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A Hundred Years of Spirit Rescue Work in times of violence: 1914 - 2013

By:Frederic H. Wood
Date: Sun,06 Oct 2013
Submitter:Richard Rowley

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At the present time there are so many armed conflicts around the world, terrorist attacks, suicide bombings and random shooting sprees, plus the injuries, damage and death coming from floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, accidents and epidemics. These events cause large numbers of men, women, children and animals to move off into the spirit world at one time, and spirit doctors, therapists and other helpers have their work cut out helping them reach their intended destination after the shock of sudden death and the risk of their becoming earthbound.

Just as in wartime, there are numbers of spiritualists and mediums on this side of the veil, either alone or in home cricles and other gatherings, who attempt to help move along these newly dead, awakening them to the reality of their death.

Air Chief Marshal Lord Hugh Downing did this kind of rescue work with the help of a number of good mediums during World War Two. His efforts have already been reviewed on this website. Not so well-known but equally effective during the same war was the rescue work of Frederic H. Wood with his mediums. The Blackpool composer, organist and psychic researcher wrote many books on the subject of psychic science and his work especially with an English medium known as Rosemary, and her Egyptian guide Nona. I will review an account he made in his book "Mediumship and War" which was published in March, 1941, just six months after the successful "Battle of Britain" led by Lord Dowding.

At the present time, the whole world is in a state of war, and all of us with some spiritual knowledge should make an effort in some way to continue practising this type of spirit rescue work in the Twenty-First century, like the group in South Devon recorded in Michael Evans's book "Dead Rescue.".

Chapter Fifteen of "Mediumship and War is headed "Some Uses of Psychic Power.," Section 5. of that chapter deals with 'Rescue-work of Bombed and other Victims of War.' Add to that subheading, for the year of 2013, some seventy years later, ' - and Victims of Violence, Terrorism and Random Shootings, and other cases of sudden death.' Frederic Wood writes:-

"This [rescue work] is perhaps the most important of the uses of psychic power in War. It is a subject which will have to be discussed by science and medicine in the near future.
Another pitiful result of nineteenth century Materialism is that when the war victim dies, most people tacitly assume there is nothing more to be done but bury or cremate the body, place flowers on the grave, and wear black. I do not overlook the good offices of the clergy, and with all my heart I would urge the re-adoption by the Anglican Church of Prayers for the Dead. But they must be prayers guided by an intelligent understanding of the immediate environment of the newly passed. They are NOT "For ever with the Lord". They have merely passed another stage of life's long journey, and although physical pain is ended, the conditions of their passing may affect their mental condition for a long time.
In cases of sudden death by accident or bombs they are often bewildered - lost in a grey mist - until rescued by some spirit helper; and this is where the real tragedy lies, for often they are unable to perceive the help which is close at hand. In such cases they can ONLY be helped FROM THIS SIDE, and psychic power and mediumship are usually the only means of giving help.

In cases of lingering death, say of people buried alive by falling masonry and debris the rescue work is even more difficult, for the victim carries over into the new environment the anguish and fear felt before death supervened.

Let us illustrate both types of passing, sudden and lingering death, by actual cases from The Romemary Records. In the second week of November, 1939, the Czechs made their first effort to throw off the Nazi yoke. The brutality with which Hitler dealt with this rising filled all European newspapers with horror a week later, when the facts leaked out.....But on November 14, while these atrocities were actually in progress, and before news of them had reached this country, Rosemary had a terrible experience.

She arrived for the usual sitting in a happy mood, and suggested singing a few songs first. Then, at her request, we went through the music of my Lenten cantata, The Last Hours, particularly the hymns in that work..

"Don't break !" she begged; "We must go on singing." By this time I had noticed that she was under great stress of emotion. As we finished the cantata, she sank into a chair and wept. "Thank God, it is getting lighter now," she murmured. After the mood had passed, she told me what had happened, in these words: 'I was linked with those who work among lost souls in the mists. Such a number have recently passed on in violence and hate. I don't think I can ever speak that man's (Hitler's) name again. I've seen some of the things he has done. His brutality to their poor tortured bodies was bad enough, but his greatest crime is the injury he did to their spirits. When people pass out in hate and fear, they get lost in the mists. All who pass in mental and physical anguish carry those feelings with them. To put fear into anyone's mind is worse thean tearing them to bits, because nobody can then approach to help them. In our music tonight the guides got through to an enormous number who have recently perished through Hitler's cruelty. The guides managed to take the Fear away. They will be all right now, after they have been healed, and when they can forget. You cannot use the weapons of heaven against the nethermost hell. There is no link. But it went lighter as we sang. The link had to be made through Earth.'

As she became normal, Rosemary complained of terrible headache, from which however she soon recovered. But the power drawn from her on that occasion left her depleted for several days, and she passed two sleepless nights because of the terrible things she had seen while in contact with those who were lost in the mists.

Another distressful occasion was when a war suicide was rescued by our guides, with Rosemary's help. A poor girl had hanged herself on July 17, 1940 in the outbuildings of a church I knew well. I was present when the body was cut down. For nearly a month the poor girl had been imprisoned by her own thoughts in the outbuilding where she had hanged herself. Spirit helpers had tried, but were unable to awaken in her mind any awareness of their presence. On August 11 when the incident had almost passed from my mind my dead brother J.D.W. rescued the earthbound soul by bringing it to one of our sittings and using our medium's body to release her. It was a terrible experience, for by yet another psychic law, the medium must suffer, temporarily, all the conditions of the deceased's passing. Rosemary could only whisper for several hours afterwards - the effects of temporary strangulation. "If ever you want to do away with yourself", she gasped as she became normal, "don't do it in THAT way ! It isn't over as soon as you think !"

At first I was disposed be angry with my brother in spirit for doing this without first warning us: but Rosemary interposed, "Never be afraid of a stray suicide using me like that ! I am too well protected. Besides, it is my job ! " she added, smiling bravely through her tears of physical distress.

"That's a nasty job done !" wrote my brother at our next sitting. Nona the guide added, "We can depend on our medium to help in such cases, where other means fail. It will be safe for her, provided you do not break the circle at the time, even to get assistance. We can protect her, and also help the spirit which has been comforted by the bright light of the medium herself. The poor soul is now resting peacefully. You have no idea of the value of this work. In some ways it is the supreme work of a medium."

A third incident, on January 21, 1941, brought release to a bombed war victim: a poor woman whose legs had been shattered by falling masonry, and who had passed out in terrible fear. The method used was the same: unexpected signs of distress in Rosemary during the sitting. She suddenly became dumb and unable to move her legs. The terror shown at first by this 'control' gradually subsided as Rosemary passed into a deep and tranquil sleep. Then the awakening, and my assurances to the released victim that all would now be well: the look of infinite relief, as well as wonder and gratitude, as the victim realised she was no longer trapped in the ruins of her home, but safe with her own spirit guides, who were now able to make their presence known.

Four days later, Nona explained what had been done. "We could not risk this through any medium except one strong enough physically, mentally, and morally, to throw off any subsequent danger of possession. However fearful the temporary condition, or painful the memories which alas do not always go away, there is no risk, because of her strong, pure nature. So please let us do this, with the permission of you both."

Nola went on to explain the process. The victim's etheric body, blasted out of its physical envelope, had to be brought and placed in the medium's body, from which it could afterwards be withdrawn naturally and gradually, as in the case of a normal passing.

"It is the only way," explained another guide; "for then the shock is absorbed by the medium". This apparently removes the Earthbound condition, and thus makes the newly-passed, and often unprepared, war victim aware of its new surroundings, and open to the help of its own sprit guides.

[to be continued]
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Terry Baker said:

As a hypnotist working with mediums and ordinary people :-)
We often had cases of rescues. One was someone trapped in a celllar after being bombed, we got her to see the light and it released her.
The other was a lady who had been beaten and raped and stuffed into the base of a hollowed out tree, she blamed herself, thought she was ugly and remained there, it was only after convincing she was beautiful, she came out and moved towaeds the light.
I had forgotten about that aspect in what I do.
Wed,09 Oct 2013,13:07:51 GMT
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