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Ascension Age Paranormal Writer Categories

By:Theresa J Thurmond Morris
Date: Wed,23 Feb 2011
Submitter:TJ Morris

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Ascension Center Org

What is an Social Paranormal Time Traveler Writer?
By: TJTM aka Theresa and TJ Thurmond Morris

I have recently been asked how to become a paranormal writer.
There are many topics that are considered metaphysical and paranormal.

For many of us who have studied the occult and metaphysical, we simply chose a path with special interests.

Some us enjoy the life with those who are familiar with synergy while others share the ch'i gund. We are all of the occult and metaphysical world which is a part of the seers world.

We support the mystics, oracles, physicians (meta) healh healers as Shaman,
that we call MOPS for a short acromnym. Ther reason we do this is because so many of our psychic mediums are so much more in this fast revolving world.

The great awakening is the same for those in the world that support and promote religions and specially in America, so many of the born again television evangelists who are doing what they can to take offf on the marketing and manufacturing of products and services are using the New Age Synergy and people to attract new members into their fold.

We are sharing our spiritual articles internationally to share in our Spiritual World works with others who are not so much into promoting world religions but more about unity and sharing in the raising of awareness. We call the new way of the unity and spiritual shift and uplifting the spirit of the awareness and knowledge the Ascension Age.

This Ascension Age has begun now in 2011 but we dare to share it officially among the Spiritual Wisdom MOPS as December 26, 2012 the 5th day and time after December 21, 2012 Time 11:11.

We OFFICIALLY use the date of 12.21.2012 Time 11:11 all over the world as the LEGAL beginning of the new ERA.

This DATE we are already beginning to plan as the 1st day of the ASCENSION AGE DAY CELEBRATION.

Some paths for a paranormal writer are as follows:

By Category - Not in Alphabetical Order or Importance (Random Ads)

Ascension Age Mystics, Oracles, Psychics, Sages, Seers share the following gifts and traits to write about.

The oldest known language on earth is said to be written and at the present time Sumerian.

We believe it to be the MU language back to Lemuria and later Atlantis prior to the Sumerians. We suspect that much was kept Orally among the Shaman Healers and Priests. We know that as long as humans have been alive on earth as Homo Sapiens they were always about their Higher Human prayers and meditations to those above. One thing we always see in common is worhip to Higher Gods and Goddesses in all languages and archaeology found on earth today. Many do believe that Lemuria, and Atlantis were where our ancestors began then moved into Ireland, Norway, U.K. Eurasia areas combined at different times.

There is now the shares of pyramids and underground cave dwellings all over the world including underground giant caves that are giant crystals but the heat there now will not allow humanoids to stay longer than 15 minutes. The people who are now visiting underground caves in South America and Mexico are having to go in monitored tours. This is the new Ascension Age tourism of the New Scientists and Archaeologists as we learn how old these Giant Crystals are. These underground crystals have been mined by extraterrestrials for thousands if not millions of years to be used in other universes.

We are now going to begin sharing the extraterrestrials and their higher knowledge of the matrix of unvierses, poluverses, multiverses, metaverse, xenoverses, and omniverses. This is the new world of science and theosophy as the two are going to combine in the new Ascension Age Era in time on earth.

Also, all the new extraterrestrials (ETs) coming to earth will be born after December 21, 2012 Time counting from 11:11:01.

We will all know that all beings no matter where born on all continents, and on tectonic plates will become the new extraterrestrials with whole brain thinking capacities as opposed to the last era of either left brained or right brained thinking.

The ASCENSION AGE welcomes all ET visitors and all the extraterrestrial children of the Baby Boomers grandchildren, the Xgeneration, as the Y and Z children in 20 year increments. The Baby Boomers had the X generation also called the Indigos who had special psychic abilities. Those of their children in the 20 years are listed here by 20 years.

Baby Boomers who would change the world actually did with the Aquarian Age beliefs and the MUSIC.

BABY BOOMER (1946-1966) Star People
X GENERATION (1967-1998) Xenos - Star Babies
Y GENERATION (1999-2019 Indigo Children - 2012 ETs
Z GENERATION (2020-2040) ET Golden Children
The Old School was of the Druids and Gaelic Tunes in Oral Stories passed down through the ages to their kinship.

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UFO & Crop Circles
Tarot Readings/The Old Path
Teachers-Educators-Life Coaches
Universal Laws of Attraction-Abundance
Witchcraft and Spells
Xenoverse -The Unknown

Some of us began studying all earth mysteries as meditation and the Eastern philosophies early on and were drawn to metaphysics. Some of us were born into the druidic beliefs or wiccan family of faith in spiritual life believing in Mother Goddess rituals and rights. Some of us were just plain normal and never heard of the paranormal world until someone crossed our life path.

It really doesn't matter as long as we now feel we are called to be a scribe and to assist to educate others or share our life energy in ways that heal mother earth and all those who share and inhabit her.

Some of us chose to adopt the Western Ways and combine them like Yin and Yang of all energy. Some of us actually like to use Feng Sui.

Some of us have studied Magick Without Tears by Aleister Crowley and many others who were once trying to understand life while on earth and how life was involved with the Akashic Field.

We are all beings and all books. We are all things of the Web.

This may or may not have anything to do with why some of us are those who have paranormal experiences and why some of us have extraterrestrial experiences or have had abduction experiences.

Theresa J Thurmond,
Ascension Age Founder

br> Some of us have actually had physical reality experiences in the human realty with our conscious physical beings being part of the experiments of extra terrestrials.

I for one have been involved with both the Nordics and the Grays as have many beings who I know who have pleasant experiences. We also are aware that there are many who have been abducted and had unpleasant experiences. We believe that this is not appropriate behavior by others who are considered certain types of grays who are also intelligent beings who visit earth from other galaxies.

It has come to my attention that some beings who have had these unpleasant experiences need to realize that there are those of us on earth who exist that have had real pleasant personal experiences. These are not just in dreams, and out of body but actual physical real life experiences with extraterrestrials that are not known as common beings on earth. They come to this planet in what is referred to as spacecraft that some call UFOS.

There has always been some of us that can seem weird to say the least because we are open minded and are not closed into the box of only three dimensions. This will be explained through out the world as time passes on earth.

We are presently working with those who desire to raise the consciousness and vibrations of all that is in the Magnetic Field or the Glue that holds all Metaverses together in order to assist in controlling what we now refer to as the chaos of the Quantum Entanglement. We are striving to share in energy that is presently formed in sound waves that are referred to as communication on earth. Some call these alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and theta waves that are all around in all thinking in all things at all times. This energy cannot be destroyed and is the constant flow in flux.

We do not want to lose those who can follow the past Theory of Relativity and the Dark and Black Holes that are presently becoming known and are studied throughout the new universe. We are they that choose to open all possibilities of time travel through the worm holes in stellar space for all beings that are presently residing on earth. This will happen in time.

We are all part of the all being and the all eternal throughout time in the infinity of space-time continuum in the Metaverses. We are presently formed in that which cannot be destroyed as energy while on earth in all forms. Be patient and be hopeful and desire health and prosperity for all living and created in your world which is also our world as well.

Writing magical and mysterious is being a Social Paranormalist. There isn’t much that has changed about the intelligent being species throughout recorded time on planet earth other than the magical and mysterious that is now referred to as part of the social paranormal of the 21st Century.

We are they that create stars in the total darkness of the space-time continuum. We are they who are the sparks of life that thrive beneath what is now termed the 46 pair of chromosomes in the DNA that make up the physical being that is the vessel for the spirit and silver chord that reaches out to the Mother and Father Soul of Creation.

We are about the Creationist of All Energy as the God Particle. We are the Hope and Inspiration of every aspiring young Artist who is learning to be more than their present minds in time can imagine. We are the imagination and the still small voice inside every man, woman, and child no matter where they may be and no matter what physical vessel they may possess.

We are they who are about showing those who visit earth in the physical, mental, and spiritual life form that they can find their way back home after achieving their time on earth to achieve perfection as was meant to BE and find PURPOSE in life on earth.

We are they that are the nonconformist attitude and the futurists in consciousness that is considered living in the mind while on earth in the physical and mental bodies.

We are spirit that comes and goes from the many and all that is one in the metaverses that achieves what is considered the “All that has Always Been.”

We are they that honor the Yin and Yang, the Alpha and the Omega of all creations. We are they that are in tune with the Mother Nature and Father Time that is all that is wrapped up in form of material and matter that is considered what can be known on earth as energy and mass.

We are the all-inspiring stories of religions and governments that have done the ruling of the organizing of the chaos in the time dimensions that have come and gone through the billions of years in the time space continuum that is recognized by all consciousness of all super intelligent Supreme Beings.

We are they that honor both our Father and Mother Creators of the All.

We are they that has been forever and will be from to time that humankind may set foot on planet earth as beings that were formed to become the first 46 pairs of Chromosomes that were matched from the perfection of what was all life forms in all 46 other metaverses in the Quantum Entanglement of the Source. We are they that give life to the meaning of spiritual being.

We are they that bring the light to darkness and the antimatter to the matter. There is nothing in the dark and light that does not exist in the energy that is all there is without our presence for we are those who create that which is now called the 46 pairs of chromosomes which make up that which is truly the all knowing and all being as social paranormal genome creations.

We are the luminosity in the mind when one cannot see, hear, touch, taste, smell or feel with the inner knowing and the outer being. The emotions that are thought to be formed while on earth are nothing but weather barometers for the human mind.

We are they that will fill in the blanks about the genetic engineering or the genetic codes that was once unknown. We are they who assist in the genomes, which is the pairing of the chromosomes.

We are they in every color spectrum that is the foundation of all light fractals. We are both the Genie and the Genius in all life forms that are considered as those of the intelligent being species.

We are in all living beings, all Gentiles, Jews, Muslims, Hindis, Buddhists, and all other religious and cultural euphemisms and tags, words, categories that are sprouted as thoughts to germinate while there are still those living and being on earth. We are they that teach the world of Gerontology.
We are they that in some worlds are the Vapor Spirits that are the intelligence inside all material matter and antimatter. We are the Quantum Gestures in all words that are formed as the “Great I AM and the ALL:”
We are the Guardian Spirit that is also known as the Social Paranormalist also known as Extraterrestrial Beings and to some Angels of the Most High.

We are they that give meaning to the word God and YHWH, BUDDHA, and all that is considered Sacred Secrets of the Highest Sanctity of what is considered the All Mighty whether God or Goddess we are they. We are all are known inside All as ONE. This is why we can form communication to form what was in the beginning as “THE WORD” and the WORD was without FORM.

Feel Free to share your articles with the world and we shall post them for you if you so desire on the following websites to increase traffic to your own personal websites or blogs as long as they are dealing with the Ascension Age Paranormal topics which we specialize in. Yours trusting truth. In love and light. TJ

For further Articles please visit our websites listed below--
Thank you.
Theresa J. Morris
[email protected]
[email protected]

Theresa J. Thurmond Morris on FACEBOOK
As Theresa Morris and TJ Thurmond Morris

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