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The Two Worlds - Consciousness Revealed Part 9 - by Terry Edwards

By:Terry Edwards
Date: Mon,08 Apr 2024
Submitter:Terry Edwards

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History, mythology, archaeology; subjects full of contradictions and stories that seem highly improbable to some while fascinating others. Who were the gods? What were angels? Where is heaven? How did human beings appear on earth? Who makes the crop circles if it isn’t Doug and Dave? What are UFOs? Why did the first atom bomb tests attract aliens? Why do UFOs shut down nuclear weapons? Where is the second Sphinx? Why was Egyptian death ritual so peculiar? Who built ancient stone monuments with blocks up to and exceeding 1,000 tons? Why are there pyramids on every continent and rumoured or photographed on the moon, Mars and Antarctica? How did a species of primitive hominids become human beings in a relatively short time? Why are we changing our attitudes towards race, gender and the climate? We appear to be heading towards a totalitarian state and a much smaller population. In whose interest? I am suggesting in this article that there is one explanation for it all. It seems that we are due to reunite with the higher dimensional world that we left with ‘the fall’. With the collective insanity of nuclear testing, we alerted those who live in the parallel higher dimension to our destructive ways. The first atom bombs didn’t just explode here; they must have impacted upon their environment too. From their point of view, we are the neighbours from hell. That is why they are coming here in greater numbers in their orbs and spacecraft. We might have forgotten the gods from the sky but they haven’t forgotten us. The last thing they want is for higher forces to reverse the fall to the point where we re-join their dimension. They can control and manipulate us while we remain stuck and relatively harmless in a totally materialistic dream state. It is time for humanity to awaken and take its place in the greater universe.

The great divide

Before ‘the fall’, the planet earth existed in a single manifested, multidimensional state. This version encompassed two principal layers of being. The upper world was vibrational energy. The lower state consisted of quantum digital information that consciousness interpreted as physical form. Originally, I think conscious entities occupied a state of balance between the two levels. In the Taijitu, the wavy line between the light and the dark represents wave energy, a product of the numerical properties of numbers. From this perspective, consciousness divided between an active, subjective component in the light and an objective phase in shadow, the unconscious state. Lifeforms were of the world but not fully in it. Any entities incarnating here knew who and what they were, did not age and elected when to leave.

When ‘the fall’ occurred, the one state divided into two parallel, overlapping worlds. It seems possible that this split was largely unexpected. The upper world is predominantly an arena for subjective mind with a relatively insubstantial energy-based form. The lower dimension provides us with this physical experience. We of this world, have seemingly solid material bodies with a subtle vibrational layer that we call ‘the aura’. This serves as a remnant of our full wave-based form. On our ‘lower’ dimension, mind is objective and information based. The focus of being descended from the wavy line between the light and the shadow to become the point of light in the darkness. Thus, the spirit being totally embodied the shadow dimension and lost access to higher mind. From then on, we were stuck in value-based, numerical consciousness. At first, this objective, shadow mind was relatively simple. All it had to do was negotiate between the higher mind and the physical form (eat, drink, walk, etc.). Incarnating entities lost direct access to subjective consciousness. Only through practices like meditation could we activate our higher minds. I think there was a general drift into a lower state of being. As a result, we lost our abilities in telepathy and similar psychic gifts. When I say ‘we’, I mean the hominids or partially sentient species that lived here. The Secret Doctrine by H P Blavatsky goes into these events quite deeply.

Gravity, a computational matrix rather than a force

Our view of the universe is misguided and misleading. We see space as a vast empty box containing galaxies, stars, planets and supporting life as we know it. My vision of it is different. I see each object as a centre of its own version of the universe. ‘Things’ are composed of points or centres of infinity, a totally imaginary idea in infinite mind. Each centre is alone in its own infinite state. Collectively, they join up to create the illusion of physical existence. There is no space, only a construct of Planck-scaled Riemann spheres or bubbles that create a virtual experience. It occurs to me that gravity is a consequence of the alignment of these cells that have a point representing infinity at the top and zero at the bottom. It is as if each cell determines the local up and down direction. This suggests that gravity is analogous to a tensor field, ironically a mathematical device used to model gravitation. These cells are in nothingness. As a result, we enjoy the sensation of space without being in it. Each world, each star, each galaxy is a cell attached to a virtual backdrop entity we call ‘the universe’. The universe has no ‘outside’. Science does not know this because academia studies the physics of the simulation rather than consciousness, the software that creates it. If we could travel from one star to another or one galaxy to another, we would remain at our centre while ‘space’ folds around us.

Space for free will

In 3D, the sun is the centre of the solar system and the earth goes around it. In 5D, the solar system moves in relation to the planet. Astronomy is a 3D science, astrology is a 5D process that maps the influences of objects in the subjective, wave dimension. The James Webb Space Telescope is not looking out to the edge of the universe. A telescope located at such a distance in space and time would see our world as the edge of their universe. Space comprises a distributed ‘field’ of points of time, a simulated backdrop for our benefit. The solar system is a version of the universe; so is the earth and so are you. The familiar diagram of a circle with a dot at its centre tells you that you are an aspect of divine beingness manifest in virtual form. A previous version of the earth existed that was less physical and more spiritual than today but something happened to intensify the reality of the simulation. From being an elective virtual experience, it became a massively complex game machine. The result was an action game called ‘karma’ tied into an accidental consequence we describe as ‘free will’. In gaining free will, we lost the ability to shape and direct our personal experience in the previous level of existence.

XBOX, PlayStation, Planet Earth; games within games within…

I can only speculate about the sequence of events that led to this world descending. Many people know so much more than I do about alternative history. You could do worse than read The Book of Enoch to know what happened. I do not say that it is totally true but I think it is more likely so than orthodox history. There are many other stories of gods that might have more than a grain of truth in them. There are the Sumerian texts, the Emerald Tablets and the Indian epic, The Mahabharata and countless tales from mythology and folklore.  Academia treats all these stories as fiction or allegorical but that may just be an assumption. I imagine that the beings who activated the descent into physicality were analogous to serious video game players. Their intention would have been to develop a more realistic virtual environment. They were not us but they did create us as far as genetic engineering goes. In the pre-fall state, they could take on any form they chose. So, when the shift took place, some of them were here in bodies of their own choosing.

Seeing a trend

Many cultures referred to the gods or angels from the sky. My feeling is that these were wave-dimensional beings who interacted with the quantum digital world. They created it and manifested here either in bodies of their own creation or through avatar vehicles, bred or created for the purpose. I have heard comments on the perfection of the human body’s design. Of course, it wasn’t meant for us in the first place. People assume that they were extraterrestrial and came here from other star systems. However, the sky could mean the parallel earth that seems to be slightly larger than our version. I think this is sometimes why we see buildings and structures in the sky above the clouds. I suspect bleed-through happens when we see strange figures captured on video and surveillance cameras when there is no other more prosaic explanation. I do not discount aliens because worlds on the wave dimension seem to be more openly connected than in our local space-time structure. Also, I think that the limitation of the speed of light might not apply in the same way beyond the scope of quantum time.

Jack and the Beanstalk?

Many of the beings who came ‘down’ to our level were giants. They were useful for moving heavy stone blocks. Higher dimensional analogue entitles seeded the earth and its life. Some seem to have been benevolent and brought wisdom and education. Others were brutal and demonic. The descent into the quantum digital layer activated the lower centres of consciousness. This resulted in enhanced physicality, sexuality and emotionality. It also diminished spirituality and higher subjective consciousness. The division into two sexes happened at some stage. The male gods/angels/watchers, etc. seemed to take advantage of the enhanced sexuality of human females, a theme common to many cultures. They expected to be given tribute in gold, food and virgins by the tribes they enslaved. They did not have far to come to get here. I assume that they used the ancient technology and megalithic monuments for a variety of purposes. Examples might include ferrying themselves or material up and down between the levels or communicating with people or colleagues here or controlling the environment.

Waves and particles

The significance of the two layers reflects the binary nature of the world and its version of the universe. The zero level is point-based, the analogue wave layer is linear. Light, for example, belongs to both levels. The zero layer is ‘particular’ and electric in nature, whereas the level of one is magnetic and linear. So, light propagates between the two as a wave on level one and a particle called a photon on the electric zero layer. The behaviour of light depends on which dimension the phenomenon is expressed or measured. It is a photon particle on the zero level and magnetic field lines in the wave dimension.  I can offer no proof or equations to justify this idea but it seems logical to me. Incidentally, the idea that everything can be explained by a single equation, if only we can find it, seems unlikely to me. Equations describe relative relationships between physical parameters but say little about the underlying circumstances they represent. We can say that oneness is a mathematical property of the number one. It is also love in an unemotional, impersonal sense. In the cycle of individualised existence, we go from oneness to separation. The cycle continues as all that exists in consciousness, including our time on earth, returns to oneness as perfectly abstract but wonderfully realistic experience.

A question of sound

I have often heard mention that the phrase ‘in the beginning was the word’ refers to sound being involved in or responsible for the formation of the three-dimensional universe. We know that magnetism and electricity cross all of space. Sound on other hand requires a medium of conduction like air. We know that sound vibration can create geometric shapes.  For example, the Chladni plate vibrates sand to generate patterns. It would interest me to know if the structure of galaxies shows any evidence of non-electromagnetic vibrations. If so, that would lend support for the idea of the role of the wave dimension and the fifth dimension in particular.

One is, is not one?

The source, the oneness, learns about itself through the idea of number. I believe that the Taijitu, the yin-yang circle, stands for the entity number. If I am correct, the Taijitu combines zero, one and infinity locked in mutual implication (entanglement). You cannot have one without them all. From this we get an explosion of possibility based on the idea of mathematics from which all possibilities arise. This is consciousness in the domain of the number one. Whatever is beyond that domain is inconceivable within it. That is the mystery. The numerical properties of numbers provide a means of expressing objective consciousness and form. The numerological aspects manipulate meaning translated to and from the numerical value-based properties. This is what we perceive as pseudo-physical existence. The one mind learns about itself through numbers, not through intellect, but through the experience of living them.

Number one makes it so

Oneness is the property that draws us back to source in the long term.  Beings with access to 6D geometry and 5D vibrations can create matter by deploying wave functions. In other words, the so-called gods could create and modify physical objects, manipulate and move stones to create megalithic monuments. Our presence on the higher dimensions allows us to create our own bodies but very little else. If you want to see equivalents to the Sith or the Jedi in Star Wars, look no further than the ‘gods’ or ‘angels’ from the world in the sky. Through magnetism, acoustics, telluric currents, scalar waves and fractal geometry, the higher layer generates and controls the virtual reality game on the earth. The pyramids, stone circles and all things like them were not created to sit and pray in. You do not need massive stones to find out where the sun or moon rises or sets. You do need to understand astronomy to place them accurately. They generated powerful energies beyond our understanding to create and direct life on earth and to allow citizens of the two parallel worlds to communicate and mingle, as above so below.

Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Down the rabbit hole

One way or another, this world came into being when the balance of consciousness shifted from the 5D vibrational state to the 3D level. This created a separate quantum digital space-time framework. In effect, we took the entire solar system with us. My analogy is a very tall building with a ground floor. The owners decide to open a new level by digging a basement and extending it downwards. The result is a new virtual universe created to house the solar system. The entire system manifested inside a bubble of space with a virtual backdrop seemingly identical to the higher version. This introduces the phrase ‘as above, so below’ because the two versions are identical in appearance but different in substance. The level of being we descended from continued to exist but I suspect in a more elevated dimension of being than before. The higher world came to be identified as ‘heaven’. Hell is either the lower earth or other states inside the planet. Beings occupying bodies or forms in the quantum level when the fall happened ended up being trapped here. The problem with the conventional religious interpretation of the fall is that it raises the status of these old stories to holy scripture. The leading players are ‘God’, the creator of the universe. We then see the angels as semi-divine beings from ‘heaven’ and not just messengers. The story changes completely if we see these beings as very finite and limited. The gods encouraged diversity between languages, religions and cultures in order create division and conflict. It made us easier to control. The greatest weakness human beings share is our inability to think whole, subjective thoughts. We are limited to using language to communicate, so none of us really know what one another is actually saying. Even worse, we rely on language to think, so we don’t even understand what our own thoughts mean. Words are simply tokens of meaning. It still works; look at current conflicts in the world. When we take ancient stories and turn them into scripture, we eradicate the original story with doctrinal ideology. Take away the belief systems and cultural differences and these wars would seem incredibly pointless and wasteful. There may have been several groups of extraterrestrials trapped here. Nevertheless, they were unable to get back to their own world. With their superior abilities to control people by taking over their minds, they became elements in the karmic game we play on earth. The problem for all such ‘descended’ beings is that, once embedded in the quantum dimension, they lose their innate morality and conscience. Events worldwide are showing how easy it is to persuade humanity to sleepwalk into extinction.

Forgotten technology, the megalithic internet

Our belief in linear time and the reality of space creates a false impression of the past. I imagine a combined culture with beings above communicating through monoliths and statues, etc. with vibrational energies. So, the inner sanctums of the old temples might be where the ‘gods’ or ‘goddesses’ exchanged information with their human acolytes. The presence of stone structures, even smallish rings, suggest activities that involved communication or transport between the levels. The purely 5D beings used avatar bodies to mingle and work with the various races on the earth. Probably the cultures down here reflected those above. Level 6 beings may also have had a role here but they probably more detached about the material nature of life here. The high-level beings and aliens from other worlds on their dimension competed at various times to aid or exploit human beings. I suspect the story of Adam and Eve indicates that the higher beings allowed their avatar bodies free rein to become a separate species. They created human beings in their own image. That idea means so much more in this context than the traditional interpretation. Perhaps the forbidden fruit was the knowledge that these engineered human beings could reproduce themselves without intervention from ‘the gods’ and their incubation chambers.   

Belief - the curse of humanity

With the fall, human beings lost access to higher mind. The result was mass amnesia. Ever since, we have wandered around in the darkness asking, ‘who am I?’, ‘what am I?’, or ‘where did I come from?’. This suited the less reputable gods because they were able to supply answers that were probably untrue. They could make us slaves to whatever dogma they chose to give us. The promise of paradise, with or without available virgins, works for some. Without the knowledge of our own genesis, we were ripe for indoctrination. We filled the vacuum with belief systems. What we thought we didn’t know, we made up. The stories of some gods went from being historical records to mythology or holy scriptures. With minds limited to objective thinking and information processing, we were and still are, victims of beliefs of our own invention. Writers of holy books can manufacture a great deal of obfuscation, especially in authorised translations. Devoting one’s beliefs to a holy scripture is like locking your brain in a box. Changing the name of the higher dimensional being to ‘God’, obliterates the original meaning of the story. If a deity tells you to go and kill your enemies you are more likely to do it than if told to by a lunatic, renegade alien.

Crises of identity

The self-appointed gods are probably beyond karma. They helped to create the game. They created us. Remember that you are a point of light, projected into darkness to experience a role in a virtual reality action game. Every concept you see or encounter seems to be outside you and different from you. You are conditioned to look ‘out there’ for differences rather than similarities and common ground.  Your point of light in the dark is an emissary or extension of the one state of light, love and oneness. Everything out there is really within you. You are a version of the universe. A single point in a universe does not have an inside, only the entirety of all on the outside. You are the point but the point that you are is everything. Inside and out are interchangeable, just a switch of perception. See how humanity is desperately seeking a means of establishing identity. With the fall, we lost self-identity, self-recognition and all memory of previous existence. In this world, everything is part of a belief system. As a point of perspective in the light, you are not that point. You are the entire state of light that your point defines, an aspect of the source.

Universes in disguise

Our actions rather than our beliefs define us. Karma is purely about actions and their impact on the quest for oneness. You are a part of the universe experiencing itself. That is why we take form. It enables an aspect of divine beingness to experience a limited view of its own nature. When the dust settles after the current transformation, many aspects of life will have changed. People, especially the young, are now questioning their identity. This is why so many are choosing to identify as something illogical or even physically impossible. Belief has never been the rational, logical activity we think it to be. It is irrational and subject to fashion. Wave-generated ideologies arise spontaneously to gather people up and try out new ideas and ways of being. When people complain that they have been born into the wrong body or the wrong gender, they are unaware that their soul chose it.

Early sci-fi?

Read the story of Lot, and Sodom and Gomorrah, and ask yourself if the angels described were semi-divine beings or just messengers from the higher dimension? They had access to aerial technology and weapons of mass destruction. Does ‘the LORD’ referred to represent the creator of the universe or just a leading player in an ancient game? We are supposed to believe that the Divine Source of everything, flies about in some aerial device and pours fire on his/her enemies. On this planet, people will believe anything. The religious interpretation of the story makes no sense. As a belief system, religion requires no justification for its interpretation other than dogma.  Remember the brutality of The Inquisition. However, if we take the account at face value, it becomes an episode of Star Trek or some such. Lot’s wife turned back to look and was turned into a pillar of salt; a body desiccated by thermal energy, reduced to its component elements. She must have gone back to look within the circle of the blast energy. The entire gamut of human history takes on a totally different complexion if viewed from this perspective. I think it all falls into place very nicely if we can take this one idea of two worlds on board.

Twinned communities

The two worlds lived in proximity for thousands of years before the fall put paid to it. Whether called angels, watchers, gods, Anunnaki, Nephilim, most of the visitors from above were beneficial. They turned up, often in teams of seven or eight, to teach human beings about astronomy and agriculture. I can imagine that over thousands of years, there were areas of the earth that were twinned with their upper world counterparts. I envisage active stone structures, circles, pyramids, standing stones, etc., as allowing communication from ‘gods’ to humans or their own kind that dwell in the lower world. Perhaps the Goddess Athena was purely allegorical and her temple and her story were fictitious. Gods and goddesses had statues in holy places and often virgin women to communicate and serve them. They might have relied on psychic abilities to communicate with upper world beings. Alternatively, perhaps those beings were able to activate their statues (especially if they contained quartz) to communicate directly. Us sophisticated modern humans would regard such stories as superstition and self-delusion. Estimates by Michael Tellinger puts the number of stone circles in South Africa to be 100,000 or more, spread over an area of tens of thousands of miles. An article on says: “With modern technology, Tellinger and scientists have been able to detect and measure sound frequencies with acoustic properties made from the earth inside the circles which conduct electricity.  These sound frequencies of the earth under the stones are shaped as flowers of sacred geometry as they surface to the ground.” These sites presumably enabled communication between upper world and lower world communities, transport of materials and people, or direct conversation between those above with those below. Acoustic and magnetic waves associate with 5D phenomena. I suggest that the very accurate astronomical alignments of ancient monuments allowed lower world artefacts to be correlated with their upper world counterparts.

 Did we fall or were we pushed?

I am inclined to see the process that led to a general fall in consciousness in some of the inhabited worlds as being a result of an increase in materialist thinking and competitive strategies for control and domination. The fall might have begun as a spontaneous movement into materialism but then something happened to drive us down into the quantum level. With all things that happen, there are two scenarios at work. There is the explicate view of society in which events are literally what they seem to be. Then there is the implicate view that what occurs is arranged for us by the one great spirit to gain experience and knowledge of self. The universe uses people’s weaknesses, desires and failings to create negative situations to fulfil a positive outcome. Events in digital time unfold to satisfy the needs of subjective consciousness. We are heading inexorably to an enlightened foregone conclusion with all our former faculties of higher mind restored. All things happen with the approval or otherwise of the one source. I do not know which level of being initiated the fall, either higher beings or lesser intelligences with ulterior motives. The outcome was the creation of the quantum digital dimension. The standard means of achieving the generation of the virtual reality environment is through the network of pyramids. These are found everywhere and often date from a time before humanity appeared. They have many functions but one was to create life on earth. I suggest that the missing factor in the story is the role of the moon.

The importance of the moon

This article describes a belief that the moon is a spacecraft put here by an alien race or higher dimensional beings.

Many people will view this suggestion with disbelief.  About 25 years ago, my mind came aware during the night while my body remained asleep.  I found myself looking at the moon. As I watched, it suddenly shot off sideways at a speed that seemed instantaneous. Despite the velocity, I was able to glimpse fleeting motion as it went. I have since heard that those in covert programs regard it as a spaceship. Apparently, our moon is more spherical than other satellites in the solar system. It is unusually large compared with the size of the earth. Its influence is far more complex than we understand. If this idea is correct, it is the most significant object other than the earth and the sun. If you wish to understand the logic behind it, I recommend Gaia TV’s Cosmic Disclosure series with Emery Smith. The episodes with Tim (a tactical advisor on alien issues) are worth seeing, especially on the real nature of the moon). In one episode, Tim spoke of alien species occupying the moon. He said that the greys regard the moon as being important to the earth’s ascension but he did not know how. Almost immediately, an idea occurred to me, inspired by and consistent with the model of consciousness I work with.

The idea

The moon came into a circular orbit to hold the earth steady with tidal locking and contribute many other aspects generating this virtual reality environment. The moon is said to be hollow with a very hard shell that resists impacts from striking objects, hence the shallow craters. Another theory suggests that it might be a Dyson sphere, having an immense power source inside it. I see the moon as a higher-dimensional generator or receiver, capable of pushing the earth from its former state of being into the pit of the quantum digital dimension. So many coincidences attach to the moon’s size and distance from the earth. The perfect match in relative size of the sun and the moon, creates total eclipses. This metaphor tells us that the shadow and the light might appear equal and opposite but they are not so in practice. When the time comes for the earth to ascend, it is the moon that will enable the process either by initiating the procedure or by allowing it to happen.

Image: Gregory H. Revera

Lunar waves

A circumstantial clue might be the so-called lunar wave, a ripple apparently running across the moon as seen in telescopes. It might be some sort of optical illusion but it might just be a glitch in the virtual reality created by the hardware inside the moon. This is not direct evidence but it might indicate that something anomalous is going on.

The Silvery Moon looks down

It seems highly likely that the moon, working through the pyramids and other megalithic artefacts, pushed us into the quantum digital dimension. It continues to hold us but there are signs that the barriers to the higher states of existence are cracking open. I don’t know who controls the moon. It seems that there are conflicts and wars going on to accelerate or prevent us from arising into higher dimensions. (See YouTube videos by Bruce Sees All. He is very controversial but I think he means well.) The moon will be crucial in facilitating and managing the earth’s and the solar system’s ascension. As the superior entity of the system, the sun is the top of the local quantum digital network. It embodies everything here. If the moon is an alien artefact, it was not created here. Nevertheless, the sun is obliged to sustain its existence, as the earth does ours. It is called ‘owning’ in system’s parlance, possibly one of the archetypal concepts that results in classic features of quantum consciousness. For example, our tendency to form competitive hierarchies comes from being in numerical value-based consciousness. Physical hierarchies are usually self-evident. You can lie about your age to some extent but not your height. However, what about abstract control hierarchies, like monarchy? There are many such control hierarchies. Our entire lifestyle has brought us to the brink of disaster for humankind. One world is inevitable but the question is whose? Need it be like this? My answer is no.

The imaginary “i”

I have said that consciousness on the quantum digital level of existence is based on numerical value (0, 1, 2, 3...) rather than numerological meaning (nothingness, oneness, twoness, threeness….). Each number value represents a frequency and may be considered as a plane of consciousness on level 2. These planes are complex having an axis of “real” numbers and “imaginary” numbers based on the value i = v-1. The plane of the number one contains a marker for every entity or whole unit or thing that has individuality. The imaginary numbers take the form i, i2, i3… Mathematicians chose the terminology real and imaginary arbitrarily but nothing in this universe happens by chance. I propose that real numbers represent real objects and lifeforms, whereas the imaginary components reflect non-physical entities such as abstract systems or organisations. I have written previously about systems having a life of their own in universal consciousness but without having a clear idea as to how. This insight into the plane of i has given me a clue. We are in a state of siege from the systems we have created. They are integral to the game and possibly open to manipulation from those with higher dimensional presence, should they exist. Upper world beings would have no difficulty controlling the systems, either directly through higher consciousness or indirectly by manipulating those with power and influence. The number one is a component of ‘I am’, whereas little ‘i’ is a pseudo or imaginary identity for totally abstract entities.

Make way for the new order

The rich and famous are not selling their mansions for fun. They are moving to more secure accommodations, many underground, to ride out the coming storm. The globalists no longer require human beings to work as slaves for their selfish interests. They have AI and who knows what else. I think that in the quantum digital dimension we are locked in a cage of our own making because nature adores complexity. Every system we create inevitably becomes more complex to the point of being unworkable. The network or matrix of universal consciousness is becoming increasingly interconnected. The spiritual imperative behind existence is not a passing fad or fancy. Our entire culture and its technology could be swept away in a moment. There is a new world order coming forward. Given the negative karma of those in power and many who work for them, it is unlikely that it will belong to those now in control. The issue is not the meek inheriting the earth. It is, which earth will they inherit? Who doesn’t need whom? The time of reckoning is approaching. Love is all we need. It is important to rise above the apparent story of what it is happening. The real changes taking place are beyond human comprehension. Many people have elected to leave the earth before the shift happens. Nobody will lose out. The source wishes to put an end to the unnecessary suffering this life of ours involves.

Political atrophy

The systems, political, legal, financial, military, police, etc., form a Darwinian landscape where predator and prey play out their dramas. Just look at what political elections have deteriorated to. It is the nature of our current state of consciousness to put self before others. This is not selfishness; it is because we swapped our divine infinite oneness for finite individuality when we acquired physical bodies. We are the centre of our own universes. The one being is alone (‘all one’). There was no game when we had a fifth dimensional presence. It was because the rot set in when materialism put a strain on the spiritual bond between the two dimensions. So, a new dimension came into being with a little help from its friends. The exoteric game has gone too far to ever return to integrity and fairness. Now, the state of consciousness we inhabit has altered to such an extent that we as humans on planet earth can no longer cope with what is happening. Confusion, anger, fear, chaos; it is all because our minds are moving into a new conceptual matrix. We are totally unprepared for the changes taking place because we live mostly superficial and materialistic lives. When the new state fully emerges, I do not know. Humanity must realise that however different we are from one another, it is only our state of consciousness that sees this. We are one species with many races. What is waiting out there to greet us, is so different from our perspective, your neighbours here will seem a reflection of yourself.

There has been a build-up of imaginary and irrational elements in quantum digital consciousness. Hence, the spiritual hierarchy has decided that it is time to end the experiment. We acquired free will when we fell. Collectively, we have shown an imbalance between the masculine and feminine and another between materialism and spiritualism. We can legislate for equality of outcome in race, gender and sexuality but that means very little in this state of quantum-level consciousness. We are not our bodies. Our physical attributes and desires do not define our identities. There is only one consciousness and we are it. The block on higher dimensional involvement in our day-to-day experience has gone. The result is that our missing subjective consciousness is coming back to life and this is throwing humanity into confusion. We have only known objective information-based mentality. It is as if our entire logical intellectual thought processes are merging with unknown waves of emergent subjective energies. The result is that our imaginary and irrational belief systems are running out of control and are seeking to cling to existence by destroying us. The other factor is the involvement in earth’s history of the ‘gods’ from the upper ‘sky’ world. The domination of the gods over the human race might have ended long ago but it probably continues covertly.


Complexity is an aspect of mathematics relating to chaos theory. It deals with the emergence of patterns of existence arising from the spontaneous arising of favourable initial conditions. I have written elsewhere in these articles about the way the light of oneness plucks likely zeros from the shadows of unconsciousness and breathe life into them. Think about the massive increase in the way our administrative and commercial systems have become too complicated that they are becoming increasingly difficult to operate efficiently or even at all. Look how complicated it has become to buy something online. Technology requires increasingly onerous maintenance and repair standards and procedures that are impossible to meet in practice. The only way to do so is to pretend to sign off changes that haven’t actually been made, to cut corners and bend the rules to meet arbitrarily strict performance targets. These pressures are top down and heatless in their intensity. It is the game. There are similar examples in all walks of life. The overhead of accountancy and documentation is making ordinary jobs unsatisfying and impossible. Most people are simply wage slaves for the systems. It might allow us to learn and grow in consciousness but it has not led to a spiritual renaissance for humanity.

Most people have become drudges, working long hours to solve insoluble problems, and barely making a living. Others are wealthy beyond imagination and need do very little other than spend their money. We are infinite divine essence disguised in form to learn about ourselves and the greater universe. One fact should make all the difference. That is the nature of this dimension as a karma machine. Most people’s minds are swamped by irrational belief systems that do not include morality and spiritual aspiration. Employers are allowed to exploit people with no thought of kindness and humanity. The mass of people with some influence and authority in the workplace are accumulating bad karma without knowing it. With the threat of transhumanism and electronic implants, the spiritual hierarchy has chosen to end the game and start afresh. We are heading towards a better way of living but that will not be as pawns in the karmic chess game. The people of the earth will be shocked when the truth comes to light. We are so befuddled with dogma; we cannot see that we must face inevitable changes in a good spirit. What is about to happen will give us greater clarity of mind and thought. All that seems to be missing is truth and the common good. It is the dimension that makes us so. The greater portion of ourselves is invisible. Part of it will awaken. It will also reveal the elephants in the room that must not be spoken about for fear of censorship. They must form a considerable herd by now. The point is, we must do these things for ourselves. Nobody is going to come and save us. This time is too important to waste in posturing and fighting.

Mapping the fall

The original descent shut off our access to those parts of us that dwell on the 5th dimension and beyond. This was either a direct consequence or some entity on the 6th or some other level closed us down. It seems that our genetic designers might have done this by limiting our DNA to two strands. This might show up in the gene structure of the so-called ‘royal bloodlines’. I do not know. The effects might be diluted because of the properties of the quantum dimension. Alternatively, if we originally had 12 strands of DNA that reduced to 2 because of the fall, then they are still a part of us. It would imply that these resonated individually with the twelve principle dimensions. They simply vanished from our 3D bodies, leaving the minimum required to exist physically. Reactivating our presence on those dimensions would then bring them back into the equation.

In the diagram above, the Taijitu shows the ideal configuration we had before the fall. The righthand image shows what we effectively became when we entered the quantum digital domain. The lower figure is the vesica piscis, a shape generated by two overlapping circles. I suggest that this represents how the shadow and light dimensions work together to create the Merkabah, the vehicle of humanoid manifestation. Like my explanation of the applicability of the Riemann Zeta function (Consciousness Revealed Part 7: Riemann & the Golden Stairs), this is a two-dimensional metaphor for a multidimensional process. When we see living orbs of light coming down from ‘heaven’, the upper world to the lower physical dimension, this is their true form. I think that the 5D ability to create fractal forms is one of the attributes they use to create crop circles.


People are recording images of strange phenomena in the sky, in woods and in their homes and on security cameras. Shadow figures appear on videos. Portals arise in the sky. It seems that some creatures like Bigfoot and Yeti have an ability to vanish, which suggests that they can move between the upper and lower worlds at will. Phenomena of this kind are likely to increase with the coming shift to a point where it is going to be difficult for the ruling authorities to suppress the truth. Sceptics and trolls accuse people of faking these recordings as a matter of course. No doubt cheating will get worse when AI makes it even easier to create fake videos. I am not saying that every anomalous capture is genuine. I am saying that, if they are genuine, this idea might possibly explain some stories. I have no proof. If it is true, then we clear up many mysteries in one fell swoop. If it is all nonsense, academia can breathe again. We preserve the status quo. I say this because all the mysteries it would solve are not supposed to exist in the first place. They are fiction or fabrication, allegories and apocryphal teachings. They are all these things; stories or sightings that defy that other great myth, objectivity and pragmatism in science. They might be true as well.

Beings from the upper world were highly advanced in technology that worked with fifth dimensional wave energies and magnetism. They either carried out the work themselves or used agents on the ground. They used 5D technology to manipulate stone blocks of a few tons to over a thousand. They could melt, shape and blend stones to a few thousandths of an inch tolerance. More importantly, they knew how to activate the acoustic and magnetic forces to exchange energy and people between the upper and lower versions of the earth. All that seemed to end with the fall but not entirely. We may assume that their presence here remains but in a more subtle and hidden manner.

A possible example is the use of stone sarcophagi found in pyramids. Originally, these were probably used to transform and transfer the gods, the watchers or the angels, whatever their designation, between the two states. These stone tanks were able to send them to the world above or to some other place on the higher dimension. The pharaohs who came after, aware of these stories, attempted to repeat the elevation of the gods after death by means of their burial rituals and paraphernalia. Naturally, it wasn’t going to work but as I have indicated, the easiest way to control humanity is through its belief systems. Ask yourself, who stands to gain from human beings being eliminated from the planet before any impending shift of consciousness takes place? The so-called fallen angels remain a significant presence, either physically or through mind control and manipulation. I haven’t said much about the world underground. It seems clear that many of the ancient structures had underworld tunnels and chambers on a huge scale. This might be where hell exists if the upper world is heaven.

What came out of the experiment?

I don’t think any finite mind could ever know such a thing. However, from delving into consciousness, I can outline some aspects that strike me as significant. Infinite consciousness has two aspects, shadow and light, asleep and awake, bad and good and so on. Something mysterious and unknowable underlies it all, the awakening of the light as active mind. The light is awareness, the shadow is the active mind asleep. A dot of shadow in the light gives it a sense of being individualised, a unit of existence. That dot of light, seemingly separate, as enters the shadow, sleep state. What begins is a dream constructed from both shadow and light in a state of balance.

All thought, all experience has its roots in a substructure of numbers. The concept thought or entity allows the world of light to experience meaning as subjective essence. The world of shadow sustains a quantum digital program to simulate existence. Thought makes use of the numerical properties of numbers to generate a three-dimensional simulation. Sentient entities project their infinite self into a physical avatar or vehicle, a body. At one time, the higher dimensional aspect and the lower dimensional vehicle were a balanced unit. The being, humanoid or otherwise, had a balanced consciousness with full awareness as well as a capacity to think objective thoughts, coupled with subjective meaning. The first thought was the concept number, taking the base value of one, while reimagining itself as having all other possible values. There can be only one. For one to become all the other numbers is the act of creative imagination that sustains existence as an aspect of universal mind.

When the fall happened, the balance dropped directly from the vibrational energy state to embody the point of light in shadow. Before the fall, individual entities had access to semi-physical form while remaining partially separate. Suddenly, our infinite light beingness became totally embedded in the game in a denser, more solid body. This process had been going on already but not within our notion of time. The light pulsed in quantum units of time. Quantum time is either on or off. This introduced ageing, disease, fear and death. We also moved fully into value-based numerical mind, leading to wealth, power and poverty, the consequence of the fear of death. We are not those units in time that give us being. We are the intervals of shadow between moments of time. We are encapsulated essence reduced from the totality of oneness to individuality. The essence of beingness that we are is asleep, dreaming itself in the game and using quantum time to turn its experience in the dark into essence in the light. The light dreams itself awake in many states and situations. However, nothing that came before has ever been quite like the earth. We are returning partially to the light. We will be closer to a state of balance of shadow and light but in a way never known before. We are the experiment and we have passed the audition. We are one. We are destined to experience a state of existence that has never been known before. Those who have had direct experience of spiritual dimensions will take naturally to this new level.  Those who have been stuck in belief systems and lived entirely for their own benefit in the competitiveness of the game will be unable or unwilling to enter that new state. 

The benefit for universal consciousness

The quantum domain has provided unique experience and a totally new state of consciousness for the universal mind. The abstract essence that represents human activity in the dimension of light has yielded experiences that have not previously been known. The universe craves variety, originality and complexity in all things. These centuries of time under the influence of the quantum properties has allowed living entities to struggle with the basic needs of survival. It is in the highest frequencies or values of numbers that allow consciousness to explore novel states of existence.

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Consciousness in a Virtual Reality Holographic Universe available on Kindle via Amazon. Now in paperback.

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Articles on Hermes Risen Magazine

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Consciousness Revealed Part 1: explains how the universe divides conceptually into two virtual layers. There is an upper analogue state intertwined with a lower quantum digital level. The upper level was where our distant forerunners occupied roles in a virtual reality simulation. This allowed infinite beingness to animate pseudo-finite bodies in the lower quantum state. At some stage the superconscious analogue being ‘fell’ entirely into the lower digital ‘animal’ state with a very limited objective mind. In losing its primary focus as subjective analogue consciousness, the human being forgot who and what it was and ceased to understand the consequences of its actions. By default, humanity acquired free will. However, this is the digital universe, so the inevitable terms and conditions apply in the form of karma. Karma is an algorithm within the simulation that correlates subjective response to physical actions. It records the analogue sensations accumulated throughout our lives from what we do to each other. Consequently, the simulator shapes a storyline that balances out the good and the bad experiences by shaping individual and global events.

Consciousness Revealed Part 2: contains a more detailed explanation of the nature of consciousness in two fundamental aspects, objective and subjective. The infinite state of oneness subdivides into planes of consciousness that allow infinite beingness to feel the sensations of ‘physical’ existence. The quantum digital state is the domain where subjective meaning takes on objective form as a pattern of information. The ‘user’ of this system is infinite being that constructs the entire universe of its own creation in abstract, essential mind. The Taijitu, the diagram that portrays yin and yang, acts as an analogue to digital converter to turn analogue wave functions into digital ‘physical’ form in accordance with David Bohm’s implicate order. The process is two-way. The Taijitu takes the digital response to the impetus of time and converts it into subjective sensory feeling. It is this that infinite being registers as physical existence with no attempt to judge or intervene in the unfolding events.

Consciousness Revealed Part 3: deals with the consequences of living in a hive mind and the technological impact of the systems we have created.

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More on the role of numbers in consciousness and the evolution of all conscious beings in multiple dimensions. The application of the Riemann Hypothesis and Riemann Spheres to the construction of the virtual reality hologram we know as the physical universe.

Consciousness Revealed Part 8: Quantum Life:

Digs deeper into the role of the generation of space and time by consciousness.
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