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Astrology History Shows Earths Soul Journey and Possible Future in 2012

By:Sandra Weaver
Date: Fri,08 Jan 2010
Submitter:Sandra Weaver

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Ancient Stargazer

Astrology history records the cycles of earth's journey since the 3rd Millennium B.C. These cycles show how we've been led divinely to this point of choice prior to 2012. What are the choices? Will we individually fight to stay with what we know...or listen to the call of our spirit to move in the direction of our hearts.

Astrology's history began when our ancient ancestors noticed dramatic changes in the night sky. Patient observation revealed something peculiar. Each planet appeared to exhibit certain character traits or effects when they were closer to the earth. These tendencies repeated when a particular planet was again dominating the night sky. There had to be a divine reason.

Astrology History and its Stargazers

Astrology's history didn't evolve from just one place. Ancient cultures all over the world were lured by the night sky like they were consciously connected. Hmmmm! Astrology was practiced in the Middle East and Europe; India; China and East Asia; and Mesoamerica. Each one had there own unique form of astrology. But, their interpretations were uncannily similar. From these centers, astrology's history spread to the rest of the world.

Our ancient ancestors surmised their very lives were in some mysterious way governed by the changes in the night sky. These changes were caused by precession of the equinoxes, and the gravitational pull from other planets.

Precession occurs because of the earth's wobbly axis of rotation. The earth's tilted axis is thought to be caused by an asteroid hitting the earth’s surface around 9500 BC. This event caused catastrophic earth changes that we are just discovering now. Metaphorically, this tilt change could represent humanities first internal shift away from our spiritual beginnings and the starting point of reliance on the ego mind.

Each planet in our solar system, as recorded by astrology history, was the dwelling place of a known god created through observation. Some were gentle and nurturing, while others were wrathful. These ancient stargazers came to realize that some stars moved and others were stationary. The wandering stars were actually planets in our solar system.

Astrology has Suffered an on Again off Again Existence Throughout Astrology's History

Astrology fell out of favor in the mid-seventeenth century, when man decided he was greater than God with the onset of scientific dominance. It was here that the separation because our masculine and feminine aspects widened, with the masculine dominating. Nature, a symbol of our feminine aspect, before was considered at one with phenomena that happened in the universe and was considered sacred.

But, nature’s loss of power caused astrology to fall with it. With the fall of nature out of favor, so continued the fall of man away from divinity. Astrology soon split from astronomy, which became a new science. This demonized and corrupted astrology’s history as a useful prediction tool driving it underground.

Thousands of people over astrology's history have died trying to keep it alive. Somehow it endured after centuries of secret underground practice, and gained in popularity. Unfortunately, this caused the normal checks and balance approach to any tool to be foregone, which only eroded astrology’s reputation and accuracy further. Fantasy and true revelation became hard to distinguish between, and many were hurt by inaccurate predictions.

There are Three Main Elements in all Horoscopes or Charts, Which Haven’t Changed Throughout Astrology History:

1. THE SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC: The 12 divisions of a constellation of stars that circle the earth. These constellations follow a path known as the ecliptic, which is the line our Sun traces around the earth every year. This is different then the equator. Where the two lines intersect marks the spring and autumn equinoxes, which is the first day of these seasons. When these two lines are the farthest apart, you have midsummer and midwinter solstices. If you project the ecliptic out into the sky and widen it to 8 degrees the strip of different constellations the Sun passes through each month, is known as the zodiac. Three thousand years ago the sun rose in Aries on the spring equinox. Since then it’s moved to Pisces, and is now moving into Aquarius.

The Age of Aquarius slated to begin soon, asks us to leave the values of, "money, power and control," and more towards the new values of, "love, brotherhood, unity and integrity." The changing of Ages, represents humanities move from the solar plexus chakra (change) to the heart chakra (love).

2. THE PLANETS: A planet or other orb rules each zodiacal sign. They are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Each has it’s own distinct character traits and tendencies.

3. THE HOUSES: Like the constellations of the zodiac, there are twelve houses. But instead of being divisions of the sky, they are divisions of the earth’s surface projected in the sky. This concept of houses came into being early in astrology history. Astrologers decided there must be significance to the constellation over the eastern horizon at the time of birth. They called it the "Ascendant", or rising sign.

The sign on the meridian, the sign on the western horizon, the "Descendant", and the sign immediately below the meridian also had importance. The areas between these points were then divided into three sections each, making a total of 12. The exact time of birth is necessary to figure out a person’s house.

The planets are the dominant forces of astrology, which interact with the less potent zodiacal signs. It’s through the zodiac signs that the planets have their affects. The houses, represent specific areas of everyday living and determine in which aspect of life these forces become apparent.

Deep Inside, We All, Question Our Very Existence. Astrology and Astrology History Attempts to Make Sense Out of Life

Virtually, every ancient culture believed in something greater than them. There must be something more to life than birth, struggle, and death. This wondering spurred their curiosity and search for a connection to the rest of the universe. They all looked to the heavens for answers. Innately, we all know we've strayed, and yearn to reconnect with our divine beginnings.

All religions including Christianity use aspects of astrology history in their teachings. Jesus was resurrected on the Spring Equinox, which was celebrated long before he existed. Christmas falls at the time of the Winter Equinox.

Where Did Astrology Have its Beginnings?

Astrology history shows it's earliest beginnings in Mesopotamia, now modern day Iraq. Mesopotamia became one of the birthplaces of civilization in the third millennium BC. Babylonia is a direct offshoot of Sumerian or Mesopotamian culture. Astrology and astrology history was considered of enough importance in Babylonia that a man’s formal education included a study of the heavens.

Charting the seasons through stargazing was one of the earliest forms of astrology history to be found. Astrology-priest-scientists of early Mesopotamia needed accurate records of the cosmos in order to perform rituals, and to time planting and harvesting. The charting of astrology's history over time was the answer.

Astrology history was one of two chief means for the priest to figure out the will or intent of the gods. Inspecting the liver of a sacrificial animal for omens was the other. These ancient priests believed that the liver of a sacrificed animal was the seat of it's soul. It identified or reflected the mind or will of the gods to send a message to them.

Babylonian boundary stones contained the earliest forms of writing called cumeiform. These stones have given us the bulk of our knowledge about Babylonian law, medicine, religion, poetry, astronomy and astrology. It was the job of Babylonian astrology-priest-scientists to scan the sky and the earth to alert the rulers of any possible bad omens. They were looking outside of themselves for answers to their problems.

The Mysteries of the Night Sky Take Shape and Meaning

The constellations of the zodiac are made up of 36 of the brightest stars. The ancient luminaries visualized constellations from these stars taking shape in the sky as a lion (Leo), a scorpion (Scorpio), a goat with a fish tail (Capricorn), and a hippocentaur (Sagittarius). The personalities of these constellations came about based on observation and most likely the character traits of the shapes envisioned.

A series of 68 tablets dating back to 1600 BC, the old way of Anu, explained Babylonian's astrology history. The information gleaned from these tablets is used even today to show the path of the zodiac.

The twelve zodiac symbols didn't all come about in Babylonia. According to astrology history, the twelve zodiac symbols are a group effort between Mesopotamia, Greece, Babylonia and Egypt. The entire earth seemed to be aware of the changing cycles of the universe throughout astrology history.

Personalizing Astrology Caused its Popularity to Spread

Astrology history shows that a birthday horoscope was not conceived of until the end of the Chaldean empire in 626 to 539 BC. At this time an individual's birth date became a suitable method of devising their fate. The personal horoscope based on time and place of a birth came into being so that each child born on a given day didn't have the same future. Astrology history shows that this individualizing was based on the degree of the ecliptic rising above the eastern horizon at the exact moment of birth.

"If a child is born when Venus rises, his life will be calm and pleasurable; wherever he goes he will be loved; his days shall be long. If a child is born when Jupiter is rising and Mars is setting, he will have happiness, and will see the downfall of his enemy." But," If a child is born when Mars is rising and Jupiter setting, later on the hand of his enemy will take him captive." The Encyclopedia of Astrology, Sandra Shulman

The Greeks Developed Astrology to a Great Extent, to Where it is Today.

The Greeks saw the twenty-four hour day as a microcosm of a year. They divided it into "twelve houses" that gave a separate and detailed meaning, which has virtually stayed the same today. Adjustments are made to a personal horoscope through the houses, which are fixed.

Astrology History Zodiac Symbols

Astrology's history records show our ancestors believed certain planets ruled each sign. This greatly influenced their characteristics. The moon governs the sign Cancer. The sun affects Leo. Both are the warmest months, and these are the two closest planets and stars.

Capricorn and Aquarius go with Saturn because they are the coldest. Saturn was the farthest planet at that time from the Sun. Jupiter, next closest in, rules Sagittarius and Pisces the next two signs from either direction. Mars rules Scorpio and Aries. Mercury closest to the sun rules Gemini and Virgo. Venus two signs from the sun rules Libra and Taurus.

Uranus, Pluto and Neptune were not discovered till later. But, Uranus now goes with Aquarius. Neptune relates to Pisces and Pluto affects Scorpio. Each planet had it's own character traits, which the person was either affected and controlled by, or they used the energy for a greater purpose and learned to transcend it's effects.

It was the Greeks That Divided the Zodiac into Quadruplicities Namely the Three Different Crosses:

MUTABLE CROSS: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces
FIXED CROSS: Leo, Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius
CARDINAL CROSS: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn

The different crosses represent the soul's journey back to its spiritual beginnings. Different challenges are associated with each cross. More will be covered on crosses and elementals in my article on Esoteric Astrology. This form of astrology is used to guide and chart the individual on the path of illumination. A closer look shows that each cross contains a sign from one of the four seasons.

The Triplicities are associated with the four elements of the earth:

FIRE: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
EARTH: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
AIR: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
WATER: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The Greeks took the astrology history of the Babylonians and expanded it. They accomplished this through observation, philosophy, numerology, and a deep inner knowing. When Egypt entered the astrology arena, along with the Greeks, they took astrology history far beyond its Babylonian beginnings.

Next to the remains of Hermes, the Greek patron deity of medicine, a tablet with this inscription was discovered:

"It is true, without falsehood, certain and very real,
That that which is on high is that which is below,
And that which is below is as that which is on high,
In order that the miracle of Unity may be very perpetual."

So what does this statement mean? Our ancient ancestors truly believed that what happened in the cosmos in the night sky, happened on the earth below. They reflected each other. God in his infinite wisdom was trying to show us ourselves to lead us back home to our divine beginnings.

"As Above...So Below."

By the Second Century BC, Astrology and the Reading of the Stars had Spread to Rome

Astrology history shows that by Roman times Egypt had evolved as the foremost center for the study of astrology around the third century BC. But Egyptian astrology is actually a combination of Greek and Babylonian beliefs. Hermes and the Egyptian Thoth are counterparts. Both are the patron deities of medicine. This was the beginning of medical astrology.

Astrology readings by the Chadleans were banned in Rome not long before Jesus. Sending this tool underground, only served to make it more popular. With different Roman rulers, astrology history went back and forth till it got to the point of frenzy as Rome was falling. Everyone wanted to know what the future held.

Christianity Makes Attempts to Demonize Astrology to Bring an End to Astrology's History

It's interesting that the Old Testament talks very little about astrology and astrology history, other than to advise people against it. I feel this is a direct result of the demonizing of nature. But, the bible itself is loaded with astrological/numerological influences.

The Cabbala was the most famous Jewish writings to affect astrology. It shared the beliefs of Pythagoras and Aristotle on planetary correspondence. Twelve of the thirty-two Paths are given zodiacal and planetary connections. The zodiac represented stages the human souls had to travel to gain realization.

An astrological reading caused King Nimrod to order all newborn baby boys killed. Nimrod's astrologers saw in the heavens that a child would soon be born who would eventually destroy the supremacy of their religion. That child was Abraham. His mother hid him in a cave to save his life.

Much confusion, denouncing, and demonizing of astrology history occurred during the time of St. Augustine in earlier Christianity. He never outright banned it though. Plato attempted to reconcile the rift growing between Christianity and astrology by saying: "The active cause is the soul, the inspirations of the great animating spirit." His theory was that God was the supreme influence and the stars didn't "cause" events on earth. They merely reflected what happened on earth.

Astrology Made a Comeback in Europe in About the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries

After a period of falling out of favor, astrology history peaks the interest of the masses again. Once this happened astrology was divided into agriculture, alchemy, the science of images, the science of mirrors, illusion or magic, and necromancy.

Gaurice, an astrologer had warned Henry II of France to avoid single combat during his forty-first year because of a possible head injury that would kill or mane him. He shrugged it off, but Catherine his wife did not. She talked to Nostradamus about the prediction. Nostradamus confirmed the possibilities. Three years later Henry was accidentally slain through the eye.

Dr. John Dee (1527-1608) was one of the most renowned astrologers in his day. He was imprisoned when he prophesied against Mary Tudor's reign as queen. Instead he said her sister Elizabeth would be queen. Elizabeth did in fact become queen, granting Dee's release from prison, most likely for his favorable prediction.

In 1610 Galileo discovered four new planets, which were actually Jupiter's satellites or moons. It was through this same invention, the telescope, which helped Galileo sight these moons that Uranus was discovered in 1718. At first astrologers were dismayed by these new arrivals, but eventually they declared Uranus the ruler of Aquarius.

William Lilly, a prominent English astrologer predicted in the 17th century the Great Fire of London in 1666. He was arrested on suspicion that he had started the fire, but was acquitted when he convinced the courts it was his well-developed astrological skills that made his prediction so accurate.

In 1846 astrology history took another turn. Neptune came on the scene, which astrologers connected with Pisces. Later, in 1930 Pluto was discovered. Astrologers connected it with Aries.

During the nineteenth century, Cabbalistic numerology, medieval magic and astrology managed to become mixed up together. Astrology was already based on precise mathematics, and its reputation really didn't need to be connected with magic.

It was in the nineteenth century that astrology history took a different turn. Astrology was no longer something a person had to "see" an astrologer to get a reading. Now anyone could read their own stars in a number of publications. They could even create their own birth charts.

One who published such a manual for public use was Zadkiel (real name, Richard James Morrison). He achieved a fair amount of success with circulation of about 200,000 with his publication "Grammar of Astrology." Zadkiel was a crystal-gazer, which was the source of many of his predictions. His track record was not great, but when he did hit on one, his circulation would rise again.

Morrison was a member of the Mercurii, which was the first astrological society established since the seventh century.

It was also about this time that a blending of biblical symbolism and the mysticism of regular astrology occurred. In fact Frances Rolleston, the publisher of "Mazzaroth" wrote about the zodiacal references in the Bible. This showed how astrology's history had penetrated even there.

Karl Anderson, mentioned in his publication "Astrology of the Old Testament", about the mystical fusion of astrology and Freemasonry. He also linked the zodiac with the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

Helena Blavatsky Brought Astrology to a Level of Respectability in 1875

Madame Blavatsky refined the idea that each zodiacal sign had a separate planetary ruler. Astrology history became acceptable and respected in England because of her concepts. Through the use of precise mathematical calculations her methods assessed the human character rather than predicted the future.

Another Theosophical astrologer Will Allen (known as Alan Leo), believed, "that every man derives his will power from a planetary sphere of influences which he used or abused. Through this sphere he can overcome evil tendencies, and control his animal nature.

Astrology history teaches that "Character is Destiny, also that the Wise Man rules his Stars, while the fool obeys them."

How Astrology Influenced the Two World Wars

Astrology flourished during the First World War, with everyone anxious to know what the future would bring. Dr. W. Gorn-Old, known as Sepharial made this prediction in 1915, "an Aquarian Age of a liberated humanity...marked by beneficent (sympathetic and considerate) Communism. The millennium would occur in 2449, but before that there was to be "the great climacteric (a period in life marked by change), which lasts form 1991 to 1997, and which ensanguines (covers with blood through battle), the whole of the East..." The period of change did escalate during his time period, and continues as we approach the end of the current Great Cycle, and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. But the big escalation occurred in early 1999.

Astrology History Takes a Leap in the Twentieth Century

We've come a long way in astrology history. People were once burned at the stake for their astrological beliefs. But, astrology was slow to take hold in North America. It was astrologist Evangeline Adams who won a court case where she was charged with fortune telling. She defended herself and impressed the judge by reading his son's horoscope correctly with only his birth date. The judge made this statement, "The defendant raises astrology to the dignity of an exact science." The case was dismissed.

Adams had many famous clients including Enrico Caruso, Mary Pickford, and J.P. Morgan. She gave Morgan financial advice based on the stars. Even today, many people go to astrologers for advice. In 1928 the American Federation of Astrologers was founded. Its formation was to disassociate astrology from magic, in an effort to make it totally reputable.

In the 30's astrology gained popularity when Margaret Rose, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York had her birth date published with her astrology reading. It was during the Second World War thought that astrology history ran ramped. Many predictions were false, but that didn't stem the tide of interest. Even the government took astrology seriously enough to employ an astrologer, Captain Louis de Wohl. His predictions were not the most accurate though.

Astrology Was Used on Both Sides of the War.

During times of distress and war people gravitate to the occult for answers. The best-known astrologer, Elisbeth Ebertein, in 1923 predicted that Hitler's chart was associated with political disruptions, even though she had only his date of birth and not the time. At the close of 1923, the year she predicted it would happen, Hitler was associated with an attempted Putsch and imprisoned.

A secret meeting by the German Gestapo revealed that Germany's and Hitler's astrology charts did not show favorable results. Astrologers did everything they could to glean more positive results from the charts. Hitler banned astrology and astrology history labeling it nonsense, and imprisoned German astrologers. But, Himmler and a few other higher-level commanders still practiced astrology in secret to try and foretell the direction of their cause.

Astrology and it's Psychological Connection

Carl Jung, the most famous psychologist examined the relationship between astrology and psychology in the 1950's. He determined that the predictions and the actual events were synchronicity...a way of trying to create a relationship between what happened and the prediction because they mean something similar to the observer.

In the final event Jung decided there wasn't a causal connection between what happened to a person and stars billions of light years away. He made this statement: "If astrologers had concentrated more on statistics to justify scientifically the accuracy of their forecasts, they would have found out long ago that their pronouncements rest on unstable predictions."

The "Takata effect" was the result of research by Professor Takata in Japan. He discovered that a person is a "living sundial". He investigated flocculation in the blood and discovered it was affected by not only the sun's cycles, but also its rising, setting and eruptions on the suns surface. It was through this study that nature began the journey towards divine respectability, and not just something to be controlled and exploited.

Frank Brown went a step further when he isolated in a controlled environment a variety of plants and creatures. He controlled every aspect of the environment and determined that the biological or "internal clock" of these living organisms could not function by themselves, because their rhythm appeared to be set in motion by the solar or lunar day, or even the relationship of the two. His conclusion was that cosmic events did affect living organisms.

The Faculty of Astrological Studies was established in London in 1948. It was a three-year course at that time. This legitimized astrology even more.


Esoteric astrology, a lesser know aspect of astrology history, is based on intuition. It also requires first learning the spiritual level of a person through their rays. Esoteric Astrology attempts to serve as a guide for the spiritual aspirant. This form of astrology will escalate in popularity the closer we get to 2012.

It's predicted by many ancient cultures including the Maya and the Egyptians that not only individuals, but the planet as a whole will be rising in spiritual consciousness.

Our planet just may right itself during the massive earth and spiritual growth changes predicted by astrology history for 2012. But, the power to change our destiny is in each of our own hands.

When I look at the changes taking place on the planet today, I am excited by the spiritual growth possibilities for humanity. But, the old has to be purged to make room for the new. We're going through the purging process right now economically, socially and ecologically. The question still remains though. Will we as a whole choose to climb the spiritual ladder, or attempt to hold onto the values of the Age of Pisces that are systematically being taken away from us. Holding on causes pain...acceptance of change brings peace.

If the planet is no longer on a tilted axis of rotation, then precession will not longer cause the multitude of different overlapping cycles affecting the earth and humanity. I believe it would represent our own higher spiritual consciousness and growth towards the divine. The earth without the ever changing night sky caused by precession would end astrology's history for good.

It just may be a sign that we have finally become the divine masters we've been waiting.

To read more about the phenomenal opportunities for spiritual growth from now till 2012, see my website:

The Encyclopedia of Astrology, Sandra Shulman
The Secret Doctrine, Helena Blavatsky
Esoteric Astrology, Alice Bailey
A Day in the Life of a God, The Enlil Institute, Dover DE
Understanding Astrology, The Influence of the Stars on You and Others
The Astrologer’s Handbook, Frances Sakoian and Louis S. Acker
The Mayan Code, Barbara Hand Clow

Copyright 2010 ~ ~ Sandra Musser
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