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An Open Letter To Sagittarius For March 2021

By:Guy Doleman
Date: Tue,26 Jan 2021
Submitter:Guy Doleman

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An Open Letter to Sagittarius For March 2021

Dear Sagittarius,

Everything about the first week in March may seem a little larger than life for many of my Sagittarian friends. Jupiter's all encompassing influence is blowing some things out of all proportion. For example, many of you might be the recipient of a mountain of correspondence. Every single letter, email or frenzied text is crying out for attention, and the more you struggle to cope the less effective you seem to become. It seems like you are swimming against the tide and no longer master of your own destiny. I understand and sympathize. However, many of you are doing far better than you'd ever dare imagine. Invisible, behind the scenes, Jupiter is strengthening your hand. Whatever it is you are doing; you are doing it right.

Sagittarius is the sign of the higher-mind. There is a long establish association of Sagittarius to gaining wisdom, experience and knowledge. Sagittarians gather to themselves wisdom like a miser accumulates wealth. This accumulated wealth of knowledge is about to serve you well in the future. I understand that your preoccupation with financial matters is becoming tiresome. Nevertheless, nothing is achieved without labour. Just imagine what a mistake it would have been if Edmund Hillary and his Sherpa mountaineering companion Tenzig Norgay had looked up to the summit of Mount Everest towering 29,030 feet above them and said to each other “Bloody-hell, that look difficult. Let's forget climbing it and go down the pub”. History would have been different. Two heroes would remain unknown. Two Souls would have missed their bus!!!

Week One:
With The Greater Benefic in that sector of your horoscope highlighting personal finances this week is rich in potential for astute Sagittarius with entrepreneurial aspirations to start planning their future business empire.

Appropriate activities are:
1 Undergoing specialized training to improve earning potential by developing “value for money” schemes.
2 Interviews with prospective business associates to start planning financially and putting together your business plan.
3 Thinking how to stay efficient and productive even if significant disruptions to your supply chain become a repetitive challenge.

Business agreements are often formulated and contracts signed under this planetary configuration. Perhaps, among other changes you'll make are more short journeys. Finding the money might be difficult, but needs must when the devil drives. All in all, some financial worries might force you to revise some aspects of your business/career/educational plans and working methods. But somehow you'll muddle trough. Life's never easy, and sometimes you've just got to do what you've got to do.

Success isn't easy, but it's worth trying to achieve. Anyway, you'll look upon money spent on market research as an investment in your future growth and expansion. However, don't push yourself too hard and keep taking your daily vitamin tablet, or, eating your five-a-day. Don't do anything knowingly that will undermine your health.

Jupiter in Aquarius suggests to me, that what you need are ideas with practical applications. Perhaps reading more, or, signing up for a training course may help you achieve these goals. Consider starting a business venture that will provide some entertainment value to fill the void created by an excess of free time and boredom. Not only will you assist potential customers to occupy their “down-time” you will help stave off boredom. In short: your business activities must be related to pleasure pursuits. However, don't allow pressure from close family members to influence your business decisions or make you go places you don't want to go.

Week Two:
Emotional issues are likely to dominate the week. In fact, many of my Sagittarian friends are going to be champing at the bit to announce their imminent engagement, marriage or pregnancy. This might be a very busy and demanding time placing a lot of stress upon you. There might be some invasions into your privacy by people who mean well at heart but just won't butt-out and allow you to make decisions for yourself. You find this tendency an insult to your intelligence or dignity. Despite being eager to please those you love there are some indications that you might “burn-out” or relapse into a lazy period where you just give up, or, give in fighting your corner, so to speak. That'll be a great shame. You are far more competent than others of belief.

Turning to the world of academia: some Sagittarian students who have been attempting to “do the right thing” finally snap. Consequently, they end up mentally exhausted and too tired to chase either love, money, sex or academic achievement. Set things aright by access confidential counselling. Many more students will enjoy a period of steady progress which coincides with a beneficial period for their mother or sister who achieve their “heart's desire”. Other astrological factors combine to stimulate your emotions and harmonious impulses. Consequently, you want to show affections to everyone around you. This in turn may bring even more opportunities to succeed in social affairs. Furthermore, artistic pursuits offer a way to make new friends and influence people.

But it's not only your own actions that lead to advancement. A friend may offer their assistance. Thanks to their intervention you will receive support and encouragement from influential people. This will make all the difference to you, especially if someone close to you has given you the cold-shoulder recently. Continuing the good news: good favours and benevolence comes to you from members of the opposite sex. This is a potentially auspicious time for love and romance. Furthermore, many pleasure activities can be enjoyed without draining your financial reserves because you might be the recipient of some useful “free-bees” or gifts.

However, a minority of Sagittarius harbouring secrets may experience some small setbacks when they “put your foot in it” by revealing some of their bad habits to the wrong audience. Alternatively, others might be called upon to justify their past actions or explain their true motives. And don't be too dismayed if you have to weather some difficult interactions with members of the opposite sex. In fact someone very close might decide to spit their dummy out and throw a spanner in the works. They'll do this by spreading some lies about a mutual friend or relative, so be on your guard: to be forewarned is to be forearmed. With Mercury conjunct Jupiter in the mix you have a buoyancy to bouncing back. In fact, you will benefit by gaining fresh experience and expanding your knowledge base. You'll be a little wiser and less likely to be fooled again: once bitten, twice shy!

Week Three:
You may become a little more hard head and make some rational decisions you would have avoided just a few months ago. These “adjustments” might encompass material, emotional and spiritual elements. Without doubt many Sagittarians will feel a need to consolidate their emotional position in life, that's to say identify and transform that which is working and eliminate the outworn and obsolete. Additionally, Mars and Saturn energies combine to stimulate your courage, determination, ambition and staying power. You're not going to be messed about by anyone. In fact, you are more certain than ever before of your own mind. Numerous Sagittarians might come right out with it and say “The past is the past. Today is different, and I'm moving on”.

As previously stated: you are more certain than ever that you know which way to go. Partnership and open enemies challenge your desire to exercise personal freedom, initiative and enterprise. Nevertheless, in some cases making adjustments in a close personal relationship will be less confrontational. It's up to you alone to decide. The planets impel they do not compel. You may chose to response to the ever present marital discord by making micro-adjustments or fine-tuning to your commitments.

Alternatively, you could strike back by using legal help to apply appropriate legislation. This could be a long haul which threatens dangers of lawsuits, open breaches of friendship, and even trouble with your in-laws. However, self-assertion and pioneering activity will ultimately give you a sense of triumph and satisfaction. Strangely, a side issue could shift your interests away from family/emotional issues to focus instead on engineering, politics, or, the armed forces. This could be an intriguing twist of fate, perhaps.

For those Sagittarians embarking upon their first relationship Venus and Neptune energies combine to indicate some kind of misunderstanding. Perhaps, it's just a jealous friend trying to spoil it all for you, or, do they really and truly believe they are saving you from self-deception; idealized love, exploitation and financial fraud. Who do you know who lost something valuable like an engagement ring?

Week Four:
Mercury and Mars energies combine to stimulate your mental processes and spirit of free enterprise. This might indicate a particularly busy, tiring and active week. However, ill-informed judgments, hasty impulsive reactions and over-excitability threaten setbacks for those quick to jump to judgment.

The combination of Mercury and Uranus energies stimulate the love of change for changes sake. No one in their right frame of mind wants to do the same thing over and over again eternally. But a particular combination of planetary energies is ripe for over exploitation. On the bright side, you may become attracted to new and novel experiences which bring in their wake a fresh perspective on your life, health, education and career. Put it this way: you are gifted with the power of invention. New and original ideas comes easily to mind. You might be presented with a unique opportunity to gain fresh experience and make new contacts. Contacts that can potentially expand and diversify your choices for the better.

Pluto in Capricorn and the Second House of personal income and intimate feelings are all emphasized. This indicates a short period of radical transformations in financial affairs. Furthermore, you might be about to fall in love, escalate the passion in an existing relationship or enjoy a quick succession of really hot dates.

The following paragraph is addressed to more mature Sagittarius might be made up when they hear the news of the imminent birth of a daughter or granddaughter. Moreover, many other elderly Sagittarians must observe with growing distaste the burgeoning disharmony in their extended family. You have a lifetime of experience to draw upon and the gravitas to influence warring factions. Therefore, do everything in your power to foster harmonious relationships again. Do whatever it takes to get everyone on speaking terms. Remind everyone that — at times like these — they have all got to stick together and help each other trough this dreadful pandemic because unity is strength.

Finally, I'd like to address all my Sagittarian friends of all age groups, nationalities, genders and faiths. In the final analysis you have everything it takes to iron out the inconvenience that crop up in every lifetime. You are gifted and far-sighted. You are innately optimistic and Lady Luck rides shot-gun with you almost every step of the way. Furthermore, you can succeed where others fail. Believe in yourself. Keep the faith. Dare to dare!!!

Yours sincerely,

Guy Doleman: Astrologer

PS. All dates are approximations.
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