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An Open Letter To Aries For April 2021

By:Guy Doleman
Date: Wed,24 Mar 2021
Submitter:Guy Doleman

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An Open Letter To Aries For April 2021

Dear Aries,

Daring and courageous Aries, I bid thee welcome in this your birthday month. Imagine for one moment you have been invited to a party. You walk into the room filled with strangers and look about you. You see an individual smiling warmly and making eye contact with everyone to whom they are introduced. Look again. More closely this time. Notice how everyone will receive the same polite greeting, be they a billionaire or a penniless pauper. If you could read this person's mind you would soon become aware that they are mentally “reading” the stranger's body language; asking themselves if the stranger is duplicitous or trustworthy; a potential friend or foe?

Indeed, what you are witnessing is not an aimless fleeting social interaction, but an astute — almost forensic character assessment — undertaken by a unique personality who can not be bought, swayed or intimidated by wealth, power or status. Commendably, this individual meets strangers as an equal, their vision undistorted by prejudice of any kind. As a consequence, every new acquaintance is given an equal opportunity to either impress or repulse them. Indeed, the person we observe has a strong character, high ethical standards and renders obsequious service to no one. Without doubt, you are looking at a very special person: a highly evolved Aries.

I have held a mirror up to your face to reveal how you are perceives by the world. Now, may I respectfully direct your attention to your future?

Week One:
Astrological energies suggests to me that many of my Aires friends will develop a strong interest in astrology. Some may even resolve to learn more, perhaps even joining an online community or taking evening classes. All the signs indicate that the next generation of world renowned astrologers are pricking up their ears and making their plans. Some of you will undoubtedly make their mark on the world and become highly regarded professionals.

Other Aries may choose to ride the astral rip-tide by deciding to assist in the running of a Spiritualist group or home circle in their locality. If time and circumstances deny such an active participation they may opt for an equally commendable alternative of assisting an aspiring Spiritualist Minister or medium to become established. Perhaps you have computer skills you can donate to the Spiritualist cause! Whatever happens I'm sure many Aries will feel the need to deepen their religious/Spiritual commitment in some way.

Astrological energies combine to stimulate financial stability; long term gains or growth. Consequently, this might be the moment to consult your bank manager or personal financial advisor. Other Aries may respond to the same astrological vibrations by committing to love big-time. This might manifest in marriage to an old friend or someone whose's birth year proceeds your own. Increasing financial security is also on the cards. This may follow as a consequence of your decision to invest more of your time and disposable income on home improvements or groundwork. A minority may tentatively dip their toe in the “buy to let” economy.

Additionally, some of you will have the opportunity to enliven your stagnating social life by joining a local ecological group fighting to strive off some unpopular decision imposed upon your community by the local council. Parents of school age children must pay particular attention to them. Listen intently to what they say, or, look for signs of mood swings which might suggest they are being bullied. But it's not all bad. Hopefully the feed-back will all be positive, with your child relating how an inspiration and compassionate teacher is nurturing their natural talents and their chosen school is exceeding all expectations. A fleeting Moon to Mercury contact in Pisces indicates a wonderful moment of total freedom which you will savour for weeks/months to come.

Life is really beginning to move again as many of my Aries friends find themselves in an inspirational environment. Lovers of art, fashion and design; hair and beauty; will rise to the challenge and bring out the best in themselves. This could be the moment you start to carve out a new career for yourself. Yes, it's a dream come true: you really can get paid to do something you love. Speaking of love: Jupiter and Neptune energies combine to manifest an expansive sense of optimism. You are on cloud nine and a lucky few may meet their soulmate and fall madly in love.

However, when Neptune is powerful a note of caution must be struck. That's because Neptune energies can often be deceptive and misleading. Yes, there will be an undiluted “over the rainbow” moment, but your romance may then get a little complicated. Consequently, I would encourage caution, or you might get your fingers burnt. Think clever and retain an element of scepticism. Don't lose your emotional bearings because trying too hard to impress may become counter-productive. Matters of lesser importance may involve a mishap with a bottle of expensive scent. Also, some sentimental items might go missing only to turn up later many miles away from where they were lost, stolen, or, misplaced.

A number of my Aries friends may experience some moments of uncertainty and doubt when they become aware of rumours focusing on a local care home. Could the rumours be true or is it all idle tittle-tattle? Some of you may play the role of detective and do a little investigating of your own.

Lucky Aries may win more personal freedom for themselves. Not only will you make new friends but get a second chance to cast aside some onerous restrictions. For once, you'll be able to enjoy a little solitude. Silence is truly golden!

Current astrological energies suggest it's all about love and lust at the moment. Perhaps after a period of chastity your luck has changed, and you are spoilt for choice. Everything seems to imply that everything will continue to get better. Perhaps you are now growing more serious and thinking about building a future together. Others will chose a different path and embark upon a period of “changing faces and changing places”, so to speak. This will entail some furtive journeys to conduct a series of secret meetings in out of the way places. Alternatively, Aries business people are more focused upon acquiring pecuniary rewards and secret financial agreements may be hammered out behind closed doors, or, over dinning tables in posh restaurants.

Much time will be invested in astrological work or study. You have your mind focused upon some future transformations and are deliberately strengthening your resolve to do whatever is necessary to transform your career prospects. Some friends might come to your assistance motivated by your eloquence and sound logic. You really seem to have the knack of influencing people and changing the perceptions of those about you. These trends appear to revolve around a growing power struggle between two headstrong individuals who seem hell-bent upon splitting up a family; a small community formed to counter the threat presented by an opposing team, or, an organization holding diametrically opposing beliefs. In short: “there's trouble in't mill”. And you might be the only one with the courage and moral fibre to stand up and be counted.

At the other end of the moral spectrum, there's just an outside chance that a few my Aries friends may be “exposed” when they are caught “in the act” enjoying the company of co-conspirators. Seriously, no one is going to believe it was just an innocent stag/hen-night prank gone wrong. You've got to come up with a better excuse than that!

Week Two:
You seem in no mood to compromise, but equally you don't want to ruffle too many feathers. Consequently, you advance your causes in a very gentle manner always eager to negotiate a just and equitable solution to any problems. Your home life should be — in the main — peaceful although boisterous (would you have it any other way?). Some of my Aries friends have experienced problems with personal mobility, if that is true for you then the signs are more optimistic. Equally, students may experience a sense of excitement and achievement. Things finally appear to be going your way. It is vital all my Aries find time to unwind and relax. The more pressured you have felt over the recent months, the more important a little rest and recuperation is now during the second week of April.

Many of your hopes and dreams will come to fruition. Equally, you have to keep your head screwed on and question any “get rich quick” solutions offered to you. Scams abound, but you'll be safe if you keep a weather eye open for potential rouges and vagabonds. Also, look out for a “sob story” merchant who will endeavour to pull at your heart-strings for their own financial advantage. Remember to keep looking your best. I know that sometime you say to yourself “why bother?” and I completely understand; what with lockdown and every other misfortune that has engulfed you lately. Nevertheless, if you're looking for love and sick and tired of rattling around your empty home alone, you've got to prepare for the best. By all the astrological traditions, something wonderful is going to manifest in your life soon. Something nice is foreshadowed even if it doesn't last too long. It could have something to do with the money in your pocket or purse, or, just some good thing that makes you feel on top of the world. Perhaps a chance meeting with an old friend that rekindles and old bond with your past.

An elderly male's conversation may radically modify your thoughts, words and deeds. To him, you will owe a debt of gratitude over a long period of time. For the knowledge he imparts will make a positive contribution to your emotional and financial future. I anticipate that love, affection and good fortune permeate your week. If you are currently single and lonely then explore whatever avenues of activity reveal themselves to you. Your soul-mate is out there longing to meet you, just as you long to meet them. Yes, there is an air of confusion and many of your options are tenuous and insubstantial. However, Covid-19 restrictions must be observed: strictly observed. Don't listen to fake news or be influenced by a friend's bad and foolish example.

Things appear to be ticking along nicely. So much so that your enthusiasm and eagerness to experiment with new challenges might get the better of your sound judgement. However, if you are too laid back you might miss a vital opportunity to make it big in something you have long wanted to do. Conversely, if you bite off more than you can chew you might end up high and dry wishing you'd just stayed in bed. However, you may receive an invitation to attend a wedding or christening. This might be the chance you have been waiting for: an opportunity to mix business with pleasure. As I said before: Make sure you look your best 'cos love is in the air.An Open Letter To Aries For April 2021

Week Three:
This is likely to be a singularly advantageous week for the majority of Aries born. Importantly, there is a huge change of emphasis from wealth creation; luxury living; pleasure; entertainment and affairs of the heart to more mundane but essential preoccupations. Off comes the hedonistic Rolex and on goes the work-a-day Casio so to speak! Indeed, I think it will be fair to characterize Week Three as eminently productive and rewarding to those who pay attention to small details. Yes! The devil's in the details like never before, and you've got to examine the small print and ensure you dot all the “i” s and cross all the “t” s. Assuming you can do that you will advance from one triumph to the next with commendable efficiency and become the envy of all your friends. And that's always something to look forward too!

Week Four:
This could be an eventful week for many Aries. The all pervasive influence of Jupiter — the Greater Benefic — suggests that most of changes made will play out to your long term advantage. Indeed, there might be a few very significant changes made and these changes may focus on important elements of your daily routine. Nevertheless, there's always a fly in the ointment. Consequently, your daily bus or train journey might be subject to change; your car's indicators, headlights or electrical system may become unreliable, or, your boss may turn up for work in a bad mood and make everyone's life a misery for the entire week. But that's life!!

Additionally, money and love are back on the agenda big time. Let me hastily add that the trends are good — to — excellent (although your Natal Horoscope has the casting vote in all such matters). An old friend may spit their dummy out and stomp off in a prolonged sulk. Perhaps this is one time too many, and you decide to terminate the friendship. All in all, if your natal horoscope concurs, this should be a right grand week to end a pleasant and eventful month. So it's bye for now and keep your guard up against Covid-19. The Universe loves and wants you. So don't gamble with your safety and take care of yourself.

Yours sincerely,

Guy Doleman: Astrologer

PS. all dates are approximations.
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