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Rescue Circles Part 19 Second Sight and a boy does rescue work

By:Richard Rowley
Date: Fri,03 Sep 2010
Submitter:Richard Rowley

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Rescue Circles (19) More about Dowding. An 8-year-old does rescue work on the other side.

The previous review of extracts from Hugh Dowding’s account of his visit to Ireland were taken from his last book, “The Dark Star” published by The Museum Press, London in 1951..

The story does not end there, however. His second wife, Muriel, was psychic, and from her childhood was able to see fairies, too. Now some
scientists and skeptics who may have been reading this series will say we are all deluded. Everything is made up of waves and particles, electro-magnetic
energy, quarks, molecules, combinations of chemicals, DNA, genomes and goodness knows what else. There may be some intelligent design behind it all, they say, or maybe there is no planned evolution, just chance
mutations emerging from chaos. Their statistics and equations have sometimes proved the existence of God, they say, but to believe in gnomes, fairies and elementals is a sign of senility, if not mental illness.
Then again, we may be criticized by members of different religions. The accounts of spirits and the afterlife seem to be inconsistent, until we see that,
when people pass to the other side, they take their particular belief system and cultural habits with them. These change as they spend more time over there, but at first a Christian Spiritualist will talk about seeing Jesus or Christ, or at least His light, while a Muslim may see the light of Allah, or obtain a glimpse of the angel Gabriel. A Hindu may see Krishna, or Shiva, or pray “Sri Ram” to God, while Buddhists may go to different heavens and hells, and see good and bad spirits which aid or torment them. I think we have to take the accounts given us and translate them, each into our own language and understanding. And we don’t have to explain this to anyone else. I think we
can use our common sense about this, and not start futile arguments.
We will come to know the real truth behind our visions and experiences as we progress through the spirit realms. Psychological and scientific analysis
are helpful processes only so far. To understand life we have to see the whole picture. Our common sense will help in this, and then our psychic senses. A camera may only record an orb or a streak of colour, while with our own eyes we may see an elemental or angel. When spirit is around us, we may ‘sense’ them – as animals often do – our hair stands on end at the
back of our neck, we may feel a touch, objects may move or be apported, activity is taking place beyond our world of atoms and particles. So in reading these accounts of elementals, other worlds and spiritual beings from various levels, we can accept them as they are given us, and use our imaginations to make the picture fit into our own mindset and belief
system. We all belong to the same human race, no matter what our colour, culture, religion, politics or scientific understanding.
These articles review and present what different writers have
experienced and described in their own terms. Today, you will see how these differ, since one writer was a Theosophist, another an eight-year old boy brought up in a Christian home, and the third an author belonging
to an esoteric mystery school! However, their experiences are quite compatible with Spiritualism. Death is the common denominator which unites us all. I know that Spiritualism says there is no death, but most people think in terms of the physical body, and its one life. So in that sense, and for the body only, Death IS the final frontier. [Richard Rowley]

Muriel Dowding talks of her psychic abilities in her book
“The Psychic Life of Muriel, the Lady Dowding” [Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton, IL. 1982] originally published by Neville Spearman in 1980 as “Beauty - Not the Beast.”

MURIEL “If ever I talked of fairies – which I saw in many places as a child – my parents would never say: ‘Don’t tell lies!’ They seemed simply to accept
that I saw what I said. My paternal grandmother, Mary O’Regan, being Irish, was said to have seen fairies and was also given to premonitions. I think perhaps that it was from her that I inherited these faculties. My son David also appears to have been heir to them. Once, when he was almost fourteen, he ran in from the garden and said: ‘Look – on my left shoulder!’ I saw
nothing. Some time later, I asked: ‘Did you hurt your shoulder or something?’ He replied: ‘No. There was a fairy on my shoulder, but it must have jumped off when I came into the house. Evidently, it would not come
in, as you didn’t see anything, but as I ran out to my bike, it jumped on again.’ I suppose that psychological features, as well as physical ones, can
be inherited. Perhaps biologists working on the mysteries of the genetic code may discover the secret one day.
The best way to describe the fairies [as I saw them as a child] is that they seemed to be of a substance similar to that of a soap-bubble; semi-transparent and of beautiful colours. They came in different sizes and during the time my parents lived in London I used to see them in Kensington
Gardens, where I was taken daily by my nurse. They were more often than not to be seen outdoors, but I do remember seeing one indoors. I was about eight or nine and at the time staying in Sevenoaks, Kent. I was being sent to get a handkerchief and as I ran up the stairs I saw one, the shiny brass bars of the stair rod reflecting the light through its body.
Seeing fairies was to me as natural as seeing birds and it became hard to realize that not everybody saw them. Many parents, I know, discourage children if they appear to be ‘seeing things’ or having conversations with imaginary playmates. And yet this is a faculty which a surprising number of children seen to possess and which – even if not discouraged –
seems to fade around the age of ten or eleven. The ability to see fairies is known as etheric sight – the faculty of being able to see nature spirits, or
elementals. These are often described for convenience as sylphs, undines, salamanders, gnomes and dryads, depending upon which element they belong to: Earth, Air, Fire or Water. But they are simply the spiritual
forces working within nature which, to someone with etheric vision, are personified. Another form of perception is the ability to see the spirits of those
who have quit this life and are commonly thought of as dead. This is known as astral vision and is quite a different faculty. When I was boarding at a convent school I saw what many people would term a ghost. At
night a nun went by the cubicles. She passed a second time. I crawled to the end of my bed and peered after her. She moved silently down to the end
of the cubicles and, to my utter amazement – and horror – disappeared through the floor.”

Vera Stanley Alder also had etheric and astral vision, and she describes her trips with her guide Raphael out into space and then going within to see the elementals working within the body of a nurse and her mental patients in her book “From the Mundane to the Miraculous” [Rider, London/Samuel Weiser, New York, 1979/1980] She also describes the fairies and nature spirits she saw out in the countryside with her second sight:

“I had great difficulty in grasping what it was that I saw, and would have found it almost impossible to describe. All the atmosphere was softly tinted
like one continuous rainbow whose bands of colour rippled through and through each other, just like the ripples of water on a calm seashore. And, just as those ripples leave their shapes moulded upon the sand, so were those colours caught and held and reflected by the various objects upon the Earth: the green ray claimed the grass and the leaves as its own; the red ray tinged the red rocks and the poppies in the fields; the blue ray ruled the water and the sky.
I felt that the green which flowed through the atmosphere was indeed the great life full of meaning. As I gazed and gazed I was aware of a great green
spirit-form brooding over the meadow which lay spread beneath us.
‘That is a Deva!’ announced Raphael. ‘Each of the Seven Spirits contains many lesser lives to do the work, and they in their turn contain still smaller
lives to do their bidding! Come closer, and you will see.’
As we descended rapidly to the surface of the earth, the great Deva’s form was hardly distinguishable, but flowing down from his robes were
many little green dancing figures, obviously very busy indeed.
VERA Fairies! Surely! But fairies are not real?
RAPHAEL And why not? Fairies have been written about , described and painted, all over the world and throughout history, and yet people are so woodenly dull that they take it for granted that fairies do not exist! Of course they exist, in their millions and in every colour – nature could not carry on without them.
They are helping everywhere all the time. Not a flower grows nor a fruit ripens nor a bird sings without the help of some of these lovely little
beings. There are many ranks and degrees of them, and the tiniest are those who look after the atoms. Now relax yourself and learn how nature really lives.

By this time we were following the troops of fairies into the wood which fringed the meadow. Raphael motioned me to sit with him beside a rippling
For a long time I watched silently, hardly believing what I saw. For the air was like a moving rainbow full of transparent coloured living beings of
all shapes and sizes. They moved rapidly about their duties, guided apparently by unseen direction from their controlling Devas. They polished the long grass and seemed to pour green light into it. They hovered
over the wild lilac like a faint mauve cloud. They passed through into the water and seemed to add to its froth and glitter. They were of so many shapes. I saw tiny goblins peeping from under the toadstools. I
saw little water-sprites playing on the bank. I saw the birds coming to drink at the water’s edge, and also a rabbit. It appeared that these birds and
animals were all aware of the fairy creatures. In fact they often stopped to play with them. I saw the little sprites who were hovering about whilst caring
for the flowers and the rabbits, pause sometimes to frisk and gamble around them leaping sideways high into the air. The rabbits promptly imitated them. I suddenly understood the meaning of [my pet’s] joyful pirouettes and coquettish shakings of the ears when apparently he was only in his own company.

RAPHAEL Some of these sprites have the work of teaching young things how to play, an activity which is really most important to everyone! Now watch that bird.
He pointed to a large plump thrush perched on a bough above us in quiet contemplation. As I watched, a beautiful orange-coloured fairy approached the thrush and began, apparently, to whisper in his ear. He cocked his head for a while to listen, then slowly stretched his little neck and let out a few
introductory notes. The fairy chided and urged him and gradually worked him up until we was in full and glorious song.

VERA So Fairyland IS real then. I begin to understand now what it is that cats look at – and horses too.
RAPHAEL Yes, and inebriated human beings who have partly freed themselves for a little while from the prison of habitual materialistic vision! Those rats and snakes which they see when “under the influence”
are real creatures, of course, but not of a – shall we say – progressive type! Are you contented with what you have learned today?
VERA [thinking of the authors and illustrators of fairy stories, and of Shakespeare and several other poets, all of whom had treated the subject of fairies and goblins with the utmost seriousness]. Evidently those men must have believed in them, and their descriptions and pictures tally, don’t they?
RAPHAEL They tally with ancient folklore and priestcraft all over the world and directly an imaginative artist sits down to draw fairies, either he sees them consciously or subconsciously, or he links up with the vision of others who know them!
VERA It is all amazing, wonderful, fascinating. Such beauty has to be seen to be believed, as well as the extraordinary activities which are going on around us to which we are completely blind! But I want to know how ignorant, suffering humanity can be helped. I ache to know how disease can be avoided, how slums and horrible, ghastly wars can be prevented – and all
you can show me – fairies!

My voice rang out in anger and as it echoes across the glade the scene changed like a flash. All he rainbow colours, the fairies and the sprites
vanished as if they had never been.

RAPHAEL Dear! Dear! You have broken the delicate visual adjustment with all that violence. Now I can see the fairies and you cannot.
VERA If I can’t learn how to help people then I would rather not learn anything at all. If I am not going to see the reason for o r existence then I don’t want to see fairies. You are quite fed up with me I suppose?
RAPHAEL On the contrary, I am extremely pleased with you. There are so many people who crave knowledge merely from a sense of self-importance, or a wish to be thrilled or interested, or as a passing enthusiasm – or even for the love of knowledge itself! None of these motives is of any value. The only one which counts is love of God or of one’s fellow human beings, which is the same thing. You have this love, Verity, and if you do not let yourself be led astray by wonders and delights, you will, I promise you, attain your heart’s desire. But in order to help, one MUST understand – and you must learn what life really IS and whither it is trending before you can help in the way you wish.
VERA You mean that it is not really a waste of time to know about fairies?
RAPHAEL The goal of all humanity’s learning, the triumph of future science, will revolve round knowledge of that which you have been allowed to see
today. The harnessing of atomic energy when it is finally done in a non-poisonous say, will depend on the use of these rainbow colours and of the notes that bird was learning. And, in that way only, will it be possible to overcome the disease and low standard of living which you rightfully deplore.

To conclude this article we will return to Hugh Dowding and rescue work. A book he recommended reading was self-published around 1930 by a parent whose eight-year old boy had died of meningitis after contracting measles. I managed to track down a copy of the book, and will start reviewing it here.

Within days of the young boy's death, he was able to communicate with his mother, and within nine months of his passing he was giving an account of the rescue work he was already doing in the spirit worlds.

Here are some excerpts from “Letters from Lancelot” transcribed by R.M.T. [My rare copy was owned by a Mr. Bembridge, Overstrand, Norfolk,
England, and later was held in the Universal Spiritualist Library, Seattle, 3009 Arcade Building, then 323 Jones Building, 3rd & Union. (Richard
LANCELOT (January 26th, 1929) I want to tell you about all I’ve been doing since I was with you before. I was called to go with a party of helpers to
a big town of poor children who hadn’t had any teaching about love and Christ and all good things, and they had come to this life full of hating to be
good, and wanting animal things, and so we have to try and help them to understand spirit life. I was chosen to go with this party and I am so proud because I was the very smallest there. They were mostly quite big
spirits and they wanted me to help too. I went to a place where there were some poor little things all shrivelled up with want of love. I wanted to kiss
them all to make them know how warm it feels to be loved. They were so helpless and frightened and alone. I tried to tell them about God’s love and
they didn’t know what I meant and I was so sorry for them. Then an angel came and gave me more help.
Then I said: “Come, I’ll show you,” and I took them ever so far into Christ’s holy light. They were waking in it when I had to come back, but I know they’re all right there. Oh Mum, I was so sad to see all those, so lost, without a bit of love and dying for want of it. I’m so proud to be allowed to help them a bit. Isn’t it wonderful to have so much love like we have, and be a child of God, like me, and all of us. I must go and be a bit rested before night work, so goodnight Mom and Dad. [to be continued]
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