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An Open Letter To Capricorn For November 2021

By:Guy Doleman
Date: Wed,29 Sep 2021
Submitter:Guy Doleman

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An Open Letter To Capricorn For November 2021

Dear Capricorn,

You have a no-nonsense approach to life and like to follow the rules. In order to do so, you frequently burden yourself with responsibilities and duties other folk would reject out of hand. You are very brave and take on burdens that limit your free time and opportunities. Sacrificing your own pleasure activities for the benefit of other people has almost become a way of life for you. Indeed, you frequently feel side-lined and overlooked. Perhaps you ask yourself why frivolous, banal and totally superficial individuals seem to get all the fun while you labour away in the shadows unnoticed? It seems so unfair. And indeed it is!

Many of my Capricorn friends who find themselves in this situation react by blaming themselves. They suspect there must be something wrong with them. Isolation and loneliness can feed their fears and sense of unworthiness. Regrettably, a minority descend into a vicious circle of self-doubt and recriminations that are totally unnecessary. It is nothing less than a tragic shame.

Let me tell you a secret. If you stop judging yourself in such an overtly critical manner, your self-esteem will begin to heal then bloom. Thereafter, you will begin to make friends and influence people. All it takes is a little self-belief. You are NOT a failure. That idea is nothing more than a self-induced fallacy. You have got to stop imposing such an avalanche of self-criticism upon yourself.

Of course, not every Capricorn is their own worst enemy. But sadly, there are enough to make me wish I could flick a switch to make all the negativity go away. Perhaps a workable substitute is if you promise to be more kind to yourself. Please desist in this unproductive and totally unjustified self-denigration to which some Capricorn are unfortunately prone.

Enough said? Good! Then let's look to your future and plan ahead to make the best of the good-times and (hopefully) avoid the worst of the bad-times.

Week One:
Current planetary energies combine to promote your desire to stamp your personality upon unfolding events. In short: you are not going to stand idle while others seek to exploit your inactivity, or, preoccupation with other issues for their own benefit. At the very least, you will stand your ground over some ethical decision you have reached. I suspect that although you want to avoid making a fuss, or, provoking a confrontation with an authority figure/parent, you just don't want to go along with some kind of long-established family tradition.

Despite your protests, someone continues to push you in a direction you just don't want to go. This individual fails to understand just how strongly you feel about this issue. Consequently, with great reluctance, you decide that the time has come to draw a line in the sand and assert your autonomy.

Week Two:
Perhaps someone is mediating on your behalf behind the scenes because there is a calming influence introduced as the week unfolds. Oil poured upon troubled waters has an almost immediate effect. In fact, there could be an almost palpable calming effect. With the restoration of peace, everyone can once again resume their normal routine with an air of satisfaction and tranquillity.

Another important factor to consider is the influence of Venus, the Lesser Benefic. I deduce her influence will stimulate your desire to please others. In addition, you might treat yourself a little. Although you stand head and shoulders above the competition, you may do more to display your natural beauty and abundant charm. Those Capricorn looking for love and emotional security will begin to take the initiative in various romantic and social activities. Your stimulated interest/participation in artistic pursuits like music, theatre, poetry, and dance will be rewarded with an increase in romantic and social opportunities. In short: your contact list is going to grow and grow.

The run-up to Christmas is usually a good time to make money. However, external influences like the whims of ambitious politicians all around the globe have the potential to upset the proverbial apple-cart at a moment's notice. However, Capricorn frequently prove capable of bucking the trend by harnessing their creative self-expression and business acumen. Consequently, you might still “make yourself a bob or two!” (a pre decimalization English euphemism for making a small cash gain) on the side.

Furthermore, you become increasingly skilled in the ways of the world and never fail to make a favourable impression on the right kind of people. This and your innate business skills make this a potentially favourable time for businesses related to art, music, entertainment, charitable organizations and the provision of luxury items to discerning customers. Nevertheless, Capricorns born with a heavily afflicted Natal Horoscope should avoid extravagant and self-indulgent actions because they may provoke jealousy, emotional upsets and discordant verbal exchanges.

Week Three:
Mars and Saturn energies combine to stimulate your ambition and harden your resolve to acquire money and possessions. The afore mentioned planets might power you forward and enable you to express great enterprise in bending reality to your will. You feel like the master of all you survey and acknowledge no equal in many spheres of activity. Indeed, this is potentially an auspicious week to initiate great projects. Furthermore, business activities related to machinery, steel construction, engineering and ship building offer a way out of unemployment for a number of Capricorns. However, many more will don a uniform and undertake military and police work. However, the influence of friends, groups, and organizations to which other family members have a connection will strengthen your resolve to go where others would fear to tread.

I must sound one cautionary word of warning, however. If you are a role model to many young and mailable minds, please don't allow your desire for wealth and status to degenerate into naked greed. You are far too good for that. Consequently, do all you can to set a good example by supporting worthwhile charities and honouring your social obligations.

All Capricorns will respond differently to the current astrological alignments. Your Natal Horoscope will see to that. I'm merely outlining a number of potential scenarios to help you plan ahead. Providence and your God-given Free-Will have the final say. I'm only a frail human, and just as prone to error as anyone else. That understood, please permit me to continue in my attempt to anticipate what the future may hold for you, my esteemed and valued Capricorn friend.

As the week unfolds, it may offer you the opportunity to engage in some kind of physical activity in the company of friends or other team members. High spirits and an ominous sense of bravado might increase the risk of conflict or competition. Well-meaning friends may unconsciously goad each other into reckless, perhaps even dangerous actions. This is especially true if inordinate quantities of alcohol are consumed. Need I say more?

Interestingly, more intellectually inclined Capricorn born may be seduced by revolutionary thoughts. Radical outsiders — wolves in sheep's clothing — might try to subvert your support for humanitarian, reformist causes, into something far more sinister. Beware! Please don't march alongside those who would seek to overthrow democratically elected power structures. Furthermore, if you are seeking a religious experience, beware the ever present threats presented by Cults and religious extremism.

Playwrights and novelists are about the only people who can safely indulge in revolutionary thoughts. After all, they make for a good plot. However, if you are harbouring a desire to play a leadership role in groups or organizations, please ensure it is democratic and transparent with no hidden agenda.

Changing tack to safer ground: many Capricorns may be currently labouring under a heavy workload and burdensome responsibilities. Please be aware that frustrated ambitions bravely shouldered can still poison the noblest Soul and lead to an unsympathetic emotional outlook, or, smouldering anger. Keep that in mind as you cross the threshold of your doorway to be confronted by harsh domestic realities, or, ever-demanding children and adults. In short: if you have a shitty day at work, don't take it out on other people!

Week Four:
The planet Venus, often associated with emotional harmony, wealth creation and increasing happiness, is holding court in your sign of Capricorn. Consequently, many lucky readers will not only discover their soul-mate, but have some financial burdens lifted from their shoulders. Additionally, Mars and Uranus work in harmony to put you in the right place at the right time.

This might be the start of something good in many spheres of activity. It's like the winds of change blow through your life and bring with them new meaning and excitement. Increased vitality reinvigorates your desire to explore new and inclusive ways of living. Everyday might bring a new reward and a fresh way for you to greet the day. Grey oppressive clouds will disappear over the horizon, and you become excited by some new, unique experience to enjoy and savour.

Many of you have been through some rough times, and coronavirus is not — yet — a distant memory. Nevertheless, we are travelling in the right direction, even if the progress is still too slow for some. But don't lose heart. You are strong, resilient, resolute and positioned to triumph over adversity. I salute you my Capricorn friend. Take care of yourself and, as always, “God Bless and Protect”.

Bye for now.

Yours sincerely,

Guy Doleman: Astrologer

PS. All dates are approximate.
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