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Why Spells Work And It May Not Be What You Think

By:Elizabeth Francis
Date: Tue,11 Aug 2020
Submitter:Elizabeth Francis

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Shaped by culture and the environment the spiritual practice of spellcraft is found throughout the world, and its popularity has been steadily increasing since the 1950s. These complex formulae compiled from words, numbers, sound, and steeped in ritual are executed through the spoken or written word, with or without sacred tools and symbols to bless or curse a person. The effect popular culture has had on curse spells has overshadowed the true purpose of the blessings, which is to commune through the psyche with Spirit and receive divine protection and favour and brought the practice of spell casting into disrepute. So much so, it has been demonized in some quarters, despite the fact many of the teachings and rituals found in the various mainstream religions were originally those used by the prehistory spell crafters.

These tools of the mind, for the mind spells, have existed for eons, long before the concept of religion came about or the workings of the mind were first discussed in the 5th century BC. This is borne out by the fact that the Iceman mummy found in the Ötztal Alps in September 1991 and thought to have lived between 3400 and 3100 BCE, had sign and symbol spells in the form of line sets and crosses tattooed on his acupoints. The X symbol and number of lines in each set would have had significance, as they do in this type of spell crafting today.

The residue of the ancient ritual of spell casting is still found in some of our mannerisms, for one, the act of pointing, and in language with the phrase “my point”, both stem from when shamans used wands to raise nature spirits. Wands extend a person’s reach and the longer the wand and more pointed its tip the stronger and faster the force of energy being channeled, which is important when channeling incantational energy from the spirits through a spell caster to its mark. So when pointing at someone, the longer the finger and nail the more forceful the energy is felt, which is why people don’t like being pointed at.

The forerunners to affirmations, spells are one of the keys that open the door to the metaphysical world, which exists on barely discernible levels within the etherics. Like all things metaphysical, spells are very powerful, customized tools that work hidden within the psyche with the premise that a person is what he or she thinks and what they think, their perspective, creates the reality within which they live.

Both experience and knowledge are responsible for a person changing their perspective and spells are ingrained in ancient knowledge, which when cast, creates an experience. They trigger a psychological reaction which creates a new perspective, which incites a behavioral change that either reduces or increases deep-rooted insecurities and anxieties. Either which way, spells can change the dynamic of how a person interacts within their reality and form a fundamental transformational shift within the self for the better or worse. Unless a spell brings on an epiphany, the changes aren’t immediately obvious but come to light through shifts in attitude and behaviour. Therefore, neither a blessing nor a curse spell should be trifled with, nor considered to be superstitious drivel.

Blessing spells bring favour and protection by working with the mind through delayed gratification, which promotes stable, confidence driven behaviour. They are used to refuel or retrieve the vital life force energy of the cosmos required to self-empower and maintain it. They are synonymous with good luck because they can make a person feel safer and supported which increases their confidence, esteem, and worth, enabling he or she to become more secure within themselves. When used with appropriate and responsible intention, blessing spells can assist in the journey of personal growth and reveal a person’s higher purpose by showing they are worth far more than they originally thought in a world constructed to disempower. This process encourages self-construction and self-actualization, which in turn helps the individual to become the best of who they are by leading a successful, balanced yet mindful life. However, the opposite can occur if a curse has been cast.

The practice of cursing is an abusive act that has been around as long as swearing despite the fact cursing spells always come back on to the spellcaster. Although swearing to one’s self or at something is a form of stress release, swearing becomes a curse when weaponized by ill-will intention and directed at a person or animal.

Curse spells are formulated to endorse fear-driven behaviour which causes self-destruction and is associated with bad luck. They incite someone to become the worst of who they are by giving way to feelings of selfishness, jealousy and greed and always looking for quick fixes and short-cuts. Such behaviour is associated with people’s natural reaction to being disempowered as they live in a monetized world where materialism has been normalized and fosters instant gratification at the expense of the spiritual self. Inner tensions are created leaving people to feel insecure, needy, and wanting and curse spells are used in the hope that somehow, they will meet that want. The usual reasons why someone would use a curse spell is they want to date a person already in a relationship, want a job without having the necessary qualifications or experience, want more money to buy items they don’t need, or want good health without living a healthy lifestyle – all in the hope it would make them feel better – and it never does.

Whether spell casting or being cast over, curse spells strip those involved of their worth, confidence and esteem they also prevent people from gaining self-actualization by convincing them that nothing is going right for them because they’ve been cursed, thus blinding them to the fact everything happens for a reason, there are no failures or mistakes and they are being guided onto their path by Spirit; a sometimes challenging process that involves learning about not getting what is wanted, but what is needed to grow, evolve and empower.

Essential to survival and sought by all because it makes them feel alive, power is a complex energy that affects the emotions. There are various types that come from variety sources, and people have a different perception of what power is and what it’s used for. Despite these differences, one thing holds true, ultimate power corrupts.

The source of internal personal power is the cosmos; this vital energy, it is to people what compost is to plants. Both a life-giving and enhancing power which can’t be siphoned by another but can be given, fuels the need to maintain self-control. A person who is in control of themselves in as much as anyone can be, is self-empowered. They have little if any desire to possess or control anyone other than themselves and succeed under their own merits.

External power is an illusion manifested by the frailties of the human condition’s survival need for security. If not harnessed by personal power, it depletes and perverts causing a mass change of consciousness, which incites the belief that favours being in a position of power opposed to being self-empowered, which is evolving whilst functioning within a disempowered world. Being in a position of power is reliant upon and synonymous with being directly or indirectly in the possession and control of people and things. Wanting such a position is a trait of a disempowered individual who is trying to refuel or retrieve their personal power from something that isn’t vital life force energy.

Becoming self-empowered is to increase one’s self-awareness, to have a clear understanding as to ones’ weaknesses, strengths, beliefs, motivations, personality, and emotions. To be able to recognise the difference between wanting something for the sake of it, knowing it will disempower and identifying and meeting one’s needs without becoming needy, to promote well-being whilst developing a greater understanding of others, ultimately, everyone is responsible for their own decision making. Being self-empowered means having the self-awareness to recognise the ramifications of both the intended and unintended consequences of one’s own actions on the self and others without justifying one’s actions when things don’t work to plan.

Freeing one’s self from a disempowering world to become empowered is a life long state of being a work in progress. It takes time, dedication, patience, tolerance, and above all compassion to recognise the frailties that lie within the self and live an empowered life and blessing spells are one of many tools that can be used to enable that end. Therefore, the power to change a person’s reality for better or worse doesn’t lie in a spell, nor in the hands of the spell crafter, nor the caster it lies in the hands of the person who has had a spell cast on them. Those who use blessing spells ultimately bless themselves and likewise with curses.

Both outcomes are produced by a socio-psychological process known as the self-fulfilling prophecy where the person predicts an outcome that comes true because their belief in the prediction influences their actions to make it so. That is all very good with the benefits gained from blessing spells, but when it comes to cures it’s a matter of the person needing to protect him or herself from themselves, not the curse, which is simply the catalyst. This can be achieved by remembering that the self-empowerment mantra “no one can help, harm or heal anyone but themselves.

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