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Date: Sun,19 May 2013
Submitter:NICKY ALAN

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Hi all,

I am receiving SO many more emails and messages about you and your family being disturbed by paranormal phenomena in your home.

Please know it is exceptionally RARE for you to have negative energy in your homes. Please do not pay attention to all the scare mongering programmes out there. 99 per cent of the phenomena is your loved ones making themselves known to you.

My nan threw a photograph accross the room in front of my me and my friend a couple of weeks ago and then told a medium to tell me she had done it.

Please read the following old magazine article that I wrote about spirit visitation, I hope it helps.

For any further help consult your local spiritualist church or a highly recommended medium.

DO NOT pay loads of money for a house cleansing with someone that hasn’t got a clue what they are doing. I will normally do it for free or if a far distance just the petrol.

I wish to the angels I could come and help you, but my ongoing poor health is stopping me.

God Bless and keep it real xx

Spirits visiting our homes. A subject that needs a lot of explanation and understanding. Spirit visitation is something that I get asked about a lot, merely because it is something that invades our personal lives, our homes and our families. The unfortunate thing that harms spirit visitation is the media. I get annoyed by the programmes and films that make visitation by the spirit world both scary and dangerous. As soon as people encounter anything unusual in their house they immediately think it’s haunted or they have a poltergeist visiting, what nonsense!

I have been professionally investigating people’s houses for twenty years and have had my spirit family and friends visit me since I was born, so I know that about 1 percent of the visitations I have experienced in people’s houses have been low or negative energies. That is a very low percentage! Out of that one per cent, the home has usually had ouija boards, drunken séances conducted by reckless and amateur individuals and all sorts of practices that have inadvertently drawn negative energies into their homes. The other part of the one percent are innocent individuals that have moved into their homes where there is already a negative spirit present or the land/history of the house has negative energy connected to it.

So to bring this to a proper sense of reality around 99 percent of spirit people that visit your home are either family or friends who have passed to the spirit world and have popped in to say hello. From my point of view, the main reason for their visit is when it is their birthday or passing anniversary. This is normally because the whole family are without knowing it, sending thoughts up as a mass energy to that individual. So they will sense this and come down to be with us, as usually this is a difficult time for us to get through. Christmas is also very popular for visitation, families down here that have big events, i.e birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, child births. Also if you are finding life tough or your health is suffering they will be down here like a shot. I also hear the lovely stories from my spirit communicators, who just come down and sit with you, watch you, sleep next to you, just to purely keep their soul mate or loved ones company.

Whether you know it or not, they are with you when you need them. So this is all well and good saying they are with us, how do we know, what can we look for and what can we do to help their energy visit us? To me it’s extremely simple, but unless you know what to look for it seems exceptionally complicated. So many spirit people tell me during a reading what their loved one has spoken about that day, what they did yesterday, what they bought in the shops the other day and describe perhaps a new room that’s been decorated in their house. So they do give evidence of the mundane things in your life that happen to prove they are with you.

This is what you have to do and what to look for to realise the people that you love and miss are with you despite them not having a physical body!

As a medium, when I carry out my demonstrations and readings, my energy has to be in a heightened position. I have to be full of energy and positive, as the vibrations of the spirit world are so high and pure that if I can’t meet them halfway, it’s not going to work. I recently carried out a reading to a lady who did not put up a tree at Christmas and wouldn’t celebrate it because it was the first Christmas without her mum. Her mum came through to say she was so upset that her daughter had had such a miserable Christmas and had not put the tree up and that if there had been more fun laughter and light energy she would have found it so much easier to sit in that energy.

She still visited, but her daughter was so down she didn’t acknowledge or feel her presence, whereas, her sister placed a seat for her mum and her and her children toasted her mums life. You can see which sister coped without their mum the best that Christmas! So be positive, talk to them out loud with your problems, your thoughts, ask for their help on something. It is always best to talk to a favourite picture of theirs that you like. I do this every time I have a problem, or if I’m Happy and just want to send my love. So what happens after you have done this?

Look for the signs! To feel spirit energy there are a number of ways your body will feel. Firstly you may feel a tingling or ‘rushing sensation’ over your head like you are being tickled, you may feel goose bumpy or the back of your hairs going up on end. You may feel a complete cold spot or hot depending on their energy. Some people feel a heated rash around their neck chest area, you may also feel breathless or have heart palpitations if they blend with you or are standing very close to your energy. They can also manifest in different stages where you may see white or black shadows moving, sparkling lights going across a room, up the walls, or looking like rain. You may see orbs, which are the first stage of spirit manifesting themselves, which are picked up easily on digital cameras.

Don’t mistake them for dust particles or insects!

They normally create their own light source or have a complete almost luminous halo around them. They can also be seen as rods of light and can be any colour. Please look at you photos carefully and see if any reflective surface could be responsible. Another favourite sign is third stage manifestation which appears like white mist. It looks a little bit like cigarette smoke. This is known as ectoplasmic mist. So if you were smoking whilst taking the pic don’t get too excited! Sometimes people actually have a full manifested face in photos, so you know who it is posing for the picture. All these are signs that you have had a visit.

The next phenomena to look out for are objects being apported into your home or around you. This is where your spirit loved ones bring objects into your home. The most common are white feathers, they appear in the most obscure places and are pure white and of fluffy appearance. These can also be gifts from your guardian angel or from the angel realms. It depends if you have invoked the angel s for assistance or not. Other favourites are coins. A lady kept finding dollar bills and American coins in her bed and around the house, her dad came through to tell her that they were from him as he was American! Buttons are also brought through aswell, you will find that they will not fit or match any of your clothing in the house. Remember though, see if the area they are found in is explainable. The most amazing house I ever visited for this phenomena was a lady who kept getting nappies put on her landing. She had no babies or nappies in the house. She thought she was going mad. I found out on arrival that her spirit baby son was trying to get her attention, and boy did that work! Keep all your objects in a pot to create a hub of positive energy, I wouldn’t though if it’s a nappy!

They can also create a phenomena where they asport items. This is where objects are taken away and either go missing for good or are moved into another area of the house. My mum found her plastic lottery balls that had been missing for days in the oven when she was heating it up and I have had someone report that their spirit nan’s photograph was in the fridge on the anniversary of her nan’s birthday! Figure that one out. Favourites are keys, remote controls, (my remote went missing and never returned!) children’s toys, your jewellery and jewellery that belonged to them. If it gets lost ask them out loud to return it I guarantee it will turn up in an obvious place when they give it back!

They can also bring smells which they do when I work as a medium all the time. I have smelt cheese, as the spirit mans favourite food was cheese he ate kilos of it every week, cigarette smoke if they were a smoker, their favourite aftershave/perfume. Anything that they know you will recognise as belonging to them, they will bring you. The traditional smell that most people talk about is the smell of flowers. But if your loved ones hated flowers doesn’t really help you! They have modified I’m sure what will make sense to you. I normally only smell a pure strong smell of flowers when I have cleared a home or a space with my guides.

They can manifest sound so you may hear your name being mentioned any time during the day. You may feel your face, hair or hands being stroked or touched. Always remember aswell that if you ever walk through a spirit energy it feels like cobwebs, this also includes ectoplasmic mist. So check if there are any cobwebs first when this happens! They also love to move their own things, perhaps an ornament you have kept of theirs or their photograph. They can blend easily with electrical items, I have experienced the kettle being put on repeatedly, doorbell ringing, microwave dinging, lights flashing, all going on all going off, the telephone ringing with white noise on the line. I have had many reports of people who have buried mobile phones with their loved ones and then their phone has rung and their spirit loved one’s name has flashed up! Robins visiting and staying unnaturally in a the garden watching you is also quite common.. You may hear large bangs and taps which occur that are unexplainable.

The most strongest one I receive is through music. My dad who has passed away always plays his favourite song that I hear wherever I go, in a restaurant, on the radio, in a shop, all on the same day, if he is visiting. I will just hear it again and again, so I know that he is with me. Listen out for the songs!

People always ask me why they get more visitation in sleep state or when they are drifting off. Our minds are resting, we are in almost a state of meditation, the alpha brain wave state, where we are completely stress free and relaxed. This is the most conducive state where our high vibration loved ones can blend with our quiet and still minds, to bring us messages or contact us. They can enter our dreams and visit us that way. You will know the difference as the dreams seem so lucid and real, they normally either tell us something we need to hear or are just there to give us a hug.

This is why they can visit children so easily. Children and babies have no inhibitions and are full of innocence. Society has not told them it is wrong to open their minds and energy to the spirit world. They have no worries as they rest at night and so are the most open to visitation. I believe all children are psychic. Parents, remember, be aware 99 percent of visits are your loved ones! I find it is normally the fear and lack of understanding of the parents that causes the stress with their children, not the visits themselves.

So be calm, listen to what your child has to say. If it sounds like a loved one, then calmly explain they have come down from heaven to say hello. Make it sound as natural as a visit from someone down here at the door. I find it beautiful when my young niece and nephew describe to me who has visited them and what they have said even though they are 2 and 3 years old. They have no fear. So you should acknowledge what your children have to say. Don’t make a drama of it, but don’t shun what they are telling you. Normally most children due to schooling/society/parents learn to shut down their ability for fear of alienation. It is, I believe the true workers that carry the gift passed their teens despite peer pressure and carry on their spiritual path.

If your child is feeling scared or having sleep disrupted, go to your nearest spiritualist church and ask for help. You can also tell the spirit visiting, whether you know they are there or not, that they are troubling your child and that they have to back off. Usually that will make them realise they are being a nuisance. You have to own the conversation with no fear and tell them to stop!

Remember spirit people to most of us are invisible and can’t be heard or seen, so if there is someone who can sense them, they become very excited and will visit and talk as much as possible. Take ownership of your space and don’t ever show fear, when you are asking them to back off. An amethyst placed closely to where your child sleeps is also a good protective stone to stop spirit interaction during the night.

For the record, a very high percentage of ‘imaginary friends’ are spirit siblings of your child. The babies that pass don’t get lost just because they didn’t make it onto the earth plane or passed just after they were born. They remain guardian angels over your other children and are looked after by the rest of your spirit family. They bring a breezy, tingling sensation over your lap when they visit. They love to asport your personal objects and love to play with their brother’s and sister’s toys. So if one starts up on its own, or things are moved and your children swear they didn’t move it, they are not always fibbing!

So the long and short of it is……

Stay focused, is the event that has happened explainable? If not who is it? Take a few seconds, still your mind after you have had an encounter and ask who is there and trust me, the first person that comes into your mind will be the person who is visiting. The more you do this the more you will clearly know who is visiting. Remember their individual signs and you will start to learn who has popped in!

A negative energy will create the following in your house. Putrid smells, unbelievably cold rooms and cold spots, a sense of foreboding as you enter the house, bad luck, electrical faults, floods, things breaking down, depression and arguments with you and your family and a sense of never wanting to be alone 24 hours a day. Contact your local spiritualist church is this is happening. Use only reputable mediums. Do not practice séances, rituals or Ouija boards without an experienced medium, smudge your home with spirit sage regularly which clears the residual energies left by you and your family and keep a positive happy atmosphere in your homes!

Now the dark bit is over, I please implore you to welcome your spirit visitors. They know that you love them. They know that you miss them, that is why they come to see you. Embrace their presence, acknowledge their presence and by doing this you will feel loved, supported and will never feel that you are alone again!

Good Luck x

Here is a documented true account of a house I visited and sorted….




I would like to share this experience I had recently where I was asked to attend a home due to a paranormal problem.

Jane was very concerned that her family members, especially her daughter were getting visitations from spirit and was very concerned.

Can I firstly point out to everyone, that just because you may have visitations in your house, don’t immediately think that they are bad and start talking poltergeist! Thanks to media and TV as soon as we encounter the spirit world dropping by, we get worried. From my experience, about 98% of houses that I have attended, it is their loved ones popping in to say hello, all be it a little too energetically sometimes. 1% is normally a spirit person that comes in visitation as they are attached to the premises or there is residual energy left of their occupation during their earth life You then have the other VERY RARE 1% where perhaps the energy is a bit naughty These energies are usually already resident at the premises before the living take up residence there, or they are drawn in by the negative energies being given out by the occupants.

Remember like attracts like.

All of the names and some circumstances have been changed to respect the privacy of the family


Jane asked me to come by, as she was very concerned with what her daughter had been saying. Her daughter was only 4 and was talking about very concerning visitations of silver shimmering people into her room, which she believed were aliens.

She had also started asking a lot about death and how family members had died and where they were now

I turned up to the address on a sunny afternoon, from the outside the modern house looked beautiful with lots of work done to it. Not your good ole fashioned spooky mansion with dusty butler and an echoing doorknocker!

On entering, I was immediately aware that the activity was to the left of the building. I walked through to the kitchen and had a cup of tea. I believe that it is always best to observe your guest in their home doing a simple chore as making the tea. It gives me a chance to home in to their energy and make sure that they aren’t the cause. Whilst idly chatting, it also gives me a chance to feel the vibes of the home, its occupants and anyone discarnate wondering about! As soon as I announce that I am starting to work the host always tenses up and that’s where the blockages begin. So in short I scan and tune in without anyone knowing.

After the tea I walked out into the garden. I immediately heard RAILWAY and saw an overhanging bridge. I then saw a quick flash in my head of a dropping sensation as a train came towards me. I knew this must be something to do with it. I said to Jane, “If I said to you about a railway line would you understand what I was talking about?” She said, “Oh yes absolutely”. I then stated I didn’t want to know anything else. I then looked around the garden and got an enormous sense of grief and a very recent passing. I stated this to Jane as I walked passed the shed, “Yes that would be our rabbit it passed last night, it’s in the shed!” That wasn’t quite what I was looking for but it was still correct!

I then told Jane where I felt the main activity was; she confirmed that as being correct and that that side of the house was where her daughter’s room was. I didn’t want to walk straight in there. I wanted a mutual area to converse. I decided to walk in to a room that was her son’s room. I could feel that visitation had taken place in this room also. I also knew that there was absolutely nothing but family and positive visitation.

I asked that Jane leave me alone as I was going to have a chat with whoever wanted to communicate with me.


As soon as I sat down and linked up I was aware of a young man standing in front of me. I could feel his overwhelming presence on my face and arms but kept my eyes closed so that I could clearly see him in my mind. He hadn’t manifested properly for me to see him physically.

I asked his name, “Colin” he stated “ I am Jane’s brother” he then put a flash of the railway line into my mind. He showed himself jumping and then showed me holly. This is my symbol for Christmas time. He had passed at Christmas and he was still sorry that he had brought so much pain to his family for taking himself over. A bigger man then formed behind Colin and said “I am Ken, I am Kevin’s dad” My chest then started to tighten and I felt pain, I thought that he must have passed with a heart attack. I then saw holly again and was shocked to discover that he had also passed at Christmas. They stated that they both came to visit Jane and her children. Colin also said that he was concerned for Jane as there had been a lot of arguments and unrest in the home and he wanted to help her. He also stated though that it was improving. He was very protective over his sister.

I knew that these two lovely men weren’t the problem.

I asked Colin in my mind if he brought anybody else to the house to visit. He then disappeared with his dad. A couple of seconds later a young lady stood before me. She looked happy but a little worried to be standing in front of me. “Hello darling” I said out loud, “Who are you?” She said, “I’m Alison” I then asked her how she had passed; she showed me the word LEUKEAMIA in my mind. She then had a massive surge of energy as I asked her why she came here with Colin. She then was quite excited as she told me that she used to live next door to Colin and his family all of her life. She then showed a flash of a grave that had the date 07. 09. 68 on it. She then mentioned Colin’s mum’s birthday and said that Colin had showed her how to come down and visit.

When she said this I somehow felt that she wasn’t able to visit her own house. Or indeed her family wasn’t open to it.

She went onto say that she loved Colin’s niece’s room and her energy and came down a lot to see her. She also knew that Katie could see her. She loved the colours and the glitter things in the room. AHA I had found my problem!

I sensed that she was visiting far too much and this was disturbing the little girl.

I then asked her to come with me to Katie’s room. I then opened my eyes and joined Jane. We went into Katie’s bedroom.


I closed my eyes and linked up again. Alison was there with me. I told her that she had to calm down her visits and that she kept waking Katie up. She appeared very upset, as she had no idea that she had caused any problems, I then saw Colin appear next to her. He looked concerned. I told her that there was no need to be upset, as it wasn’t bad what she had been doing. I then linked with Colin and got Julianus there (my guide) and told him that Alison had to make fewer visits. Jules then opened a door (that I am familiar with, it leads to the spirit world from my meditation room). I then saw an older lady come through the door, Jules stated this was a relative and I heard the name Gladys. The lady came out and took Alison’s hand. Alison said sorry again and went through the door. Colin then walked in behind her smiling at me and then Ken appeared with him.

All done!


I opened my eyes and told Jane everything.

She confirmed that Alison had passed with leukaemia and did live next to her family being a life long friend. She also stated that Alison’s grave had been placed next to Colin’s so they were even next to each other in the cemetery.

The grave that I saw was Kevin’s with his date of birth on which was totally correct. Her mum’s birthday date was also right.

She also confirmed that the two men were indeed her brother Colin and father Ken and how they passed as well as both being on Christmas. She also fully understood their descriptions that I gave.

She also understood why Colin and Ken had been visiting more because of the arguments.

I told her that they would always visit but not disturb, and that her, as well as her children were very sensitive to spirit. I also stated that Alison was a bit too eager but now she would visit less and not so energetically!


I recommend that this is done after a clearing.

I then activated some clear crystals (Just running under water nothing amazing! And asking the universe to energise and bring forth the properties of the stone) and placed them around Katie’s bed. Amethyst is another goody.

I then advised sageing the house every few weeks (lighting spirit sage and taking through every room with the windows open asking all negative energies to be taken out on the smoke of the sage. Beware it does stink! Spirit sage is available in most good new age shops and pure form available at Heaven on Earth (our shop in Chelmsford) straight from a shaman’s hand in nevada.

I then stated that there should be no conversation in the household of the visitations for the next few weeks as this may attract that energy back.

I also stated that families need to keep their vibrations as positive as possible and that rose quartz is an excellent positive energy balance stone.

I have a lot of respect for crystal energies. All new age shop owners will be able to assist you with whatever crystal you need for whatever occasion.


I have recently spoken to Jane. She has stated that there has been no problem since my visit and that they all now get a good night’s sleep!

So the moral of this story? All that roams your rooms without a physical body is not necessarily bad. This was a beautiful story of a family friend loving Katie and her room. No possessions, no beds rattling and no clinking chains!

Let us keep this real people. We always ask our spirit family to draw near and prove they are about and when they do we panic! If you encounter anything different firstly speak clearly stating that whoever is there to stop causing upset and behave! Never show fear.

If problems persist ask a REPUTABLE medium to come by and have a little look.

And remember all that is spirit is not scary!!

Good luck my angels xxx

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