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Paralised and helpless by a presence

By:Katie O'Brien
Date: Tue,19 Feb 2008

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This unusual experience has happened to my mum,sister and myself over the past 10 years! I am writing this because last night was the worst and I feared for my 5 year old son and my 8 week baby daughter and myself and am desperate for advice. All I can explain the feeling is that your feet and hands run with the worst pins and needles you could can ever have and your voice box is and mouth are removed, then a dark precence comes and feels like it is laying on top of you and you cannot move or shout for help. It stops briefly like it is building energy to go again. It is not a friendly spirit and last night i felt like i was choking i could hear my baby choking and my little boys bedding was ripped away and i could do nothing. I remember saying in my head to my deceased grandparents if it was them to leave but I know they would'nt scare me nor harm the kids. All i can say is that it feels like you are powerless and Its like one of them dreams where your caught by someone and cannot scream out. I know I was awake as I saw the clock and it was 5am and it happened shortly after, then it stopped as my dad woke for work at half 5. Please can somebody help I am desperate x
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Wendy Stokes said:

Dear Katie
How are things going now?
Any better?
Thu,02 Jul 2009,14:40:45 GMT

the watchman said:

dear ms Obrien
I can offer to arrange an assesment for you to help your plight in this matter. If you will respond to this message i" ll consult with my coleagues and discuss a appropriate home visit for you. Love & light to your family
Sat,23 Feb 2008,23:42:05 GMT

Lisa said:

Many years ago i had the same, i was lying on my bed. Then it hit me. the heavyness ontop of me, i could not move nor speak. but only the word would come into my head. Then i saw a grey figure walk through my bedromm wall... then i was ok...
I have had this gift of seeing and hearing spirit since the age of 13, now iam 38yrs old...

i feel you have a dark spirit in your home, and it and been in the home for along time, . you need a very good medium in to help you understand why the spirit is with you. Then it needs help to move to the light.

I feel aslo you are a very spirtual person, and the spirit knows this. and your engery levels are high... again the spirit knows what he can do to make you feel at harm..

When i used to live in my old house, i knew there was lots of active spirit around plus spirit children, but i was ok, but it was my yonger son, he could not sleep, he would wake up knowing there was someone not nice around, his behaviour changed when a spirit came into our engery..

Yes i feel you need some help. but you can help as well. In lighting a white candle and ask your angels and helpers,,, meaning your giuldes to take away all the lower energy away from your home. to keep you all safe... plus to ask for the light, love, healing and proection around you and your family and home.

Good spirit ia always there to help you, this is not your gran.. sometimes when we have bad spirit around us or negitve engery the good can not get in to help us straight away. But once the bad has gone then the light will flow through your home to make it a happy home and your children will settle down..

Hope this helps...


Sat,23 Feb 2008,14:07:23 GMT

pegasus holistics said:

you could try communicating with them or doing a banishing ritual, if you want any information on this contact me through my website as i have had some very similar experiences.
Thu,21 Feb 2008,11:52:01 GMT

Katie O'Brien said:

Firstly thankyou for all your advice and love and peace to you all. Brenda your message was extremely helpful but also bewildering??? My email is [email protected] if you wish to tell me more privately as i semi understand where your coming from but semi non understanding but 100 per cent believe you as i am a big believer in the paranormal and especially what is happening within my household x
Thu,21 Feb 2008,01:49:03 GMT

Terri said:

Bless you Katie!

That must be a terrible experience for you and your children. I wouldn't necessarily say spirits cause this but I can tell you, you have the power to make this go away whatever it is. It could be a dream when you are semi awake. Our bodies are actually paralysed while we sleep so often we can wake and feel like someone is holding us down and we can’t scream or move when it is just that we haven’t woken up properly yet.

Good ALWAYS overrides bad or evil. It’s as simple as that. Just remember that.

My advice:
Firstly you pray to whatever God or Divine being you believe in and ask that this is NEVER allowed to happen again. Be very insistent and powerful in your prayer. You ask all your spirit helpers and angels to help you with this and know that they have the power to override whatever is happening to you. Next you visualise 4 angels touching each corner of your home. See them sitting there every night to guard & protect you. If ever you feel frightened in the night by anything you call on them to come and protect you and know that they will. Children are very sensitive to things so they may be attracting energies that are a bit overpowering. Ask that your children have their own protectors who will always look after them when you are unable to. This type of thing could also be attracted by negative activities happening in your home or near by? I suggest if you feel you cannot deal with this yourself you contact a local spiritual group or priest of similar type of person, there are many around. Someone will know someone who can help you.

Bless you and your children Katie and go in peace always.
Tue,19 Feb 2008,16:59:31 GMT

Brenda Grubb said:

I am sending all of my love out to you and your family. If its any comfort at all, a while ago now, whilst awaiting a divorce, and staying at my parents, I had a very similar experience personally, and my mother was turning on the electric oven, and opened the oven door to put in the joint of meat, and it was like time stood still, as we watched her being 'bathed' in this electric blue coming from the oven, we froze whilst it was happening. Other things happened also, like mirrors falling from walls etc: mostly electrical gadgets were the target though. In the end I found the answer; knowing from where it all comes is in itself a help. It will give you a clearer understanding of why!! so maybe this could be a clue to your present predicament? I do hope the answer will soon come for you all. Bless you all, as you go through this trial & torment.
Tue,19 Feb 2008,09:18:49 GMT

Ian said:

The first thing you need to do is tell this spirit person to leave you and your family alone. You need to say it with the same conviction as you would somebody who is bothering you in real life. Your family in spirit wouldn't bother you in this way so it may be a wondering spirit person (who hasn't yet moved into the spirit realms) who just wants to hang around and be nusaince. They basically feed of your fear, if you take a charge and show no fear and tell them to leave they loose their power, only fear fuels them. You can place a protective shield around yourself by imagining brilliant white light entering into your crown on the top of your head when you breath in and then as you breath out imagine the light starting to build a sphere of brilliant white light around you which you are now in side, keep doing this until you are completely covered by it. Even though you can't see it you will still be building it. As your building the sphere ask for your angels to come in and give you protection. I do know people local to Essex who could come and visit you but it depends on where you live?
In the mean time try to stay calm and tell them to leave you alone.
Tue,19 Feb 2008,09:07:25 GMT
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