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Time-Lines - An Essay by Chris Thomas

By:Chris Thomas
Date: Tue,23 Aug 2011
Submitter:Chris Thomas

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An essay by Chris Thomas ©2011

There is a great deal of confusion raging over the issue of time and whether there are alternate time-lines at work on Earth and, if so, will these alternate time-lines have any affect on the changes in consciousness we are currently undergoing.

To begin with, we need to understand the nature of time and how if affects our lives; whether on Earth or in the Universe beyond.

On Earth, we are used to understanding time as being a linear progression. Our Earth revolves around the sun on an orbit that takes a regular, measurable, quantity of time to complete. We take this orbital time as one year. Each year is sub-divided in ways which depend upon the amount of sunlight received by regions of the planet – these are the four seasons.
Next, the Earth revolves on its own axis, producing periods of day light and periods of darkness, called night. We have divided this regular day-time/night-time pattern into 24 hours; each hour being divided into 60 minutes which are further sub-divided into 60 seconds. So, as far as the inhabitants of Earth are concerned, time is divided into a series of regular units which count off the time-span of our lives.

Ultimately, this form of measurement and division is dependent on light and the speed at which it travels. In our solar system, light has been measured to travel at 30,000,000 metres per second or 186,000 miles per hour – or thereabouts.

However, we live in a solar system which is unique and the speed at which light travels is not the constant that scientists like to think it is once we leave the solar system.

Time As An Energy

To begin to understand how everything fits together, we have to step away from the limited scientific ways of gaining knowledge and turn to the “memory” that is a fundamental part of the structure of this Universe. This “memory” is more usually called “The Akashic”.

The Akashic contains the record of everything that has ever occurred within this Universe. As someone who has the ability to access this record keeping aspect of the Universe, the author has spent thirty years exploring this information source to try to find answers to the problems we have been encountering on Earth. When it comes to understanding the workings of the Universe, the Akashic is a totally reliable source and is totally contradictory to the way in which scientists have theorised its workings over the centuries.
We live in an energetic Universe. This means that all that we see in the night skies is comprised of energy. The same applies to Earth; everything we think of a being physical is not actually solid but comprised of energy. Our brains and senses work in such a way as to make us believe that we live in a physical world whereas all is energy of different and differing frequencies which our brains interpret as being solid.

In this sense, we tend to experience time as a solid thing – one second follows another as the Earth revolves and the sky darkens or lightens – time “feels” physical to us.

However, if we step outside of our solar system, everything begins to change. Light travels at different speeds and, therefore, our perceptions of time alters and linear measurements of time do not necessarily apply and certainly do not apply in the way in which we measure time on Earth.

If it were possible to stand at a point which was at the centre of the Universe, we would see time as two energy spirals – one stretching behind us, back in time, and one stretching in front of us, which would represent the future. If we had sufficient energy potential, we could travel backwards in time but we could not travel forwards – we cannot travel to a time which does not yet exist.

Quantum Physics’ Alternate Universes

Most of the explanations provided by scientists are based on the world being a physical place; as theorised by Isaac Newton in the 1700’s. Science sees the conditions that exist on Earth and tries to apply those same conditions to the Universe as a whole. The scientific view began to change about 100 years ago when they began to explore that which exists at levels below the size of an atom - the term “quantum” means the smallest quantity of some physical attribute that a process or system contains.

In this new realm, everything that they thought applied to the world had to be newly explored and understood. As far as science is concerned, the quantum world bears little resemblance to the world outside, the world they thought they understood. As their exploration of the quantum progressed, they began to develop new theories to make their experiments explainable.
One thing they did find was that the scientist could create his own reality. If a scientist “thought” that light travelled in particles, his experiments “proved” that light travelled in particles. If a scientist believed that light travelled in waves, his experiments “proved” that it travelled in waves. In other words, the experimenter “created” his own reality.

The experiments and observations carried out into quantum phenomenon showed time and time again that it is what the scientist believed the outcome would be that determined what actually happened. This led to a great deal of theorising about how the world, and the Universe at large, actually works.
As they day-dreamed about the nature of reality and how the scientist could create their own, they began to postulate about “alternate” realities. Quite why they should do this is not explained given that they have not even begun to understand our current reality.

Essentially, scientists studying the quantum world started thinking about their experiments – if what I think is going to occur does occur, what happens to all of the answers received by other scientists? To try to make sense of this, they came up with the idea that every scientist’s experiment formed its own reality, and these alternate realities must exist somewhere. If the nature of the Universe is determined by how someone thinks it works then all of the other theories must create a universe of their own. And if new universes were created, then there must be different time-lines running parallel to ours.
So this is how the concept of alternate, parallel universes arose and how the concept of alternate and parallel time-lines fitted in with it.

The alternate, parallel universe concept runs something like this: If I am faced with making a decision, I consider all of the possible alternate options I am aware of. I consider all of these alternative answers and choose one which I believe will work and then act on it. Taking action on my decision fits into the current time-line.

But what of all of the alternate options that I rejected? Each of those answers were viable in some way and could have resolved the problem I needed to decide on. Therefore, each possible option could lead to a different solution to the problem and that alternative solution must exist somewhere which runs on its own independent time-line which obviously does not encroach on our current time-line therefore, it must exist in an alternate universe!

The author’s own research into this theory would indicate that it is a hangover from too many post-conference alcoholic beverages.
To return to reality and the Akashic.

The Nature of This Universe

Our Universe exists because a question was asked and the question was: What would happen if...? This question was asked by the Creationery Source who wanted to find answers to the possibilities offered by its own existence.
For a more complete overview of the history and purpose of this Universe, see “Synthesis” (published by Fortynine Publishing).

In order to answer this question, The Creator brought about our Universe. The “What if...?” that our Universe explores, is the question: “What would happen if a Universe existed where all of the souls that inhabited it had complete freedom of choice over their actions?” This is the reason and purpose for our Universe to exist.

In order to explore this question, The Creator built an energy “envelope” which contained all of the energy frequencies that allowed for a full exploration of the original Question.

Into this envelope, free-thinking and free-acting souls were Created that would explore the answer on the Creator’s behalf.

These free-acting and free-thinking souls comprise the thirteen “races” that inhabit our Universe (see the author’s books for a full description).
These races break down into two different types of existence. The first are souls who do not have any physical form or density but exist in a state of pure soul energy. These, the Akashic calls “non-physical races”.
The second are souls who have a physical form and a physical density but exist in a state that is very much lighter in density than we humans do. These, the Akashic calls “semi-physical” races. We would call them “aliens” or Non Terrestrial Biological Entities.

All of these many, many billions of souls populate our Universe in order to find an answer to the Creator’s question.

The first free-acting and free-thinking souls Created for this Universe were the non-physical races. Their Creation took place about 100 million years ago.
Following their Creation, these non-physical races set about exploring all of the possibilities that our Universe has to offer. However, by after about 40 million years of their existence, they realised that they had limitations and could not provide the Creator with a full answer. Their assessment of the problem led to a fundamental re-think of the purpose of this Universe and its direction was altered.

To fulfil this new criteria, two major developments took place about 60 million years ago; both of these developments ultimately led to the Creation of the semi- physical races and the Creation of Earth.

The Development of Life on Earth

The limitations of the non-physical races were that they could not fully interact with their environment. They could travel anywhere, without ships, and they could experience everything, on a purely energetic level, but they could not interact with anything. In order to overcome this limitation, the semi- physical races were Created about 30 million years ago.

Hand in hand with the Creation of the semi- physical races, it was agreed, collectively by all of the souls connected with this Universe, that beings who lived a more full “physical” existence were required to provide the Creator with a full answer to It’s question.

To fulfil this requirement, our solar system came into being (about 40 million years ago) which was charged with the task of developing a fully functioning “physical” body into which the souls of members of the non-physical races would fit in order for them to gain greater experience of the Universal potential.

The result of all of this development work led to the creation of homo sapien sapien, in other words, humans, about 85,000 years ago on Atlantis.
All of these new developments led to a total re- think of the way in which this Universe works and functions. With the successful development of humans on Earth, we took over the responsibility of finding the answer to the Creator’s original question.

In other words, the events and developments on Earth determined the outcome of the search for answers within this Universe.


We inhabit a Universe that is comprised of energy. The source of this energy is the “soul” from which this Universe is comprised. In other words everything that exists is a consciousness, a soul, and it is the energies with which the soul is Created that provide all of the needs of our Universe.

In scientific terms, this “soul” energy is observed and measured in terms of being electro-magnetic. Gravity does not hold this Universe together. Dark Energy and Dark Matter do not hold this Universe together. Consciousness, soul, holds this Universe together.

In order to understand this, we need to explain a little about the nature of the energies contained within “a soul”. We are used to measuring energy in terms of KW’s or Joules; these are a measure of the energy potential contained within some kind of action taken. This can be the energy required to do a job or the energy produced as that job is carried out. But there is another way of measuring energy and that is in dimensions.

If you think of a radio dial, it is divided into “stations” with each station having a particular frequency. A dimension can be thought of as being similar to a radio dial in that a dimension, in energy terms, is a marker point along the whole range of energy frequencies that demarcates one group of energy frequencies from another. So a dimension is literally a measure of energy frequencies. The energies contained within a dimension are a collection of frequencies that are lower than the frequencies contained within the next, higher, dimension.

To give some idea of the immensity of the energies contained within this Universe, the Akashic records that it contains the energy potential of 39 to the power of 39 dimensions – that is the number 39 followed by thirty nine zeros. That is the amount of energy made available to us by the Creationery source. When it comes to individual souls, the energy potential that each contains can also be measured in dimensions. As far as humans are concerned, our souls contain something in the region of 50 dimensions within the total soul. This total energy potential is divided between the Higher Self, the higher, non-physical aspects of the soul, and the Physical Self, the amount of soul contained within the physical body.

The author is a psychic surgeon who has the ability to “read” energy frequencies, whether those energies are within the body or in the world around us. Over the thirty years that the author has been working in this way, he has consistently found that everybody contains roughly the amount of energy and dimensions.

As stated above, the whole soul contains about 50 dimensions. However, the soul is divided between the higher self and the physical self. This division is along the lines of 75 per cent of the total soul is contained within the higher self and 25 per cent within the physical self. In other words, three quarters in the higher self and one quarter in the physical self, with the physical self containing roughly 12 dimensions.

Although we usually divide the soul into these percentages, it can also be further divided. In order to live a human lifetime, the minimum “quantity” of the soul needed can be as little as 10 per cent (one tenth).

For the past seven thousand years, we on Earth, have been exploring life on Earth as part of an investigation known as “The Human Plan” (see the author’s books for full details of this plan).

Essentially, The Human Plan came about because we had difficulties living the kind of life that we should have been living on Earth. At the time of Atlantis, we had the whole of the soul within the physical body. However, we began to lose our ability to maintain this whole soul/body state and we realised that the problem was to do with the Earth’s base note energy frequency being too low to maintain the whole of the soul within a human physical body.

7,000 years ago, we formulated The Human Plan in order to discover what the Earth’s base note energy frequency needed to be raised to in order for us to reintegrate the whole of the soul back into the human body. In other words, instead of having only between 10 per cent and 25 per cent of the total soul in the body, the body would be able to contain and maintain 100 per cent of the soul.

In order to investigate what the Earth’s base note frequency needed to be raised to, we decided to live a series of lifetimes (reincarnation) experiencing everything that it was possible to experience whilst we lived within a physical body on Earth.

In order to maximise our abilities to experience, some people decided to further divide the soul in order that two, or more physical lifetimes could be lived at the same time.

The Akashic records that this further sub- division of the soul is called multi- dimensionality. The way in which it worked was this:

In order to live a human lifetime, the physical body only needed to contain a minimum of 10 per cent of the total soul. This meant that the higher self could further divide itself into human lifetime-sized “pieces”. In theory, the higher self could divide itself into ten separate lives all being lived at the same time. This total division of the higher self did not occur in practice but many souls divided themselves into living three separate but concurrent lifetimes. By dividing the soul in this way, it was hoped that we could experience life on Earth in such a way as to bring The Human Plan to an early conclusion.
There were many complicating factors involved with human life on Earth and so we did not manage to complete The Human Plan as quickly as hoped. The reasons for these complications are outside the scope of this essay and are covered by the author’s books on the subject.

However, The Human Plan is now coming to its completion. When we embarked on The Human Plan, we, and the Earth agreed on a 7,000 year time-span and this time-span reaches its end date at the end of 2011/2012.
As we arrive at our point of completion, we are poised to reintegrate the whole of the soul back into the body and remain on Earth. In other words, we are completing this process of human development on the Earth Herself; we do not need to leave the planet as numerous channelled messages insist (see below). What would be the point of spending the last 7,000 years learning how to live on Earth as a true “Human Being” but then have to leave the planet in order to complete the process? If this were true there would not have been any point in beginning The Human Plan at all.

As we have arrived at these “final times”, the soul has no need to be further divided and so the higher self has chosen a body into which it will fully merge.
This process involves the removal of the multi- dimensional aspects from the body that has been built by the higher self and the percentage aspect of the soul that inhabited that body re-merges with the higher self. This means that the body that that aspect of the higher self built for itself has to die.

This drawing together of the soul’s multi- dimensional aspects is accounting for a high percentage of deaths that are currently occurring.

In “official” terms, we have a growing global population but this is not true. The official population web site shows a counter which rises by the count of one, approximately every second, reflecting an assumed birth rate. What these official counters do not show is the death rate. In other words, no matter how many people die, globally, their deaths are not counted in the official figures.

According to the Akashic, our population peaked at 7,376,000,000 (7.4 billion) in 1996 and is currently, mid 2011, down to about 3,800,000,000 (3.8 billion) – the official figures show that we are currently heading towards the 7 billion mark.

The figures in the Akashic are made up of both multi-dimensional deaths as well the deaths of those who have decided, for whatever reason, not to take part in the process of soul reintegration.

Human Soul-Origins

There have been three distinct stages to the development of free-moving life within our Universe. The non-physical races were Created about 100 million years ago, our solar system came into being about 40 million years ago and the semi- physical races were Created about 30 million years ago.

There are no differences between these souls, all are Created equal. In order for human life to develop on Earth, the souls who came here to take part in the experiment of physical life are primarily those of the non-physical races. In other words, 99.9 per cent of the souls who inhabit human bodies were the first souls Created to inhabit this Universe but, because of their limitations in their ability to experience, they chose to come to Earth and take on physical bodies.

The other 0.001 per cent of the human population are souls made up from the semi- physical races.

Note: both soul origins are equally valid and of equal importance. As human beings, those same equalities apply – no one is greater or lesser than another; just different.

To summarise: All life within this Universe was Created to find an answer to the Creator’s question of “What if...?” Each stage of Creation and development led on to the next stage until we arrive at the Earth and the life that She supports. The potential and possibilities that life at the physical energy patterns that we exist at were seen as a means by which all of the questions implicit within the Creator’s “What if..?” could be answered and so life on Earth became crucial to the existence of the Universe. By developing, and working through, The Human Plan we have answered virtually all of the Creator’s questions. However, one question remains: Is Human life possible? By Human life, the Akashic means the existence of a fully physical being that is capable of containing the whole of the soul. We achieved this goal on Atlantis but then lost it. Since then, the Earth has considered us to be “sub-human”. As we approach the end of 2011/2012, it looks as though we will achieve full Human status again. Once we have completed our process of soul reintegration, the Universe will take on a new lease of life and all things become possible. There is, now, no possibility of failing to complete The Human Plan, it is only a question of how many will achieve soul reintegration.

The Universal Time-line

TO return to our theme of time-lines.

When we encounter a problem, and what is needed to solve that problem, what we end up with is a series of steps, taken in sequence which will, hopefully, lead to a successful conclusion.

But, in order for this problem to be solved, each step must follow on from another in a sequence of steps and a time-line is created. In other words, each step of our problem solving follows on from the previous step in a sequence that provides us with the answer to the problem.

This sequence of steps follows a time-line to its conclusion. Only one time-line is generated.

If we return to the quantum physicists’ concept of multiple universes and multiple time-lines, we can begin to see that this concept cannot answer our basic questions.

Solving a problem is achieved by living through, or experiencing, what has gone before. By taking each step necessary, we add to our sum of knowledge and can arrive at the solution.

If it were the case that every option we considered created a new set of problems then we would never end up with the solution but a multitude of new problems and we would rapidly deplete the resources of the Universe. This is what the theory of multiple time-lines does – it creates an infinite number of new problems whilst never answering the original question.
Given that the purpose of our Universe is to answer the original question, then generating an infinite number of alternate universes and alternate time-lines would not help. It would also make our, human, existence meaningless and pointless.

Our, human, lives do have purpose and that purpose has only come about because of what has gone before. In other words, previous attempts at finding an answer to the Creator’s question concluded that human life was necessary and was the only potential way of finding suitable solutions.


In recent years, we have seen an inordinate rise in channelled communications. The Akashic records that over the last 50 years 90 per cent of all of these messages have originated from, or have been influenced by, one source. This source is one of the semi-physical races.

The story behind these channelled messages is very long and complicated and has been covered in several of the author’s books, all we have space for here is a very brief summary.

Everywhere you go throughout our Universe, you will find life. Most of the non-physical and semi-physical races have spread out throughout the Universe and live on many planets.

One of the semi-physical races is different in that it has always chosen to remain within their own galaxy of origin; that is, until comparatively recently.
The name of this race is the Velon although they rarely call themselves by that name. On Earth, we generally do not call ourselves “Earthlings” but prefer to call ourselves Australian, French or German etc. Or we might choose to call ourselves Jewish, Muslim or Zen Buddhist etc. It is the same with the Velon. They divided themselves up into six races that seem to be based on both religious and ethnic divisions. These six races are: Annunaki, Hathor, Mila, Oa, Johnaan and Jjundaa.

An event occurred, about 1,000 Earth years ago, just outside of their home galaxy, which led them to take the view that they were “god’s chosen people” who should live on “god’s chosen planet”, namely Earth.
Ever since this point of revelation, the Velon have been attempting to convince the inhabitants of Earth that we must leave the planet in order to “ascend to a 5th dimension” where we will achieve our “enlightenment”. The main method of persuasion adopted by the Velon races has been by channelled messages. To try to make their messages more believable, they have adopted a huge number of disguises and claimed, in these channelled messages, to be from various origins and formed numerous committees and organisations that function on a galactic level. These disguises include:
The Council of Nine, the Galactic Council, the Galactic Federation, The Great White Brotherhood, Ascended Masters and Ashtar Command.

They have also called themselves Ascended Sirians, Blond Nordic Humanoids, Abenaki, Alpha Draconians, Dracos, Orions, Elohim, Reptilians, Santinians, Venusians, Zetas and many, many others.

Other disguises include: Metatron, Sananda, Mary Magdalene, The Christ Consciousness, Saint Germaine as well as many hundreds of Arch-Angels and Angels. The whole plethora of messages purportedly received from Angels, in the past number of years, have all arisen from Velon sources. Except for the types of messages about finding parking spaces: these are from your higher self.

All of these channelled messages are an attempt to make us believe that we must leave the Earth if we are to stand any chance of increasing our levels of consciousness and that the Velon are here to take us off planet to an unspecified destination where we will “Ascend to a 5th dimension” and where the Earth will “Ascend” with us.

As part of these deliberately misleading messages, they have also raised the concept of alternate time-lines. It is from these channelled messages that most peoples’ confusion about time-lines has arisen.
As stated above, there is only one time-line that applies to this Universe there are no others.

The Velon did attempt to build an alternate time-line, in order to cause us further confusion, but this attempt was stopped by those who guard our Earth. This Velon time- line was an attempt to by-pass the 2011/2012 end date.

When questions about alternate time-lines arise, it is from these channelled sources that this disinformation has arisen.

Given the total saturation of channelled messages that the Velon have generated, there is only one safe source of information and that is from your own higher self. As we progress through our path to consciousness reintegration, we all become closer to our higher selves and finding honest answers to our questions becomes easier.

Do not be fooled by channelled messages as they will lead into the hands of the Velon and prevent you from making your own completions.


Our Universe was Created about fourteen and a half biillion years ago. It was Created in order to answer a question asked by the Creator. That question was: “What would happen if...?” and the “if” in the question was freedom of choice. Every soul within this Universe has the inherent right to freely choose their actions and their own state of being. The only choice we cannot makeistochoosetoactinsuchawayasto remove another soul’s right to choose their own actions. This “universal law” has been broken by the Velon race and the Creator is currently in the process of removing them from this Universe.
In the 14.5 billion years of our Universe’s history, we have attempted to answer the Creator’s question by experiencing everything that this Universe has to offer. By a process of trial and error, we have explored all aspects of life. The result of those explorations was the formation of the Earth and humanity as a means of finding an answer to the original question.
This lengthy investigation has followed a sequence of events, with each sequence leading on to another form of investigation. Each sequence of events could only occur because we learned lessons from the previous sequence and this has generated a single time-line – a beginning and an end.
We are rapidly approaching the end of the most major sequence of events and that sequence has taken place here on Earth. As we approach the end date that we chose ourselves, 2011/2012, all of the questions the Creator has asked of us will have been answered. Once we have completed our soul re-integrations, we will then move on to explore other answers and those too will be arrived at on Earth.

Our future is limitless - if that is what we choose.

You can also read the full essay here as a pdf
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Michael Hainsworth said:

I really like your article, so thank you for writing it. I'm going to play devils advocate a little with you now though.

You say all the channelled messages stating we are going to asend to a 5th dimension are wrong, because the Velons are trying to do whatever. Why should your answers be believed more than others? ie the Velons?

Does this mean that all channellings are wrong, fake?

You say you have access to the akashic records of everything that has happen in the universe, so what does happen? Do the Velons get there way? Or does the creators original plan take place ? Or does your knowledge of the akashic record stop at a certain time ?

Could it be possible that your interpritation of the akashic records just differs ? Lost in translation if you like!

I believe in lots of things, but like you say I truley believe with what feels right to me.

If you are interested, probably not, but my views on your interpritation is that the souls ultimate goal is to return to human body in full, the idea that there is an enemy trying to stop it does not sit right with me. If the Velon are also souls and they can remember who they are then why would they want to do this? Surely if they are highly evolved beings and are aware of the creators wishes, then to try and go against the creators wisheswould be suicide? And for the doing this the creator will destroy them, where is their free will? And the what if?

I thank you once again, my questions were not meant to be offensive to your views, because I respects everybodies views on any subject because it is what they believe.

Kind Regards

Michael Hainsworth
Sun,04 Sep 2011,00:01:14 GMT
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