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Understanding Change An Essay by Chris Thomas

By:Chris Thomas
Date: Sun,14 Aug 2011

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Understanding Change An Essay by Chris Thomas
© Chris Thomas 2011

We humans need to get a grip. We are poised to undergo the greatest level of change ever seen in this, or any other, Universe.

All souls, that have adopted human form, made a promise to ourselves, to the Earth and to the Universe at large that we would fulfil our promise and potential that was offered to us when we undertook a physical existence.
In 1996, we each looked at our state of readiness to reach our full potential. Every person on the planet, at that time, had the ability to achieve our goals but only 40 per cent of the then population decided that they were ready.
Since then, we have undergone massive changes of energy, on a personal and planetary level, and have arrived at the time when our potential could be fulfilled and yet the number of people who are ready to undergo soul reintegration has dropped. Instead of the 40 percent of 1996, by 2011 there are only 15 per cent of the population who have made the necessary adjustments to their lives in order to move forwards.

These are the figures and percentages recorded within the Akashic – for a fuller explanation see below.

This 15 per cent represents about 1 billion people and this figure is barely enough to carry us through our change. What is needed is a minimum of 25 per cent – about 1.7 to 2 billion people undergoing soul reintegration at the same time to make our change as smooth as possible and counterbalance the forces that would prevent this change from happening at all.

Our Origins

In order to understand change, we must first understand who and what we are. Our Earth is the most important planet within our Universe. This does not mean that humans are particularly special, just that we live in a special place and are subject to energies and energetic forces that exist nowhere else within the whole of Creation. Apart from 2,800 “First-Born” souls who were Created to be true “Earthlings”, every other soul that exists on Earth has come here from somewhere else within our Universe.

The story of the First-Born is outside of the scope of this essay but these are souls who were specifically Created so that Earth is their place of “soul-origin”.
What does make humans unique is that in order to become human, we must leave our place of actual soul origin, leave behind any bodies that we might have had and cloak our souls in the “soil” of the Earth in order to build for ourselves a new body.

In other words, we do have a soul but a soul that has built for itself a body that must correspond with the “human template” that the Earth considers constituting a Human Being.

In order to maintain our position on Earth, the energies of the soul must be altered so as to resonate with the energies of the planet. It is not gravity that keeps us on the planet but the energy frequencies of the first chakra. The chakras are aspects of the soul within the physical body and the frequencies of the first chakra connect us to the consciousness energy that is the Earth. This is why the first chakra is also called the “root” chakra as it literally roots us into the Earth’s energies – an immensely powerful soul to soul connection.

Soul Energies

The Earth exists in order to explore the potential that “physical” life seemed to offer. It was always planned that a form of Human Being would exist but not what it looked like or how it functioned.

All of the forms of life that exist on Earth have been created or adopted by the Earth’s consciousness and, initially, this was also true of Her experimental human forms. However, difficulties were experienced in developing a human form that was capable of supporting a “full soul”. In order to explore these difficulties the problems were first studied on Lemuria and then experimented with on Atlantis – see Synthesis for the full story of human development.
By the time that we had finished our experiments on Atlantis, we had developed a human body form that could accommodate the whole of the soul.

However, we began to experience difficulties in maintaining the whole of the soul within the body and set about exploring the problem. Unfortunately other events prevented us from finding a full answer before we, collectively, had to destroy the Atlantis continent.

The Human Plan

It took 40,000 years to undo the damage that resulted from destroying a continent and we returned to Earth about 20,000 years ago.
On our return, we were as we were on Atlantis – the whole of the soul contained within the human body.

It is difficult to describe what is meant by a “whole soul” state as we do not have the necessary vocabulary. The primary difference lies in the density of the human body in that a whole soul state brings about a lightening of density and major changes within our cell structures – everything becomes much lighter and much less dense.

When we began again, 20,000 years ago, we anticipated that we would experience difficulties in maintaining this whole soul state for the whole of our natural life spans – about 1,500 years.

As we began to lose some of the higher brain and psychic functions, we began to build energy enhancing structures that could re- merge the whole soul back into the body. These energy enhancing structures are the pyramids of Egypt, South America and several other locations on the planet’s surface, as well as the Silbury Hill/Avebury/Stonehenge complex in Britain.
Unfortunately, these energy enhancing structures could only restore a full-soul state for a temporary period and so we began to look for other ways of solving our problems.

The underlying problem was this: The Earth has a resonance, a base-note frequency, with which all living things resonate. This is the frequency of the root chakra. In order to Create “physical” forms of life, the Earth chose a frequency of 7.56 Hz (this means 7.56 cycles per second). This frequency was too low to hold the whole of the human soul within the body; what we needed to do was to find out what this base- note frequency needed to be raised to in order for us to remain as Human Beings.

7,000 years ago, we put into action a plan where we could experience all of the possibilities that physical life has to offer as a means of discovering to what frequency the Earth’s base-note needed to be raised.

In order to put this Plan into action, we deliberately divided the soul into two – the physical self (about 25% of the total soul) and the higher self (the remaining 75% of the total soul). This division made the physical body very much more dense than it had been and we lost most of our psychic and sensory abilities.

We also became, as far as the Earth is concerned, sub-human – the Earth defines a Human Being as a whole soul contained within a physical body. We have been in this sub-human state for the past 7,000 years.
This, essentially, is The Human Plan and we allowed ourselves 7,000 year to complete it. According to the Akashic, this 7,000 year period runs out at the end of 2011.

New Energies

By 1996, we had worked out what the Earth’s base-note frequency needed to be raised to in order to allow soul reintegration and to maintain that whole-soul state indefinitely.

This new frequency is 3.5 kHz (3,500 cycles per second).
With the answer arrived at, two other important events also occurred in 1996: First, a new energy was connected to the planet to assist us in our soul reintegration process. This new energy contains approximately 53 million dimensions and is, effectively, limitless.

Secondly, a question was asked of the whole human population as to whether they were in a state of readiness to undergo soul reintegration. At the time, 40 per cent of the then global population said yes, they were ready. In 2005, a second census was taken of the global population to find that this percentage had dropped to 35 per cent. As of mid 2011, the Akashic records that this percentage had dropped to 15 per cent.

In other words, people were too afraid to change.

This fear of change is quite surprising as there is very little work required to fully prepare ourselves for our soul reintegration.

The first thing that needs to be done is to clear the body of trapped emotions. On a chakra level, unexpressed emotions bring about symptoms of illness.

On a soul level, unexpressed emotions take up a great deal of available space within the body that would be better occupied by the soul.

In order to achieve a clearance of these unexpressed emotions, the best tool to use is called a “giveaway”. This is a very simple process that is very effective – see Synthesis.

The second thing that needs to be done is to ensure that the physical body, particularly the brain, has the right mix of nutrients – see later.

That is all that is required – a body free of emotional debris and an appropriate diet – the rest then follows on naturally.

Once the answer to the Earth’s base-note frequency had been deduced, the Earth began to take steps to bring the necessary frequency changes about.
Every single living thing on the planet needed to change their root chakra frequencies and this was achieved in May 2000. Overnight, all of the life on the planet, apart from humans, changed their frequencies to match the Earth’s and all non-human life has resonated at 3.5 kHz ever since – see graph below (Included in attached pdf at the bottom).

It was possible for all humans to alter their root Chakra frequencies at the same time but, humans being humans, we prevaricated and it has taken us a further 10 years to catch up with animals and plants.

It is only since November 2010 that we realised that we needed to get a move on that we accepted acceleration of our energies. Even then we insisted on having a year to adjust – to November 2011 – in order to reach the same base-note frequencies.

At the time of writing (August 2011), most people – the ones who are actually changing that is – are in the 2 kHz range. Not there yet but not bad.

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brenda said:

Thankyou so much, you have helped me a tremendous amount.
Mon,03 Sep 2012,04:40:42 GMT

Joe Douglas said:

very interesting article Chris. feels like it makes sense to me.
I enjoyed your 2 part interview on you tube too. I will have to watch it again there was a lot to absorb. Excellent work.
Sat,24 Mar 2012,03:36:00 GMT

carol fernandez said:

Me thinks this gentleman speaks the truth, the most extra ordinary often is and it would explain much. See my comments on the pod cast.
Sat,03 Sep 2011,12:18:40 GMT

margo oloman said:

The most warming and caring peice of print that l found on this page, is that expressed under the heading of "discernment disclaimer".Within that guidance you could feel a loving soul taking you through the possible pitfalls of meeting people who have low principals! Where are the Cite references for us to read further by those who have initiated the thought process's that would back up Chris Thomas' theory?This World is finely balanced,the only way that the Divine Spirit works is by being absolutely exact in everything,so when it is claimed that the "division of the Soul" is by 25% of the physical self , and that the total soul is 75%? The unequal imbalance could not be viable.The other queries are where is the proof for the Chakra frequencies,and the acceleration of our energies,and our base notes being tweaked? l for one didn't understand the Understanding Change offered to us on the site to be read and produce a thought process of acceptance.Not once has Mr Thomas mentioned the only way that will break through the apathy, indifference and selfishness of others,it's a small word,easily overlooked but it has a COLOSSAL effect on others,and that word is LOVE.Without this wonderful emotive word the Human body that we all use on this Planet to house the "core" of our higher being would not exist.Put it to the test,go and assist someone who is in a difficult situation and obviously needs the help of a good samaritan.Everything begins with taking the first step, step forward and be counted,show Love,think Love, be Love.Our lives can change for the better when Love is shown.Now THAT'S Understanding Change Mr Thomas.
Mon,29 Aug 2011,23:44:17 GMT

Valerie Thorley said:

Sounds really fascinating. I only wish I could understand it!
Sat,20 Aug 2011,10:27:39 GMT

Admin said:

By sharing this article and pdf. :-)
Mon,15 Aug 2011,20:09:20 GMT

sheila said:

unbelievable that no-one seems concerned, what can we do to spread the word?
Mon,15 Aug 2011,20:07:04 GMT
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