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The After Life

Date: Sun,20 Jan 2008

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The following paragraphs are taken from the online book "Afterlife101". The answers have been channeled through a medium via their spirit guide. Please follow the link below this article to visit the source website. TheSpiritGuides highly recommended reading the articles on this site, they are very enlightening.

Arrival in the Spirit Home

Once a spirit has crossed over into heaven, it has been met by loved ones, has gone through a life review, and then moves to its spirit home. And with individuals of that consciousness, for that is where your spirit home is--that is where you are as a form of spirit energy, living with other spirit energies of the same consciousness, of the same like mind and thought that you carry as a spirit. Not as you carried as a human but as you carry as a spirit. You are a form of energy that interacts with other energies within your spirit home, not all the time and often you are in your spirit home with your own spirit guides. But you still have interaction with other spirits there. It is not an interaction that you think of like on earth, playing cards or eating together or shopping together or enjoying something together; it is an energy that is communicated without words but with the knowing, an energy that in heaven--the most important thing to it--seeks to find a higher level of its connection with God the Oneness.

Though you have the opportunity to revisit earth with the pleasures that you would have like to have seen, in an energy form such as your late wife wanting to enjoy Disneyland at some point, or as an individual who cares to be with their most current life family during holidays that you are about to approach, you can move in the energy that you are into experiencing those life experiences on earth with those that you continue to love. Generally, though, after you have been transformed from human to spirit you begin to more and more expand your energies, more into your spirit life than into what your human life was. You have the ability to oftentimes help protect your loved ones on earth, but generally when their life is being threatened, their guardian angel is there to help with any type of protection required. But you can always help assist in warning or providing a safer means as an outcome for those who that you have loved. Many times this will happen and you often on earth will wonder about how did that not happen and never realize that a loved one from the other side was helping to protect you. As you were in your spirit family, as we mentioned, you do have connections with them, you have an interaction with them, you help support each and every person within your spirit family.

In your spirit family, energies of only supporting and loving and caring and teaching will be energies that you will experience, for you have left your earth energies and emotions behind and so you do not have to experience fear and hate. And therefore you support each other without judgment and with only trust and love. Within your spirit family you all are essentially at a consciousness level that is equivalent to all others within your spirit family, and so you are all working at the same level of energy.

Changes in one's spirit family

Spirit families can change somewhat and the reason that they change is because there will be spirits within your spirit family who will have chosen not to evolve to move on. There will be new family members who come into your family because they were able to evolve and move much faster into your group through their actions and spiritual evolution and the life lessons they learned in this most recent reincarnation. There will be spirits in your spirit family who have moved on because their lessons and spiritual evolution was so much more powerful and so much more acknowledged that they are able to move on. The grouping that you are with generally is the one you always will be with except for these cases that we have just discussed.

As a person on earth chooses--as a spirit before it chooses to reincarnate as an earth being--they do not always know how extreme some of the lessons they are going to have on earth will be and that their status with their spirit family will be changing. But when this does happen and they make their crossing over they do not feel a sense of loss or feel a sense of abandonment. They embrace the changes that take place both for themselves and for their other spirit family members.

Spirit family and earth family

Not all of your earth family members are a part of your spirit family. This is a misconception that has been shown to individuals on earth so that they are just willing to have an understanding of how life does continue. You never feel alone when you return to your spirit life for your are met often by past family members in your most recent human life. Many of those family members will not be in your spirit family. But they are there because you still have your earth connection and they are there to greet you. You feel an even stronger sense of coming home and family once you are fully reunited with your spirit family. As a spirit family many of the same things are true in your spirit life as they were in your human life. You are able to see how your spirit family members have evolved and progressed as you have and but that many of you learned many of the earth life lessons that you were to learn when you made this most recent past life experience happen. After an individual is initially greeted by all loved ones and they have gone through their life review and they then move into their spirit family you begin to see a changing of the energies that are surrounding you.

A sense of being home

We are now going to talk about the general interaction that happens with an individual that has now moved into their complete spirit life with their spirit family even though it is still just the beginning of their spiritual transformation. One has a tremendous sense of being home, a sense of fulfillment and completeness that one did not allow themselves to experience upon earth but could have if they were willing to see beyond the three-dimensional energies of earth life.

Initial solitude and an opportunity for meeting important spirits

Though you are in this wonderful large spirit family that you have returned to and you are initially greeted by all of your--and reconnected with all of your--spirit family, you are then given a time to more-or-less have solitude and a time to become more comfortable in your own spirit being again. You are not given a tremendous amount of activities or interaction with your spirit family but only on a small time period for a while so that you can acclimate back into spirit. Oftentimes in this phase you are still wanting to experience some earth connections and return to some earth adventures and this is where you are given the free time to do such things before your complete human connection is broken. This is a time when had you had individuals upon earth that you looked up to and thought a great deal of who you had absolutely no way of knowing or physically connecting to that you are given the opportunity to ask permission to meet these individuals, regardless of how long ago they had made their crossing over. The majority of the time those spirits that you asked to make a connection with will appear in the form that you see them as on earth, for this is what you are wanting to do, to connect with the most recent life that you know of them having had on earth.

It is not something such as earth fans react to entertainers, athletes, but is on a true heart level that you wish to thank this person for whatever it was that they connected with on earth, that made that heart connection with you. The majority of the time the new spirit who has just crossed over will ask, as your late wife did, to have the opportunity to meet with an individual, as she did with Walt Disney. For she felt this true heart connection and thankfulness and gratitude for what he had contributed to earth in her life, the pleasures. There is rarely a time when such a truly heartfelt connection is denied. One does not ask to connect with a former earth being because of their curiosity or fan club mentality. One truly has to have an extremely strong heart connection to be able to even ask permission from the spirit they wish to seek and know and give them their heartfelt thanks and gratitude. This does not always have to be an individual who was famous. It could just also be an individual who had crossed your path and had such a big impact on your life whether through books, words that were said on the subway, whatever....but you are given the opportunity because there was this very, very deep heart connection.

Connection and dis-connection from earth experiences

After a period of time one begins to totally disconnect from the physical connection that they still have with earth, and by that we mean the desire to go and explore, recreate events that they experienced on earth. One still has those feelings initially when they become spirit but there becomes a time when they totally disconnect from earth in that manner. Though as you on earth have many things that you enjoy, such as Disneyland, a walk in the woods, the beauty--there will be times in your spirit life when you can use your mental capacities to create a scene that you would like to be experiencing from earth, whether it would be a garden, or the excitement of a cruise, or whatever one did on earth, one still has an opportunity, as you might say on earth now, to use virtual reality and reconnect with that experience. But you soon find that you are a part of all those experiences and you no longer have to individualize those for yourself. But you still can, if you choose to.

It is important to know that as you move into your spirit life your connection with your loved ones is always there. You continuously have a telepathic communication and can at any time more-or-less "beam me in, Scotty" to those family members and their lives that are happening. You can see what is going on with all of your loved ones simultaneously regardless of their location. And whatever they are experiencing in their life at that time you can connect with them on a telepathic level all at one time or can do so individually. We know that many of the loved ones in spirit are often trying to guide and direct the loved ones left on earth during difficult times. You on earth have not opened yourselves up to the fact that you can actually experience the guidance coming from your spirit loved one any more than you are willing, generally speaking, to open up to the spirit guidance of ourselves to you on a continuous basis.

Reduced connection with new earth family members

After one has crossed over, the connection to any new family members that happen on earth is nowhere near as strong as it was to those that they knew that were on earth. So any new babies that are born, though you have a knowledge that they have been born, your connection to them is not nearly as strong as the bond that you have made with those that were there on earth when you were there.

Schooling about life lessons

As you have gone through your life review when you first crossed over, you now become part of a schooling about those lessons that you went to earth to learn about this last time and have a much more in-depth understanding about why you went and what you did and why you didn't do it. And the spirit guide is there to help you understand the choices you made or the reasons that you did not learn that lesson or the reasons that you didn't even become aware of the fact that you were there on earth to learn lessons. And the spirit guide is there to help in the observation of what the human life was that you had and how you can observe the choices made and how you are able to see the levels of energy that you were able to move into or not move into.

This is a wonderful time for spirit for, though many times spirit will see things they felt were very stupid that they did on earth, as you would say--they were very stupid, were very callous or very careless or any type of negative emotion or energy one could conjure up. As a spirit that is not the case. You see experiences that you had to learn a life lesson and either learned it or did not learn it but you will never connect with a negative feeling or emotion about what you did. You will never say you were stupid; you will never say you were dumb. You will never experience that negativeness of what you did as a human. You will only see it as what you were able to learn or not learn without passing any judgment on it one way or the other. You have as a spirit a great deal of love and compassion and a wonderful sense of humor and laughter and you will find yourself laughing at your human experiences time after time. Often as a parent looks at the antics of a small child--that is how you will look at yourself in the lessons that you were experiencing. There will be no judgment.

Spiritual families move together in spiritual growth

When a spirit is back in their spirit family and they have done many of their reviews and reconnected with their spirit family, they then all attend, so to speak, classes where they are able to see how their love that they have for everyone and everything is connected and how they are all of one Creator. This process varies in different spiritual families for it is the same in heaven as it is in on earth. One is given choices and one can choose to accelerate their spiritual growth both on earth and in heaven and acknowledge how important that this is or there are those who take a more kindergarten approach, we would say, to the comfort of being within that spirit family they are in without moving forward in a more accelerated fashion. So the spirit family you are in is one that is at least all moving together at the same pace with an energy level much higher than others and a desire to embrace, acknowledge and become more of the oneness they understand is there. In heaven as individuals go through their "spirit school" they are given opportunities to learn more about their oneness with everything. In one's desire both on earth and in heaven to accept this oneness is how one moves forward into their higher spiritual self.

Deciding not to move ahead

One can finally say I am tired and I no longer choose to move from this place that I am in. I am happy right where I am. Oftentimes that means that they will have an entirely new spiritual family because many of their spirit family members do seek to move further ahead. One does not ever move into a lower spirit family though one can ask permission to go and visit other spirit families, whether they are of a stronger spiritual evolution or one that is not as strong spiritually as you. You as a spirit do have permission to go and visit. Generally this is because there has been a spirit within your group who has chosen not to move on, and you have, and you would just like to extend that love that you have for that spirit and let that spirit know that what you on earth would call judgment--there is no judgment--you have just had a heart connection with that spirit and you want to be able to continue that regardless of how they have chosen to evolve.

Human form

You do not move around in your spirit life in the form of a human body though you can take that form when it is time to greet loved ones or if you are going to go and do a spirit visitation with a loved one. You will take that form for that is what the human still remembers you as. But you really are a form of energy light and depending upon your spiritual evolution you vibrate at different energy frequencies and light.

No judgment in heaven

Where on earth you would question many of the actions of those that you loved and those that were--just the actions of those of any human that you would encounter, in heaven as a spirit life you do not question those actions for you have a complete understanding that whatever experience an individual was having on earth was part of their learning and evolution. In heaven you pass no judgment of any sort and none is passed upon you. For those humans who live on earth who have a sense of hopelessness and helplessness, who have no deep connection to their mankind and feel this sense of emptiness, they no longer have that when they return to heaven. But those who have this sense of joy and enthusiasm and connectedness to everything on earth will continue to have that joy and excitement and enthusiasm as a spirit energy.


Though as spirit energies you do not experience emotions as you do on earth, for what emotions truly are are different vibrational levels of energy, you do understand as a spirit how your vibrations of energy reflect you as an individual spirit. There finally becomes a time in spirit's evolution that you lose this sense of individuality. This is not as you on earth would consider it to be a negative experience but one where you are moving and vibrating at such high levels of energy that you know that you are vibrating as the oneness with the creator and all universal beings. This is an extremely difficult concept for you earth beings to have because you feel that you are your personality, you are your ego, you are this individual form.

Medium's vision. I would just like for you to know that I got a wonderful vision of what happens and I cannot explain it other than as every time a spirit moves from their individual aspect of being into the oneness there is a tremendous volume of light and love and higher frequency of energy vibrating within the entire universe and as an individual spirit chooses to move into the oneness this effects every single living element in every single universe everywhere.

To have an individual spirit achieve that oneness and move from their individuality does not mean they have to be a Jesus Christ or a Buddha or a Mother Teresa or saint as you on earth would call them. But it means they have reached within themselves through their life lessons a knowing of the self being love, of the self being connected with everything they say and do and act upon, and they understand that the power that is right there within them is the power that has always been there. And this can happen to an infant as much as it can happen to a great-great-great-great grandmother, it does not matter the age one is. It has to do with being willing to understand who and what they truly are. There are no human words or any other being words that can express what this connectiveness is.

What are the various ways in which spirits are different from each other?

Spirits differ in all ways just as humans do. There are spirits that have higher consciousness levels than other spirits. There are spirits who have jobs as guardians. There are spirits who are earth angels who come to earth to help you with your earthly problems, your everyday problems. There are angels and spirits of many different forms just as there are humans of many different forms and once one moves into their spirit form the differences have no meaning whatsoever.

Earth experiences as energy

In heaven as a spirit being once you have evolved into your true spirit being you do not have great desires to eat ice cream or to go to Disneyland or sit in a garden. For you seem to experience all the time all the things that you love and enjoy and wish to be a part of . These things eventually no longer take on an earth concept but an energy of what those experiences are that create within you so you move into the energy that is created in those experiences. Your sense of individual family is soon also no longer the primary factor in your existence because you see all as being a family and being love. Many of the mediums such as John Edward are describing a life that humans can only relate to and as we have stressed before this is very important because individuals want to know that life goes on after earth and they need to be able to see that they are connected with familiarity and with love of those who continue to live, though life does not continue as one would suspect that it does on earth.

What is the meaning of the term energy in the spirit world?

Again, energy is what everything is made of. Energy is just the vibrational force that your spirit is evolving at at any given time. And the higher your vibrational forces are the higher amount of energy one has. And one tends to always have a high amount of energy when they are working within the love circle of God and are being positive. One who is very positive and moving forward will have a higher level of energy because they live their world in less fear and more love.

Every single thing created upon earth has an energy to it. You know upon earth there are times when your energy is very low and you do not respond very actively to much of anything. And then there are times when something has happened and you are wrapped up into the core of the strong energy force and you know that you and that energy are working together to increase the higher levels of energy that your earth and your beings upon earth vibrate at. If you took a person who had been out on a drinking binge the night before and the next morning you put them together with a very high energy, very go-get-em, very creative individual you would see the differences in energy right then and there. Basically, that is what happens in heaven as well. You are either going to be vibrating at a much, much lower frequency or you are going to be vibrating in one of the very active energies of heaven and earth.

Workers and teachers

As spirits begin to evolve in heaven there are those who have become very highly evolved who become workers and teachers and many of these workers and teachers are more than spirit guides for they have evolved higher than that but they are there to help. Though they live in a complete spirit world they retain a very strong earth connection for many of these workers are workers who are helping the transformation from human life to spirit life. And as many different spiritual evolutions as there are on earth they need to be greeted by strong spirits who can help them with this transformation. So we say to you that this is one form of work that spirits do.

Many times that what one will have found in their life on earth is something that was always a continuous theme from one life to another because they are actual workers in heaven and that theme is what is carried out in heaven as well as what was on in earth.

Next, a series of questions and spirit guide answers are presented that amplify an overall description of life in a spirit family.

Spiritual family grouping

What are some of the distinguishing features of a spirit's normal family grouping?

Well, as we have said before, each spirit is a form of energy and vibrates at different levels of energy and light. What a spirit within its own group experiences is the same level in essence--we use that word again--to try to describe to you what you on earth can only feel in a three-dimensional form. So we use that term, essence, because it is the essence of a family. It is energies, together with the same levels of spiritual consciousness, with the same desires of moving closer to who they truly are and understanding who they truly are. As a spirit you begin to move into energy levels of vibration that are words that you hear about on earth all the time--words of peace, words of contentment, harmony, forgiveness, compassion. As a spirit you are moving more into becoming all of those things at one time. As you begin to become these things you begin to move into your own higher spiritual being.

If I were a spirit traveling in heaven and I approached, let's say, the spirit family grouping in which my mother was living her spirit life, what would I sense or feel as I approached that location, given that there is some kind of location associated with it? Would I see a cluster, if you like, of distinct spiritual energies that were physically colocated, perhaps like lights on a Christmas tree?

We would think perhaps that would be a fairly accurate description for your earthly needs. There is no need to move around about in heaven. You are more vibrating than moving as an individual spirit and as a collective family spirit grouping. In heaven there is no comparison of one family grouping versus another family grouping for there are no judgment calls and there are no good or bad in heaven. There is just energy vibrating differently. Such as light, some might be on strong, slow, pulsating. Others might be very bright, pulsating much faster. This would be the best way we could describe this to you.

Next, a series of questions and spirit guide answers are presented that deal with relationships in the spirit family

Interaction in a spirit family group

Is one's personality as one perceives it on earth carried over in some sense into a spirit family grouping where one spirit interacts with another spirit in a way that you associate with a family?

In essence, no. In general, no, that is not the case. You are an individual energy vibrating within a larger cell of energy that is compatible with who you are. Your personality as a human being is vibrating at energy levels that attract certain--we will try to help you this way. As a human being, let's say you are attracted to rodeos. And you are attracted to Montana and the strong masculine environment of those experiences, whether you are male or female. So that is part of your human personality. But the energy of that environment and those experiences are related in your consciousness differently than in your three-dimensional experiences. When you cross over into heaven you are within a group who most likely have had all those same types of likes on earth. In one lifetime you may find yourself living in the rugged life world of Wyoming or Montana. Between the time of one incarnation and the next incarnation on earth you may choose to come back and experience the operas and the symphonies and the ballets and most likely that is because you are moving and vibrating at another level, as will members within your family group who choose to have those same experiences on earth. So many family members will then come back to earth to experience those same things that you will be experiencing.

Though you may live in another country, generally that is not the case, but you can never be close together but oftentimes if you go to visit an event that you like in the current incarnation you are in and you think you feel comfortable. That is because these are people, even though they are not sharing your current life, are people who you have experienced in other lives. So, what we are trying to say is--usually the current of energy as a family unit moves fairly similarly when they all reincarnate though they don't all necessarily reincarnate at the same time and they all move similarly in the same flow.

Membership of spiritual family groups

Does the membership of a spiritual family group remain the same for all time?

No, it does not. Because within that family group a spirit can choose to move forward or a spirit can choose to stay where it is forever. And so, there will be spirits within a family group who will always remain there and who will see other spirits move in and then move on. These are choices that spirits are given, just as humans are given, to continue their journey or to say--this is where I choose to be. There are spirits within the spirit family that will go and learn their earthly lessons at--for lack of better words--a faster pace and will move from that family because it chooses to escalate its spiritual journey.

What circumstances can cause the membership of a family or group in heaven to change or is it always constant?

There is a constant evolution for each time a spirit returns to heaven for it has returned with a higher level of consciousness. Some return with a definitely higher level of consciousness for it has learned how to work through its challenges on earth while others did not work in their past reincarnation on earth to their challenges as well. But none the less we all return to heaven having completed positively our challenges, some more than others, some less than others.

But does that difference then cause membership in a spiritual family or in a spiritual group to change?


And does that spirit, having left one family group, join another family group or does that spirit, if you like, become from then on an individual without family group identification?

Until a spirit has moved into its total knowingness of oneness with the Creator it will always continue life within spiritual family and groups. Oftentimes there will be spirits who are within the same family and will move as quickly as that spirit and their energies will vibrate at higher levels together and then move into another spirit family that is vibrating at the same vibration.

And they will join a new family group?

Yes. This is true. It is not truly a family group in that sense. It is a higher level of vibrations and this is what we are talking about. All "family" groups in spirit feel connected and know they are always part of family.

Relations among family groups

Are there secondary spirit groups that relate closely to a person's normal family grouping? In other words, is there sort of an association or organization of affiliated family groups or secondary spirit groups whose properties you could describe to me?

We are trying to understand exactly what you are asking in this question. If you are asking--are there other groups that a spirit can be a part of other than its one primary group--we would say that any spirit can do this. Within a primary group of a spirit they are like a cluster, a family, a grouping of spirits who have been together for a very long time and they are all within a certain vibration. Within that level of spiritual consciousness there are many other spirit groups that are not the personal family, if you choose to call it that, of an individual spirit.

I guess the question I have is: Do some of those other spirit groups have a much closer relationship to one's own primary group than others? In other words, are there connections between groups, some of which are stronger than others? And thus, for example, be more likely to have some relationship in an earth life because of that group-to-group association.

In one's individual primary group there are many spirits that have been with you through all of your conscious evolution. These are all spirit souls that have many of the same types of--as best we can describe it to you--likeness that you would have shared on earth and would have shared not only in your spiritual level of consciousness but in what your personality on Earth has always been. We could say that your personality upon earth was an animal-lover and you shared that. You had certain types of creative energies in you when you were on earth and those creative energies are an essence, a true part of who you are.

Through your lifetimes you carry that same type of creative energy with you. So, in your primary group you are sharing much of the same likes and creative consciousness thoughts as true living on earth and we say that you can have often the same spiritual type connection with an individual on earth but your personalities and your likes and your attractions for life on earth are extremely the opposite. So this would be like a secondary family in the primary group--a secondary level or connection. Your main connection within your spirit world is that you all are sharing the same level and understanding and desires on a spirit level. These are people that you encounter throughout your lifetime on earth. They are people that maybe live in another country. They are people that you've never met but if you were to meet on a spiritual level you would be sharing the same spiritual knowledge and desires and connectiveness. But on a more personal, personality level, you would not be sharing the same things. One might be a sculptor, one might be a gardener, or one might have a combination of these things. One might be an avid reader and one might not be.

You will find that within your primary family there are some changes--differences--but generally you all have the same connectiveness and creativity. And within your primary family, from your need to understand, you could have people from other countries, other nationalities, but you are all extremely compatible. The secondary families again are ones you are completely compatible with spiritually but creative energies are very different. You tend to share your primary spiritual family with those who have the same type of creative energies that you do and thus there are many secondary families in that consciousness level who have different creative energies but same spiritual energies. Can one connect with those? It is possible. Most of the time it is not something you would find that is necessary or is not something that you would really want to do but you will most likely have encountered these other spirit souls in other lifetimes upon earth and have a familiarity, so to speak, of neighbors across the fence.

And then might there be spirit family level groupings on your same level of consciousness with whom you have essentially no ties, either earthly or in the spirit world?

We would say that almost anybody in your primary family in one reincarnation or another you have had a contact with, whether it be as a person who is a checkout person or someone you have passed in the driveway outside somewhere, you have always had some type of contact, ever so brief as it might be, with almost everyone in your primary family in one incarnation time or another. This does not mean that within your primary family you are close to these other individuals but you know that you have had a contact with just about everyone in one lifetime or another in your primary family. Again, you are closer to certain primary spirits than others but not in the way that you think of on earth.

My question was, though, going beyond either a primary family or secondary families that may be, if you like, affiliated with your primary family--are there other families within your consciousness level with whom you essentially have no contact with, either through earthly or through spirit world contact.

As we said, anybody in your primary family at one time or another you have had a contact with them upon earth, ever so brief as it might be, you have had in one carnation or another a contact with those other primary families within your primary grouping. So you have a familiarity with everyone within that consciousness level that you are at and your creative level. Do you interact with them in the spirit world? The answer is only unless you are going to be sharing lessons, experiences that are to help you move forward in yours or their spiritual consciousness but under, as you would say, everyday experiences--no, you do not interact with those spirits though you are always aware of them there and they are always aware of you there.

Spirit living arrangement

Do spirits have the option of living in a soul cluster or a spirit grouping or living as a couple or living alone in heaven?

All spirits live within a spirit family. Love in the spirit world is not love as you experience it on earth. As a spirit when you come to greet the loved ones who have crossed over you are again within that earth family love. And as you help that individual to cross over you move back into your spirit world love and know that you have love for all individual spirits and that the love that you would have felt for a mate on earth is not the same kind of spirit love you feel for that mate or that child or that parent. As we have said many times before, as you move forward into your spirit life you find the earth-type experiences that you had are no longer the experiences you need to feel as a spirit.


Do spirit pairs exist who are soulmates and destined to share many lives together?

Within a spirit soul family there are many spirit souls who are soulmates, and not just in the term of male and female, romantic love as you experience on earth, but soulmates of the heart who have shared different lifetimes together as perhaps friends, or sisters or some form of very close connection. So soulmates are not just romantic love soulmates. Soulmates are individual spirits who have on earth a knowing and a connection that they have shared something very great.

If two individuals on earth really love each other, does that make them closer to each other in the afterlife?

It means that they share a special bond but the love that is on the other side is the love that cannot be comprehended from earth and that love is shared by all spirits. For one on earth can truly love many times, but that doesn't mean that it will connect to one individual on the other side more than others for there are many different levels of love in your human world.

Can two people who were connected on Earth find each other again in the Spirit World and still feel the same connection to each other?

This will happen many times. Again this is not necessarily in a love relationship such as long-term marriages. But yes, when you return to your spirit world you will often experience the love and connection with those you shared life with in your past life. It does not necessarily continue in that same form but that love never ever dies and that love will always continue with you through every life experience and through your spirit life forever.

What is the equivalent if any of sex between spirits in heaven?

Sex is not an issue in heaven You have moved beyond that dimension in heaven and it is not an important role. It is not even, after a period of disconnect from earth, a part of the thought process for love is shared in many other ways.

What is the meaning of love and self-love in the spirit world and how are these feelings manifested on earth--love and self-love?

There is no difference. Love is love. Pure love--there is nothing to compare it to. It is your highest form of being connected to your highest self, to your spirit guides and to God your Creator. Self-love is part of what humans are given when they come to earth to make changes, to learn their lessons. There are many people upon this earth that do not understand that having self-love and self-forgiveness, though it sounds extremely selfish, is not. As you begin to love yourself, as you begin to trust in yourself, as you begin to see yourself as a beautiful wonderful creation of God our Creator, that self-love turns into love for all and everything and it has no boundaries, it has no limits. It is very difficult for one to be a teacher of love until they can learn about themselves.

Children in heaven

Who takes care of children who cross over before their parents?

Children who cross over before their parents are met of course by all the loved ones that were on earth for them. If parents and grandparents have not crossed sooner, there are loved ones there to meet them. If they are infants who are making a crossing over, they are greeted by many spirit guides and angels and move without much delay back into the spirit soul that they were prior to making that incarnation. Spirits that cross over as children do not stay as a child. They move quickly into their spirit being for they can much more readily accept their spirit being than those of adults.

Earth fame in heaven

Do individuals who receive a wide degree of fame and respect on earth, such as a president, retain any of this when they return to the spirit world?

No. All spirits are accepted into the spirit world with love and equalness. There are many who on earth have either, such as your Mother Teresa or your Princess Dianna--there are many individuals who have reached out and touched many souls in a very positive, compassionate, uplifting experience. These individuals have a vibrational light about them that is higher than others. There are many individuals who have no public awareness or acknowledgment of deeds they have done and they too move forth into heaven in a higher light and energy vibrational force. But just because an individual is famous does not mean they are going to move into their spiritual life in such a light. Mother Teresa's compassion and love and the public awareness of her was not at the same level as Princess Dianna who still had many of her own personal conflicts that she had not yet overcome, whereas Mother Teresa had found her own inner peace. So though they both showed compassion and understanding and love to many in your world, in their own inner world their own levels of peace were not equal. Individuals upon earth, whether they are presidents, great leaders, not-such-great leaders, or entertainers, do not cross over into heaven with any more acknowledgment than any other individual.

Next, a series of questions and spirit guide answers are presented that deal with communication in the spirit family

Communication with earthlings

In what ways can a spirit in heaven communicate and/or induce effects on humans on earth?

Well, as your wife well knows, there can be an actual visit by a spirit soul. And there are different types of visits. There is the actual spirit soul, as in the case of your wife and her grandmother, where the spirit soul is coming and making very definite contact with those left on earth. Usually it is because they are asking to be released so that they too can move on. Spirits can communicate to a loved one through an object such as with your wife--many times when she touches the bowl she and her grandmother shared when making bread, she feels the communication and the love of her grandmother. There will be the spirit soul that will be there for those who are are about to make their crossing-over. Spirits can share a thought at the same time with the individual and the individual just knows that it has communicated with a loved one.

In times of danger, in times of a new birth, in times of a wedding, oftentimes the spirit soul will be there and make its past life image very well known to individuals. Then there is the essence of the spirit soul, the personality and the energy that often can be felt in certain locations. This is not the actual spirit soul that is there but the essence of the personality that chooses to have made its presence known. Then there are those spirit souls who have not actually made the complete crossing over who will also make their presence known, often on a far more earthly level than any of the others.

When we dream of others that have passed is that them contacting us or is it just a dream from our everyday thoughts?

We believe it can be a number of things. Oftentimes it is them contacting you and them coming to you and oftentimes you are not dreaming at all but you are there with them having that experience. But as you awaken from your sleep you consider that it was a dream when in reality it wasn't a dream at all.

Can a love relationship continue to exist after life that is beneficial to the departed and to the one on earth. Can they both continue to grow together?

You do not necessarily continue to grow together in such a love relationship after one has left. The love never ever dies as we have just said. It is always there. You on earth can often help those who have crossed over by releasing them from their earth ties so that they are free to move totally and completely into their spirit world and continue their own spiritual growth in the spirit world. That does not mean that you ever stop loving them but the transformation from human life to spirit life are from different forms of life as you on earth would observe. And it is important that you allow the individual spirit who has crossed over to move on so that it can continue its spiritual growth, just as it is important for you upon earth to move forward. That does not mean that love ever stops, for it never does stop, but it is important to know that crossing over--making a transformation into the spirit life--is a time for all to let go of a bonding, of a connection between the two worlds, but not letting go of the love.

What governs when an individual spirit who committed suicide in its last earth life can communicate through a medium with those left behind on earth?

There are no governing rules for when a spirit on the other side can communicate with the beings left on earth.

Can that individual communicate through any other means that he is okay to his loved ones on earth?

Spirits on the other side often leave messages that we overlook and think that it is just something that is happening but there are forms of communication that one can receive in various manners from those who have crossed over.

And that includes those who have committed suicide?

This individual who has chosen to go back to the spirit life is faced with the challenge of overcoming the reasons for why it committed suicide and has a big job ahead of it on the other side. That does not mean they are incapable of communicating, it just means that they are extremely busy trying to understand the circumstances that brought them to where they were.

Do spirits occasionally make changes in electronic equipments or cause lights to flicker or some other mechanical or electrical effect?

Not only can spirits do that, because they are vibrating at such a different energy level it creates a disturbance within the electromagnetic field, but oftentimes individuals themselves who are experiencing the spirit souls can give off such an energy that they too can be the cause of electromagnet disturbances. Your wife is an example. Oftentimes when she will go to use the computer things will not work properly with it when it always has worked and it is because of her electromagnetic fields creating a disruption within the electronic equipment.

Do spirits occasionally cause scents that humans can detect, such as cigar smoke or perfume?

Very much so. Oftentimes when an earth being does not have the visualization experience yet and has not opened up to their ability to see other dimensions, oftentimes they will smell a fragrance of the past loved one or past spirit that has made themselves known.

How does a human detect the presence of a spirit, awake or asleep?

Just as there are many different pairs of shoes there are many different ways of one experiencing a spirit soul of another being or experiencing contact from their spirit guides. As many people as there are, there are as many different explanations for this. Those upon earth who have not come to accept other dimensions often would react in fear for they have not learned that there is more than just the third dimension.

How would one know if it was a ghost?

You upon earth have to have words to describe everything. Ghost is one identification for spirits who have remained upon earth and have not continued their crossing over. Again, knowing that there is a spirit presence of another being is felt by many people in many different ways. We cannot say there is a right way or a wrong way, or this way or that way, because each individual will have their own individualized experience of visiting with spirits and/or ghosts as you so choose to call them upon earth.

There are many reports of spirits communicating with earthlings by means of tape recorded noise or even television or through telephone calls that seemingly do not originate from any place on earth. Is this true and does this happen?

We would say yes. If a spirit soul is trying very much to contact their earthly loved ones or an earthly being to get a message across there are no avenues that are closed in doing that. Whether it is from moving something within the house or other manners of communications such as you have just described, a spirit soul will do most anything to get the actual attention of the individual it is trying to do so with.

What events can spirits in heaven see on earth?

Spirits have a great connection with their loved ones on earth from their most recent reincarnation. They do not sit and continuously watch the events taking place in the lives of each one of their loved ones. They have again a very telepathic way of knowing when big events are taking place, when their loved ones are celebrating or in distress. They can have this telepathic connection with several family members throughout the world at the same time and are aware of what is taking place in each loved-one's life.

After crossing over, how long will the arriving spirit continue to experience the intense feelings which were present on or before the time of human death?

At the time of human death you are immediately and even in the state of human coma of human beings you are immediately removed from the state of pain and fear, discomfort, sadness. You are removed from all such things. You are able to observe what you are experiencing without having to feel the physical and emotional state that your body was in just prior to crossing over. As we said, it is the intense feeling of death and the reasons for you drawing near to the death of your human life. Those feelings of fear and pain are almost immediately removed from your spirit being and you do not experience the way humans would experience it.

How about the intense feeling of love for your family?

Love is universal. It is there for everyone at all times. In Heaven you are able to observe the pain, you are able to observe the fears, but those are human emotions that are left behind. Love is a universal all-being feeling at all times in both the human being and the spirit being.

Can you explain why spirits communicate with us at certain times and not others? Is it a choice they make, or is it more about our ability to perceive the messages at those times?

It is not from the spirit you are having difficulty receiving the messages. It is from your own place and your level of consciousness and what you are willing to be open to to hear and to receive. Anytime you go to spirit for help and guidance and go in thankfulness and blessing they are always there for you but oftentimes your human challenges bar the communication from coming clearly through. This is a time when you need to sit and clear all thoughts and all human egos and wants and desires and go directly to spirit to get the information and ask spirit to help you as you are having difficulty receiving the communication.

Do some spirits monitor events on earth that may not be related to their immediate loved ones? For example, if a MidEast war were to break out in the next few days, is that something that spirits in heaven would be aware of because of its momentous effect on so many people?

Yes, they would be aware of it. Would they be involved in it and connected to it? Only if they had loved ones that were involved and connected to it. It would not be that they would all become concentrated on whatever is taking place in that world or global or universal experience. Please remember that you might be experiencing war within your earth but there are other worlds out there that have many experiences as well. And so, unless they have a loved one involved in it, though they have an awareness of what is taking place, they do not connect to that event.

Are there spirit guides however that do, whose role is to do such things?

Oftentimes the guardian spirit guides of those involved are working as you on earth would say "overtime" and are there helping individuals. So in that respect there are many spirit guides and guardian angels taking a hand in helping protect. War is a man-made event and spirit guides and angels do not interfere with such events on a global issue. They do go and protect individuals but are not a part of the outcome of any war for that is manmade and you must pay and suffer the consequences of your inability to accept that all issues can be dealt with on a higher consciousness level and destruction does not have to to be a part of that level.

Communication from earthlings

How are spirits in heaven affected by the thoughts of their past loved ones on earth?

The biggest influence the past loved ones on earth have upon spirits who are crossed over is those that remain on earth holding on with such grief and to such a degree that it does not allow neither the person on earth to move forward and it keeps the spirit on the other side too earthbound to move forward in their life as well--into their new spirit life. We would say that this is the greatest effect those left on earth have on the spirits. Many times such spirits who have crossed over who have been in the public eye and people on earth have a sense of worshiping these spirits for whoever they were, whether they were great leaders, or entertainers, or just personalities. Or whether it's private citizens and just family members who build a shrine.

These are ways that do not allow the spirit to be as free as it could be. There comes a point in time when the spirit itself will talk to its loved ones and ask them to let them be free or a message will be directed to the loved ones of something that would help release that earthly bond. To individuals who have had monuments built in their names and fans continue to go and worship these individuals, there will be some who were so connected to earth that it will take them in earth terms a much longer time to be released. But, generally speaking, all spirits will realize that it is not the fans who are keeping them earthbound but their need to continue to feel that worship towards them. And they will too eventually realize that it is no longer a need as a spirit being as it was as an earth being.

Are there good thoughts from humans on earth that can have good results for spirits in heaven?

Most definitely. As you know, as you have experienced in the love and the forgiveness that you sent to your mother, it helped her move from a place that was where she entered because of committing suicide. And her guilt and shame that was still connected to earth did not release her into her full spirit being and your love and your forgiveness and your desire to let her know what she meant to you on this life on earth helped release her to move on into her full spirit being. The understanding that you have come to know about life after life on earth has been a way of giving your late wife a way of moving forward instead of how it might have been for you had you not understood about the continuance of spirit moving on. So what oftentimes a loved one feels will help move the spirit or it can hinder the spirit.

Can a human make contact with a spirit thought to be in heaven even though that spirit has already reincarnated back into human form?

Most definitely, because what you are connecting with is the essence of the person that you knew in human life and that essence will always remain in the spirit world even though it will come back to earth in another human form. When a spirit returns to earth in a human form the essence of all of its past personalities remain in the spirit world, and will occasionally come back in a deja vu form once in a while. But in essence when you wish to contact a loved one that you knew in the form it was in the past life on earth you are still connecting to the entire being of that personality.

Can a human cause thoughts to be transmitted to an individual in the spirit world that they never knew on earth?

Not without the agreement of the spirit on the other side. Communication is very easy but just as you living on earth, if anybody wanted to contact you for any reason that you did not know it could become very complicated and very time-consuming. So in the same manner it is very similar to that with the spirit on the other side. If you lived on earth and loved Walt Disney and you wanted to communicate a thought to him, though you had never met him, you could communicate the thought of thankfulness for what this individual has created on earth but it is not something that you are awaiting a reply for. You are just telling that individual thank you. But as far as carrying a full conversation on, that without the approval of the spirit does not happen.

Why has it been designed for communication with the afterlife to be so hard? Why are we not able to communicate daily with clarity to them?

We are able to communicate daily with clarity with the other side and the spirit world. But for humans we have not been allowed to come into your consciousness as openly and freely as we now can for it has taken you so long to evolve and because there have been so many humans upon your earth who have done everything they can to shut the doors of any communication, of any understanding, of any experiences other than the third-dimensional world. Not all of this has been bad, for again we say you have not been evolved of a spiritual consciousness to accept that. But as you become evolved now and more independent there is not any individual who does not have the ability to communicate with those on the other side, and as you begin to observe events and experiences that are taking place on your earth, you see that more and more individuals are seeing the signs, are seeing the messages, are hearing the words and knowing that yes they are communicating with loved ones on the other side.

From the point of view of those on the other side, what are the best techniques that humans can use or practice in order to improve their own ability to communicate with the other side?

We would say that that's a multi-answer question.

First there are those who have come to your earth who just have the ability, they have been able to retain a connection from the other side that's just as natural for them as it is for you humans to breathe. You all have this ability, you all just don't retain that connection to be able to communicate with the other side. The path to connecting as a human to the spiritual side of life is to be willing to open up your heart, to be willing to let go of all restrictions you have been told from life-time to life-time to life-time, of there not being anything but earthlings and that you are the highest form there is. This is a rather ridiculous thought when you look at all you have on your earth and you look beyond your earth and know that there are many connections that can be made with your spirituality connecting to the other side. You all have that ability, you all can tap into that and open the door to walk that path. For each individual there are different ways of doing this.

There are those of you that are comfortable with groups and with teachers who bring you together to be able to share, to help you learn to close down your earth world, to go into your spiritual world through meditation, and to help you open up the other dimensions of your life that you have kept the door shut on. It is your responsibility to determine the teachers that you will use, and, as we say, it is your responsibility though you feel like you may not be getting answers from your earth angels or from your spirit guides. Always ask--"Please help guide and direct me to the right teachers. Help me to be able to discern the energy that is there."--as you are working with spirit teachers on earth and becoming involved with various support groups who have already begun or who want to begin this spiritual journey. You have a responsibility and your responsibility is again to ask for the correct guidance and direction to follow as you begin searching for teachers and mentors on earth.

Then there are those of you who are not comfortable with groups, who feel your journey as a solitary journey at this point in your life. Again, ask your spirit guides for the right direction in finding the proper literature that is written to help guide you on your journey through a totally spiritual connection and to have the right books, the right tapes, the right messages, and the right individuals to walk into your life. Once you say you are ready for this and you are willing to accept as you talk to your spirit angels, messages are coming to you in ways that you would never anticipate. It could be a radio talk show, it could be something on television, it could be a book that landed on your lap, it could be a message from someone you're sitting next to at a lunch counter. Just be open to receiving these messages and also know that you are receiving them even if you don't feel like it's been a bolt of lightning that has hit you. These messages come in very subtle ways. But if this is your choice, go into your meditative state, ask that your heart be opened, ask that you be protected by the light and love of our Creator, ask that you have the right spirit guides and earth angel guides, and then ask that the right people on earth and the right messages come into your life. It may take some of you longer than others but you will be able, if it is your heart's desire, to open the doors that have been closed.

What is it about some people that makes them extraordinary in their ability to communicate with the other side?

They are no more extraordinary than the next person but they have been willing to open their hearts, to accept their other dimensions to life beyond those that you see on earth, and to accept that life does continue after earth. They make a strong spiritual connection with their own spirit guides, with their love and thankfulness to God the Creator. What makes them, as you might say, more exceptional is the fact that they are willing to accept this knowledge, not as a belief but as a knowing and are willing to walk that path, take that journey. Again, we will say there are many of you on earth who have not lost the connection as you reincarnated in this life and so it is a natural thing for you. And then there are those of you who ask to take the journey and open your heart up and let go of all restraints and restrictions that you in the three-dimensional world put on yourself.

Communications between spirits

In their spirit family grouping does one spirit communicate with another spirit in any fashion?

Not in the sense of as we are sitting and talking with you now, not in the sense that you sit and talk with other individuals but, yes, there is a communication--a telepathic type of communication that does take place.

What would be some of the kinds of communication that would take place? Would they be similar to when humans might meet at a cocktail party and have social interaction?

The types of communications that take place, in answer to your question, no. The reasons for gathering together, the connectiveness of sharing, the connectiveness of love, the connectiveness of like understandings, is what is communicated with individuals in a thought process.

I believe that we have been told that my wife and I have been together sometimes in the spirit world and even perhaps in earthly incarnations. But even in the spirit world we've been together, and the question I have, would our communication while we were in heaven as spirits, would those communications at all relate to communications we might have had in a family relationship on earth, such as right now?

Those communications--there would just be a knowing of past experiences shared as humans. Would you get together and talk about experiences you had had as humans on earth? No, because that would not be necessary. There is just a knowing of energy that is shared there, just as when as you go back to heaven and there are individuals within your family who you have shared other lifetimes with and you have a knowing with them as well. The questions that you are asking are quite difficult to answer because it is not easy to put into your three-dimensional world experiences that happen beyond anything that you on earth would be able to fully understand in the earth consciousness you are in.

Can you as a spirit guide see a thought and, if so, what does it look like?

It would be best described to you just as a telepathic vision, the same as you always communicate everything to us is telepathic. A thought is telepathic the same as we hear your words. Thoughts become visions the same as your wife often will say to you, "I cannot say words but this the picture I see". So the thoughts are the same as pictures or visions. Our communication in the spirit world is much easier than our communication to you as we are trying to do this. Thoughts and telepathic communication are much clearer and more easier understood than the verbal communications, as we have often said.

Is there a mass communication, like a loudspeaker announcement, in heaven, so the same thought could be sent to millions of spirits?

No there is not. The same thought can be sent out within the group and it is the collective consciousness thought or a collective consciousness receiving of thought but it is not like a loud announcement. It is just a very subtle way of the group sharing telepathically a conscious thought process.

Are there any elements of privacy for spirits in heaven?

Most definitely. It is an unspoken rule so to speak that though everyone can telepathically read another individual's thoughts and desires, there is no trespassing or violation of the telepathic abilities of spirits. They know immediately to the level that they can explore and communicate with any other spirit and do not use powers that they have to invade someone else's privacy.

Is there a more private means of communication in heaven which involves two people "touching"?

Yes, not touching in the three-dimensional sense that you think of in heaven and on earth, but in heaven there are those spirits who have a deeper connection with one another just as that happens on earth. Though there is no physical touching, you touch on a much deeper knowing level of each other, of each individual that you share your new experiences with.

And does that provide a private means of communication that other nearby spirits wouldn't necessarily hear?

Yes. As we have discussed before, for it is true that communication is done without any verbal words but still very clearly understood and individuals are allowed to have private thoughts in themselves and shared with others that are totally honored by other spirits.

Next, a series of questions and spirit guide answers are presented that deal with activities in the spirit family.

Specialists in heaven

What are the various specialists, if they exist, among spirits in heaven?

We would like to have you clarify that question. Do you mean as you as individuals that cross over as spirits, or are you talking as spirit guides and teachers? Could you please help clarify how you would like us to answer that?

Well, I am perhaps not smart enough to properly ask the question but it has to do with, for example, people who may specialize in saving souls that have have been left here on earth without crossing over, or people who are specialists in science, or in leadership, or some other form?

In response to that question, we would say yes to both. There are specialists as spirit guide teachers and there are individuals who cross over who have achieved a higher consciousness that come and help as in spirit form other than an ordinary spirit life. They are spirit guides in training, so to speak. Those who come from a three-dimensional or other universal living experience and cross over into spirit experience, what their lives have consisted of in the other non-spirit form is often what they will help do and learn to assist spirits of lesser consciousness in the spirit world. Once a spirit has obtained the actual level of a spirit guide and teacher they no longer make the transitions from nonspirit world. But those individuals who are working to achieve higher levels of consciousness do help on the other side and they can be teachers, they can be doctors, they are almost always individuals not necessarily who have attained high educational and intellectual levels but individuals who have had many past lives and who have always been either leaders with a knowledge, whether it be conscious or not conscious, of the other life and they tend to be working towards becoming that type of a spiritual teacher and guide on the other side.

Are inventions created in heaven and telepathically transferred to individuals on earth?

All thought process is created through the one Creator. If you choose to say that the thought you have comes from heaven, you are accepting that there is a power greater than you, that you are becoming the coCreator with God. In answer to that question, yes, many people have many ideas and think that they are personally responsible without understanding their connection as a co-Creator in the process they are going through.

Would there, however, be a case where someone in the spirit world who was studying scientific matters and made a finding or invention and have that transferred to someone on earth who would think it was their thought?

As you know from your past experience in your professional life you would often get many ideas and, as you were thinking out these thoughts, these designs, and this creative energy, you had spirit guides who were working and helping you evolve these thought processes that were coming to you. But even through the spirit guides the thought process all come from one Creator and, as with spirit guides and with yourself, you are all one as a coCreator with the one power. But you often have teachers and guides who will be assisting you in your thought process on another consciousness level.

This may relate closely to the previous questions. But is the work spirits do permanent for each of them over many lives, is this the work spirits do both in the afterworld and while incarnated on earth?

Your wife has always had the ability to understand and accept other worlds other than the three-dimensional one that the majority of earthlings expect there is, when she crosses over she is able to help those who come with confusion and fears. These are the individuals that have the most difficult time adjusting for she is able to communicate the earth experiences as well as their new spirit experiences to bring them comfort so that the transformation works with more ease and understanding. As many people are involved in earth they again find themselves involved in the spirit world and have the majority of times in incarnations always had the same level of consciousness, the same avenue of consciousness as it continues to be raised.

Learning in heaven

Do you have classes, say taught by spiritual leaders, that average spirits can attend and thus grow from?

Within the spirit group that every individual is in, there are spirit teachers and leaders. It is not lessons and classes as you think of going to on earth. As the individual spirit views all of its past lives and the lessons it learned and did not learn and its growth it often will question what path it took or did not take and will telepathically communicate and ask for guidance from the spirit leaders within this group. A spirit does not learn from the experiences of other spirits and does not become involved in the viewing of each spirit's past lives. Its lessons are for it and it alone. Though within a spirit group there is a communication and a sharing, it is a sharing of telepathic love and support to all of those within its group. It is not direct conversations such as you share on earth. Love is the biggest experience that spirits share together.

Appearance of spirits

How do spirits normally appear to each other? And what is the meaning of variations in shape, color and intensity of light?

Spirits appear to each other as forms of light and different shades of light. Within one's own family though you will always see the vibration of energy and light coming from a spirit, very basically the same energy levels and the same shades of light as you would say. As souls begin to advance in their spiritual consciousness, their light becomes different colors and, unlike on earth, one is not judged by the color that they are as a spirit soul in heaven. So there is no judgment or no sense of achievement when one moves from one vibrational level to another.

How is a spirit identified by another spirit?

All types of communication is done strictly on a thought process means. So it is just a knowing that you are with, at that time, sharing, communicating, participating with other spirits that you know. And this is done again through telepathic communication.

Dual existence

Can a spirit exist in more than one place at the same time?

As we have said before, the essence of a spirit can move from one place to another. The actual spirit itself does not move from place to place. It can have observations in several different places at one time. The personality of the spirit can often return to earth to experience a pleasurable event. Generally when the full spirit returns to earth it is when their loved ones are in a crisis and they are offering their full and complete support to help sustain the individual through that most immediate crisis. They do not stay for great lengths of time, as you on earth would observe it to be, but bring their presence at the most extreme difficulty but will always continue to be in observation of their loved ones when the need or desire arises. But just as you as an individual on earth can find that you can do what you call out of body experiences, it is very similar in the spiritual sense of being in two places at one time.

As there is no time in the spirit world, is it possible for a spirit soul to be in two places at the same time?

A spirit soul is not necessarily in two places at one time. But it has the ability to observe many events that are heart-connected to it at one time such as during the holidays with family spread out. It has the ability to connect to all of those loved ones at one time and there is no lessening or weakening of those connections. It is just able to observe and connect with all of its heart-loved ones at the same time.

The term "twin souls" has been used to describe the simultaneous incarnation of a male and a female part of the same spirit. Does this happen?

All humans return to earth with the energies of both male and female within themselves. The form that one returns to earth in, in a reincarnation of male or female, generally indicates which energy will be the more dominant one within this lifetime and that the lessons you will experience will come from the spiritual side of the male or female in the current life you are experiencing. In both heaven and earth, you carry these same male and female energies and you all have at one time or another lived in another form of male or female, masculine or feminine, energies.

But are there any cases where the male part and the female part of one spirit incarnate in different human bodies at the same time?

No, there are not.

Events in heaven

Are there scheduled events in heaven, such as a leader addressing a class of spirits, if you like, or a musical event, where spirit musicians would be presenting the results of their musical creation?

These are individual desires of each spirit, but because you are within a spirit family who all have many of the same spiritual consciousness and energy vibrations you will often collectively choose to have the same thought at the same time to be able to share communications. Music is very important in heaven and is often an ongoing continuous event that takes place and can be tuned into by any individual spirit soul at any time.

Music in heaven

What is the role of music in heaven?

Music, as with light, in heaven is an energy vibrational force and as on earth it is the vibration of a color or a vibration of a sound of music that is something that the soul resonates with, the spirit itself resonates with. Though we don't think of music in heaven as you think of music on earth, there are many different tones which are different vibrations again of energy and are very important to the spirit souls as is color.

How does music differ on the other side than on earth? Can spirits play instruments?

On the other side you will enjoy music just as you enjoyed it as an earth being. You not only will hear it at your private times but you can be joined by other spirits who share the same form of music as you do. Like on earth, like minds come together to enjoy and be supportive with each other.

Recreation in heaven

What recreational opportunities are available in heaven?

You on earth insist on making heaven just an extension of earth. It is not an extension of earth. First it is important to realize that heaven consists of many beings and not just earth beings, and there are earth beings and other beings who live together in heaven and within their own family structure as you would call it. As we have described to you before, there is a period of time where you as a spirit soul still have an extremely strong connection to earth and so you have many earthly experiences. But you gradually move away from those types of experiences and what you come to know in heaven are not three-dimensional pleasures as you know on earth but far exceed anything that you ever anticipated experiencing.

You mean with pleasure, and excitement and interest?

This is true.

Is there humor in heaven?

Most definitely. In heaven we wish that humor could be carried throughout your earth as it is up in heaven. We do not experience humor in the respect that you do there but we still have that vibrational energy of laughter and joy and pleasure.

Does creativity and fun exist in the afterlife? What forms do they take? How do they compare with creativity and fun in the 3-D world of earth?

Yes, creativity and fun and experiences of enjoyment do exist as a spirit. As you move into your full spirit you are just another form of energy. You are not contained within a body but are a spark of energy. This energy has all of your experiences from every lifetime, all of your lessons, and all of your joys, and every aspect of every life you have ever had you are in this spark of energy. You do not create the pleasures themselves of creativity as you would think of in painting or cooking or architecture or whatever your creative energy was in your earth lifetime. But you are able to have the essence of the experience and to feel the pleasures and joys of these creative energies of music and art and design, whatever it is that you so desire to be experiencing. You do not experience them in three-dimensional manner that you did on earth, but life in your spirit life is much joy and much pleasure though it is back to another learning process and understanding of what you learned and did not learn in your reincarnations on earth. But you also have the pleasure of joys in things that you found of interest in your human lives.

Sporting events in heaven

Are there sporting events in heaven?

Again, that is an earthly experience. When you are first new to heaven you still have many of those earth connections but as you move into the spirit world, you no longer require those. Though, if you at times choose to observe those events, you observe them happening upon earth as a spirit, but those such events are not necessary in heaven.

Eating in heaven

Are there eating rituals in heaven?

Again, these are individual experiences. It is not necessary for spirits to eat and when spirit first crosses over it will have many--for this time we will discuss earthlings only--it is desired to experience those earth sensations. But spirit does not eat food as you on earth experience it and, as it becomes more its own spirit being, the need for those sensations is no longer necessary.

Vision in heaven

How does a spirit see in heaven?

Everything in heaven is done telepathically and so as a spirit chooses to visualize what it is they wish to be a part of, it is done telepathically. It is a telepathic visualization of seeing and only done with permission from the others it is going to be in contact with. For though many spirit souls have the ability to, as you would say on earth, eavesdrop, this is not a practice that is experienced in heaven as you do on earth for we value the individual thought process without trespassing on it.

How does this telepathic vision differ from earthly vision that we would have here with two eyes?

It is a far deeper dimension. It vibrates at a much higher level and is felt more than seen.

Spirit rest

Do spirits feel fatigue and need rest?

Oftentimes, as on earth, when a spirit is working through levels of inner growth they will find their energy will reach a very strong high and then they will find that they will need to withdraw from such a feeling of high vibrations. It is not an emotional feeling such as you feel but it is an energy vibration and they find that they would like to move to a calmer vibrational energy level. It is not fatigue as you sense it but it is not a continuous way of life living in that high vibrational level. Until they are completely ready to move into that level, individuals upon earth, as they find that they are switching into different consciousness levels, will experience very similar events in their life. They oftentimes, instead of moving into higher vibrational levels, will become extremely fatigued and feel they are in a great dark spot. And then will make a spiritual or consciousness breakthrough and they too will feel themselves beginning to move into this higher vibrational level and cannot do it all at one time either. So oftentimes the experience is very similar.

Travelling in heaven

When a spirit travels from, say, the original place where it arrives at in heaven and where it was greeted by various spirit forms and when it travels to its place of family grouping, how does it travel? Does it pass through the spiritual equivalent of a very large train station?

We're not sure if we totally understand what you are saying. If you are asking, do all soul spirits when they cross over meet at a central location, the answer to that is no. How do they travel from their immediate crossing over to where they are moving to their families?--they are assisted in their movement by their spirit guides and by their angels and by loved ones. They find themselves still with many earth connections, so the experiences, depending upon their level of consciousness, that they will have will vary from very earth type experiences to those who are more spiritually evolved who know that they immediately just move in a path of energy and light to their destination, as you would say, after they have disconnected from their earthly ties.

Are you saying, some people might experience an actual transportation such as walking, riding, or perhaps in a train or in a car, when travelling from their initial place of arrival to their family grouping?

Depending upon the level of spiritual consciousness the individual has, truly is what they will be experiencing upon the other side, such as your deceased wife. As she made her journey you are well aware that she asked to have certain experiences to revisit Disneyland, to visit and meet certain individuals. This is done not in the three dimensional form that you think of so much on earth, as a car and a movement from place to place. And yet it is like a shadow of those forms, a light shadow of those forms. There is nothing solid but the individual can visualize their movements by the choices they choose to experience. A person who has been a race-car driver but really enjoyed horses upon earth--they may experience some of these movements with the attachments and the essence of a horse or a race car or whatever it is, but it is more an essence. It is not a three-dimensional solid experience that you think of.

The best we can describe that to you is that it is as though there were telepathic subways or telepathic El's that move at incredible amounts of speed. And energy is moved to the location it is desiring to go to by a telepathic tunnel of transportation, so to speak.

What restrictions are placed on where a spirit can go and who it can visit?

Always, if a spirit wishes to move anywhere, it always asks permission before it would make an actual transport. Spirits can move at a consciousness level lower than their own without any problem. Rarely do they move to higher consciousness levels but we cannot say that is always true, but it is not a normal experience until they themselves are ready to move forward.

Next, a series of questions and spirit guide answers are presented that deal with the perceived environment of the spirit family.

Thought processes in heaven

Are there a large number of humans who cross over and their spirit life becomes quite similar to their earth life in the sense that they had the feeling of having homes, perhaps even having cars, of having social interaction, of having sporting events, of having music--many of the things that are associated with life on earth are replicated in heaven? Is that true for a certain set of locations or regions or levels in heaven?

The answer to that is no. There are spirit souls--we would use as an example your mother who crossed over through suicide and what she experienced through her time in the spirit world was her inability to accept that she did not have to experience that. She lived in her world of fear, guilt, and shame for what she had done to you, to her family, to herself but she did not live in a world of three-dimensional touching, feeling, objects. We would say that the best way we could describe it to you would be living in thought process.

Those on earth who are so materialistic and have such three-dimensional connections, when they cross over they are being given the opportunity to move from that connection. And they see, they know, they understand that those three-dimensional objects that you could touch and feel and hold and believe belong to you were not anything but thought processes, just as they are thought processes now in the spirit world. During a short period of time, as we have described before, humans still have that earth connection and so they still experience some of those earth connections that way. They soon move totally into their spirit self which we would again just describe to you as a thought self.

But do many of these people, for example, create an environment that they would have liked to have had on earth, such as a nice home in which they create the thought of a nice home and seemingly carry out their spiritual existence while living in that thought home?

We would say no. What they are creating is not the three-dimensional object that you are speaking of but the thought of what is in that home, what they consider that makes the home, the peace, the love, the sense of beauty. These are thought processes that are what you put into what a home is and they live in what the actual thought process of what home was to them, not the three-dimensionalness of a home or house. This is what most often we have said to you before, about how many mediums will discuss about life in heaven and how it appears to be continuing as it was on earth. And we have tried to explain to you before that this is not the way heaven is. This is the way it is often described to people who can tell you what spirit is like on the other side but part of that is in order not to frighten earth beings. So that whatever thought process you have in your mind--what home is, what home means to you, what the feeling that you feel about home is--is what you will be living in a spirit energy form, if you choose, on the other side of heaven. But you are not living in any type of three-dimensional experience.

Families upon earth such as you see happen with the John Edward show who talk about how they all know what's going on and they are aware of their families--this is true. They do and are aware but they are not connected in the sense that you think of families being connected on earth. There is no big family reunion going on in heaven all the time in total concern and connection with earth for you move beyond that though you are aware of what goes on and you can come and be a part of it. And when loved ones do cross over, you are there to share that experience and the transformation crossing over is shared in more an earthly term and experience than what happens when you move into your true spiritual life. But do not feel that in heaven you are going to see your pasture with your llamas and your tractors or whatever you feel your ideal home is, you will not have or see or experience that. What you will experience is what you think of is the essence of a home, is the essence of success, is the essence of good health, and you live in the essence of it, not in the three-dimensionality of it.

Creating environment with thought processes

How do thoughts create things that are physical?

A thought is an experience that has been manifested in the three-dimensional form. The actual manifestation from thought process to the reality as you see it is in every experience each and every one of you have. The degree to which the reality of that experience takes place and is manifested is the degree which you believe it yourself. So if you were to have a healing you can manifest that healing by connecting to your spirit consciousness and creating that, by knowing that it can be. You can have an idea, a desire, but unless you believe that it will be a reality it will not be a reality. In manifesting thought processes it is the knowledge of knowing that it can be so and to the degree which you know it can be be so is to the degree you will see that thought manifested. This is so, this is the law of the universe, and this is so with every individual, every being in all of the universe.

Can items in a spirit's environment be created entirely by thought processes?

There are really not items in any spirit conscious environment living. If a spirit chooses to experience something from its most recent past life it will do this again through a thought process that allows them to experience a three-dimensional location or experience. But there is no need for a spirit to place itself in a three-dimensional environment in its everyday existence.

Environment in heaven

Are there buildings in heaven?

No there are not.

Are there features in heaven, such as sky, ground, ocean, and trees, which are always there and not created by an individual's thoughts?

No. This is not so. An individual can create those thoughts but that is not a spirit environment or experience for all in spirit.

When a spirit first arrives in heaven what are the different earth-like experiences that they can re-create--or at least the essence of these experiences--and are there limitations on their nature?

The very first thing that is created for a spirit as it makes its transition to the spirit world is that it will move into every experience, every word, every look, every smile, every cry, every tear, every pain, every joy-everything that it ever experienced upon this earth and every individual it passed upon this earth whether it was just someone passing on the sidewalk. You will relive every single bit of that and you will be doing it not in pain, or not in guilt or not in shame. You will just be reviewing what your totality of life on earth was and to see what lessons you learned and what lessons you still have to work with, both as a spirit being and again when you are another human being.

But after your life review, what is the nature of the experiences or environment that one can create?

It will break down into several different, for lack of a better word, categories. First, you will most likely want to experience the things that you enjoyed upon life so, whether it was a garden or photography, or whatever creative forms. You will most likely put your spirit being in an environment such as that, where you are comfortable, where you see the fine-tuning in such a way as you were never able to see it upon earth. And then you will most likely have people that you would have liked to have met upon earth and did not have the opportunity. You will ask the spirit guide of your spirit, which is always with you in both spirit and human form, if permission can be granted to visit an individual who you admired and respected and received great pleasure and joy from. Not all the time is that granted because it is just the same in heaven as it is on earth--one cannot intrude upon the life of another spirit or being without the permission of that spirit or being. Again, you can create the environment that you chose to live in. Perhaps you would create an environment of something you didn't achieve in your lifetime on earth but wished you had and you will ask to experience that. So upon your first several years of life on heaven, though there is no time measurement (we can only communicate this in human form), you are able to create many pleasurable scenarios of things from the earth that you were not able to do that time. But soon that will no longer be of importance to you.

Could a spirit family grouping, for example, have decided to--through their thoughts--create an environment that might be beautiful and earthlike for them to live in?

As a spirit body they can decide that they have a background of such an experience but it is not a living experience that they are having. It would be like a collective consciousness thought that they all, because are from the same consciousness experience, would create this because it is individual thought as a collectiveness. Generally speaking, each spirit reflects what it chooses to experience.

And if one individual wants to see one environment and if an individual close to him or her in a spirit family grouping wants to see another environment, these two environments will each be seen by their individual creator.

This is true.

Next, a series of questions and spirit guide answers are presented that address broader questions about heaven and the afterlife.

Who or what is God?

You are asking the question that every person upon their journeys who ever encounters the word God will ask. God is each and every item, each and every animal, each and every rock and tree, each and every individual being. God is in everything and everyone. The connection and the journey of you as humans is to begin to understand that God is this force of energy that is in everything and that you all are. As you move in your spiritual connection, you move closer and closer to this energy of totalness of everybody. Everything on earth is just an individualized expression of who God is but the actions that individuals take are not who God is. That is the actions of the ego and personality of the individuals. As an individual crosses over once again into the spirit world they are part of the oneness that they feel more and more. It can be just the connection with the oneness of their spirit family that they have and as a group that is often the case. There is a non-individual but a oneness within.

What is the origin of our Creator/God?

If any of us both in spirit form or human form knew that answer, then we would be higher than God. We do not have an answer for you, just to know in your heart that the Creator has always been and always will be.

Can one visualize God?

One can visualize God every second of their life for you are a living individualized form of God. You can see God in babies, in children, in flowers, in the beauty of your worlds, in the love of two people together. All you have to be willing to do is to look and use your eyes from love and compassion and you will see the passion with which God has created all things. And you are one of all those things, being an extension of God.

Does God evolve as events take place in the universe and the spiritual world and as highly-evolved spirits are integrated into the oneness?

Spirits are already part of the oneness just as every human being on your earth and every being from other home base planets. Does God evolve? Again it is the question--where did the Creator come from? If we knew if God evolved, He/She/It is always pleased with the raising of consciousness of each individual upon your planet earth. But know that as you evolve you are moving closer to the Creator and as you evolve you see the evolution in your own consciousness and know that you are moving closer to the Creator. We know as individual beings that when we do things as children to please our parents the love evolves into another level. We know that every time we receive love, we receive understanding, we receive support at a level of raising our consciousness that we are being more God-like and we continue that evolution throughout all lifetimes.

Will the entire creation of God--including all the spirits, all the heavenly realms, all the physical worlds--ultimately be replaced by a new Creator and creation, just as new leaves replace old?

No. There is one Creator and one Creator only. The souls will stay. There will be no change that we know of as you are talking about.

What is the evidence for the existence of God?

We would say that you are the evidence for the existence of God. Everything around you is the evidence of the existence of God the Creator. The evidence of the love, of the generosity, of the compassion, of the forgiveness--all of these are evidence that there is God and that you are God. For as you begin to experience this compassion, as you begin to experience this love, as you begin to experience this forgiveness, you are moving in with the energies of the Creator and as you begin to experience this and understand this more in your life you then move more and more into the knowingness of the Creator and understand that all is evidence of the Creator.

When a spirit reaches a high state of oneness with God, is its personality equivalent to being dissolved into a common pool?

We tend to want to chuckle with this statement for you on earth are all so afraid of losing your own individuality and your own personality and feel that if you move into this oneness you are no longer you. But you are the oneness and in the spirit world you do not have the ego personality that you have on earth. You are a vibrating form of energy that moves more into the knowingness of what your oneness means, into knowing that you too are all that is.


What does "oneness" mean, as you use it?

Oneness means that you become knowing that you are part of one of everything. You are a manifestatation of the Creator's thought process. Every living thing and every living thought is a manifestation of the Creator of everything. When you become aware that you are connected to everyone and everything, you become aware that you and the Creator are one. That God is not the supreme being that sits up in heaven and watches over you, but that you and God are one and the same. And that is how your spiritual evolution evolves.

Levels in heaven

Can heaven be approximately represented by a finite number of levels, with the lowest levels representing the most base spirit existence and the highest representing the closest to God?

As we have said before, we do not like to think of one being in levels. Those are earth terms but in heaven as on earth, you have choices that you can make to move into more of that oneness and more of that connectiveness to the Creator. The lessons that you learn on earth in life are to love and understand and forgive and have compassion. These are all lessons that you come to earth to live. In heaven, these are all things that you become. And as you become these, these then show how you are willing to move into the knowingness of oneness. We find that using human words to describe the events you are asking about is rather difficult because of the three-dimensionalness that you live in on earth is not experienced at all in heaven. And though, as you would say on earth, there are levels of consciousness in heaven we would have to say for your terminology, yes. But once you are in heaven you would not understand it in that manner at all.

For example, would people who had the worst sort of human life, the worst experience, who are evil, who are criminal, who are hurtful, when they arrived in heaven would they be in a location that one could think of as being in a lower plane of heavenly existence?

In the eyes of God the Creator, the answer to that is no. For all are created equal. For all are part of God the Creator. In the eyes of humanness as you continue your evolution the answer to that would be yes. And that is why it is so difficult to explain to you, that no, there are no levels and yes, there are levels. For it is up to the spirit soul to choose its own understanding of its own forgiveness and its own oneness. It is not the Creator that would make you feel that you were at levels but what you as your spirit soul feel.

Vibrational levels

What does vibration mean in reference to a spirit? What is it that vibrates and how can it sensed by earthly or spiritual means?

The vibration of a spirit is translated into the areas of light that comes from the spirit. So that if you have spirits who have crossed over and have had no spiritual connection and have lived on the very dark side of life you are going to see a very little dim vibrating energy if you were looking through earth eyes. Then as individuals move from negative and bad energies that they have created and been responsible for in their life, but do have a connection with God their Creator but still have not been living very high spiritual values in their lifetime, they vibrate as a little higher one. So the levels of energy and vibration that you see have to do with the spiritual consciousness of an individual.

And the element that vibrates is the light that comes from a spirit in the spirit world?

It is the energy that comes from the spirit soul that is being transformed into a light.

Time in heaven

How does time differ between earth and heaven?

You are asking questions that are extremely difficult to describe for you on earth must have this structure, this outline, and these definitions. The best that we can describe to you is that time has no meaning whatsoever in heaven. And as you relate events and as we relate events to you from earth to heaven there really are not minutes, hours, months, days in time. But it is done in a thought process of how you choose to move and to let go and release but time has no element whatsoever in heaven.

Doesn't the very concept of spiritual growth imply that there is a time sequence in heaven--there is movement?

There is continuous movement but it is not based on time as is it on growth. And there is no limitation or those sequence of events do not take place as you on earth can see them take place from one month to two months, or one hour to two hours. It is strictly an evolution of your own spirit and the movement of vibration from one consciousness level to the next.

It's difficult to understand how there is no time in the spirit world. Don't events take place there one after the other and don't spirits evolve through some form of time?

Time does not exist. It is not measured in hours or minutes or months or days or years. It does not exist in that manner in heaven. It exists in the process of one's raising your consciousness, of working through earth experiences, and what one might take on earth five days to do once they crossed over, going through their earth experiences, it might take someone else 20 days to go through the same experiences. Again it is not the time as you associated with on earth. Also, at the end it is the individual's choice for the amount of "time" they spend in their life experiences and if they even learn the lessons from those life experiences. But there is no time in heaven. There is no measurement of time. It is just an advancement in one's level of consciousness. As an individual spirit you could use your events, if you chose, as time elements but rarely is that done, because it is so difficult to explain to you the feelings, the experiences, that one shares on the other side. So therefore it's very difficult to tell you that there is a time. Yes, there is a change of events but they're not registered as time.

Time travel for spirits

Is time travel possible for spirits?

Spirit always lives within at all times every aspect of every being it ever was. So, time travel in the sense that you think of it on earth, is a continuous experience of every spirit soul being as they progress more and more into being their own spirit soul.

Do they travel into the future equally as they may travel into the past with respect to earth time?

It is not as though they travel. It is just an ongoing process that is always there. You merge into all that you were and that all that you were is a continuous part of all that you are at that time. Time travel into spirit being in essence does not take place, for there is no time as a spirit soul.

What is the ability of spirits to see the future?

We will take this question based on the general populace, so to speak, of spirits versus spirit teachers and guides. Within the earth family the spirit has just shared, it can often see, not in the sense that we see, but in the sense that it can telepathically feel events that are going to take place in its loved one's lives, so it can often become a guardian angel, if the need would arise to be there with that individual's guardian angel to help protect them. It can be there ahead of a crisis, an accident, to help the loved one make a crossing over so that it will know ahead of time when that loved one is going to be making its crossing over. Oftentimes when a child is to be born to their loved ones it will have been given a view of the spirit child before it incarnates in its new life. There are times when it will have seen enough into loved ones' immediate future to help give it a warning or to nudge it in another direction. But as far as individuals seeing into the future of what is going to be taking place in world events or universal events, they are not able to experience this future.

Would, for example, my father in heaven have the ability to look forward to my time of death rather than my time as it exists right now?

No. That is an invasion of your own energy and again spirits do not move forward--do not trespass upon another individual's energies. They do become aware when the time is drawing near that this will be taking place for you, but for your father now to jump into your life and move ahead 22, 25, 35 years and witness all that is going to be taking place in your life in that period of time is not something that he would do.

Since there is no time in Heaven, does a spirit there know what will happen in all of its future lives on earth?

No. This moves into again human thought processes versus being a spirit. It is not important for the spirit to know what it will be doing next. But as the spirit life begins to unfold to higher consciousness it will become more and more aware of events that will be happening in both the human world and the spirit world.

Creation of souls

How are souls or spirits created?

You are asking a question that is beyond even our own understanding and knowledge. The best that we can describe to you how a soul is created--it is an extended image and thought process from the Creator itself. Any object or nature that you experience within your earth is also a creative thought process from the Creator and you as higher conscious beings have also the ability to experience this creative thought process. Because you are in essence the Creator itself and as you evolve, you become aware of that oneness. And so the best we can describe it is as though you are an individualized thought process of the Creator.

Do you believe that ourselves as spirits and indeed you as spirits have existed for all time as far as we are concerned or was there possibly some point at which it is felt we were created, say, after other souls were created?

The best understanding that we have is that all creation has always existed and it is just manifested as the Creator perceives a thought process and then it becomes manifested.

And in heaven itself, to your knowledge, there is not a place that one would call a nursery where extremely infant souls would initially have been created and go through their first stages of spirit life, helped by other spirits whose job it is to work in the nursery?

We know that there are young spirit souls. We unfortunately do not know the whole process of how a soul moves from its creative time into its reality time.

Dissolution of spirits

Are there any circumstances that could cause a spirit in heaven to be dissolved and no longer exist?

That would be saying to you on earth--if you have a thought can you dissolve that thought and that thought no longer exist? Once a thought has been created it is naturally manifested and is there for all time and all being.

So if a spirit has shown that by coming back to earth many, many times and in each case demonstrating evil propensity, evil acts, and having no growth in consciousness at any time it is in the spirit world, there is no form of heaven recognizing that this particular spirit entity is not growing and perhaps shouldn't be around?

It is a form of energy. This form of energy can be at many different levels. The form of energy that you are describing is at a very low vibrational consciousness. As you on earth know, energy is never destroyed. It moves into another form. An individual who as you described is given free will the same as any spirit form. And it can continue to return, time and time again, at that same level of consciousness. But after many lifetimes of being such an individual, it generally will not return. It is given free choice and free will in heaven as on earth and will not return and will remain within this extremely low functioning energy and as on earth the same as in heaven will continue to feel a lacking within its entire being. And on earth and in heaven there are many beings who are not complete and have not moved beyond low, low levels of energy vibration and will remain there.

If a spirit wants to be destroyed (or erased from existence), will it be able to? Would God allow it to?

The question you are asking, the answer to it is simply no. A spirit will not be destroyed. It may reincarnate in other forms, but it will not be destroyed.

Spiritual evolution

How does a spirit evolve into higher levels of spiritual development?

Returning to earth gives them an accelerated way of doing this and as a being returns to experience lower dimensional levels of energy they are placed in situations and experiences that will allow them to see the experiences from a higher consciousness, regardless of how extreme they appear to be on earth. And how that being reacts to these experiences and connects or does not connect to the spiritual aspect of what is happening in their life, that determines how quickly they will move within their spirit soul world. Because in heaven you are not given those experiences your spiritual consciousness does not evolve as quickly as it can through the life experiences in a three-dimensional or more earth-bound experience.

Under what circumstances would a spirit ascend to heaven after death and never reincarnate again?

There are several reasons that this could be so. Number one is that the spirit has just returned to heaven and said I do not want to go to earth school any more. I am where I want to be. I do not want to evolve any more. I have no more questions. This is usually done out of frustration and their lack of ability to really know their spirit selves. It is done out of laziness in many cases, where again there is very little spiritual consciousness in the human being. And there could be spirits who have evolved and evolved and evolved from many lifetimes who have reached a level of not needing to return to earth and will continue their spiritual growth from their spirit self in heaven.

Who decides what level of spiritual consciousness you have and whether or not growth has taken place?
You do. You as the human, you as the spirit. It does not matter what the experience is. If you connect to your oneness, if you connect to the love, if you connect to the trust, if you connect to the faith, if you connect to the forgiveness, if you connect to releasing of all the fears, these are the avenues that help you move and evolve into higher levels of consciousness.

Are all spirits equal, or is there a hierarchical ranking among them?

Spirits are at higher consciousness levels. They are not aware of the understanding that you on earth have of there being someone better than them. That is not an experience in heaven. They are aware of their consciousness and who and where they are but they do not drain their value by appearing to envy the positions of other spirits, such as many of you do upon earth as you worship many athletes, entertainers, ministers, people who you put in higher places than where you see yourself. This does not happen in heaven.

Gender of spirits

Do spirits have gender? Are they male or female?

No, they do not. Just as the Creator is not male or female, in your human world you associate an individual and identify it as male or female for procreation but in the spirit world the energies are not one or the other. For you as an individual have been both male and female and those energies come together as one.

What is the difference between masculine and feminine energy of a spirit?

There is no difference between the masculine and feminine. Every individual upon earth has been both male and female and, generally speaking, as it is on earth it is not in heaven because one does not dominate the other. They work together as positive energy helping you to create the highest level of consciousness that you have.

But what distinguishes masculine from feminine? What is the meaning of those words in heaven?

In heaven it has no meaning. It is just the combination of one's totality, one's that they have been on earth. There is no difference between feminine and masculine in heaven in the way that you are looking for answers.

Does a spirit's gender during incarnations tend to be similar over many lifetimes on earth? For example, have I been a male for most of my incarnations?

Again, generally speaking, yes, one incarnates as mainly one or the other of your genders. But often-times there will be a miscalculation, and you will find some individuals that know they are not the gender that their body says they are and they know beyond a shadow of a doubt they are male energy and not female energy or vice versa. This does not happen often but it is happening more and more in your world.

Name of spirits

Do we have a name when we get to heaven?

There is no identification of a name on an individual. If you had a name when you went to heaven, you would have a name of every soul that you ever were upon earth. There is a form of identification which is very difficult to explain in the three-dimensional world. It is not even an identification, it is a form of just knowing who you are as that spirit.

Pets in heaven

Do the spirits of earthly pets accompany their earthly masters in heaven?

There is an animal heaven as well as a being heaven. When on earth a human has shared a deep loving relationship with a beloved pet and that pet has crossed over before that human, it is always there to greet them. No matter how many they were, they will be there to greet them and help them acclimate to this new spirit life. If a human crosses over before their pet does, they too will be there to help greet and welcome the spirit soul of this beloved animal companion.

But after the greeting may take place, do the pets live with their masters for long periods in heaven?

No, they do not. They have their own place in heaven and their own evolution that they are experiencing about lessons they learned on earth and they too choose to evolve and when they reincarnate back on earth as pets how they will become even more loving and more connected to their humans. Because a spirit soul vibrates at a much higher level of energy the love and companionship shared with its animals will always be felt as well as the love and companionship that is shared with other humans as well.

After a pet who has crossed over has moved to its final animal location, can the previous human owner who has also crossed over continue to see that pet?

This is so, yes. It is seen in the spirit world as the unconditional love it provided the human on earth and is seen with thankfulness and gratefulness from the human spirit to the animal spirit. This does not mean they continue the same relationship they had as they were on earth but there is a connection that will always be there just as there is with your humans.

Do sometimes spirits in family groups go visit the pet that they may have had on earth when they are in heaven?

Again this is a question that is stuck in the three-dimensional life. It is not necessary for a family group member to move in the respect of going and visiting the animal kingdom. Nor is it necessary for the animal to leave the animal kingdom to come and visit. That is the best we can say to you at this time for it is very difficult to explain to you how energy vibrates at a level much higher and much differently than the three-dimensional level you are so much accustomed to being a part of.

A council in heaven

Is there a council which directs activities in heaven?

There is a council in heaven. Does it direct activities in heaven? No. Again you are an individual spirit with choices that you get to make and those choices are not guided or directed by any one other than your own thought process or with the thought that you would go to a spirit teacher guide in heaven and ask for that guidance. But a council--there is a council but not in the context that you are speaking of.

What context is it, or what does the council do, if you could describe that?

This council is a council of the highest spiritual beings. It is a council where spirit guides and teachers go to ask questions such as the one you are now asking, that we often do not have answers to. It is the council of highest spiritual oneness and a council of the highest vibrational force before one moves into their total oneness with the Creator.

And would that be at a higher spiritual level than an archangel?

Most definitely.

Dual spirit life

Can spirits have a dual life, one part in heaven and one part on earth at the same time?

Again, this is what we mentioned to you earlier about the essences of your earth past lives remaining in heaven but as a spirit soul you are only one individual living upon earth at this time.

Physical location of heaven

How can humans think about the location of heaven? Does it share space with the real earth and with other planets so that the spirits from these planetary sources have a geometric tie with them? In other words, is there any geometric relationship between heaven and the real world as we see it in our three dimensional life?

Out of all the questions that you have asked, this is probably the most difficult and most confusing to describe. Heaven is not a solid mass or a planet as earth or other planets where beings live. The best we could describe it to you is to think of a mass of space such as your blue sky with white clouds where little beams of light are continuously vibrating at different energy levels. And as you see these different energy levels you see a different brightness coming forth. There is a constant vibration of energy taking place, a constant movement of light. Yet the spirit who has crossed over does not feel as though it is missing anything in its spirit life and can look upon earth or other planets, other existences, from where it is in its place in what you on earth call heaven.

But then is it true that there is no, for example taking the planet earth, there is no portion of heaven that seems to be greatly tied with planet earth as opposed to being tied to planet Mars, or some planet circling around a far-away star?

On any planet where there are beings that are living and evolving, there is always a deeper connection with heaven than there are planets that do not have beings living on them for this is greatly important to have that connection with all spirit souls living not just on earth but on all planets. So, yes, heaven has more of a contact with planets where there are living beings than heaven does with planets where there are no living beings. Heaven is an energy field out in the universe and has no locational relationship whatsoever to any planets within your solar system.

But they are not in the same geographical reference, if you like. There is no feeling apart from the ties, feeling of closeness or sharing space with humans on earth as far as heaven is concerned. Heaven is another set of dimensions and not sharing the three-dimensional space.

This is true. You could look at heaven--if you needed your three-dimensional visualization you could look at heaven as a gigantic sphere with these vibrations of energy and coming from it you could call sunbeams, lifelines that connect to the planets where beings live. That is what oftentimes those of you might call the white tunnel because that is heaven's connection and the way to see that the Creator continues to stay connected to whatever beings He has created.

Will the evolving earthly theory of higher dimension spaces (and this is the theory that is being developed by physicists in order to understand earthly phenomena that seemed to go beyond three-dimensional things)--will that theory eventually provide a better means of describing the location of heaven?

The answer to that is no. There is no way to describe the location of heaven.

Evil in heaven

Could there be spirits that are evil?

The Creator never creates an imperfect creation, whether it be man or animal. You are moving into areas that are beyond what you see in three dimensions. You are moving into levels of spirituality of the Creator itself. The Creator never creates any imperfection. All are born at the same time with equality. The circumstances that a soul is born and moves into, whether it be in earth or other parts of the universe, are events which will alter its consciousness. It can move into extreme negative energies and experiences that will create the impression that it is a bad individual, a bad seed of a child. This individual, regardless of what they have done in their past or current experience, has the opportunity and choice to move out of those negative energy fields, and to move from a dark experience into a lighter experience.

Every individual experiences a darker and a lighter side of life in every experience they have. It is their choice of what they choose to remain in or how they choose to move forward. Every individual makes the choice prior to their three-dimensional or universal experience of what their current incarnation will be. It is agreed upon before that incarnation takes place but they are given choices in that incarnation to move into the light and into goodness and love. Sometimes they do not choose to do that so that when they cross over into the spirit world again they must experience as everyone does all the events that have taken place. As on earth they have a choice to move into a higher consciousness and work through those lessons at a much different level than they were on earth. Many individuals cannot move from that darkness or are not willing to move to do the work as they were not willing on earth. So what you would see as an impure spirit is one that is trying to move through those dark shadows and those dark energies. It does not mean that they are evil and that they will create evil spiritual experiences for other spirits but they might choose never to move out of the darkness they are living in.

I'm going to read one description of the afterlife that has been put forward and I'd like to get your judgment as to whether or not this is accurate: " Evil people, instead of experiencing the tunnel and bright light upon death, are sent through what has been called the "Left Door" and enter into an abyss of empty, joyless, nothingness for a brief period of time. After they have reflected upon their actions, they are reincarnated back to earth." Does that correspond to the reality for evil people?

God does not distinguish between what you on earth call good people and evil people, persons whose actions have brought about pain and fear. When those spirits cross over they are going to experience all of that in any form just as any other person would crossing over. Your life review is the place where you will see and feel all the pain that you have created upon the earth, all the hatred you have created on earth. You will observe all of these things in your life review for you are not yet totally detached from the human being part of you until you have completely gone through this life review and experience everything that you have ever done to anyone and everyone and know what they have experienced because of you.

And thus the experience I read is not accurate?

This is correct. For this person will be going through their own grave, dark feelings when they observe what they have done to other individuals as well as the good things that have happened in their life and the good that they have done for others.

Existence of the devil and Lucifer

Does the devil actually exist as an active enemy of God and associated with that, does Lucifer exist and if so what is his role in heaven?

Yes--Lucifer exists but Lucifer exists in the thought process that one lives on a daily basis in their lives. In the spirit process, no. Lucifer does not live except for the fact of how and where you are consciously placing your thoughts and experiencing events as you do. You create the image of a devil without understanding that the energies that you choose to be a part of on earth are the same energies that you would be experiencing as a spirit. So if your involvement in life consists of a devil or a Lucifer you will find that in the spirit world, though you have been told in pictures this evil energy and form, it is only within yourself that it truly exists and you will then have the ability to remove that negative energy from yourself and ask for forgiveness and the ability to move forward.

Spirit population

How many spirit souls live in heaven?

There is no way we can give you a number of spirit souls that live in heaven. Suffice to say that there are many for it is not only earth souls who live there but spirit souls from many other universes.

Uniqueness of God

Is there a different God for every universe under a single Creator?


Information storage in the universe

How is information about earthly historical events, major and minor, stored in the universe?

The Creator is aware of every single event, every individualized thought, and for purposes of this question you could visualize the Creator being this gigantic storeroom of knowledge. And, as well, as each individual spirit that moves into its spirit soul, it too carries the experiences of its life. And this is all a form of consciousness of events that have taken place within your world as well as those from other worlds.

Is it possible for people to access a centralized repository of such information? Is there what some have called a Hall of Records, a place in heaven where all this information is carried, beyond that which is carried by each individual about their own past lives?

Well, as a Hall of Records as you on earth would visualize it, no, there is not a hall that you would go to that would have computer archives or fiche information such as there is in libraries but there is a collective consciousness of all experiences. If an individual wishes to tap into this past archive, it is just a thought process that will allow them to do so and oftentimes as an individual is moving forward in their consciousness and learning their lessons they will often move into a thought process of an event, no matter how large or how small, that had taken place in your see how that event affected their consciousness and their conscious evolution.

And this would be an example of information that that spirit did not have, carrying along with in their own existence, but were able to "tap into" in order to draw upon?

This is so. Oftentimes an event will take place somewhere in the world that triggers a domino effect totally unbeknownst to an individual but will change that individual's consciousness. For many things take place not only in your world but in other worlds and, on a level beyond your current dimensional understanding, affect you as you are a living being within your world.

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