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Rescue Circles Part 17 Lord Dowding in Ireland

By:Richard Rowley
Date: Thu,02 Sep 2010
Submitter:Richard Rowley

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Rescue Circles (17) Unprogressed Spirits and Elementals. Hugh Dowding visits Ireland. Ignorance of the afterlife limits existence on the other side at first.

Unprogressed spirits. Elementals.

Buddhist and Hindu mystics talk of enlightenment and the ground of being and the ONE which we all are in essence, but their knowledge doesn't help us with the individual experience of dying and continuing to exist on the other side. Even Christianity, in talking of the resurrection, the communion of saints, and everlasting life, does not help us much with death and dying or preparing for the greater life to come. Modern Medicine can't help us, either. Novelist Michael Crichton, creator of the Television series "E.R." mentions in his autobiography that throughout his four-year training as a doctor not one word was mentioned about death and dying, and how to deal with it, let alone any mention of an afterlife !
We need more specific information than what religion and the hospice movement can tell us, and this can be obtained from the spirit world through mediums or through direct experience.. Spiritualism and some psychic research provide the opportunity to do this. That is why I select the best of what I can find from former communications and from more recent discussions and personal data that come my way. Richard R.

In the late 1940s Lord Dowding was invited by friends to visit their estate in Ireland and he accepted without realizing that his host’s wife was a writing medium. A nearby mountain, situated ten miles from the coast, was a place of high spiritual energy. It was a peculiar sharp-pointed twin-peak volcanic mountain, quite different from the surrounding gently-rounded hills. It turned out to be the focal point of the spiritual work that was to be done during his ten to twelve day stay.

The host’s grandfather [pseudonym Sir Gerald], came through to welcome Sir Hugh Dowding in the first of daily sittings they held before dinner. A hundred years before, Sir Gerald, a wealthy Guards subaltern, had come to that part of Ireland on a short fishing trip. He was so shocked and horrified at the existence led by the local peasants that the course of his life was diverted to an attempt to improve their living conditions. Bit by bit he bought the land, till he had acquired a large estate, and the welfare of the people became the primary objective of his life. His grandson (Dowding’s host) still regarded the people as his people, and spent his time
going from cottage to cottage talking to people, bringing medicines for the sick, tobacco and snuff. All his time was given to his people, although by now the Government of Eire had compulsorily acquired the estate.

As the séance proceeded, as usual Sir Hugh made his own notes.

GRANDFATHER - I am very glad Lord Hugh (I must call him that, it is his name) has the desire to climb our Mountain. It will make him one of our band more easily than anything else. He has been influenced into coming here for a purpose, which is to put him in touch with all the big natural and spiritual power-centres on the whole of this coast. The one on the mountain is in contact with and mainly in charge of the rest, partly through geographical and partly through historical associations and other powers. Go to the top and, if you can, write a little at the top. So few go there that the Devic atmosphere is intense, and you may contact teachers of enormous value. Any places will welcome his presence, but the mountain is the center of the great outpouring of the force for the whole of this coast. [To protect his host’s privacy, and to prevent an influx of tourists from disturbing the region’s tranquillity, Lord Dowding wisely declined to give correct place names, altering them, and even disguising the names of his friends].
The Devic and Nature-spirits are all over this place, and we see them and use them for our different purposes. I am still working here continuously, and so is the old Vicar. We are not fitted for any other work yet, and we both enjoy a delightful life. Healing is one of our most interesting works. You will need to help with that here.

Lord Hugh always has a large following of R.A.F boys with him. I have been taking some of them and introducing them to [the region]. So you see that it is not only Lord Hugh himself, but also the men, who want to see the region and help it. I have one here called Taffy: I do not think Lord Hugh will remember him, but he has been with him before, and now goes on many journeys with him. It is very like a large Staff, and sometimes for fun, they tell me, they dress up and pretend to be very official, and use up-to-date official language, which makes us feel very old-world. Of course it is all a game, but it impresses the new souls over here; and they often come and help, too,
partly because they want to, and partly because it is for the R.A.F., and they like the earth-feeling of working in an organized body again.

The Staff say this is a very good place for them. Many of them have never seen fairies or Nature-spirits of any kind, and are immensely entertained. I wish you could see them. The R.A.F. lads have brought with them many preconceived ideas, and it is very disturbing to find that your young brother’s story-books can on occasion come to life.

I took a party into the hills this morning to discover and enjoy the vibrations of a former age, while some others were enjoying the islands. One boy has not been to the sea since he was a child, and is delighted with all the things he can do and see in the water. I think they are all exceedingly happy, and I will tell you more tomorrow. In the meantime Taffy wants to try and write a little. My respectful greetings to Lord Hugh and my welcome to [the estate].

TAFFY - Yes, Sir, I am very glad; this is something quite new. I have been about a bit, but always with our own push [officer or guide]. Here it is different, and we can go off on our own. The people are very nice to us – I mean the ones who used to live here in the body and now live here in the soul. They do not leave often, as far as I can see; they are all about here, living in the queerest little houses – very comfortable, I’m sure. I do not use houses nor food any more, but many of them are still living like
they were. It is all very strange to me, and they keep on talking about evil spirits, and seem afraid to sleep outside, as some of them still do sleep. I do myself sometimes; but this is such a muddle.

If you can believe me, the people over here and the present-day people with you all seem to be living in the same sort of way. I think it is because they came over here without much idea of what would happen, and they wanted above all to have food and shelter; so here it is, but nothing more. I have been trying to talk to some of them and so have the other fellows, but they do not seem to take it in. Simple-minded!

One of the other chaps has been into the mountains. [Here he is}.

UNIDENTITIFIED SPIRIT - Yes, I took a turn up and into the hills; it’s grand country! Just what I’ve always longed for. I was always going to find something like this, but I never did till now. It’s fine flying up these gullies and then walking up the hills. I love walking here. Of course there’s no fatigue for us, but we can take part in life easier if we are on the ground.

I saw a lot of other kinds of beings that I have never seen before; some are very large and some very tiny. Too big a job to explain them today, but I’d like to try later. Thank you. I salute my Chief.

DOWDING - Who are you?

SPIRIT - Oh, I’m just one of the Fighter Boys.


FATHER [of Dowding’s host, the estate owner]. - I am so glad you have made direct contact with Sir Gerald [Grandfather]. He is a splendid person, but I do wish he could be persuaded to leave the estate. You know, even here one needs a change at times, and it is so easy to get one. No arrangements to make, no money to spend, and, as time is not, we can use some of what does not exist for our own education. Revitalising is not necessary, but education is, and that comes to very much the same thing; and this visit of Hugh’s will, I hope, stir Sir Gerald to move away and see how the world is going elsewhere.

You are thinking this is the first time I have ever complained of anyone over here; but I am not complaining, though I see the one-track mind hampering one on any plane, and I was always averse from that, as you know. It is very good of Hugh to come here, and I am going to tell him what he is doing. Gerald has told him of the big power-centre, but that is another subject. Gerald works ceaselessly with the people, mainly those of his own time and earlier who, as the R.A.F. boys explain, have got stuck here, and they, by their friendly comradeship, have ‘knocked them off their perch’ better than anything I can think of. Some are actually going to try to do without a house, in consequence; this is a very great advance.

Fear, fear, fear has kept them tied to the plane of this Earth-life, and the very bond they had with Gerald has held them tighter than ever. They dare not go without him, and he hates to leave any behind, so progress is extremely slow; but this visit of Hugh’s has changed the tempo all round, and Gerald is thinking of making a journey with some of his people. Others (R.A.F.) are staying here till he comes back. It has done marvels already for the past generations, and once we can get them on the move it will be
reflected on the living.

Ask Hugh to concentrate on light and freedom entering into all those homes he was shown today. I was very glad you went for that drive: the whole country is much alike, and it gave him the grey outlook of people on this coast. Of course those who have passed over do not necessarily see it as grey.

Here is an old woman who is pressing close to me.

OLD WOMAN - Oh, indeed, I have not good English, but I want to tell you I am all right: I have got back my memory and I can see you and the General coming as you do back to the estate. I want them all to know that I am happy and young again and upright too. I live in a house partly, it is the real house on the [island], and the other is just not really there at all. This is real. And another thing, it is always warm and sunny. No gales, no rain: but the burn flows all the time. I want you to know that, my dear. [She gives her name, which is later identified by the estate agent as the woman who used to live on that island, a piece of land between two adjacent lakes].

FATHER - You see it is sunny here for some and warm, with food, shelter and water. What more can they want!
Now comes in education; it is not only for this life that you lead – so, when children learn things at school, it is for all time. I want Hugh to feel he is in a huge nursery where immense numbers of very young souls are being held back through lack of desire. They are quite happy in a negative way, but their happiness is of a semi-physical nature, because the whole of their mental bodies are quite unevolved. Life in the earth-body was so hard that they clung to their negative existence rather than adventure forth again into life.

Gerald took on a very big job and, refusing to acknowledge defeat, he has struggled on, but it is a very slow victory. All honour to his grit. Gerald is immensely pleased that Hugh has come, and if you could send him the thought to expand his own personality and go forth for a little time himself, it would be a great step forward.

Gerald has become slightly influenced by the fear of change, and the habit of routine has taken hold of him. Try to see the estate expanding to the light of the Mental Sun, and the inhabitants in strength and beauty. I will tell you more tomorrow.


FATHER - [What you received] yesterday and the day before gives you a picture of the place and the position of the people. But now comes the direction of the influences, and these are very complex. So I have brought with me several people who have more knowledge about this intricate work and who can explain it better than I.

CATHOLIC PRIEST [IN SPIRIT] - [This type of communication] is new to me. I want to explain the various lines of mental expression which have been fighting for existence here. It is a curious position, and the lack of development among the people comes through the neutralizing of two great opposing forces. I was a priest here many years ago before
Sir Gerald came to the estate, and the land was then under the sway of a very evil power.
It was an old, depraved kind of devil-worship coming from goodness knows where, and, owing to the real results shown, we had a very tough fight, and I fear in the end we became allied together in the minds of the people.
This worship was a Nature-worship of sun, moon and stars, with a deeply seated belief in fairies, good and evil, coupled with terribly cruel rites which I found in full but secret swing. I invoked the power of the Holy Spirit with all my strength, and I think I restrained the evil, but I could not demonstrate the good, so the neutralizing influence set in. Many of our priests became imbued with some of the evil forces, and used or misused them, with the direst results; but the position of the region was very terrible at that time. All this tended to make us jealous of our converts and deeply, passionately keen on grabbing the souls from the devil-worshippers.
The worst and most potent of their centers were around and on the lower slopes of the Mountain, so we tried to draw them to the coast. We set up our Chapel, and worked as far as we could from the Mountain, which was our strength and our decay all in one.
I think we have done the spade-work, but in doing so we have become besmirched with some of the power, too, and it has meant everything that not only Lord Dowding himself but his following should, in a sense, sweep the country. By bringing their positive vibrations, they will cleanse and remove many of the negative ones. The Trap, [a narrow valley where sacrifices took place], and the Place of Battles [eight miles from the estate] have given so much work, and of course the Mountain itself because of its misuse.

FATHER - Yes, now that is quite a good point. He has explained the evil workers, but the end is not clear. All humanity must go through these stages of evolution, the animal, and then the sub-human over which the fairies and Nature-spirits exercise immense influence. Sex begins to play a part, to inspire or corrupt, and at this point the mental body should begin to evolve; but that growth has been stunted by the neutralization of forces. The Church did well to obstruct, but was not strong enough to construct, so no progress has been made upon the ether. These souls that your R.A.F. boys are meeting and talking to are almost centuries behind them and, what is more important, confidence has been eliminated from their make-up. Gerald has worked like a mountain of force.
He has brought into the ether a complete prototype of the Mountain, and by the most astonishing methods transmits through it beams of the purest radiance: but growth must come from below as well as from above, and so, to his passionate demand for help, Hugh has replied. I hope you have this clearly explained. The priest is a very tough fellow. He has never communicated before.

glad you have brought Lord Dowding. He will be able
to remove mountains of distrust. I have been with the
old priest and seen something of the devil-worshippers
- I mean on this side. It is most astonishing, and I
quite see why all this country has been held back.
But the point is that now we cannot afford to have
places like this, in a negative state, when the new
powers are about to be released on these shores. The
new powers must have free play in cleansed areas, and
this part of the country, because of its strength, is
a power-house even now in its semi-dormant condition. [This devil that was worshipped was man-made, not that such a devil or Satan is real. It is a human concept of fearsome cruelty, like some of the 'gods' believed in in primitive worship, which are though-forms, similar to the Tibetan Tulpas which acquire some power over their human creators when worshiped regularly and believed in. This is the difference between superstition and unfounded faith, and a real religion which is in actual touch with living spirits. Richard R.]


FATHER - Well, Hugh had a walk over the country
today, and we helped him to find one of the places of
sacrifice. Yes, that was one of the many, but he
recognized it, and through that one, others can all be
If you can, go with him to this place and climb
up on to the highest rock and, facing all four
directions in turn, sweep the horizon with your
prayers to cleanse and reinstate the Divine Light ray
upon all the altars of sacrifice.
I have told you about the Etheric planes and
something about the physical planes, and now we will
enter into the gnome kingdom within the Earth.
Whenever you have volcanic centers of this kind
you have direct touch with the beings within the Earth
belonging to the gnome kingdom. That is why Mrs.
Randall [pseudonym] saw them on the Mountain. (Mrs.
Randall was a lady who lived opposite the Mountain and
could see the gnomes tumbling on the mountain-sides.
It was generally, but quite unjustifiably, accepted
that she was a little 'cracked'.)
The gnomes are similar to fairies, but they have
more developed mental bodies - in many cases more
developed than some of the human beings, and this has
been a great and troublesome subject, because they
were enormously amused at finding that they could in
many cases 'possess' human beings and make them do
exactly what they wanted. That was another
stumbling-block for poor Gerald.
It is not without its humorous side, too. Nothing
is more completely comic than to see, as I have seen,
one of these rather undeveloped humans, perhaps
slightly drunk, under the complete control of the most
ridiculous rollicking gnome. It is funnier than I can
possibly describe.
Gerald takes it all in his stride, and sees the
funny side, luckily, or he would have given in long
ago. I think it is owing to this gnome influence
that you have so many demented and simple-minded
people. Of course this is a very difficult thing to
deal with, and extremely bad for the race; it is a
type of perversion. Two entirely different lines of
evolution meet, and one controls or possess the other.
It is like sex perversion on another plane.
So far we have no solution to this wastage of
human energy. Perhaps your R.A.F. boys, Hugh, will
provide one. But on this particular point we feel
powerless until the growth can be fostered from below.

The gnomes come pouring out of the Mountain: they
are not in the least evil in their way - just
reckless, thoughtless little people - and the amount
of trouble they cause throughout Ireland is beyond
belief. The gnomes have got into the blood of this
race, and their inconsistencies are everywhere. From
another point of view the humans sometimes help the
gnomes, but usually it is a case of the gnomes
hampering the humans.
These other lines of evolution are very
interesting, and sometimes beautiful; but not in the
case of gnomes; they do not belong to the human race,
and should never be allowed to influence them to
anything but laughter. And when they do this - when
the human being laughs at the gnome and ceases to take
him or her seriously - the spell's broken and, through
laughter, humanity gains its release. This country is
a battlefield between gnomes, fairies and man.

The following day, Hugh Dowding and the
medium climbed the Mountain and each blessed the land
between the twin peaks. The medium received this
message while they were at the summit:

FATHER - We have been with you, and the Mountain has
received you. This communication with us now forms
the shining bridge between us and you. Through this
Etheric substance we can transmit the rays which are
most needed in order to quench the flow of lower
vibrations and raise those of the upper. I am now
going to hand over.

SLOWER COMMUNICATOR - You are now among the devic
people, and the great devic kingdom receives and
welcomes the Earth-leader. We cannot describe this
but as a welcome.

FATHER - That was one of the Great Spirits who are
at the apex of the beam, where the Etheric and the
physical, the fairy and gnome rays unite.
The method of his speech is not to be taken, only
the form of his vibrations; meaning that you are both
received into the ray-vibration of the devic power in
order that your work to free the region may become
more potent. This is in a sense an initiation. You
have given of your effort and you have given of your
power. This is enough.

Hugh Dowding noted: "While we were at the top it
was clear and we could see all round; but five minutes
after we had left, the top was covered in dense


FATHER - Yes, we are here. Now, about yesterday.
You were surprised and disappointed that you were not
able to communicate more freely on the Mountain or to
have the feeling of contact like you do here. That
was because we had to protect you. I never urged
you to bless the land from the top of the Mountain and
then communicate. But if you throw out your desire to
cleanse and vitalize, and then in a depleted condition
turn to take in all messages, the result is dangerous.
Your aura has two layers or rings. In the outer
is the perceptive, gold, which you are often
reforming. The second is blue, the protective. The
yellow draws in, and the blue sifts the rays. In
this way I can use my power to strengthen the blue
filter and to refuse passage into your finer bodies of
any ray which may injure or possess you: but with the
devic power all round I was not in a very good
position to protect you. Luckily, many others were
with us, and we formed a ring round you. (A little
impatiently, reading the medium's mind). Yes, Gerald
and the old priest and Mrs. Randall were among them.
All we asked was for you to make the contact;
that was quite enough. When you wrote in Scotland it
was quite different: the atmosphere of Iona and Holy
Island (Lindisfarne) was strong enough to remove all negative power.
That is why those islands form such ideal places for
Here on the Mountain it is quite a different
matter. If you had not had our protection you might
have got into serious trouble through various old
Now, I want to try and rebuild the picture for
you. The devas are seldom in complete harmony with
mankind in the physical body, so we invoked a higher
power, and that power overshadowed you and held the
vibratory direction for the communication. The words
meant welcome: that was the best I could make of them.
This Being was formless light, colour and sound. I
cannot think how you could fail to sense so great a
The peaks had already been prepared for you with
vibratory colour and power, and the devic-keepers, two
great and most beautiful beings, presided. They were
the personification of the positive and negative in
all Nature, and their ray-auras were glistening like a
thousand jewels of colour. They do not have round
auras like humanity, but their surrounding circles
seem to be fashioned out of a million million
dewdrops. I do not quite understand how this comes
to be so, but the beauty of their swiftly changing,
iridescent colour is beyond description. We who held
you with our protective aura felt very small and weak
within this vast devic stronghold, but when the Great
One came we fell back and listened to the teaching
which he gave us all. I am trying to [prepare that
for the next communication] but the words are
difficult. We stayed and listened after you and Hugh
had left the circle. We stayed withdrawn within the
cloud cutting us off from the world of men, in order
that we might absorb the new teaching brought to us by
this Great One.

[to be continued] Reviewed from "The Dark Star" by Lord Hugh Dowding, 1950.

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