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The Information Universe by Terry Edwards

By:Terry Edwards
Date: Tue,23 Apr 2024
Submitter:Terry Edwards

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A revelation

In 1992, a friend called Peter Simpson loaned me a fascinating book called "Information and the Internal Structure of the Universe" by Professor Tom Stonier, published by Springe-Verlag in 1990. Stonier, a scholar from the University of Bradford, delves into the intricate relationship between information and the workings of the physical world, be it in the realm of biology or thermodynamics. Through his insightful exploration, he reveals that information serves as a fundamental building block of all phenomena, shaping the very fabric of our existence.

What Stonier proposes is akin to the ancient Chinese concept of Tao or Plato's theory of forms, where the underlying concept precedes its manifestation. In essence, it is the design that precedes the apparatus, the thought that precedes the action. According to this viewpoint, when a process undergoes a transformation or alteration, it is a direct result of the addition or subtraction of information.

Consider the example of radiation falling upon an atom. If this radiation is absorbed, it leads to an infusion of new information into the atom's system. This, in turn, triggers a reorganization within the atom, such as the elevation of an electron to a higher energy state. As a result, the information content within the system grows, expanding the knowledge embedded within the atom.

On the other hand, the absence of radiant heat leads to processes of direct thermal transfer such as conduction or convection. These types of energy transmission increase disorder within a system, contributing to a reduction in information. In simpler terms, as entropy increases, information diminishes.

Professor Stonier's ground-breaking work sheds light on the profound role of information in shaping the very fabric of our universe – a concept that transcends disciplinary boundaries. By recognizing the central role of information in the workings of the physical world, we gain a deeper understanding of the intricate interplay between the abstract and the concrete, and how information serves as the driving force behind change and transformation.

Stonier's illuminating insights reveal the wondrous complexity of our world, where information serves as the underlying currency that dictates the ebb and flow of existence itself.

Systems within systems within…

In Professor Stonier's description of information physics, one crucial element that appeared to be missing was the significance of systems. It became evident that information holds no inherent meaning unless it is situated within the framework of an organized system. As I delved into the ideas presented in the book, they resonated with my belief that there exists only a single manifestation of existence. The universe can be perceived as a realm where conceptual systems interconnect and interact through the medium of information. The transfer of information takes place both between systems and within them, facilitated by intricately structured subsystems. Every process, whether physical or mental in nature, serves to reconfigure the patterns within a given system, either by augmenting or depleting its informational content.

For example, when we consciously deceive someone by uttering falsehoods, our bodies respond with physiological stress that can be detected by a lie detector. This reaction highlights the inseparable connection between our thoughts and the meaning they convey. The importance of truth extends beyond mere convenience; it is intrinsic to effective communication and cognitive processes. Lying, as a result, cannot be dismissed as trivial. However, it is essential to recognize that the human consciousness transcends the functions of the brain alone. Consequently, when societal systems and organizations deceive us, the individuals who participate in these deceitful acts bear the burden of karmic consequences, rather than the abstract entities that they represent.

Professor Stonier's description of information physics left me with a lingering thought - the role of systems seemed to be missing. Without the context of an organized system, information loses its significance. The concepts presented in the book only reinforced my belief that there is a singular expression of existence. The universe, it seemed, operates as a collection of interconnected conceptual systems, bound together by the exchange of information. This exchange occurs both between systems and within them, facilitated by organized subsystems.

Every process, whether physical or mental, alters the patterns of a system by either adding or removing information. Remarkably, larger systems encompass smaller ones in an endless loop of interdependence. In essence, they encapsulate one another. The concept of inside and outside becomes interchangeable, a matter of perspective. The individual 'thing' exists as the focal point between internal and external processes. The entirety can only be understood as the sum of its parts, as each part represents a unique manifestation of the whole. Paradoxically, the whole only exists through the reflection it lends to the parts.

And so, we arrive at a curious conclusion - there is no universe. All existence thrives within the realm of paradox. Therefore, I shall proceed to enlarge upon the attributes of something that exists solely as an idea within consciousness.

The organic universe

In my journey of exploration, I had long believed that the universe was a vast and intricately connected entity, with its own sense of purpose and intricate processes. However, it was not until my profound revelations in 1992, that I truly grasped the concept of its organic nature.

Through my newfound understanding of centres, I came to a profound realisation: each individual object existing within the fabric of space-time holds within itself a unique version of the universe. This insight shattered the notion that there is a singular universe that we all experience collectively. Instead, what I came to understand was that there is no grand universe in the traditional sense that we perceive. Rather, there are only centres, distinct and separate entities. These centres, I discovered, represent the very essence of information itself.

Imagine, if you will, each centre as a mere point in a state of formation. Each point holds within it a multitude of data, processing information in its own way. It is as if we are all connected to a virtual reality constructed by a set of highly advanced information processors, existing parallel to our own realm. This profound realization not only defies conventional understanding but also challenges how we perceive reality itself. It presents a paradigm shift, forcing us to question the very fabric of our existence and what we consider to be tangible.

The quantum digital state

In essence, what I have come to understand is that the universe, as we have traditionally conceived it, is merely an illusion. It is our own subjective projection of a complex network of centres and their individual realities. Information is not something external to these centres, but rather, it is synonymous with the very essence of their being. I came to realize that our understanding of the world around us is limited to our own level of existence within a quantum digital universe. It became apparent to me that we are, in fact, participating in a grand experiment - a "beta test" if you will - of an incredibly realistic virtual reality simulation that previously did not exist, except as a mere subset of a combination of analogue and digital existence. It is important to note that this was never some malicious conspiracy; rather, we have been graciously granted this unique opportunity by a higher power, the divine source of conscious existence.

What is relative motion?

In these revelations, I have caught fleeting glimpses of the intricate interconnectedness that weaves through the vast expanse of the universe. Through the lens of centres and its undeniable connection to information, a newfound understanding has emerged - one that unveils the delicate dance between our internal worlds and the external cosmos in shaping our perception of reality. This insight into the nature of existence offers a fresh perspective on our place within the grand tapestry of the universe.

For instance, consider the motion of a car as it traverses a road. At first glance, it appears as if the road and the entire planet are moving towards the car, suggesting a physical displacement. However, upon closer examination, an intriguing notion unfolds. The car itself, in truth, does not physically move from its position. Rather, it is the perception of its location that undergoes a subtle shift. The engine, the transmission, and the energy consumed are merely elements of a narrative crafted to explain this phenomenon.

Concepts like movement, motion, and even distance are not merely superficial observations. They are intricately entwined with the stories we construct to make sense of our existence. It is within this delicate interplay of our inner narratives and the vast cosmic web that we can truly grasp the profound nature of our place in the universe.

In my initial vision in 1992, I saw a dot enclosed within a circle, representing the centre. It was a simple yet profound image that resonated with me. A few years later, I stumbled upon Theosophy, and within its teachings, I found validation for my insight about folded space. In Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine, she describes an immaculate white disc as the manifestation of higher consciousness, the soul. And there, in contrast, lies a dark black disc with a solitary point of light at its core. This point of light is like the heart or spirit of an atom, a human being, or even a planet. It symbolizes the essence of existence.

Space, as we perceive it, is an illusory concept. It deceives us into perceiving isolated centres, seemingly disconnected in the vast emptiness. Yet, if one were to delve deeper, each individual encountered in our lives is a universe unto themselves. It is our unique perspective that distinguishes us, but ultimately, we are all part of a greater whole.

Within my imagination, I envisioned a complex mechanism operating behind every activity, which I referred to as the causal event field or matrix. To me, this matrix took the form of ethereal lines of light, serving as conduits for the exchange of information between centres. It was an internal network that transcended physical space. While this concept may seem commonplace now, back then, it was, to me, a new and profound idea.

This matrix operated according to simple laws or principles, generating seemingly intricate processes. I couldn't help but feel that the universe continually strives for greater organization in all aspects, be it organic or inorganic. Little did I know at the time, however, the impact that digital communication would have on human society, leading to an unprecedented level of complexity.

As I ponder the interconnectedness of all beings and the ever-evolving nature of our world, I am reminded of the intricate web in which we are all woven. It is an awe-inspiring journey as we navigate through life, constantly seeking to understand and make sense of the profound mysteries that surround us.

Enfolded space – spheres within spheres within…

The diagram displayed at the beginning of this article presents a simplified representation of the universe's entity model. However, it is essential to view it more as a metaphor rather than an accurate depiction of reality. To gain a better understanding of the process, it is helpful to imagine spheres within spheres.

Let's consider a motorcar as an example, represented by a large sphere. Within this sphere, we would find smaller spheres symbolizing the major subsystems and components of the car, such as the physical body, transmission, braking components, engine, and the digital electronics controlling the engine. Delving further into the engine sphere, we would discover additional spheres signifying the various engine components and an intricate hierarchy of subcomponents nested within one another. This cascading enfolding continues until we reach the spheres encompassing individual metallic or similar material components, down to the level of atoms, subatomic particles, and beyond.

Moving beyond the internal structure, we encounter another perspective of the entity model – the exterior version. This encompasses spheres containing the core entity of a car, but also extends to include the broader context in which the car operates. This includes spheres representing the transport network, road network, and somewhat abstract entities like vehicle registration, driver usage, ownership, traffic regulations, and even complex multitier garaging systems where applicable. Much of this external representation is intangible and conceptual. Rules and regulations, for instance, do not have physical form but exist as mental constructs widely accepted by society, governments, and individuals. In other words, our quantum digital world is intricately intertwined with abstract systems we have devised. Although these systems do not possess a tangible presence, they undeniably shape the dynamics of human consciousness.

The Implicate Order

In his book "Wholeness and the Implicate Order" (1980), David Bohm provides further support for the conclusions discussed earlier. Bohm presents an interesting concept regarding the nature of the universe, suggesting that it is defined and described by subjective associations or implications at every point in space. This is in contrast to the objective order or information that characterizes the explicate description.

To delve further into this idea, let's consider the concept of objects in space being composed of points of light in various arrangements. This can be seen as existing in the zero dimension. These points interact directly with each other through lines of communication, forming a linear dimension of one. This can be seen as a way for explicate or external processes to occur. In our human experience, we can observe these transactions happening when we interact with others in the physical world. In the information universe, objects in space are made of points of light in formation. This describes existence in the zero dimension.

On a more complex level, the implicate order encompasses multiple dimensions, such as planes of consciousness. These dimensions create a network of parallels, based on the underlying values of numbers. Not only does this account for objective numerical values, but it also extends into the realm of subjective coincidence. When situations or events repeat, we often perceive them as cycles of time. These cycles occur within the framework of the implicate order, which allows for a deeper understanding of the relationship between time and events. Numerology, with its ability to assign meaning to numbers as well as their numerical value, serves as a tool for recording the entire timeline of physical existence.

The captivating aspect of this perspective is that each timeline represents a unique version of the entire universe, as seen from a particular finite perspective. It opens up a world of possibilities for comprehending the intricate connection between different dimensions and the essence of our existence.

The science of ONE (also known as quantum physics)

The quantum digital universe operates by dividing the entirety of existence in this universe into small units called Planck units. These units act as a fundamental building block, giving individuality to all that exists. Essentially, everything is connected and unified as one. However, by assigning numerical values to these units, we can conceptualize multiplicity through arithmetic and geometry. This allows for the diverse and complex nature of our world to be represented.

The concept of the ONE, or the fundamental unit, disguises itself as the narrative of everything by using the light of consciousness. It manifests in various forms as units (or quanta), which are analogous to pixels on a display. These quanta can be thought of as spherical units, specifically Riemann Spheres, serving as both substance and thought. They provide an infinite view of finite concepts, adopting perspective to create a pseudo-finite representation.

These quanta, or Planck-scale spheres, are essential for creating meaning in our existence. They exist both above and below a zero point, representing yang and yin, or something and nothing. The central point within the sphere is also the centre of consciousness, connecting to the essence of numbers. Numbers, in turn, give rise to sensations, thoughts, and a sense of being within the infinite light of oneness. They are infinite on the inside when I perceive them internally but seemingly finite when viewed externally in the quantum digital universe.

This perception of existence through numbers is not dissimilar to the experiences of synesthetes, individuals who perceive abstract entities such as numbers as sensations, colours, or sounds. It deepens our understanding of how numbers can provide a subjective sense of existence.

Ultimately, we experience the physical form of this illusory universe, while also acknowledging the profound interconnectedness and unity that underlies it all.

The two domains - context space and concept space

Planes of consciousness, represent shared characteristics, events, and situations. These planes exist in a conceptual realm called "concept space", which is two dimensional. In concept space, individual points gather together in sets within spheres of meaning. For instance, a person could be part of the grouping of genetics, species, or race. The organization within concept space is based on similarities rather than differences.

On the other hand, there is another realm known as "context space", where things are associated based on circumstances. To better understand context space, you simply need to look at the three dimensional world we live in. In this world, differences tend to have a greater impact than similarities. We often take sides and pass judgement on those who choose to live, think, or dress differently from us. However, if we were to consider the fact that we are, essentially, patterns of information navigating through folded space-time, these attitudes would appear quite superficial. In a virtual reality simulation, for example, one animated role is just as meaningful as any other.

Geometry of the mind

The zero dimension is made up of points. Everything has a point or centre that defines it. We connect that point with its meaning; "the point is", “I make a point of..”. The one-dimensional dimension is linear. Every interaction between two points is recorded on a line. During a meeting, we might discuss "the best course of action". We might also think of events unfolding along specific "timelines". Any shared experience is linked to a plane. We might refer to "coming together" or "finding common ground" to create a sense of unity within a group. I am not telling you something you do not already know instinctively. Human life exists on a plane of awareness. We all belong to it (we have a stake in it). Our individual points fall into sets.

Sets belong to larger themes. We refer to a shared experience as "a field". In the field or realm of chartered accountancy, all practitioners use their specific language (jargon) and follow similar procedures. We would refer to a subject in a broader sense as a sphere (the sphere of finance, for example). A sphere is a collection of points intersected by planes of experience and connected by individual involvement within a realm of collective consciousness. Therefore, chartered accountancy is a subset within the financial sphere. Such spheres are continuously expanding and becoming more complex.

The great paradox - everything exists except you

No matter what higher-dimensional objects we connect to, such as lines, planes or spheres, and for however long we do so, we always find ourselves at the centre of our own perspective while on earth. The location of anything is only meaningful in relation to everything else. As human beings, it is our interactions with others that define who we are. In a larger context, the concepts within a certain category define each individual within that group. The idea of one race being superior to another is completely pointless. As infinite entities of pure consciousness, our form is temporary and arbitrary. This notion, like all hierarchical systems and beliefs, is based on the structure of quantum digital information (explained below). In reality, as individuals, we do not exist independently, but rather our existence is shaped by everything and everyone around us. In the grand scheme of life, you are both insignificant and significant at the same time.

These patterns in geometry provide clues about how the universe organizes and connects all interactions and experiences between all entities in all locations and throughout all time. The human race is just one of the many species that live on planet Earth. The meaning of our existence comes from being part of the larger web of life that defines our world. The extinction of any species diminishes our understanding of the world. The universe thrives on diversity

or variety of form and experience. (Ironically, the meaning of the term diversity has been redefined to make us all the same.) Agricultural systems that enforce monocultures such as biofuel are going against the wisdom of nature. By destroying rainforests, we are jeopardizing our own future. As a living entity, the planet is aware of the loss of species within its collective consciousness. Eventually, humanity will come to realize the consequences of its reckless destruction of the Earth's resources. Unfortunately, there seems to be a move to solve the problem by reducing the population. It could all be sorted out at a stroke by releasing suppressed technology such as zero-point energy or nuclear fusion power. The balancing of karma will primarily affect those individuals directly responsible, but we are all connected in some way. Having free will also means taking complete responsibility for our thoughts, actions and deeds. Enjoying extreme wealth and power now will be of little satisfaction in eternity.

You can’t beat the system

David Bohm faced criticism from the scientific community due to his ideas regarding the implicate order. According to science, mechanisms that cannot be measured are considered non-existent. Science rejects the notion of 'meaning' being significant and associates it with philosophy instead. Therefore, science disapproves of research such as homeopathy, which involves untestable assumptions. However, science does recognize the concept of entanglement in quantum computers as it is considered mysterious and operates beyond the constraints of time and space. This example highlights the dangers of clinging to outdated belief systems. The universe does not possess meaning; rather, it itself is meaning. Meaning is not limited by the speed of light; it is instantaneous and transcends physicality. If we aim to evolve in a universal sense, we must let go of rigid dogma. Dogma acts as a selective filter, preventing uninhibited consciousness from realizing its full potential. While science acknowledges the notion of living in a virtual reality simulation, it fails to confront the resulting implications for the spiritual nature of reality.

The implicate order

The concept of the implicate order, now referred to as 'entanglement', is crucial in understanding how everything is connected. According to Bohm, we should not perceive human beings or any other objects as a mere collection of atoms. Each individual thing is a unified concept, defined abstractly and expressed in molecular form, rather than just a random collection of particles with useful properties. You are not just your atoms, but a being that utilizes cells and molecules to express your unique identity. Similarly, a single grain of sand does not constitute a beach, but a beach consists of many grains of sand. The underlying idea is that nothing should be seen as separate from the whole. The biology of our planet represents a specific life pattern, and if there is another planet with a similar biology in the universe, our development is inexplicably intertwined regardless of distance. If you struggle to grasp the concept of our interconnectedness, consider this analogy: imagine recording a video of a group of six people and then playing it back on a device. While you see six individuals in the image, there is only one screen. In the same way, the entire physical space-time cosmos we observe is a quantum digital information template experienced through consciousness. It is akin to watching a TV show that arrives as a series of zeros and ones from its source. You do not perceive the binary data or the frozen frames; instead, you experience the unfolding story.

David Bohm’s ‘holomovement’

In his earlier work, David Bohm introduced a concept known as "enfolded space." To me, this notion took the form of microscopic images of space resembling a sea or matrix of spheres. Each sphere contained a reversed image of the universe, akin to what one would see in a convex mirror. Essentially, each sphere represented the entire universe as observed from a distinct perspective. In simpler terms, it was like a hologram. These spheres could potentially correspond to the quantum foam or serve as a metaphorical representation. If you have ever explored a fractal pattern on a computer, you might have noticed that the same pattern reappears at different levels of magnification. This demonstrates that the universe is, in essence, an immense fractal. As human beings, we are part of this fractal, encompassing all other individuals within ourselves.

In addition to the concept of enfolded space, Bohm also discusses the idea of the "holomovement" — the process of unfolding from a hidden or implicit order to an explicit order. I envisioned this process as a pulsation throughout the entire universal matrix. However, it is important to note that this pulsation does not resemble the ticking of a digital clock. Instead, it can be understood as the subjective narrative unfolding within the infinite mind of each entity or unit of existence. To illustrate this, I imagined movement through space as a sequence of light bulbs turning on and off, creating the illusion of motion. Ultimately, all of these ideas serve to deceive us into believing in our separateness. The truth can be challenging for many people to accept: we do not truly exist. So, what does exist?

When one is nothing – the basis of thought and consciousness

If you are an eternal being of love and unity, you may face a challenge. How can you gain understanding? How can you explore your true nature? There is nothing external to experience apart from your own existence. In a world of pure thought, what is there to ponder upon? Love alone may not be sufficient. Perhaps, you need to step outside of yourself and go through difficult experiences to truly appreciate joy. While it is impossible to accurately describe the infinite in words, we can sense its presence within and around us. Yet, notions of place and location do not apply here. Every idea contains an opposite, which gives it meaning. This concept was understood by French Impressionist Painters like Vincent Van Gogh in the late 19th Century. They used complementary colours to create vibrant artworks unlike anything seen before. It is this quality of opposing ideas that makes everything possible. The opposite of an idea is not simply its mirror image of positive and negative. It is the absence of that idea. Coldness is not the opposite of heat; it is the lack of heat. Finiteness is the opposite of infinity. And zero is the opposite of one. Yet, to say we have zero of something, we must acknowledge what it is that we do not possess. In other words, even zeros have meaning, albeit a negative one. In this model, consciousness emerges from the interplay between ideas and their corresponding "non" versions. This can be visualized through the Taijitu yin-yang symbol, which represents the harmonizing energy between light and shadow, commonly referred to as vibrational energy in the fifth dimension (comprising waves of ‘sound’ and colour).

In the vast digital world, everything is made up of zeros and ones. The zero represents the centre of an object's space, while the one represents its time. This is similar to how computers use binary operations with 0s and 1s. However, in the digital universe, there is an additional component - infinity. Infinity represents the aspect of meaning. Unlike computers that only process information, the universe combines objective information (particles) with subjective meaning (waves) to create a physical experience, like a story. Without meaning, the universe would lack purpose. This idea keeps physicists and philosophers engaged in different areas of study. “Meaning? That’s philosophy, third door on the left in corridor D.” The assumption that there is no meaning in the universe, as proposed by science, lacks logical basis and cannot be proven one way or another. This assumption arose because the Christian Church influenced early scientific thought to be materialistic, under the persuasive force of the Inquisition. The Inquisition could be very persuasive.

Gone fishing

I want to make a distinction between general ideas, like motherhood, and specific concepts. A concept is a well-defined idea that has a particular expression, such as the concept of a mother. When an idea becomes active, it is transformed into an abstract concept that exists within the realm of consciousness. When new concepts emerge, they usually arise from a need or a missing element in a narrative. The first step in bringing nothingness into existence is to establish its necessity. So, a new idea starts as a void, a hidden possibility within the vast expanse of nothingness. It is like an invisible black dot concealed in the dark side of a symbol called the Taijitu. It is the light (represented by the white side of the symbol) that discovers this hidden potential. The idea then takes shape as a black dot, a central point within the light. If the idea has validity, it will endure. But if it lacks substance, it will dissolve back into nothingness. Therefore, everyone has their own personal interpretation of the infinite light which gives meaning to their existence. This meaning evolves with each passing moment based on our actions, not our beliefs. The light responds to our actions (karma), not just our thoughts. Those who harm or control others gain nothing. The light solely responds to love, joy, and bliss, and never to fear or material possessions. A life devoted to pursuing money and power alone is spiritually unfulfilling if there is no love within our actions. The true rewards come from what we do for others, not what we do for ourselves. For every dark spot in the light, there is a bright spot in the shadow. The light that we emit in the midst of darkness is entirely our own. If a new concept, thought, or object proves to have value, it endures. This idea is beautifully symbolized in the famous painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, where God reaches out to bestow a spark of life upon Adam.

Only Love Decides

In the realm of potential human beings, there are countless embryonic patterns just waiting to come alive. These patterns lie dormant in the darkness, yearning to be conceived. However, the process of determining the value of a new concept does not rely on logical or complex thinking. It is not something that can be reasoned or deduced. Instead, it is a matter of feeling, a province of the heart rather than the mind. Only love, the essence of unity, has the power to make such a choice.

The decision to manifest as a concept is never an easy one. Engulfed in darkness, the concept's flickering light must compete with the negativity that resides in the shadows. This light is its ego, its sense of self. For a sentient being, the seductive allure of materialism poses a significant challenge. Entities who embrace evil, which is the absence of love, may find it nearly impossible to escape the confines of darkness without external assistance.

The interplay between the infinitely small and the infinitely large gives rise to finite existence. Sentient beings, with their remarkable potential, have the capacity to transcend the boundaries of time and space. They can transform into radiant orbs, sometimes referred to as Merkabah, embodying bodies of light that transcend all limitations.

The Shadow Dream

A singular entity emerges from nonexistence through its latent power to influence events on Earth to ensure its own creation. If it has the potential to become a living being, such as a man or a woman, it orchestrates the union of ideal parents who possess the necessary genetic characteristics. Usually, the soul of an entity exists in a disembodied state until circumstances make its birth inevitable. By examining its past actions and qualities, it creates a list of desired physical and mental attributes.

Through the power of love and the precision of destiny, the spark of life finds its place within the fabric of space and time. This moment of personal existence, bestowed by the universe, continues until the sentient entity takes its final breath, having completed its need to experience. At the outset of its journey, a perfectly suited soul aligns itself with this emerging being. Connecting through a prime number of immense magnitude, this mutual destiny shapes the purpose and meaning of the entity's life story.

The beginning and the end coexist at the point of conception; they are inseparable. A lifetime represents a predestined journey that stems from an inevitable origin. Every experience, every choice, holds significance and contributes to the overall course of life, guided by the power of free will.

The tension between the alpha and omega aspects of the present moment ensures that events unravel to purpose. Time expands like a ripple on a pond, forming a circle. This connection between the potential offspring and their necessary ancestors extends over generations. The outcome of everything is predetermined. While the end is fixed, the means are flexible. Different visions of our future beckon to the past, all guiding us towards a final state of spiritual unity in consciousness. Each potential being seeks to attract the most suitable parents to meet their specific genetic needs. The desires of future generations inspire present-day sexual activities. Ideally, love should be the driving force behind all conceptions, but nature will always find a way, regardless of the circumstances. There will always be beings ready to enter, even if it is just for a fleeting moment on the earthly plane. The emergence of planets and stars in the dust and gas of nebulas follows a similar pattern. Both darkness and light initiate the process of accumulation that leads to the formation of new celestial objects.


Whole numbers, also known as integers, are fundamental components of our understanding of the universe. As an infinite stack of planes of consciousness, they play a crucial role in shaping our perception and bridging the gap between objective and subjective knowledge. Numbers serve as repositories of experience, gaining significance as events unfold and providing a means for the formless to take form. They give our minds something to contemplate and offer opportunities for finite beings to engage in activities.

The number one holds tremendous importance in this framework. It encompasses various infinite aspects, such as consciousness, existence, individuality, and being. Each of us is an expression of the number one, as is everything else in the universe. It is this essence of oneness that makes us unique and distinguishes us from non-being. While we are infinite in essence, we are not the one itself. Rather, we are manifestations of it.

The concept of the one extends beyond our perception of reality. It encompasses all ideas of existence, making it synonymous with everything in the universe. In this sense, the one and everything are inseparable, forming a unified whole. Additionally, the property of time allows the one to manifest in infinite situations, further reinforcing its infinite nature.

In conclusion, whole numbers hold a vital position in our understanding of the universe. They serve as the foundation for both objective and subjective knowledge, allowing us to comprehend and interact with the world around us. The number one, in particular, embodies the essence of consciousness, existence, individuality, and being, making it a fundamental aspect of our existence. It is through the one that we connect with the infinite and unite with everything in the universe.

Why existence?

The concept of existence is driven by immutable logic, to become something. The number one must be present, but it can never occur twice in exactly the same form. It's important to note that there can be multiple versions of the centre of an infinite space. These centres can exist within their own versions of the space and connect to each other through abstract means. This connection is formed through a blend of similarities and differences, known as a relationship. The abstract idea of implication or entanglement represents the essential meaning or spirit. The physical world can only exist because of the infinite element that holds everything together. This infinite relationship, which is formless, allows for the creation of a fictional story that brings together these independent centres into a defined form. Therefore, existence is considered virtual or illusory. Hence, the trinity of one, zero, and infinity can create existence, but an absolute duality of one and zero cannot; the key idea here is nonduality.
This is why negative events can occur in a universe created by love; existence includes the potential for drama. All it needs are characters and a plot. Events are categorized and organized by different levels of consciousness and grouped into spheres of meaning. Your infinite aspect is what allows you to exist.

You are spiritual, whether you accept it or not. This is why causing harm or trying to control others results in damage to yourself. Control teaches us freedom but controlling others is a harder route than being controlled as so many souls on our planet today are going to find out.


Harmful actions create a burden on our spirit, which urges us to seek relief through experiencing suffering. The word "atone" can be understood as being "at one" with ourselves and others. This concept is known as karma. However, it's important to note that being perfect isn't the goal of our existence. Perfection doesn't allow for personal growth; in fact, it has no real meaning in finite terms. It is generally preferable to strive to do the right thing unless we are comfortable with the consequences of suffering. The universal story often presents moral dilemmas, like a casting director selecting the appropriate actor to fulfil a villainous act for the sake of balance. This may seem contrary to the character's nature, but it serves a greater purpose. The exercise of free will requires the consent of all parties involved. There is no good or bad in anything we are or do. There is only that which serves oneness and that which reinforces separation. We cannot escape the consequences of our actions, but there are numerous ways to make amends for our wrongdoings. This can be achieved through personal suffering or acts of service. Ultimately, it is all an expression of love. Remember that our reality is subjective, so try your best; that's all you can do. Our infinite selves determine the outcomes for our finite beings. Even if we don't like the results, there is nothing we can do to change them. We can't shift blame onto others; forgiveness is the only means of escaping this cycle.


A single thought cannot be experienced twice in the exact same way or situation. Consciousness seeks variety and uniqueness in all things, enforcing the notion of chaos. There will always be a quantum difference between any two instances of the number one. It is impossible to clone a creature and expect an exact replica. No two things can connect to the conceptual network through the same prime number at the same time, although a number may be reused in sequence. Completely identical twins cannot be. The concept of one exists in everything except itself, which compels it to create. Even nothingness can be represented as a number because zero is a point on a graph, and implies the existence of something. One and zero imply each other; their relationship is infinite. Everything finite possesses an infinite quality. Therefore, oneness and nothingness belong to the infinite and cannot be separated. Simultaneously, there exists a logical opposition between them that inevitably leads to the idea of difference and separation. This tension is the Tao, the source of conscious existence. The ONE is the entity that generates all forms and concepts, driven by its infinite quality of oneness or love. It is the essence of everything. When referring to the universe, I do not mean the space-time continuum we inhabit, as that is an illusion of virtual reality. I am referring to everything that exists on all dimensions and levels of organization and meaning beyond the fourth level.

Entity Modelling

In the late 1980s, I found myself in a jobless situation with no clear direction in life. Unexpectedly, circumstances led me to explore the field of systems analysis. After attending a course and taking on a technical computing role, I quickly realized that I was out of my element. Despite lacking a background in computer programming and struggling with it, I unknowingly embarked on a journey that would teach me valuable lessons.

During the course, I was introduced to the concept of entity modelling, which is a technique used to organize an organization's data in a structured hierarchy. While science discusses the universe as a composition of quantum digital information, little attention is paid to how it is organized. However, entity modelling is not a scientific endeavour; it is a tool used in the business world.

Surprisingly, the term "entity" often evokes fear in some individuals, as they associate it with dangerous spirits or supernatural beings. In the context of entity modelling, an entity simply refers to anything that the universe holds information about, like a pencil or a planet. For instance, in the setting of a commercial retailer, entities could include customers, product lines, individual products, marketing strategies, manufacturers, and so on. Within this hierarchy, higher-level entities "own" those that are beneath them. For example, a product would belong to a product line, and a customer would have their postal address. Customers would also be affiliated with a regional delivery area, and so forth.

The main purpose of entity modelling is to effectively organize a complex body of information into a top-down structure that minimizes data repetition. Despite my struggles in the computing world, I moved on to other job opportunities and left systems analysis behind. However, the concept of entity modelling resurfaced when I read Tom Stonier's book on information physics. It became clear that the universe itself is not merely governed by an entity model located somewhere; it embodies the entity model. Similarly, nature doesn't utilize mathematics; it is, in fact, mathematics. Essentially, the universe functions as its own operating system. The diagram below is not a definitive, exact model of the universe’s data. It is a suggestion of the kind of model that might apply in the quantum digital dimension.

The sandwich of time

In the early 1970s, when the first packet switched networks were introduced, engineering organizations created the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model. While no longer popular, this model categorized the early versions of the Internet into seven conceptual layers: physical, data link, network, transport, session, presentation, and application. While the specifics of each layer are not crucial here, the idea of conceptual layers is key to understanding the point of this article. These layers were not tangible entities; instead, they provided a framework for standardizing international communication protocols when working with wires and digital data. Essentially, they were abstract mental constructs.

In a similar way, viewing the universe as a series of conceptual layers can help us comprehend it. It is said that God created the universe in six days and rested on the seventh. While religion may interpret this literally, science dismisses it as nonsensical. However, this allegory can still be useful. I propose that "God's days" are not consecutive but rather exist as seven parallel temporal layers. I envision the universe as a self-organizing system that consists of six time dimensions, akin to the layers in the OSI model. In this allegory, God creates six parallel time dimensions, each actively contributing to the universal narrative. The seventh day represents the abstract spiritual realm that filters the ultimate essence of meaning. It is in this timeless and eternal domain that the infinite interacts with our subjective consciousness, enabling us to experience sensory perception. Sensation, in this context, is not mere information but a deeply felt experience.

At sixes and sevens at work and at play

The layers of concepts interact with a living organism through seven main processing units. These complex computational systems correspond to the colours of the spectrum, which serve as a means of conveying meaning and tone. This permits wave energy from the fifth dimension to create form in the three-dimensional state. (There is a mathematical paper that appears to deal with the mechanism behind this process called “From Euler, Ritz, and Galerkin to Modern Computing” by Martin J. Gander and Gerhard Wanner, SIAM Review Vol 54, NO 4, 2012. Unfortunately, the mathematics is beyond my comprehension.) I have observed colour independently of light and coloured light within consciousness, and they are quite distinct from each other. Additionally, I have also experienced tone without sound, which is even more peculiar. The question then arises: how can infinite consciousness possess frequency in the absence of something to vibrate? The answer lies in an abstract essence. Infinite life, beyond physicality, must operate in some manner. The essence of this experience is its fundamental quality, the limitless aspect that remains even after the game ends.

These processing units are commonly referred to as "chakras," a term derived from Sanskrit meaning circle or wheel. They are intangible elements of consciousness that function through various systems in the body, including the glandular system. Beginning with the base, we have the layers of the physical, sexual, emotional, feeling, communication, thinking, and spiritual aspects. To draw a parallel, we can equate these layers to the days of the week, with Sunday representing the top, passive layer - the day "the creator" rested. In historical artworks, the crown chakra, symbolizing the seventh layer, is often depicted as a halo of light. Strictly speaking, this seventh layer exists outside the confines of time. Our physiology, as microcosms of the universe, provides us with valuable insights into the broader creation. While the galactic layers of concepts may not be identical, they likely bear some resemblance. Ultimately, everything is intertwined within consciousness. Planet Earth embodies these layers, partially through our existence. It experiences itself through us.

Like fleas on a dog

We are an essential part of the Earth's functioning system. We are connected to it, which is now something it may regret. Sometimes, it scratches itself to get rid of the irritation, earthquakes, continental shifts, volcanic eruptions. But what makes these layers or concepts necessary? Why then, why now? Well, because the most important aspect of time is not physical - it's subjective. The idea that time simply passes without any connection to what's happening is a naive assumption. Your personal experience of time is intertwined with the universe's story, like a dramatic narrative. So, essentially, everything is like a dream, a drama, a game, a play, taking place within the most complex and advanced virtual reality simulator ever imagined.

Life should be a source of joy, but unfortunately, many people bring evil into the world because they fear death. But it doesn't have to be this way. We have been given the gift of free will, which could be better used than imposing childish rules and engaging in pointless wars. As time orchestrates the story of the universe, these parallel layers represent dramatic elements that enhance our experience. Our consciousness on each level can either work against or align with each other. For instance, our sexual desires can clash with the needs of our hearts or minds, and vice versa. Among these layers, the heart layer is the most crucial, although often overlooked. Some individuals seem to lack a genuine, compassionate heart, and subsequently, they gain the least from their existence. Those who pursue wealth and power for its own sake similarly stand to benefit very little. Nevertheless, there is something to be learned in the spiritual sense from every action we commit. When a young child touches a candle flame it learns to appreciate heat very effectively.

The universal entity model

As mentioned before, an entity is something that the universe holds information about. Everything is part of a larger hierarchical structure that encompasses all concepts. This hierarchy operates from top to bottom, although it's important to note that there are also bottom-up structures present. Causation flows in multiple directions internally, forming intricate waves. When we enter this life, our perspective turns inside out, causing us to perceive the internal domain as external. We find ourselves in a position where we view things from the outside looking in, although we perceive it as if we were on the inside looking out. Our limited finite perspective leads us to make distinctions such as top-down, bottom-up, inside, and outside.

Emergence occurs when all the necessary elements are in place for something to exist or occur. This process is characterized by opportunistic self-creation. Whether new entities and thoughts arise by chance or through organization is a complex question, akin to a chicken and egg situation. The transcendent aspect is paradoxical and unknowable to the finite mind because we operate from a perspective of separation and individuality.

All time is concurrent, meaning that everything happens simultaneously. Individuality is a fundamental property, represented by the number ONE. This concept fixes us in time, allowing us to learn about our existence in manageable pieces of experience. It's like a step-down transformer that breaks down the totality of existence into chapters, pages, and sentences. This enables us to focus on the details while the bigger picture remains elusive, resembling a jigsaw puzzle.

Our own being generates the illusion of sequence, similar to a fictional story where we are the hero on a quest. This quest entails finding our bliss, as described by Joseph Campbell. Experiencing the infinite essence within our hearts is a profoundly blissful experience.

One is

Science suggests that time and space originated from a big bang, but it is crucial to consider a broader perspective. There exists a much grander "big bang" that functions in cyclical narratives. Something becomes individual when it is touched by the fundamental idea behind everything. There is only one number ONE, and each concept is unique. The ONE creates based on archetypes and precedence, allowing for multiple versions of an archetypal concept as long as each manifestation differs by at least one conceptual unit.

Quantum physics operates on a fascinating level where everything occurs in distinct units known as quanta. It's a world where only one of each thing can exist, and each existing thing must be clearly separate from everything else. This fundamental principle ensures a splendid variety in the universe. Each entity has its own centre or origin point, emphasizing its unique character. The concept of the number one plays a pivotal role in upholding this diverse nature.

Interestingly, this principle of uniqueness and variety sheds light on an ironic observation when we consider the world of fashion. Fashion, which greatly influences all aspects of our lives, encourages individuals to express their individuality. However, as fashion trends spread far and wide, they end up creating a paradox, sameness. Consequently, the constant pursuit of uniqueness can, make everyone look the same; take Botox lips for example.

Fashion Passion

It's quite fascinating to think about how fashion, the very force meant to promote diversity, often results in a convergence of styles and appearances. As the trends are adopted by the masses, they lose their originality and become muddled in a collective perception.

In this light, quantum physics teaches us that true variety arises from the understanding and cherishing of individuality, rather than trying to conform to a homogeneous standard. The universe itself operates on this principle of distinctiveness, where each entity shines with its own uniqueness. Perhaps fashion would benefit from embracing this lesson, allowing individuals to celebrate their own styles, preferences, and originality without fear of blending into a monotonous sea of conformity.

People tend to adopt trendy belief systems, even if they lack rationality, due to emotional rather than logical reasons. One thing is certain, it is the other person’s conviction that is wrong, not our own. When conflicting belief systems collide, it can result in different forms of conflict, ranging from heated debates online to pointless arguments, and sometimes even large-scale warfare. However, it is important to note that war has never truly resolved any problems; it is the universe’s way of transferring mass karma from one group of people to another. In war, the karmic booby prize goes to the winner. As long as humanity remains unaware of its fundamentally spiritual nature, this cycle is likely to continue persistently. The victor pays the piper and the looser gets the reward. That’s the game.

If society truly valued and respected the lives lost in past wars, we would strive to ensure that such tragedies never occur again. Unfortunately, political expediency often takes precedence over common sense and deeply rooted convictions. It is disheartening to witness how easily political considerations can outweigh our genuine beliefs and ideals.

In summary, it is crucial to understand that people's adoption of fashionable yet irrational belief systems stem primarily from emotional rather than logical causes. This can lead to conflicts of various scales, including warfare. By recognizing the futility of war as a problem-solving approach and embracing our spiritual nature, we can work towards creating a society that values human life and avoids repeating the mistakes of the past.


When a society becomes excessively rigid and repetitive, it sets the stage for events that disrupt its stability. In today's world, there is a growing consciousness that is reshaping our core beliefs, often taking them to extreme and irrational levels, such as in the case of woke culture and climate narratives. However, there will come a point when the balance is restored, and people collectively realize the futility of a society driven by superficial factors like material possessions, success, wealth, power, appearance, race, sexuality, gender, and fear of death. This awakening will also lead to an understanding of the unity and love that exists in all things, as well as a recognition of the consequences of our actions, commonly referred to as karma. Ultimately, this shift in perspective will help us discover our true identities, understand our origins, and guide us towards accessing a higher level of subjective thinking.

All quantum phenomena are expressions and actions of a single unit, which we can think of as the number one. These phenomena exist in a dimension outside of our usual experience of time, where everything exists as waves of sound and light. We can think of a photon as a tiny piece of a light wave, frozen in a particular moment like a dancer caught in the flash of a strobe light.

To help illustrate this concept, let's consider a simple example. Think of a tree - it is a distinct and separate entity. If you were to remove a branch from this tree, it becomes its own separate entity, creating a new one within the larger framework of the universe. However, despite being physically separate, the branch and the tree remain connected or conceptually entangled in our minds as long as they both exist. Eventually, when the branch no longer shows signs of life, it becomes a lump of carbon. Even then, it is still part of the greater living universe.

The Big Picture

My initial understanding of Tom Stonier's book was that information gains its meaning only within the framework of systems. Now, in retrospect, this insight holds even deeper significance for me than it did back in 1992. As I have expanded my consciousness, I have come to realize that understanding these concepts goes beyond mere intellectual contemplation; it is about experiencing them.

The universe, with its inherent oneness and love, learns about abstract ideas by embodying them as tangible concepts. In my own terms, an idea is a broad and intangible notion, like oneness, for example. On the other hand, a concept represents a specific manifestation of an idea within a particular context, with its own time, circumstances, and location. Oneness serves as the foundational principle that allows love to take various forms, be it thoughts, objects, or anything else. This process enables love to explore and comprehend its nature through the creation of diverse experiences. The journey involves cycles of fragmentation and integration, leading towards wholeness and unity.

The mathematics of love

When I mention love, I am not referring to a sentimental or romantic experience. Instead, I am alluding to the impersonal and unconditional state of universal love, which grants us freedom of action while demanding complete responsibility for our choices and actions. This is the nature of the virtual reality game we call planet Earth. Love never errs; every creation undertaken by the oneness is perfect in its own right.

As we descend from the realm of light to embrace the shadows, transitioning from wakefulness to slumber, we carry within us a toolkit of imperfections and shortcomings. It is through these trials and tribulations that we uncover our true essence. Unfortunately, this has brought us to the precipice of disaster as forces of mental control attempt to suppress the human spirit. However, let us not be misguided: the shadow game is not inherently evil. Rather, it takes our fears and desires and employs them to create resistance to change, much like how inertia drives motion until acted upon by an external force.

Choose love

Now, we find ourselves faced with a crucial choice. We can either work towards oneness, embracing the light, or we can succumb to self-centeredness and support separation. The real test arises in those moments of moral dilemmas, when all choices seem negative to someone we hold dear or love.

It is in these moments that we must rise above and embody the very essence of love and oneness. Let our actions be guided by compassion, empathy, and a deep understanding of unity. By choosing love over separation, we have the power to create a transformative impact on ourselves and the world around us. Together, as we navigate through life's trials, let us remember that we are all interconnected, and it is through love that we can truly flourish.

Seven of this and seven of that

The world is a backdrop assembled from sensory experience in seven layers representing seven colours, seven tones, etc. Each layer is the outcome of abstract infinite qualities that translate into physicality, sexuality, emotionality, feeling (heartfelt), communication, mentality and spirituality. The infinite makes sense of it all via five ‘physical’ senses and what I think of as the sixth, finite or objective mind. These translate into six interconnecting themes in the universal storyline. Sequence of story in terms of its overall plot makes up the theme of the story on the linear dimension.

Time enough

Outside of the quantum dimension, there is no time as we know it. A line represents an entire sequence as a total experience. So, for example, when you pass over to the one dimension, you will no longer be in the experience created by quantum digital time. While you are here, your storyline fragments into point units that represent finite moments. This makes the complexity of the story easier to create because the pulses of quantum time act like a metronome. The complexity of the story can be processed more efficiently if it is arrayed in separate moments or units of time. A unit is a particle that stands for a discrete particle of time

The world can be thought of as a beautiful canvas, composed of various layers that represent different aspects of our existence. These layers reflect a range of colours, tones, and more. Each layer is formed by abstract qualities, which ultimately manifest as physical experiences, emotions, communication, and spirituality.

The infinite makes sense of it all

To make sense of all these intricacies, our infinite nature relies on our five physical senses and what I like to call the sixth sense – our brain-based objective mind. Together, they form a powerful tool for understanding and navigating the world. In the grand universal storyline, these senses interconnect to create six themes that shape our experiences.

In our everyday understanding, time moves linearly, following a specific sequence in quantum or digital steps. Ours is the zero or point-based dimension. However, when we venture beyond the quantum dimension, time as we know it fades away. Instead, your life exists as a single line encompasses an entire sequence, encapsulating the essence of a complete experience. This is the dimension of ONE.

Our digital technology as a metaphor for life

For instance, as we transition into the one dimension, we leave behind the influence of quantum digital time. In this realm, our personal story fragments into distinct moments, like tiny points in time. This fragmentation actually simplifies the complexity of our narrative, as the pulses of quantum time act as a metronome, orchestrating and guiding our journey.

By breaking our story into separate units or moments, we can process its complexity more efficiently. Each unit serves as a discrete particle of time, allowing us to truly appreciate the nuances and richness of our experiences. Each particle carries with it the essence of the entire universe as sensory experience. We create the universe collectively but view it from a unique perspective.

So, as we navigate through this intricate tapestry of life, we can find comfort in the fact that our existence is beautifully woven together. The layers, the senses, and the interconnected themes all contribute to our unique story. It is in the course of each moment that we shape the remarkable narrative of our lives.

One does one’s best

My way of exploring the subjective mind may have its flaws. There may be times when I don't fully grasp the precise meaning, and my ideas are not set in stone. Just like everything else, they evolve and change with time. But I am eternally grateful to those spiritual entities or beings in the dimensions beyond who have guided me in this journey.

Consciousness exists in two states: subjective and objective. And at the core of consciousness are numbers, the building blocks of our awareness. Numbers hold great significance and value, representing both unity and variety. They serve as a gateway that connects the divine essence with our essential experiences.

Numbers are the units from which consciousness is made. So, numbers embody both meaning and value, one and oneness, two and twoness and so on. Thus, divine essence translates into essential meaning as experience. The oneness comes to know the sensual impact of numbers by living them as highly organised processes such as life on earth. The numerical value of number generates objective thoughts. One of those thoughts is the physical dimension that we live in. The actual experience does not take place in the quantum digital dimension. It is the numerical information state, the mathematical game machine that organises the physical structure of space and time. It is as infinite oneness that we create the entire thing, not as individual objects in space. We are versions of the entire universe.

Thinking makes it so

Through the lens of numbers, we gain a deeper understanding of their impact. One example is how numbers manifest in the highly organized processes of life here on Earth. The value of numbers gives rise to objective thoughts, shaping our perception of the physical dimension we inhabit.

However, it's important to recognize that the true essence of our experience does not reside solely in the quantum digital dimension. Rather, it is the amalgamation of numerical information, the intricate workings of a mathematical game machine, that organize the very fabric of space and time. It is in this infinite oneness that we, as individual beings, play a role in co-creating the entire universe.

We are not simply isolated objects within space. That is the illusion. We are interconnected versions of the magnificent cosmos, each contributing our unique perspective to the grand tapestry of existence.

Putting Humpty Dumpty together again

The history of humanity holds a significant event known as The Fall. During this pivotal moment, our consciousness split into two distinct states, leading to the separation of our once-unified planet Earth. In our present dimension, we find ourselves entangled in the complex web of selfishness, value judgements, comparisons, ownership, hierarchies, and the constant presence of pain and mortality. Unfortunately, these aspects cause unnecessary suffering in our lives.

On the other hand, the higher world, from which we descended, embraced a state of profound enlightenment based on subjective thoughts and the profound meaning found in numbers, rather than their numerical value. In this elevated realm, form primarily emerged through the beautiful dance of analogue wave consciousness. The folklore surrounding this division speaks of heaven and hell, or paradise and the underworld. We find ourselves in the underworld, where the fear of death looms over us.

However, fear not, for there is tremendous potential for growth and evolution beyond our wildest dreams. That is why the source allowed the experiment to take its course but everything ends when it has played out its purpose. We stand at the precipice of a remarkable journey, as we begin the process of returning to a higher state of existence. While we may not know how this transformation will unfold or the exact steps it will entail, we can embrace a sense of anticipation and curiosity.

Take a moment to imagine a reality where death no longer holds power over us, where perfection is not the ultimate goal, but rather a realm where a profound sense of contentment and fulfilment thrives. It is a world far beyond our current understanding, but one that promises joy, wonder, and boundless human potential.

So, let us keep our hearts open and our spirits uplifted. Let us embrace the fact that this journey towards enlightenment is underway, and soon, all will be revealed. Have trust in the process. An incredible transformation lies ahead, beyond the boundaries of what we can presently comprehend. Stay tuned, and marvel at the wonders that await us.
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