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Unity of all souls:

By:Barbara Neville
Date: Tue,05 May 2020
Submitter:barbara Neville

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Unity of all souls:
We are sitting in the garden listening to the quiet and the odd sound of a child playing and the bin men coming through.
In my dreams last night the theme was unity… unity of all the light workers who are holding groups or have F/B page and have personal web pages~ to come together as unified soul group for the best interest of the human race and Gaia.

In the dream we are linking to each other through our empathic and telepathic abilities~ using intuition and feeling the unity as an inner feeling.
It is a new way of communication without the clumsy words that will still be used to guide your students in their true quest, but for the leaders~ the way showers its time to hone your empathic, intuitional and telepathic communications between you.

We get the commination from this field:
We are ALL ONE! There is NO separation and dear souls as a unit there are no single masters, they are all one, they come forwards and speak as one AND individually by their vibrations.
When you ask for advice your vibration is going into the fields of potential, connecting and becoming coherence and bringing in the connection and the message.

The one will belong to the whole group as a unified ALL not as ONE on their own.
The third dimensional earth still runs on ego and has not yet got the concept of the unified ONE/ ALL where everything is equal and one~ there is no time or separation.
This may go against everything that you have always thought,
And you might like to argue about it… it does not take anything away from you.

In fact it opens you up to the bigger picture if you can understand that you are all special and have the ability to receive these messages from this field of potential without the ego based third dimension illusion.
In this dream we were being told not to speak about the unity in the words of the old illusion, they are clumsy and do not have the feelings that is being portrayed.
This new way of communicating is NOT ego based~ it’s the higher vibrational way of the new dawn~ competition is a separation in all its power and control.
Speak in the way of the new vibrations, feeling it in the heart/brain of love focus where there is no competition.

As you feel the energy behind the words that are written, tune into them and ask from the ALL instead of a personal guide that has been giving you advice for all times.

The ones you are familiar with will still be there for your guidance as the one instead of the separated one.

Think about them as only ONE united field and the messages you are receiving are being pulled out of this field for the moment in time that you are connecting with it.
It is accessible to any one who has honed their ability to connect to this unified field of the potential~ where everything exist as one and at the same time.
It will be your personal third dimensional ego that will try to stop this and tell you that it’s not a truth.

It does not take anything away from you~ it will enhance your telepathic, intuition, feelings and the senses ability’s to connect to the students on a much deeper level~ where they will understand much quicker~ it will open you up to this bigger picture of the unified fields of light.

The new dawn energy has elevated every one and this is how we can do this now, it just means looking at it from a different angle or perspective.
As way showers and leaders it is our job to move our perception into the new way of SEEING and understanding the unified field giving a way into these new ideas.

The energy in this field~ once you get the feeling and understanding of BEING IN IT~ allows you to give out so much more on the light vibration that is infiltrating the negatives on earth~ bringing them into a balance~ instead a lopsided version of life.
Connection to this new field gives you the ability to affect the ALL, it is a shift within your self as the relaxation of your inner ego self, its shifting your physical sight into the 3rd eye instead of looking through the retina of the third dimension illusion.

We did it by asking it to be relaxed, as we felt the tension go~ the area of our forehead seemed to drop down a fraction and we saw through the 3rd eye that was a very soft easy to focus with no tension at all.

We realised that this is where we need to be~ if we want to ride through this life with ease and not get brain washed by this media storm.
We had to practice for a bit~ but once we realised~ it happened very quick and now we find its just a thought, we seem to be in it all the time.
It also gives a strong feeling of the telepathic senses to others ~it’s a definite inner connection once we got rid of the competitive aspect of the third dimensional separate way of the old world.

So on the back of this~ we are communication with all way shower, light workers and star seed in this way by sending out the thoughts and vibrations and unconditional love.

We still come up against the competitiveness that is underlying this new way~ but we find we dot not rise to it in a reactive way and deal with any questions with the loving energy of the unified fields of light instead of the separated old way.
Let the competition go and feel the unity of this beautiful one connection to this field of the potential.
Thank You. X
God Bless. X

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