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Alyssa Cruise

By:Alyssa Cruise
Date: Fri,06 Oct 2017
Submitter:Alyssa Cruise

It is my aim as a writer, speaker and Lifestyle Coach to provide you with content that uplifts and inspires you in a refreshing way.

Through my videos, blogs, magazine articles and books, my aim is to empower you to live the lifestyle you truly want! By allowing you to walk your path by being your authentic self. Sometimes we all need a helping hand. Whether this is to learn more about how to nourish your body, connect with your higher self, or build your confidence. I am here to help you.

I have years of experience and have been honoured enough to help many beautiful people, just as unique and awesome as you. But like with all of our free will choices, we have to allow the help to happen. If you’ve read this far, you’ve already taken that first step.
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One of THE most influential planets is undoubtedly Saturn, located in its home zone since December 2017. Each year Saturn slams on the brakes and goes into a 5 1/2 month retrograde, and this year this...Read More
Thu,25 Apr 2019
From time to time the whole concept of Ophiucus comes up in the media, with decractors of astrology saying the 13th Zodiac sign proves the whole concept is flawed. True or false? The signs of the z...Read More
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The most vibrant New Moon of the year occurs in Aries. The blend of the Sun and the Moon in the zodiac’s first sign gives us a wonderful platform to rejuvenate and refresh. This is Perfect for a detox...Read More
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Fri,06 Oct 2017
It is my aim as a writer, speaker and Lifestyle Coach to provide you with content that uplifts and inspires you in a refreshing way. Through my videos, blogs, magazine articles and books, my aim i...Read More
Fri,06 Oct 2017
Hello, and welcome to this week's Oracle Card Reading for WC 9th October 2017. This week can see us paying attention to our dreams, and feeling more secure in who we are; as we begin to trust in o...Read More
Mon,02 Oct 2017
Hello, and welcome to this week's Oracle Card Reading for WC 2nd October, 2017. This week sees us using our intuition to help guide our path leading us to brand new beginnings. Romance and self-l...Read More
Fri,29 Sep 2017
Hello, and welcome to October's Oracle Card Reading. This month can see us starting new cycles within our lives and setting clear intentions, as well as asserting our willpower to create the life we...Read More
Thu,21 Sep 2017
Learn From The Past. What lessons can we learn from our past experiences? Are there any pearls of wisdom we forgot to collect along the way? Join Alyssa in her latest nature chats video as she sha...Read More
Thu,20 Jul 2017
In this video we will talk about 3 key ways to develop a Money Mindset. This is all about investing in yourself too, so you can apply these tips to all areas of your life! Alyssa is a Lifestyle ...Read More
Wed,14 Jun 2017
Do animals have a soul? I remember my grandfather telling me a story of how he got into trouble at school as a boy, for being adamant about animals having a soul. One day in class the teacher wa...Read More
Wed,07 Jun 2017
Join Alyssa in her interview with the talented Thomas Mooneagle! Find Thomas on YouTube @Thomasmooneagle and on Thomas is a shamanic teacher, Thai Chi instructor and in...Read More
Thu,25 May 2017
A Spiritual Interview with Alyssa Cruise: SpiridiumCircle© Talk Radio Alyssa is a holistic life coach, writer, speaker and angel card reader. She is co-founder of Holistic Angels. Rev. Raven ...Read More
Tue,09 May 2017
Keep the passion lit, and maintain it to bring joy into your life. ...Read More
Wed,19 Apr 2017
Welcome to Part Two of this mini-series of grounding, shielding and cord cutting. In this video we share with you spiritual life hacks, on how to shield yourself energetically. Alyssa started ...Read More
Wed,05 Apr 2017
Welcome to Part one of this mini-series of grounding, shielding and cord cutting. In this video we share with you spiritual life hacks, on how to feel more grounded connected and centered. Aly...Read More
Tue,21 Mar 2017
Overview – Let’s talk about death. In this video Alyssa shares with you a freestyle spiritual chats video about death. This video is simply a spiritual conversation about Alyssa’s personal ideas...Read More
Tue,21 Mar 2017
Overview – Let’s talk about death. In this video Alyssa shares with you a freestyle spiritual chats video about death. This video is simply a spiritual conversation about Alyssa’s personal ideas...Read More
Mon,13 Mar 2017
Overview – How to believe in yourself – Spiritual Life Hacks Step 1 Achievement – Make a note of your achievements fully, keep a journal highlighting this. Step 2 Celebrate the win! – Celebrate ...Read More
Wed,08 Mar 2017
~Overview. The divine feminine, mother, goddess or Earth mother energy is one of beauty. This energy is applicable to both sexes and is not gender specific, but rather is a part of encompassing the ...Read More
Fri,24 Feb 2017
Welcome to this week's Spiritual Life Hack - Being Happy! Today I share with you 3 tips that have helped me on my own personal journey. We can take active steps towards changing the way we are feeli...Read More
Wed,08 Feb 2017
Marriage, bringing together our conscious and subconscious mind, in order to manifest our will into reality. Magical Mind Marriage! - The conscious & subconscious Alyssa is a spiritual coach, ...Read More

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