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By:Malcolm Mc Auliffe
Date: Tue,05 Jul 2011
Submitter:Malcolm Mc Auliffe

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I spent all of my teenage years studying to be a De La Salle brother. This was a Christian teaching order which became my home for most of my young life. I used to go home to my family during the Christmas holidays and the summer months only to return for further training on entering the De La Salle Order of Brothers. My intention was to teach in Africa and to empower the African children about the power of love. As all through my earlier years, there were promptings coming from my heart to learn to love unconditionally. At that time in my life, these desires became ego driven. The reason it took on the false self of the ego was because I felt separate from God. All the lessons and talk was about love. Every Sunday I used to get God to respond to my pleas, but I could not feel the love that was preached from the pulpits. So I decided to make my focus and attention to discover what this love was all about.

During my first year of training in De La Salle Brothers, I remember winning a writing competition for an essay I did about the “Life of the Founder of De La Salle Brother”. My prize was the book “Brother Solomon“. Brother Solomon died in martyrdom Such an inspiring book about love. Which showed him living up to his inner promptings. This book started me down the road in searching for unconditional love. At that time, I had not realized that my soul was infinite love. I was always trying to get more love. I was always keen to please everybody as I knew from experienced that I could captured love by doing that but there was always a deep longing inside of me that never seemed to be fulfilled.

I used to ask a lot of questions which none of the Brothers could answer. My questions constantly annoyed and baffled them. So they never were able to satisfy my deep searching questions. Until one day I met an older brother who was retired and he used to spend a lot of time in the graveyard at the back of the monastery. He pointed out to me that the graveyard was full of spirits. He used to talk to them daily. Everyday after training and my manual labour, I used to visit him and spent many along couple of hours discussing the nature of the soul and the spirit. I made it my intention to prise out of him, his experienced with spirits. Remembering back those days used to reinforced for me that there was a presence around all life and that we are not alone. After many years now have passed, I realized he was one of my teachers who opened my searching mind to the possibility of the soul. After being persuaded to leave the order , my path took a different turn. My search became to find my twin flame. So I searched outside of myself looking at every relationship that came my way. The question I had was, will I meet my twin flame today. This searched was ego driven. As some part of me felt incomplete. There was a burning impulse within me to discover my twin flame. The ego created in me the need to have and posses my twin flame, as once I had accomplished this I would be forever happy. My early twenties brought many young girls to my attention. But I was always sabotaging these early relationships. My mind got me to focused on what was wrong and to try and fix it. So all my relationships ended leaving me none the wiser about who my twin flame was. One night while doing a meditation I decided to ask the question of my higher self “who was my twin flame” So this became my focus of attention..

At this point I would like to take you back now to the first time I attempted meditation. I found it difficult as my mind was talking away within the silence of my own attention. A load of self talk was constantly running like a broken record and kept replaying on the back of my mind. In fact, my mind never shut up. My mind would colour everything from experiences from the past or would imagine things before they would happen. Also I noticed that when I recalled these experiences I relived the feelings that were associated with them. There was an inner resistance operating against my objective of stilling the mind. On investigation, this inner resistance, I found was built on what I accepted as truth. It was also based on what I believed as truth. So at the start I faced the impossible task of stilling the mind. I used to talk to others about how to still the mind. This became a pre occupation with me. I studied loads of methods and concepts about how this might be done. This search kept my focused on mastering this ability.

After a lot of trial and error, I started to realize that the breath and the distance between breaths supported me in stopping the onslaught of chatter and noise which stopped me enjoying the silence. I also experiment with the tongue within my mouth. I tried to curl my tongue and also focus on different tongue positions. I noticed when my attention was on my breaths, the mind did quietened down. I used to hold my breaths for short intervals of ten seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds. I noticed that when I did this there was no thoughts as my full focused was in the now moment. It is neither going to the past or anticipating the future. Then I use to breath through one side of my nose and also rotated this to the other. All this did give me new experiences and over time, I developed a method which allowed me to master stillness. To this I added a mirror exercise and watched my face change . I used to experience over lays of different faces while doing these exercises. So now I just “breathe in love” which I feel running through my body like a river. I call this the “diamond river of light” as the first time I experienced this energy flowing through my body, my inner silence seemed to be prompting me that this was the “diamond river of light”. Feeling the flow and the ecstasy of love and the wisdom the silence prompts me to breathe out the fear. With my attention and focus firmly on breathing my mind learned to be still. The Christ self within my heart chamber releases fears and false truths back to God. In so doing creates a sense of peace and joy where my whole body responds by each cell expanding to receive the love from “all that is”. So breath work is important to still the mind. In fact it is the first step to mastering the ability to travel inwards to the higher dimension of consciousness. Once you have mastered a steady flow of in breathe and out breathe, you can then use guided imagery in association with the inner Christ contact to create healing and transformation of your perceived wounded self.

A lot of people now are becoming more aware of energy pulsating within their being. Some are more aware than others but all are wakening up to a new reality. I became aware of my multi-dimensional bodies while I was still a teenager. Over the course of my life, I have realized that we live in a multiple diverse universe that comprises of three dimensional bodies. The first body is called the physical, the second body the astral and the third body called the causal. I also realized that there is a corresponding awareness of mind when one acquires access to these bodies. For the purpose of this article, I want to discuss the lower astral and my experience of what now has become to me an inner knowing of the fear and the bonding to fear that keeps all those inhabitants living a after life of grief, pain, sadness and fear.

From very early on in my childhood, I have experienced energy centres within my body. It was later that I realized that these centres were called “chakras”. I used to hear people talking about the seven chakras. “Chakras” are energy centres for controlling the vital energy and the various systems of energy channels. The purpose of these chakras is to facilitates the interchange between neighbouring dimensional bodies. I now wish to explain what I have learned about the lower astral body and the level of awareness that is associated with it. When we are born we bring the seeds of fear and turmoil emotions of fear to be equilibrated by returning to the aspects of love within our hearts. Through many lifetimes, we have bonded to vibration of fear and fear related emotions which we claim and possessed as being us as apposed to being the guidance system to guide us to change our focus away from these deficient ideas and thoughts .

The “Law of Attraction” always bring us our co-created energy of the past to be re-qualify with love and acceptance.. Jesus said, “ Be ye perfect as my Father in heaven”. To re-qualify the misguided thoughts that the ego has bombard us with since we were born, it is necessary to have a means to do this. Jesus went up the mountain a lot so says the gospel, , or I believe he practiced meditation to communicate with the Father. So going up the mountain was equivalent to raising his awareness to higher thoughts through meditation. The ego driven person believes that it is a separate entity. Hence it has to lie to protect its self as It also has to defend its self as if feels separate and vulnerable So all actions, thoughts and judgements of feelings become attachment which bond the ego driven person to their limitation . Attachment happens when one accepts that they are separate from “All That Is”. Hence, the false Christ “the ego “ based of awareness is constantly blocked in ignorance of the true Christ self within the heart centre, your true nature which is your divine self can not be access by the ego. So our life is bonded to opportunity to re-qualify the energy of attachment by loving life free. But without awareness, karma is incur with every thought, action, deed and feeling that is entered upon by you as an individual. Put it another way, the astral body holds within itself the seeds to attract or repulse certain experiences that give you an opportunity to be non-judgemental which allows unconditional love to be nurtured within your heart centre where the spiritual Christ self grows to maturity of its divine being.

The astral body is divided into two parts. The first part is the “Lower Astral”. I have found those that inhabit this realm and level of awareness are lost souls. Since all thoughts create reality and this reality is energized by feelings which are co-creative by the law of unconditional love and the law of receptivity i.e., “The Law of Attraction”. I know and have experienced the predominant fear and sense of lack of love that the beings in this lower realm focused on. In other words, these beings are very much like when they were here in this plain as what stored in the heart will manifest.

At first when I started to communicate with these poor lost astral entities, I was afraid. The first time that I experienced great fear was when I was 12 years of age. One night just before I feel asleep, I had an encounter with a very strong entity. It crawled on to my back, it weighed a ton, I could not moved, I was paralyzed, I was totally pinned to the bed and I was very afraid. I cannot say for how long this experience lasted . To resolve this issue, I remembered a talked which I had with my teacher. So I assumed it was the devil. I heard the voice deep within the core of my being, call on “Jesus”. So I call upon Jesus and asked with total believed for my released. A magnificent light and energy passed through my whole body, mind and spirit. Also, I experienced strong vibrational energy flowing within my being. I was totally and utterly rescued from this disincarnate entity. Ever since that day, I used to call upon the presence of Jesus to support all similar encounters with disincarnate entities. Jesus became my six gun, as if it wa given to me to steer my way through the lower astral plain. I have sensed and learned that those beings that inhabit the lower level of awareness are trapped by their intensely emotional states and suffer greatly. Everyday now many come to the side of my aura to receive truth, wisdom and love. When its time for them to leave the lower astral level and enter the higher astral level they prompt me to assist them on their journey. Once they have learned that their attachment to anger, hatred, despair, violence and depravity is what is keeping them bound they become self realize to a point that they can escape their self imposed suffering by focusing on desire to learn what love is. This state of awareness could be compare to what the Catholic Church used to preach about purgatory Then their focus is to be willing to raise up their consciousness and let go their attachment to these unqualified vibrational experiences. For me the hardest part of my spiritual journey was trying to steer my way through the lower astral layers as some of my desires and emotions were bonded to lies within beliefs systems which were unconsciously buried deep in my subconscious mind as false truth. I also learned to love them and to speak to them in a loving way. In that way I learned to love my own deficient thoughts. My focus was not to judge them but to educate them by been an exemplar Christ while I went about my day by keeping love the focus of every thing I did.

So anytime during your spiritual journey, seek guidance from within your heart centres. for love dwells within. To activate the heart centre, just call upon the Christ Self as your focus now and your attention is firmly on the path of self discovery and truth. The “Law of Attraction” will bring to you Christ teachers who will prepare you for your encounter with your Christ Self. Learn overtime to communicate and commune with the Christ Self within your meditation. Be absorbed into the “diamond river of light” as it will bring you all the way to create the “DiamondHeart awareness “ of your immaculate soul which is the perfect idea of “Father Mother God” which is perfect. The “diamond river of light” baptize you with the Christ light which will imbue you with eternal life. Try to visualize the power of divine love to release you from bondage that weigh you down. Also remember that your life is always in transformative state just as the caterpillar changes into a butterfly. You will be transformed by your dedication and focus on love. Allow the diamond river of light wash through your whole being and bring you to become aware of your DiamondHeart awareness within your meditation.

Remember to use your breath to focus your healing. Allow your breath to balance and clean all misconception and false truth. Let all unwanted perceived negative and counter productive deficient thoughts be released.

The spiritual quest is our work. Jesus knew this “When He ran away to the temple, Joseph and Mary thought he was lost, but they did find Him in the temple. When Jesus was confronted by His parents, He said “ Did you not know I must be about my Father’s business”. The Father’s work is meditation and communion with the Holy Spirit “the comforter“. As the soul path is the journey we all will take at some time.

When I first called on my “Christ Self”, I found a resistance blocking this communication for me. So I got support from a group of people in America who had achieved Christ contact. I learned a lot from them. I am indeed very grateful for their experience and their wisdom. I learned that while there is support there, your spiritual journey is specific to you. If any of your readers is having any difficulty, I will support you. To this end, I am setting up a blog on my website and also I will be setting up a new membership site free to use at

The process I took was specific for me. We all would be wise to follow the prompting coming from the inner teacher that reside in our own heart chamber. I am now going to outline the step I took to achieve awareness.

1) Persistent dedicated to the practice of meditation until I received Christ contact.
2) Embracing the wisdom revealed by my Christ Self, and choosing to following the guidance and taken action to use the wisdom to release false deficient thoughts at the core of my being.
3) Practicing non-judgement, unconditional love and non-attachment to all life while loving life free.
4) Looking at attraction and repulsion from the perspective of the ego and see how I remained bonded to limited perceptions.
5) Learning from within the various dimension of divine being “Christ Teachers, Christ Self, I Am Presence, Cosmic Consciousness, Universal Consciousness and God Consciousness”.
6)Journal your progress daily and keep your attention on developing greater and greater wisdom.

Now more than ever before, we are called to live within our spiritual nature and in partnership with the divine truth. This impulse does not come from the fearful mind. It comes from the inner teacher, the “Christ Self” at the core of your inner reality. The “Christ Self” is calling us to live in those ways that supports faith, love and wisdom. For these are the qualities that nurture the inner dimension of true reality. Everything that is going on within your inner acceptance will be reflected back to you as your manifest life. So by embracing Christ-consciousness all deficient thoughts of fear and fear related issues will be washed away. This will allow you to be guided by you inner reality. Also to know your infinite magnificent soul which will fill your heart with peace joy and truth. I did find my twine flame but not what I expected. My twine flame was the inner marriage which took place within my soul. It was by making meditation my daily practice which awaken my spiritual ardour which resurrected my limited consciousness to receive absolute bliss of my soul.

Malcolm Mc Auliffe
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