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Rescue Circles Part 6 Life after the fighting is over.

By:Richard Rowley
Date: Mon,30 Aug 2010
Submitter:Richard Rowley

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Rescue Circles (6) More from James and Air Chief Marshal Dowding. Life’s not all hard work and sacrifice. There’s partying too, on the other side.

This episode shows that sadness and sorrow seems to vanish more quickly on the other side, in comparison with the lengthy mourning and bereavement we experience here on earth.

Squadron Leader James was relating his after-death experiences to Lord Dowding through the mediumship of Margaret Flavell at the beginning of November, 1943.

Now I want to tell you how I became aware of the fact that all that [fighting in the war] was really past for me.

My helper was explaining to me that our headquarters and our Operations room and our planes are all imaginary and unnecessary. They are built very close to the earth only because we men feel the need of them, in what I shall term the first waking hours over here. I will tell you how it happened. We stood together on a mountain side looking over a clear runway. It was a perfect taking-off field, quite empty. My helper, whom I shall call Miziah, asked me what plane I wanted to send out now. I thought of a Spitfire, and lo and behold there WAS a Spitfire ready to take off, with the engine turning over. Then Miziah suggested to me in some subtle way that perhaps another type of plane would be better. I thought of a Beaufighter, and THAT was there; the Spitfire had gone.

I did this once or twice and realized that they are but the stuff that dreams are made of. Until now I had walked about everywhere, with the single exception of wishing myself in the fight. I had even
climbed this mountainside (and quite enjoyed it too). Miziah asked me if I would like to get down quickly and where I would like to be. I suddenly thought of a quiet seashore and I was there. I can’t explain to you what that did to me. It was a terrific shock, and the first inkling I had that the laws governing the physical world no longer applied to me.

We rested awhile by the sea. I’d like to tell you about this seashore. The water is like the earth water, never at peace, always moving and yet there is no sense of restlessness with it, such as one sometimes feels on earth. I bathed in it. It revitalized me. I couldn’t sink in it and it wasn’t wet. I said to Miziah:- I believe I could walk on the water - And before I’d finished speaking I WAS walking on it. That water purifies the soul. In it one loses all weariness of spirit, all sadness and sorrow, and gains peace. We often bathe there.

I thought of my brother, and Miziah told me I could go and see him now. I found him in a home of rest. He had taken badly to his new life, and refused to face the fact, and just as some people on earth retire to bed with an illness of the body, which is brought about by their lack of stamina to face the difficulties of their everyday life, so he was
suffering from an illness of the etheric body, brought about by his fear of facing what has happened.

I was able to help him, because at first he thought he was back on the earth with me, and that what he had been thinking about was imaginary. You see, he was young, just a boy, and had so much to live
for, but when he realized that I had stopped mine too, he faced up to things, and left the home of rest quite prepared for anything which might come. Miziah explained to me that he had been suffering from severe
shock, and that my familiar face had just done the trick. So you see, in spite of everything, my demise wasn’t quite useless!

My brother wasn’t unhappy; he just wanted something familiar, he did think a lot of me and was not so good at adjusting himself, but he’s fine now. Give my love to my mother and to all of them.

A week later, during the next sitting, James came
through again.

I never really knew what eternity meant before. I don’t know if I shall be able to convey to you the glory and magnitude of it all. Words are so inadequate, but I’ll try.

The elder brother introduced me to a friend in the group who was to show me where I might live if I wished. Remember at this time I was still in the mists. Miziah told me to clothe myself ready for the journey and gave me what might be termed an asbestos cloak. We didn’t walk or float, we just moved. Gradually the mists were left behind and we were in a
belt of blinding light. This was why I required the asbestos cloak because I had not yet made my decision as to whether I should leave the mists. Miziah had no need of a cloak. On the other side of this belt is a
land more beautiful than any words can describe. I found myself at a little cottage where I left my cloak. A very beautiful young woman owned the cottage and showed me her garden filled with the most beautiful flowers. Then we went down a little path to the beach: Miziah told me to bathe. You talk about the Mediterranean blue; the blue of the Mediterranean is muddy compared to this!. I bathed and found I could swim under water without the slightest inconvenience. I could see sea anemones, pebbles and fishes. I seemed to stay in the water quite a time.
It buoyed me up; I felt marvelous and when I came out of the sea I felt clean, a cleanliness such as I have never experienced before. Then we all set off through the woods where the very trees are alive and a part of
one. The grass caresses one’s feet in these woods; the bird song has to be heard to be believed.

We came out of the woods and passed through a little village. It was rather like an Alpine village. The people all came to the doors of the cottages to wave and smile at us. I thought they were greeting Miziah, and they were; but he said they came to the gates for me, to show me how glad they were that I was coming home.

We climbed the hill out of the village and had a magnificent view of the surrounding country. The little range of hills we were in stretched out and up to a great plateau and away in the distance were mighty mountains; those mountains are the beginning of another world, Miziah told me.

Close on the hillside was a little house like a hunting lodge. As we looked at this little house, suddenly we were there, standing on the verandah. What a mighty view! The hillside, the village, the woods, the sea, and the great mountains and plateau to rest one’s eyes. The peace was past understanding; and this, Miziah told me, was my house. I could stay here, work with my friends in the village, and receive visitors from beyond the plateau. I was to make my choice. I made it. I couldn’t desert the boys. Perhaps I could help them through the belt of light.
Help them to realize that they might retire honorably from the Service and cross into this haven themselves. It is too good a place to keep hidden for one’s own use.

Miziah told me he had expected this would be my answer; that was why I required the asbestos cloak, so that I could return as I am and be with the boys, not as a leader or messenger as he is, but just one of themselves, so that they’d listen to me and put away the illusions they hold so dearly.

Before we returned to the cottages Miziah took me within the fold of his cloak and took me beyond the plateau, that I might see even dimly in the distance some of the real Heaven-world. I cannot describe what I saw nor the glory of the experience when a great ray of light shone out and encompassed me. I only know that in that moment I realized with a realization that can never fade that the Master knows us each and every

That’s inadequate Sir, but it’s the best I can do. That little village is on the outer edge of the heaven-spheres where reality begins, and the illusions of self, of separateness, of greatness, fall away.
They are consumed in that belt of light, but having passed through it in the natural course of events, it takes a long time to re-establish contact with the mists. I have no time to lose. When the job is finished we’ll go through it, all of us, gladly and let you folks get on with it, while we are learning to fit ourselves for the next job. Signing off now.

And James was gone.

Hugh Dowding then goes on to comment that it was not true that he was trying to give the impression in relating these accounts that all the dead servicemen seemed to do was to continue fighting.

It was certainly true that men killed in the heat of battle often go on fighting or trying to fight because they don’t know that anything has happened to them. In the earliest stages of the new life, the
instinct to continue the war against the enemy does persist for a little while in some cases. But the work of those who stay voluntarily in the region of the Earth mists is mainly that of meeting their comrades and helping them across the border. For those who participate more actively in battle, [and rescuing reckless fighters from unnecessary deaths, as seen in the lprevious article. RR], we have just had the example in James, though even that phase did not last very long with him.

Rescue work on the other side is not at all serious all the time. Dowding relates: Clarice (my wife in spirit) had said at the last sitting:- We’ll have a very special party the night before your birthday. Next week I told her that, as usual, I hadn’t been able to remember anything about it [since it had taken place during my sleep.]

CLARICE: It was a splendid party and very well organized. All the best people were there. The party was held in the garden. The children decorated the trees with flowers. Now the flowers here are different from yours – they are ALIGHT. You would have to put little lights in your flowers; ours are luminous in themselves.

We had races. The children and the animals raced. And games – oh a lovely party! There weregroups of children who have recently come over; little ones who have died from starvation. We made yourparty theirs and gave them everything they had ever dreamed of having, and it was all so real to them. [So now, in 2010, the children dying of AIDS, of starvation, from land mines, war and suicide bombers, earthquakes, floods and other disaster - all these are helped in this way on the other side by these rescue circles, with us helping during our sleep. RR]

Do you know what they called you? 'Uncle Bright.’ They’re not quite used to the luminous quality in us yet. Then, after you had been away
working and had come back, we had our orchestra play for you. One of our R.A.F. friends set to music words I had often seen in your heart, and the children sang them. That’s what we wanted you to bring back – that and the sound of the orchestra. The words were The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

JAMES: I just want to wish you many happy returns too, and also to tell you that a great number of boys (servicemen) are coming over to us and we don’t have to tell them anything. They’re quick in the uptake.
DO you know why? Because they’ve read your book [Many Mansions] and they want you to know that, while they admired you on earth, nothing but a deep love can ever repay what you’ve given to them in helping them to realize just what has happened.

We think you ought to know about it. They’re coming over fast Sir, but they’re coming over KNOWING. Some got the book because YOU [a Chief Air Marshal! Imagine Rumsfeld, or Bush or Blair writing a book about Spiritualism! RR] – because YOU had written it and got the shock of their lives when they opened it. But it’s helped them. We only wish there were more of them about, because sometimes we know who is coming over, and we just shove it under their noses!

More from this rescue work with Dowding in the following articles.

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