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all are linked so send love and compassion to your brothers and sisters throughout the world

By:Joan channeling The Messenger
Date: Sat,26 Sep 2015

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Remember all are linked so send love and compassion to your brothers and sisters throughout the world
From The Messenger, channeled by Joan – 22.9.15

God bless you. I am Sister Julia, as you know, and Gabrielle is beside me. We come with peace and love as always. There is a presence here and he wishes to speak to you.

* * * * *
I bring blessings, children of the earth. I bring blessings from the most high. We give to each one of you a thought for today. The thought is love. What is love? Love is the radiance that comes from the Higher Source, the Great Spirit. We serve this Great Spirit with joy and with joy and peace in our hearts we look down upon you on the earth, each of you struggling along your own pathways. We come nearer to you to help and strengthen you. Many guides are around each one of you to guide you.

I ask each of you to consider, as you walk the path and you meet people, friends, acquaintances, what do they see when they speak to you? Do they see a person with a kindly face and a compassion that comes from the heart or do they see a bitter look, a sharpness within? When you look at this person, you do not get joy from them, or compassion? I ask you to look within yourself and find the improvements that you can make not only to yourself but to your fellow man. The world, as we have said so many times, is going through a change and in this change, you are very much included because each of you has to change yourself. By change, it means that you must look on the negative sides of the personality. The lower self comes through the personality. Today, the power that comes from the hierarchy down into the world is here to lift, help and strengthen you and to help you to be able to look at yourselves truly to find what can be changed. By changing the negative to positive, you are helping the greater world, helping the peoples of the world by sending out Light because of your determination to go higher upon the path that you are treading. We love you for your efforts and we love you because we know that the golden Light is within each one.

Do remember that as each person throughout the world has this golden Light, you are brothers and sisters. This brings you close and helps you to be more understanding. It helps you to understand when people are suffering. Your intuition has developed within because of your compassion so you are able to send out love to help your brothers or sisters throughout this world.

This is a world prayer today to say to every one of you that you play a big part in the change that is now over the planet. You may well feel this change. You may feel that things aren’t quite right, you may feel disorientated or indecisive. All this will pass as, as the mist of time rolls over the planet, the golden Light enters. Remember, please, that each of you is connected, wherever you are in the world, because of the golden Light within you. Again I remind you, this makes you brother and sister. That is why it is important for you to be looking at yourselves with love. Your guides will bring to you the understanding of what you must change. Then, when you keep repeating the same thing, you will find that you become aware of what you are doing and saying. You can then begin to counteract that by sending love, love, love.

So you see, you do all indeed play a very big part in the Light that is sent upward to the change passing over the world at this moment. This won’t happen today, tomorrow or next week or even next year so do not look for timing. Our time and yours is entirely different but I can assure you that the brotherhood of man in Spirit is working to bring love and upliftment to each one of you. The Archangels, too, are always there for you to call upon. They will help you if you need physical, mental or spiritual help – they are there for you. This day, power comes to the earth to lift you and to help you and to welcome the changes in the personality. You will remain just as loving and kind but Spirit will make you aware of what needs to be changed. Therefore, you will do this with love because you know that as you change you will go upward and your Light will become brighter. You will find, then, that you are indeed God’s servant. That is what you are here on earth for, not only to learn the lessons that face each one of you. You all ascend this mountain step by step and those who are far above you will stop and hold out their hands to those who are struggling. They will lift you and help you to rise upwards. So you see, you will have help every step of the way along your earthly path. You have the love of your guides, your guardian angels who care for you and above all, you have the God within you, the Light that will lead and help you. Again we say: faith. Have faith in this Light, this wonderful higher self. Have faith. Have trust and when you have to go through a dark time and feel that it has gone on long enough, lift yourself up to the Light, to the brilliant sun that is within you, within all of you. Lift yourselves up and say: “Help me. I want to walk the path and I want to rise up. I want to be able to open my heart. I want to develop myself. I want to rise higher and higher and higher”.

So, my children, you have much to look forward to for when you reach a level in your development on earth. Peace, love and oh, the joyousness of living will be there with you because of your efforts today and every day until being aware becomes part of you. The lower self will always knock at your door and if there is a chink, as we have said before, it will try with all its heart to make you feel low, depressed, worthless. Remember all this so that when these feelings come upon you, you can throw them out. You don’t want these feelings because you are going up, up. So remember, try to be aware when you feel the urge to snap back at someone or you feel anger, annoyance – be aware because that is what the lower self works on. All you have to do is to pray, to look at the Light, to call for help from one of the angels and help will be given to every one. As for those on this planet who know nothing about prayer, know nothing about the angels who are there in Spirit, it doesn’t matter. All people have to do as non-believers is to do their best and to be as nice as they can be. Those who do not want to be that way, they will have to wait until the Light reaches them.

I come today with the reverence of the Hierarchy. I am The Messenger. I come to give you their message. I come to give you with all my heart love and to give you joy in your earthly life because there is joy, there is joy once you reach that point of trust and faith, there is joy in your life. You become lighter and you begin to look at your fellow man, begin to look at those around you and your attitude begins to change to ‘they couldn’t help it, I will help them. I understand’. So you see, understanding is the greatest gift that you can have at this moment. I bring you blessings and as I lift my hands there is a great love that pours down upon you and upon the blessed planet of earth, which we treasure. We will make even brighter all the candles that are over the world as our we pray for hope, courage, love. I end my loving prayer with a blessing for the world, with love.

* * * * *

Sister Julia: Well little ones, what can we say but God bless you today and for ever. Amen.
To book an appointment for healing, please call 020 8920 6554. For more of these channeled teachings from Spirit:
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