiritual realm occur then the aural tone can change to single sounds like crystal bells, dolphin like sounds, clicks, or like changes in air pressure within the tympanum/eardrum. Other indications of spiritual communication are the sensation of rotation of the auric throat chakra in the adams apple area, feeling a breeze or chill, involuntary leg/hand or heart muscles spasms, or even feeling light pin pricks on the palm of the hand or sensing a wave like energy moving up and down ones spine. These are just a few example and are usually followed by becoming aware of words or images in one's mind. People sensitive to spirit guides will also often feel, hear, see or have an intuitive feeling of their presence, while others may dismiss it as just their imagination playing tricks, as spirit energies are usually quite subtle, unless they are trying hard to get you attention in which case they can even turn off your radio using orbs, or make home lights flicker or use other paranomal phenomena to get your attention. If this fails they will communicate through symbolic dreams visions or even through cloud shapes and other mediums of nature.
Thu,25 Feb 2010,13:55:33 GMT

Mick said:

This might be a case of somewierd event happening in your ear but I doubt it. I have heard of this kind of event around a different form of spirit in the formation of a voice-box control as ectoplasmic energy is formed around the space between the throat and ear along with a subsequent trumpet being built above or around the physical being.
In the past it was usually the first signs of spirit manifestation due to work of a specific group energy.
Incidently, this does not mean the person would have to site for something necessarily as with a group; though it may be. If, as you say, your daughter has heard it too then this would be my optimal choice to go for.
I would be very careful as to how you would proceed and it all depends on how manageable this might be to you or how this might fit with your life.
No counting chickens here though. Some experimentation might be useful, but depends upon your mindset and how ready they are.
My best to you
Thu,25 Feb 2010,10:17:53 GMT
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