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Star Child and Autism; The Missing Link

By:Hanna Ehlers
Date: Sun,22 Aug 2010
Submitter:Hanna Ehlers

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Currently the area of childhood developmental disorder and learning disability is reaching a record high. The NPI centre in their survey for Autism and Digestive Issues reports, ‘Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder in the world. With 1 child in 91 facing the disorder, the diagnosis is more common than paediatric cancer, diabetes, and AIDS combined.’

The Dana Foundation working with Genes to Cognition Online suggests, ‘Autism affects as many as 24,000 infants born in the United States each year, and some experts believe the incidence is increasing’. These figures suggest a potential epidemic in Autism on our planet and yet this issue still evades some of us and baffles a large majority of us. For some parents it is a daily struggle and as a global community, at the turn of such spiritual change it appears ever more important, that we address this area of our children’s wellbeing from a balanced approach. Within this balanced approach I suggest a need to evaluate this increasing precedent from a scientific and spiritual outlook, offering perhaps, information from seemingly vastly differing areas. In order to understand the theory I am suggesting, which to some may appear wild or unfounded and to others, may already be held as a known truth, you will no doubt be required to suspend your logic or spend a little more time than normal in logic, depending on where you are starting out. Furthermore in light of the information I am presenting you may have to remain more open in order to move further away from a sense of polarity so that you may estimate if the answers I propose, to the questions I answer, manifest any truth for you.

One aspect that appears as fact and which seems like the most logical place to start is the highlighted understanding, stated above by a number of child development research facilities, that the diagnosis of children being found within the Autistic spectrum is increasing and is in large proportions. The aspect within this developmental disorder which in many cases can make diagnosis difficult and which indeed, appears to make finding the definitive neurological cause to autism currently difficult is because of the spectrum factor. The below quote explains this in more depth.

‘Autism is a spectrum disorder, which means there are different levels and forms of autism. It is difficult to define exactly what constitutes autistic behaviour, and the threshold between “normal” and “autistic” is often not clear. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental disorders (DSM) focuses on 3 primary symptoms of autism – social difficulties, communication difficulties, and repetitive behaviours. One of the social difficulties is an inability to interpret facial expressions.’

As quoted from the Genes to Cognition website, as part of an online research facility offered by Dolan DNA Learning Centre, the symptoms indicated above are commonly understood as the main areas of difficulty for a child labelled with Autism or any such other developmental disorder indicated under the umbrella of Autism spectrum. However many questions still remain unanswered, at least to the scientific community, which in its general sense assumes the answers will come purely in the form of biological analysis and physical experience.

In my work as a psychotherapist, and spiritual and metaphysical teacher I have had the benefit of working with children in a number or environments and have been allowed the benefits of viewing this, seemingly, increasing problem from both a scientific / psychological view point as well as a spiritual / metaphysical perspective. In my learning I have been led to ask a number of pressing questions about this growing equation which I feel strongly about. Some of these follow below:

Why is there a growing trend in the diagnosis of children within the autism spectrum? How is the diagnosis made and does it benefit any particular agency or group of people? Is there any underlying motive in this movement and how valid are the connections or links associated with vaccinations? Is there a dietary link to autism? How can we better understand what we are facing for our children and planet so we may move toward a resolution?
In order to answer some of the above questions I shall now move to areas which are less tangible and less dominated by the physical sphere in order to describe some of my findings.

In my truth, for this is all I can speak from, science has landed in front of a mammoth size gap in terms of finding answers to the enigma that presents itself as autism. No doubt much time could be spent here detailing the general imbalance and immaturity found in the scientific community and its inability to still harness some of the many answers that so allude its traditionally purely physical standpoint, however this article is not a finger pointing exercise toward science and I feel it must be duly noted that there are massive leaps and bounds being made in the areas of quantum physics, metaphysics and the unseen factors being more greatly understood, especially in terms of energy sciences. Although we could not continue without paying attention to the game of catch up that is being played in the name of science.

Many readers may be familiar with various labels presented by the ‘New Age’ movement as we enter the end of 2012 which is considered the completion of the 26,000 year Precession of the Equinoxes cycle, and some say it also signifies the end of a 104,000 year cycle. Additionally this is understood by many as the Solstice on December 21, 2012, which will occur precisely at 11:11 AM Universal Time and which marks the completion of the 5,125 year Great Cycle of the Ancient Maya Long Count Calendar. These labels which largely seek to empower people at a time of such change can be beneficial if the connotations they conjure up are positive. The phrases ‘Lightworker’ and ‘Angelic Human’ are two of these such labels which introduce the idea that certain people living now are awakening to a greater sense of reality, perhaps this is understood as an igniting of more of a spiritual existence, which gives less emphasis than before on purely physical and third dimensional life and existence.

The lightworker or human angel may perceive that a change has provided them with more appreciation of the symbolic, spiritual and religious spheres in living. This change may have occurred due to a breakdown, which may be described as a psychological or spiritual breakdown; it can also be perceived as a mid-life crisis. These labels may assist an individual recovering from a giant life altering experience, point of suffering or place of pain to channel positive energy and manifestation into their existence.

I have used these labels, which may appear useful or non-useful to some, however do not fail to arouse judgement and opinion. I now raise your attention to the label of autism, what judgements or opinions does this label raise? A diagnosis, if ever we receive one from the medical community, is in general likely to be non-positive. Furthermore it is important to understand that where we place the energy of our thoughts, reality is created or altered. This is found in the quantum theory, which suggests observation effects reality. Established during a controlled experiment demonstrating how a beam of electrons is affected by the act of being observed. The experiment revealed that the greater the amount of "watching," the greater the observer's influence on what actually takes place. Therefore the receiving of a non-positive label, especially for a child is therefore not necessarily helpful in providing aid to working with difference or how we affect their existence!

Continuing with the issuing of labels at this stage I must offer a new category under the heading of star person. A star person, if you allow me to have you suspend your judgement for a moment as we enter into a more metaphysical space, can indicate a soul that has spent more cycles off planet earth than on earth. A star person does not necessarily have any reference to our original planetary seeding, which in my truth is already star born in origin. In this sense I refer to additional labels such as indigo, crystal, rainbow and star children. There appears, to me, to be a common thread amongst souls who are currently incarnating on earth. This movement of what I shall call advanced souls, due to the position of the earth and the end of the Mayan calendar has been occurring for around the last fifty years, although further back but just with less influx and moving continually forward, presently with the highest influx of star soul essence. This insurgence of more highly evolved soul energy entering into physical bodies, the planetary grid, society life, appears to me to mirror the heightened trend in the diagnosis in autism and similar childhood learning difficulties and indeed indicates a match in terms of how the so called developmental disorders have proliferated and continue to.

Here it may be sensible to add some further indication of how a star person or any of the above labels may present themselves once functioning as housed in the human body. Simply put, the soul energy that commits to a body of a baby whilst in the womb is more greatly connected to their spirit centre than has been previously experienced by older generations. For this reason, as the global planetry shift in consciousness continues to ascend, helped along of course by these vary advanced soul personalities, the families the soul enters with will be raised in terms of frequency. The mothers to the star children may experience more sensory and right brained activity than before. Many under-developed skills and abilities lost to the human race sometime ago are returning, connected always to the right brain, we are being offered by way of the new global energy entering the earth, more balance in terms of the way we experience reality here. Understanding that we have been largely and deliberately locked into predominantly left brained existence is helpful in again re-connecting with the other inferior or unaccepted brain abilities. These are such as, telepathy, psychic awareness, intuition, healing, experiencing no-time, visions, out of body experiences, encounters with non-human energies, experiencing other dimensions of the earth plane and cosmos and all number of extra-sensory perception, also worth noting, all come under the umbrella of psychosis!

My reason for detailing the above, I feel will now help to understand further the children currently living on our planet, not purely just in terms of their dysfunction or their perceived growing deviance and defiance. This in my opinion is a misconception held by the stance of older generations who do not fully understand the importance of the role of these children and their divine right to encourage and set about change needed for our planet.

It would also be useful here to swing back to what it is exactly that the scientific community can offer in way of an understanding about autism and compare this with what we have found from a metaphysical viewpoint. In my understanding neurologists suggest there are abnormalities in brain functioning, including the frontal cortex, amygdala, and cerebellum. At the cellular level, it is indicated the brain’s mirror neuron system may be dysfunctional and within these cells, abnormalities in the levels of biochemicals such as GABA, serotonin and, glutamate, have been reported.

This information importantly illustrates that there are physical indicators that suggest difference in these children. It is the area of mirror neurons where I would like to take your attention as I feel these ties in with some particular traits I associate with star children and less need for a widely entrenched and developed Ego. Mirror neurons, as far as I am aware have been called “empathy neurons” because they fire when we witness others perform particular actions and experience emotions. Individuals with autism have been found to have problems with empathy, and a dysfunctional mirror neuron system may be involved as a source of this problem. Mirror neurons have also been linked to language acquisition, and autistic individuals often have language impairments and can begin speaking far later than average.

The findings on a biological level in my opinion seek only to further illustrate the new blueprint of a highly evolved star child. I estimate that these changes in spirit essence as we have seen above, exhibit physical characteristics in a child’s very biology as well as their behaviour and will not cease but will continue to metamorphosis and as long as we do not understand these evolutionary changes in full the more harm we are doing and will continue to do to our child saviours. My understanding, which is not a scientific theory but an intuitive understanding, is that the functioning of our brains is altering slowly, although this appears to be happening quicker and quicker now. I understand that we are being moved to balance both the left and right sides of our brains and also use much more of our brains than we have done before, or at least in the last few thousand years. Unfortunately some of the changes witnessed in our children are not being taken as positive, because we only have the past to go on and anything new at first in our third dimensional world seems to be deemed negative.

In reference to the description of autistic children being less capable, socially, emotionally and cognitively, I see this as a fundamental and deliberate difference in our new blueprinting. In order to balance a world which has been left-brained controlled and robbed of all belief in anything non-physical, non-magical or abstract we have been awarded a chance to re-calibrate. Indeed some important studies are happening around the globe which has been seen to hold findings which suggest that a number of children are being found with more chromosomes of functioning DNA than the two strands we are supposed to hold. In essence these DNA strands, of, (perceived junk-DNA), now have possibility for us to re-activate and enliven our entire spirit bodies; our light-bodies.

A star person has little need to go through the usual fog of amnesia and heavy task of building such an intricate and unmoveable Ego as has been seen through-out generations of human beings. The Ego is little but a prison to our soul and our ability to harness greater mind control and re-set our out of order robotic brain is more in reach. There is no karma from where these star children arrive from and there is little need or time to spend so long in the outward movement in their lives, forgetting and becoming so heavily burdened and conditioned by an out of date, non-aligned, un-connected society and family. As seen in the biological understanding of autism there is little need to demonstrate such humanness, emotional and social situations are far more unfamiliar to them because they will not have had practice of this in other incarnations. Many come fully equipped with both their female and male energies in place, a balanced animus and anima, with very little shadow or work on individuation or ascension to complete, as they are already ascended are operating at fourth and fifth dimensional frequency. Yet as we perceive these elements in them, they can appear aloof or un-emotional, yet they are simply exhibiting a self-awareness and independence with far less need for drama and pretence. They are more direct and sensitive and will take short cuts where needed. This however should not be misconstrued as un-loving; they have simply learned the art of non-attachment and self-reliance at a far earlier age. Although this doesn’t mean they don’t need clear boundaries and help being a child, often they can be confused because they hold so much information and awareness at such a young earth age.

It is more likely that it is ourselves that we need to look at in terms of needing help rather than the children of earth, like the card of the Hanged Man we may need to turn this one on its head. It is hard for a parent to understand such sensitivity in their child, if they are fiercely independent or have strong beliefs or knowledge that appeared as if from nowhere it is the job of the parent to support their child’s character and surely not find fault? If the child is late in speaking, this often simply indicates they are not use to such trivial communication as talking, they are most probably trying to communicate with you telepathically, yet you are not advanced enough yet!

The role of parenting these special children however is very crucial in their development and survival here as it lies with the parents to make important decisions that will greatly impact on their special child’s development. This is a responsibility that is perhaps the biggest role on the globe right now. I feel the dietary link and vaccination connection to autism is very real and should be heeded with extreme awareness in terms of making decisions in these areas, despite the medical communities’ refusal to admit any official connection to either area. These children being hyper sensitive are not use often to even being in a human body, let alone, eating and now imagine giving them all number of chemicals and sugars. Their biology is far too sensitive in most part for society’s concoctions of druggy foods. Their energy fields are ten times more powerful and sensitive than most adults and no doubt many advanced soul adults are still effected in this way, as is also found during raising your frequency continually.

‘A new survey by Enzymedica and the Enzyme Research Group (ERG), links autism and digestive problems, and suggests diet modification and dietary supplements as successful tools for families facing the diagnosis. While autism is generally considered a neurological disorder, the new survey reminds us that autistic children face additional health challenges, including 80% who report digestive difficulty, sensitivity, or intestinal inflammation.’

The quote above indicates the importance of proper nutrition and avoidance of any chemicals, most star children or children diagnosed with autism will benefit largely from a change in diet, their moods are a mirror of the foods they eat and any time of medicines or vaccinations will have large impacts on their energetic structure which in turn effects their physical and mental health. A very controversial hypothesis about the causes of autism focuses on mercury levels in vaccines. Although this hypothesis has been widely dismissed by the scientific community, the fact that we still struggle to find specific causes for autism means the hypothesis retains advocates.
It is also important to note that there are many other reasons that the general public is kept hidden away from the effects of vaccinations and that the media aims to disqualify leading investigations into the effects, such as the Dr David Wakefield case. As many are aware the vaccinations and drugs for autism and other development disorders are big business for the pharmaceutical companies and it will always seek to assist the controlling forces on this planet to drug and halt any movements that seek to empower and free the population from their silent oppression. It is just so unfortunate that an un-seen and un-stopped attack on the continual raising of consciousness on this planet is largely undertaken through the assault on our special star saviour children! It is therefore the role of all those aware to promote their cause of change, offer them the due guidance and boundaries that they require to get their job done and keep them safe in this toxic earth until we can all fully unite.

So in summary you may ask yourself, is there a link between the star child and Autism? And if at least you do not have a different answer you may have a different outlook. At this juncture we need not to fight from the corner of one goal post but to bring them altogether to harness a greater defence or build a bridge from either side to meet half way, in that manner we will more likely have a clear sight of the full road ahead.

i 2010-07-27 - Enzymedica, Inc,
ii Brenda Patoine, The Dana Foundation, Genes to Cognition Online,
iii 2010-07-27 - Enzymedica, Inc,

Hanna Ehlers is a Psychotherapist and Spiritual and Metaphysical Teacher and Writer with the gift of being a Sound Channel. She is the founder of, a spiritual information site for lightworkers and organises many regular courses and events. For more information visit the website.

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Sallie Keys said:

Great article! I haven't had the privilege yet to do any work for autism, but from my training in energetic and spiritual healing, I have learned some different theories on it that indicate that it may have to do with the integration of the Soul into the body. Given the fact that we are ever moving more and more quickly toward ascension and things now move much faster than they have in the past, both energetically and otherwise, it would explain an increased incidence of autism because many Star children that incarnate now have a much higher energetic vibration rate than Souls did 10, 20, or 30 years ago. So, I wholeheartedly agree! :~)
Mon,05 Sep 2011,01:07:49 GMT

Nicky Tsierkezou said:

Thank you for this article and thank you for believing the way I do! good to see there is more of us! Everyday I endeavor to make more people understand more and everyday I listen to these children and am guided with more knowledge for myself and the adults to develop and be more open!
I believe hugely in telepathy and as I develop on my journey will
understand more.
om shanti and thank you
Sun,12 Jun 2011,20:10:28 GMT

Rose Campbell said:

Hello Hanna! Have read your article and think that my channeled material made into a video might add to what you have said. Please check it out here:

It is, according to my "sources" a time for more of these star children to be born to turn man's attention to working with telepathy so that this "science" becomes fore front. It does make sense to me, but then again it would since I am telepathic!

Rose Campbell
Mon,30 Aug 2010,13:52:11 GMT

may Ann Harrington said:

Thanks Hanna,

I enjoyed your well written article and strongly agree that we need to acknowledge and address the spiritual aspects and perceptual differences of these children.

Keep writing. The more people who speak out, the closer we will come to that sought after "100th Monkey".

Mary Ann
Thu,26 Aug 2010,18:49:30 GMT

Ian said:

Thank you hanna
Great article, very well explained, felt very true ;)
Sun,22 Aug 2010,19:45:24 GMT

Ian said:

Thanks Hanna,
A very informative article, I agree and feel vaccinations amongst other factors do play a role in the increased diagnosis of autism.

Thanks for combining research from both a spiritual and scientific perspective.

Sun,22 Aug 2010,18:10:04 GMT
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